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For auditors in Thailand look more closely at the section Accounting Companies in Thailand. Accountants in Thailand often serve a dual function. They perform the normal accounting tasks throughout the year.

Keeping company accounts, dealing with tax liabilities and all the day to day paperwork you would associate with any accounting firm or accounts section of any company.

Then at year end they turn their attention to auditing the companies accounts. I thought that the job of the auditors was to check that the accounts staff are doing their job properly, efficiently and with an extra safeguard to guard against false accounting and possible fraudulent activities within the company. Maybe someday someone can explain this apparent dilemma of conflict of interests.

Of course Thai independent auditors perform the above tasks with little chance of conflict of interest. My final question has to be who audits the auditors?


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Featured Thailand Auditing Companies
A.N.S. Business Consultants Co,  Ltd. Thailand Bangkok Business Consultants providing: Accounting, Auditing, Internal audit outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Accountants, Financial Advisory Services, Accounting training, Legal Counselor Services, Debt Restructuring Negotiation

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