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Chen Tse Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. - Electroplating Solutions, Plating Chemicals, Electroplating Equipment

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Chen Tse Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Huey-Ling Kuo Managing Director
149/346 Moo 13, Petchkasem 95,
Omnoi, Krathumband,
Samutsakorn 74130
Tel : 02 811-1841-3
Fax :02 811-1844
E-mail :  
Website :
Categories: Chemicals & Medical Products, Jewelery,
Thai Gems & Jewelry Association, Gems & Jewelry Show, Taiwanese, Foreign
Company Profile: Electro-Plating Chemicals


CTC (Chen Tse Enterprises Co., LTD.) is a leading supplier of electroplating chemicals and equipment in Asia. Always an innovator we have worked hard to correct the many technological and environmental problems that have existed in the electroplating industry over the past 3 decades, and have established a proven record of success in creating new, more stable, efficient, and environmentally friendly plating solutions.    

Electroplating solutions had been notoriously unstable, toxic, and subject to poor quality control and management. Skilled technical help was difficult to obtain, resulting in products of uneven quality.

CTC's first research was in the field of gold plating. The standard plating solutions all required the use of toxic cyanide, which was environmentally damaging and presented an immediate health risk for workers. Additionally citrate baths produced mildew, which shortened the life of the plating solution and hindered gold deposition.

We decided to abandon both processes. Our research led to the development of Neutral Gold plating and Black Alloy Plating, both of which produce stunning quality results without the negative environmental consequences of cyanide or citrate based solutions. We also expanded the existing color palette by the addition of hematite in our Black Alloy plating solution. These two solutions have become industry standards for the past 10 years and have markedly advanced the science of the electroplating industry.

More recently CTC pioneered room temperature gold plating, and remains the only company to provide this process. We also improved the uniformity of the deposition process over both higher and lower current density areas, resulting in a 30% reduction in gold salt usage, and our plating solutions have been proven to last for more than 20 years with proper replenishment. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to improving the plating process through new research and development.

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