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Siam Electrical Parts Co.,Ltd.

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Siam Electrical Parts Co.,Ltd.
Anchalee Phattalung
366 M.17, , Bangplee Industrial Estate, Bangna-Trad Rd., Km.23,
T. Bangsaothong King A. Bangsaothong
Samutprakarn 10540
Tel : 02 315-3322
Fax :02 315-3313
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Automotive Parts Electrical & Electronics Malaysian
Singapore Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association, Bangplee Industrial Estate, Foreign
Company Profile: Capital : 690 MB.
Share Holder :Thai 94%, Singapore 1%, Malaysia 5%
Employee : 107
Industrial Base : Automotive, Electrical And Electronics
Business Type : Manufacturing
Product Name : Coil Windings, Printed Circuit Boards
Manufacture of Main Switch Assembly, PCB Assembly, Speedometer Assembly, Tachometer Assembly, Stopswitch, Head Light Assembly, Flasher Relay Assembly, Audio Pilot Assembly, Fuel Gauge Assembly,
Ignition Coil Assembly, Regulator Assembly, Rectifier Assembly, Condenser Discharge Ignition Unit, Lever Holder Assembly, Seat Lock Assembly, Switch Handle Assembly, Steering Lock Assembly, Lock Assembly, Front Flasher Light, Rear Flasher Light, CDI Magneto, Front Stop Switch and Meter Assembly.
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