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ArmorGroup Asia Pacific - Investigation Services, Asset Tracing, Fraud Recovery

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ArmorGroup Asia Pacific
Mr William E. O'Reilly President
23rd Floor, Thaniya Plaza Bldg, 52 Silom Rd.,
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02 231-2901-3
Fax :02 231-2904
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Investigation Services, Asset Tracing, Fraud Recovery, Lawyers and Legal sevices, Investigation Services, Farlang, Security
Company Profile: ArmorGroup specializes in: Asset tracing and recovery Fraud and insolvency issues Corporate and financial profiles Copyright, trade mark and patent

ArmorGroup Asia Pacific offer a wide range of professional services, including:

Due Diligence
Discreet inquiries into the business acumen, reputation and financial stability of target companies; providing a financial profile of the company or individual in question; vetting of key executives; and investigations into any concealed assets or liabilities prior to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or hostile takeovers.

Crisis Management
In time of crisis -- defection of a key employee; labor disputes; financial instability; fraud exposure, etc. ArmorGroup Asia Pacific can effectively minimize risks to client companies by verifying and assessing the threat, and containing the crisis in coordination with a crisis management team; liasing with the relevant law enforcement agencies; and initiating any appropriate use of media coverage.

Litigation Support
Provision of background information on witnesses and opposing parties; identification and location of evidence; location of possible assets; and court recognized negotiation and settlement support.

Intellectual Property
Case management; investigation; collection of evidence; supervision of enforcement involving serious cases of counterfeiting which originate in South-east Asia.

Missing Persons & Asset Tracing
Using its unique world wide network, ArmorGroup Asia Pacific is well placed to trace missing persons or locate and identify missing or concealed assets, particularly in cases of loan default; insolvencies and bankruptcies; litigation assessment; employee thefts; and internal company inquiries. To obtain settlement of significant debts, ArmorGroup Asia Pacific will attempt to pinpoint and identify areas of leverage. Typical clients are banks, banking syndicates, and others seeking recovery.

Fraud Investigations
Investigation of any violation of fiduciary duties or public trust by executives or employees; investigation of any misappropriation of assets; bribery; kickbacks; embezzlement; misuse of company information; and bankruptcy and insolvency investigations.

Database Research
To create a database profile of a subject, ArmorGroup Asia Pacific has access to numerous international on-line databases world wide, providing corporate data and information such as media and litigation checks; corporate and credit information on listed or unlisted companies throughout the world; property transactions; and reports from newspapers, magazines, trade and industry journals.

ArmorGroup Asia Pacific comprises highly specialized and experienced principals and staff, including former investigators and senior officials of the FBI, Royal Hong Kong Police, Japanese National Police Agency, Australian Law Enforcement, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Enforcement Division, and other experts in the financial and business communities of Asia.

Company Ownership
ArmorGroup is the Services Division of Armor Holdings Inc, a NYSE-listed corporation (Ticker: AH) headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida
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