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Siam Global Enviroprotection Co.,Ltd. (Sge)

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Siam Global Enviroprotection Co.,Ltd. (Sge)
Mr. Anuthep Panichayanon
28/1 Moo 4, Lumlukka Road
Lumlukka Lumlukka
Phatumthani 12150
Tel : 02 987-0415-9
Fax :02 987-0511
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Metal Products; Paint, Automotive, Building & Construction Materials
Company Profile: Siam Global Enviroprotection Co., Ltd. (SGE) is the services provider and manufacturer of metal sheet fabrication and paint coating for a wide
range of local and international customers.
Basic Metal Materials and Methods, Factory-Applied Metal Coatings, Metal Doors and Frames, Steel Doors and Frames, Stainless Steel Doors and Frames, Preassembled Metal Door and Frame Units, Sliding Metal Doors and Grilles, Specialty Doors, Detention Doors and Frames, Special Function Doors, Paints and Coatings, Decorative Finishes, Coatings for Steel, Boxes, Panels and Control Centers
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