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Asia Nexus Co.,Ltd. - Concentrated Bird's Nest Beverage, Green Tea Drinks

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Asia Nexus Co.,Ltd.
Salanroj Sutaschuto/Managing Managing Director
Forty Two Tower, 17th Floor, 65 Sukhumvit 42 Road,
Bangkok 10110
Tel : 02 713-6260
Fax :02 713-6268
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Health Products, Beverages, Trading Company
Company Profile: Bird's nest beverage, concentrated bird's nest, green tea beverage

We are manufacturers and exporters of: Bird's nest beverages
Kong Jia Bird's Nest is legacy of Thailand original nourishing bird's nest. The nest if collected from The inner recesses of caves on Thailand southern islands that have been meticulously hand-cleaned and brewed with pure sugar is traditional recipe that seals in the flavor and nutritional value. Kong Jia is vacuum packed to maintain its fresh taste. No preservatives or artificial colouring added. Bird's nest benefits are known as(1)improving cell regeneration as anti-aging,(2)create beauty complexion, especially skin, (3)balancing metabolism system,(4)boosting immune and nervous system,(5)evidently strengthens the lungs. Kong Jia bird's nest are presented as:-
1.Concentrated Bird's Nest, from selected supreme quality, packed in ready to eat 250ml sterilized bottle, each packed in elegant gift box.
2.Bird's Nest beverage, ready to drink 75ml sterilized bottle, each in unit box, and 6 unit boxes in 1 printed box.
3.Bird's Nest beverage in fruite tastes, packed in 250ml ready to drink can.

Green Tea Beverages  ready to drink 500ml Pet bottle(hot-filled Pet bottle, shelf life 1 year)
1. Original Jasmin Greeen Tea, with low fructose(sugar from fruits)
2. Green Tea with Honey.
3. Green Tea with Lemon, low fructose.
4. Green Tea, no sugar.

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