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Thai Pink Co.,Ltd. - Diamonds, Rubies, Precious Stones, Sapphires, Gemstones

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Thai Pink Co.,Ltd.
Arun Khandelwal
90/5 Soi Puthaosot, Charoenkrung Soi 45,
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02 233-0080
Fax :02 237-4096
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Diamonds, Rubies, Precious Stones, Sapphires, Gemstones, Jewelry
Company Profile: Thai Pink Co., Ltd. is by far one of the largest supplier of gemstones with the widest range of varieties and qualities.

History originates from Jaipur , India's and one of world's richest source for gemstones. 1983, saw the birth of a star, Thai Pink Co., Ltd. was its name. President of the company, Mr.Arun Khandelwal owes all his expertise to his initial leaming of cutting gemstones at his uncle's lapidary in India. 

Over the years, his oeuvre and fine craftsmanship has been of much use not only to Thai Pink but also to many wholesellers and retailers all over. The speciality of buying at Thai Pink is that you will find the entire range of gemstones available in all size, shapes, color and qualities.

Now we have special schemes for whosellers and retailers who want to buy on the net. Order for more than 2000$ and the goods will be shipped at no change at all (shipping charges will be free) Thai Pink has been pioneering on the "Net" since 1995 when there were very few gemstone dealers on the net. By using the "Net" as a direct marketing tool. Thai Pink is capable of passing the same savings to wholesellers and retailers which they get in person. In other words, you save the middlemans fees and the maintainence cost of a physical store.

As a lapidizer Thai Pink can just about cut any rough stone of high quality to an equally high value customised gemstones. We also employ the latest techniques of laser cutting which Mr. Arun has been very keen on showing on the net. If you are interested in purchasing high value gemstones or private viewing and purchasing all appointments and arrangements will be made with effect to the potential client.

The company has huge inventories of semiprecious stones like citrine, amethyst, Peridot, Garnet, Iolite, Rhodolite, Tourmalines, Tanzanite, Cat's eye, Ametrine, Aquamarines, Hametites, Kunzites, Blue Topaz and Synthetic stones of all colors.
Tourmaline in its many colors , is Thai Pink biggest speciality. Based today in Bangkok , Thailand and with strong trade ties in India , the enterprise is a member of The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association and an active participant in all major Trade shows.
Facets or Cabochons we have it all! Our natural gemstones are exported to main markets in Germany , the United Kingdom , Switzerland , Taiwan , Japan , and United States. Our very latest laser cutting techniques involue carving on these gemstones.
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