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C. Nature Group Co.,Ltd - Thai Herbal Products, Hair Treatments

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C. Nature Group Co.,Ltd.
Chuleerath Limwilairatana
101/455 M.Preecha , Buddhamonthon 4 rd.,
Nakornpathom 73220
Tel : 02 888-5151-2
Fax :02 888-5152
E-mail : 
Website :
Categories: Health Products, Herbal Products
Company Profile: Herbal Products For Healthy Hair
C. Nature Group Co.,Ltd. Manufactures Thai Herbal Products, Herbal Hair Treatments, Herbal Facial Treatments For Healthy Hair and Healthy Skin. Since its corporatization in 1998, C. Nature Group has received warm welcome from customers, domestic and overseas. Also the company's products are widely supported by mass media such as televisions, radio, magazines, etc. In 2002, the company's products were selected to join a long term joint venture run by government agents such as Ministry of Public Health, Tourist Organization of Thailand etc. In 2003, the company opened its first JIVA Hair Care Center to offer intensive hair treatment with fresh herbs. The center, which combines the modern medicine and traditional Thai medicine together in its products and techniques has enjoyed a very warm welcome from the customers. The company keeps on doing its research to develop Thai herbs for hair and to lower the customers' expense in taking care of hair.

REVITA. The series of Thai herbal products without synthetic compound, alcohol, dye, or other bleaching chemical commonly used in ordinary hair products. REVITA consisting of the products aims particularly at prevention and treatment of baldness, hair loss, gray hair, damaged hair, dandruff and itchy scalp.
2. NANDAWADEE Facial Herbal Product
3. MOOKARIN Facial Herbal Products
4. JIVA High Grade Hair Herbal Product
5. JIVA COMPLETE TREATMENT CENTER by C. Nature Group. The center offers intensive hair treatment with fresh herbs by combining the modern medicine and Thai traditional medicine together.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
(commonly used in shampoo) is a strong irritating surfactant which may cause hair and hair cell damage which may consequently lead to gray hair.

Silicone, Dimethicone, Diethylmethicone, Ethylmethicone
(commonly used in shampoo, conditioner and treatment) help to make hair smooth and easy to comb, but they cause thin film coating on the scalp and may block cell function and cause hair loss after long term using.

DEA (commonly used in shampoo, conditioner and treatment) helps increase viscosity and lather of the product but warnings have been made that it may cause cancer.

Lanolin (commonly used in shampoo, conditioner and treatment) helps the product to become thicker and smoother but usually causes hypersensitivity.

Artificial Color, Perfume or Alcohol (commonly used in hair products) helps appearance of products but may cause hypersensitivity.

Lead, Silver, Copper, or their salts are heavy metal, usually used in hair dye products, may cause toxicity or allergy.

Minoxidil is a hypotensive drug, used in common hair tonic. It helps hair growth but may cause hypotension, heart disorder and if it is orally taken, hair may grow in other areas of the body. The hair will fall off after stop using for 2 to 6 months.

Finasteride is a medicine for prostate hyperplasia which can help hair growth. It is now commonly used in hair tonic and prescribed for hair loss that caused by male hormone (testosterone). But the hair will fall off when stop using it, Its adverse reaction is impotence and a decrease in libido. It cannot be used in women.

All REVITA and JIVA Herbal Hair Products by C. Nature Group are free from these synthetic chemicals to avoid long-term side effects and promote healthy, rich, lively, shiny and manageable hair.

REVITA Herbal Products have been launched in the market with good results for more than 8 years. The products are available at Phyathai Hospital , Bumrongrad Hospital and many health shops
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