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Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer, Distributor of Caprolactam and Ammonium Sulphate

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Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd.
Sirima Sornsumran
21st Floor, TPI Tower 26/56 Chan Tat Mai Road,
Kwang Tungmahamek, Khet Sathorn,
Bangkok 10120
Tel : 02 678-5450
Fax :02 678-5480
E-mail : 
Website :
Thai Caprolactamis the first manufacturer and distributor of caprolactam and ammonium sulphate in Thailand and Southeast Asian region. Recently, TCL has been recognised for its achievement in safety management systems and quality management systems.

Caprolactam is created by a complex polymerization process using three major raw materials: sulfur, ammonia and cyclohexane. In an intermediate step, sulfur is modified to sulfuric acid liquid; ammonia is processed into hydroxylamine and cyclohexane is altered into cyclohexanone. These three chemicals combine to create two products, the first being Caprolactam. The second, Ammonium Sulfate, is a co-product representing three quarters of the output of polymerization and is one of the key fertilizers used in Thailand.

Caprolactam's main use is as the raw material for the production of Nylon 6 which consequently forms an integral part in a myriad of other consumer and industrial products, particularly for the automobile industry.

Given its impact, heat and chemical resistance, excellent mold-ability, slipping properties with high transparency and low oxygen permeability and toughness, Nylon 6 is used in a wide range of applications including textiles, packaging film, deep-sea fishing nets, automotive parts and tire cords.

Nylon uses in the automobile industry have been increasing very rapidly as components are being used to produce engine parts. With the massive heat generated during the operation of vehicle engines, metal parts are subject to a great deal of wear, and the constant heating and cooling often causes distortion and damage over time. Nylon is both heat resistant, and a form of plastic that is more adaptable to these changes. It is also widely used to produce a variety of automotive parts, such as oil containers, wire harness connectors, fuse boxes, cylinder head covers, crankcases, timing belts and wheels as well as motorcycle body frames. Nylon is also used to produce nylon tire cord fabric to increase the strength of automobile tires.

Nylon and Compound Product List

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UBEPOL-BR is the brand name for high-cis polybutadiene rubber which features excellent abrasion and high impact resistance, high rebound low hysteresis, low temperature properties, heat resistance and recycling property for high impact polystyrene.

UBEPOL-VCR is the brand name for rubber-resin complex which consists of micro-dispersed Syndiotactic 1,2 PolyButadiene (SPB) resin with high-cis polybutadiene rubber matrix Compared to conventional polybutadiene rubber, UBEPOL-VCR offers improved processing and physical properties such as extrudability, low shrinkage and high green strength..

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