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C.S.L. Energy Advisory Group - Mergers, Acquisitions, Finance Raising, Financial Modeling, Business Plans and Feasibility Studies, Corporate Project Valuations, Market Intelligence, Competitor Analysis

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C.S.L. Energy Advisory Group
MarK Chewter Managing Director
6th Floor, 208 Wireless Road, 6 Soi Somkid
Lumpini, Pathum Wan,
Bangkok 10330
Tel : 02 651-5656
Fax :02 651-5657
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Credit & Finance, Foreign, Farlang
Company Profile: CSL provides financial and strategic
investment advice and arranges capital and finance for projects in SE Asia, specialising in Thailand and Indochina. Experience in oil, gas, CBM, pipeline, coal, refining, power.

Services: Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance Raising, Financial Modeling, Business Plans and Feasibility Studies, Corporate Project Valuations, Market Intelligence, Competitor Analysis

Mergers and Acquisitions
We offer comprehensive assistance in mergers and acquisitions and other business combinations. We can provide assistance in initiating, structuring, valuing, negotiating, financing, and implementing mergers and acquisitions, purchases and sales of both publicly- and privately-owned businesses, divestitures of corporate subsidiaries and divisions, and the formation of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Our professionals have experience in identifying transactional opportunities, locating buyers and sellers, and helping the parties forge mutual agreement at the negotiating table.

We perform business valuations and issue opinions confirming the fairness of a particular transaction from a financial point of view, for both publicly-traded and privately-held firms. For clients actively involved in structuring or negotiating a proposed transaction, our services include analysing and explaining the potential impact of alternative valuation techniques and transaction structures.

Finance Raising,  equity financing, debt financing, structured financing
Our access to equity and debt finance is possibly unrivaled in Bangkok. Drawing on our experience in global equity markets, we have relationships with many of the world's largest institutional equity investors. At the other end of the scale, we are able to attract equity investment form specialised venture capital funds and high net worth individuals. We also have many years of experience raising various forms of debt finance and project finance.

Financial Modeling
Setting up a spreadsheet-based model of a project, asset or company. This work quantifies all factors of a project and allows financial analysis to be carried out. Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements are established, key drivers of a project are identified and the sensitivity of the project to each is analysed. Valuation analysis is carried out and advice offered. Commentaries are given for each element of this work.

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
The preparation of logical and detailed business plans is undertaken and advice on existing business plans is offered. Our lengthy experience of the requirements of potential investors can often significantly shorten the expensive pre-start-up phase of a project. Using a range of analytical techniques, the feasibility of a project is explored and the range of likely returns projected. An analysis of a project's liquidity, solvency and potential for financial failure is provided. Investors and management are given a clear idea of the worth of a project. Critiques of management assumptions are carried out. A timeline of a project, showing the development and costs of a project over time, can be provided.

Corporate or Project Valuations
Whether you are acquiring, divesting, or forging new partnerships, an understanding of the value of your business or project is a pre-requisite. Building on the experience of our executives in Thai and international financial markets, CSL specialises in assessing the value of companies. We use several valuation techniques to build up a possible range of valuations and, with a commentary on the methodology and suitability of each valuation technique, we use our experience to give our clients a clear idea of the value of their operation.

The valuation techniques we use include assets-based methods, earnings-based methods and cash flow-based methods. We use valuations which are "relative", that is derived from the valuations of other similar companies, and we use valuations which are "absolute", or based on a comparison between the expected returns from a project and an assumed cost of capital.

As part of the valuation process, we usually work with our clients to develop an accurate financial model showing a company or project's anticipated returns. We are always keen to ensure that the projections we model are realistic, as valuations and, more importantly funding requirements, are, of course, dependent on the credibility of the input assumptions. Our financial models allow our clients to assess easily the impact on their project of flexing their assumptions.

Market Intelligence and Competitor Analysis
Many potential investors looking to play a part in Thailand's recovery and future success lack basic knowledge about the country's business, economic and political landscapes. With our long experience and strong on-the-ground network, we are well positioned to undertake market studies. This work involves analysing existing players in a potential investor's target industry, their backgrounds, their financial and operational strengths, weaknesses and future prospects, and advising how political and macro-economic trends may impact a market.

We do not attempt to specialise in any industry, preferring to add our financial expertise to our clients' operational expertise. Our executives have worked in industries as diverse as: Agribusiness, Automotives, Electronics, Energy, Food Processing, Healthcare, Pulp & Paper, Retail, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Tourism

CSL is able to raise equity funding from financial investors and strategic investors. Financial Investors - CSL is an active member of the Thai Venture Capital Association (TVCA) (, the industry body in Thailand which includes 30 financial investment funds operating in Thailand. CSL can also draw on relationships with perhaps 50 direct equity/venture capital funds in Asia, Europe and North America who are interested in investing in Thailand.

Strategic Investors - CSL is the Thai associate of the global Corporate Development International (CDI) network (, a consulting organisation specialising in company search. Established in 1973, CDI has successfully concluded several hundred cross-border acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures. CDI has 50 members operating out of 30 offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

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