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Thailand Food Companies, Thai Food Manufacturers

Thai Food Manufacturers
produce a wide range of great Thai food products, Thailand is a good place for sourcing many food products such as: Frozen Shrimp, Fresh Fruit, Canned Tuna, Rice Noodles, Coffee Candy, Health Food Snacks, Canned Seafood, Canned Pet Food, Jasmine Rice, Dairy Products, Fresh Coconut, Ready Meals, Vegetarian Food, Health Food, Food Supplements, Fresh Seafood, Dim Sum & Sashami and Fresh Fish


Thai food is renowned around the world. Thai restaurants abound in every major city on every continent. Even in the smaller towns now you can enjoy a plate of phat Thai or Tom Yam Kung. What is perhaps not so well known is that many of the ordinary foods and food ingredients originate in the Kingdom of Thailand. From the obvious like Thai Jasmine rice, frozen shrimp and Tuna to the more unusual like birds nest soup, Ostrich meat and crocodile meat.

I recently visited the Thai food fair in Bangkok, it was a few years since my last visit. What a surprise! the fair had grown from a place to show off local produce to a major international food trading zone. Buyers had traveled from all over the globe to negotiate and secure orders with large and small food producers and food trading companies.

Thai seafood is a natural choice. The seas around the coast of Thailand reap a bountiful harvest of squid, fish, shrimp and other oceanic delicacies. These are processed and packaged locally and shipped to wholesalers and supermarkets abroad.

I work closely with two Thai frozen food companies. One a large public limited company has only recently started to market it's range of shrimp and dim sum products in the European market.
The feedback I get is that very little effort is needed, the buyers are flocking to the producers rather than the other way round. Just came back from a meeting with the seafood manufacturer - new seafood products for next years market.....want to know? - then send me an email

Strict quality control is needed to fulfill the stringent requirements for the European and American food markets. Along with locally produced food packaging materials Thailand is now able to produce and ship world quality foodstuffs at third world prices.

A spin off from the increase in exports is a desire from the domestic Thai market for western food. Fast food restaurants like KFC, Pizza Hut and Mc Donalds are not quite yet on every street corner but the Thai consumer will usually indulge in western food at least once a week.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your food product  needs please email with your requests.


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Below is a directory of some of the food companies and food manufacturers companies that can be found in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to help you find the right manufacturer for your food products in Thailand please write to

Featured Thailand Food Companies

A & N FOODS CO,  LTD. Thailand Manufacturer of Seafood Products, Chilled Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Imitation Crab Sticks, Frozen Crab Sticks
A.B.C. PRODUCTS CO,  LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Canned Fruits Canned Seafood Canned Vegetables, Sardines, Mackerel, Pilchards, Tuna, Shrimps, Baby clams, Crab Meat
A.P. Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd. Thailand Surimi, Imitation Crab Stick, Breaded Scallop, Crab Meat, Breaded Seafood, Seafood balls, Chikuwa, Kamaboko, Coconut Breaded Crab Claws
A.T.E. Maskati Co,  Ltd Thailand Pallet Stretch Wrapper , Packaging Machines, Fresh Ginger and Tamarind
A-1 Produce Co.,Ltd   Thailand exporters of: Sweet Tamarind, Sweet And Sour Tamarind, Pickled Galanga, Pickled Sadao, Pickled Rhizome, Pickled Lotus Rootlets, Pickled Chilli , Pickled Mango, Pickled Lotus Stalk, Pickled Ginger, Pickled Garlic, Rice Paper, Bamboo Basket For Sticky Rice Cooking, Dried Bananas
Acfin Co,  Ltd Thailand Thailand Exporter of frozen seafood, Cooked & Raw Black tiger shrimp, Fresh water shrimp. Squid, Sea fish, Fresh water fish, Pink Shrimp, white Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Squid Loligo and Baby Octopus
Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Health Food manufacturer main products are Aloe Vera Crush, Aloe Vera Dice, Aloe Vera Cube in water, Aloe Vera Cube in syrup, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Dirink with white grape, Aloe Vera Dirink with fruit flavour, Aloe Vera Jelly, Aloe Vera Jam. We export to the international market such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan
C & A Products Co.,Ltd. Thailand Canned Coconut Milk Coconut Juice, Coconut Cream , Coconut Milk Powder, Canned Coconut Juice with pulp, Pineapple Slices, Pineapple Chunks, Pineapple Tidbit, Pineapple Pieces, Pineapple Dices, Crushed Pineapple, Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Aseptic Pineapple Crushed & Tidbits, Canned Tamarind Drink, Canned Soya Bean Drink, Canned Grass Jelly Drink, Canned Penny Wort Leaves Drink, Canned Mango Drink, Canned Sugar Cane Drink, Canned Mix fruit Drink, Canned Pina Colada Drink, Canned Lychee Drink, Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Glutinous Rice, Japanese Rice, Parboiled Rice, Brown Rice
C&C INTERFOOD ,LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of Breadsticks, Snack Foods and Health Foods
C.P. Retailing and Marketing Co., Ltd Thailand Thai manufacturer of Ready Meals, Frozen Prepared Food, Dim Sum, Chicken Green Curry, Sour and Spicy Prawn Soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken with Basil Leaves, Fried Shrimp Cakes, Fried Fish Cakes, Chicken Satay
Daidomon Group Public Company Limited Thailand Franchise Restaurant Business operating Korean barbecue buffet restaurants, Japanese Yaki Shabu food
Earth Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Exporter of Frozen Soft Shell Crabs, Blue Swimming Crabs, Meat Crab, Shrimps and Frozen Seafood
F&B Food Service (Thailand) Ltd.  Thailand A foreign owned company in Thailand offering Fresh food, aged beef, Dry goods, Beverages, Cleaning materials, Paper goods, Specialist imported product lines, In-house Master Butcher and Temperature controlled delivery.
F and V Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Exporter of Food Products, Frozen Food, Frozen Fish, Frozen Seafood Products
F-Plus Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Spices, Concentrated Noodle Soup, Seasoning Soup Powder, Seasoning Cube, Lime Juice
First Canned Food (Thai) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Canned Coconut Juice with Pulp, Canned Aloe Pulp With Honey In Syrup, Tamarind Juice, Aloe Vera, Caramel, Maple Syrup, Fructose, Frozen Vegetables, Fruit Juices, Vegetable Juices, Fruit Concentrates, Peanut Butter, Dried Fruits, Canned Fruits, Peas, Beans, and Lentils, Potatoes and Vegetables in Vinegar.
G.C.F. Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand exporter of Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Dried Foods, Dehydrated Foods, Pet Foods, Dried Fruits
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
GFPT Public Co Ltd Thailand Thailand Producer of Chilled Chicken, Frozen Poultry, Frozen Meat, Boneless Breast, Drumstick, Yakitori, Kebab, leg, Sesame Fried Chicken and Halal Chicken Products.
H.D. Distributors (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Also known as Haagen-Dazs Distributors (Thailand) Ltd. is a distributor of the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream brand. It is a joint venture between General Mills, U.S.A, and S&P Syndicate, Thailand
I.S.A. CO, LTD. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna Green Curry, Canned Rice and Instant Jasmine rice.
J.M. Food Industry Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Ready to eat Thai food products, Stir fried kits, sauce, frozen Thai food, Bakery products, Cooking school, Food outlet, Food kiosks, Rice station, Noodle Station, Catering for banquets and Food boxes
K. Chemical Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Seeds Company producing Sweet Corn Seeds, Maize Seeds, Water Convolvulus Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Papaya Seeds, Chili Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds
M & Co (Direct) Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Natural Fruit Tamarind Candies, Tamarind Fruit Candy, Natural Healthy Tamarind Candy Products
O & P Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai exporters of foods and canned foods, canned pineapples, canned Thai seasonal fruits, fruit juices, canned young corn, canned sweet whole kernel corn, bean sprout, and mixed vegetables. For fish, we handle canned tuna, canned sardines and canned tuna pet foods
R & B Supply Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand producer and supplier of food ingredients, including the production of raw materials for frozen foods, cooked foods
T.C.I. FOODS CO.,LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of UHT coconut cream, canned coconut cream, canned coconut milk, canned coconut juice with pulp, low fat desiccated coconut
Thai Canned Foods Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturers & Exporters of Canned Sardines, Canned Mackerel, Canned Tuna & Canned Pineapple
U&V Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Israeli importer of gourmet food products such as Figs, Dried Fruits, Pretzels, Goose Liver, Salad Dressings and supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets in Bangkok
Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand Parent Thai company of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s, A&W, Food Franchises
Featured Company
Bell Foods Co., Ltd.
Bell Foods manufactures dehydrated, fried, and fresh spices and vegetables. The company operates two
factories in Chiang Mai and holds numerous health and safety certificates including an HAACP
certification, as well as HALAL and GMP certifications. Bell Foods is ISO 9001 certified.
Contact: Ms. Naruemol Sumsiripong

Chantaburi Global Trade Co., Ltd.
Chantaburi Global Trade was founded in 2000. We are a manufacturers of dehydrated fruits and vegetables, herbs and other food using the technology of freeze-drying process. The firm also manufactures frozen fruits and food ingredients and is ISO 9001 certified with additional certifications from the GMP and HACCP. With our vast experience in exporting fresh fruits for more than 10 years, make us see the advantages of the freeze-drying and started this business.
Contact: Mr. Wisut Noppun

Chin Huay Co., Ltd.
Chin Huay Company is one of the oldest food manufacturers in Thailand, remarkably celebrates its 70th anniversary of establishment and recorded achievement in food industry. The Company provides canned, dehydrated, and frozen food products in the Kingdom, including seafood as well as fruits and vegetables. Our product items were domestically sold. In about 1965, it initiated exportation of marine products in can especially for canned sardines in tomato sauce, to the international market. This is the first and vital step in the world. We pledge to seek for new, good and reliable thing to service all respective customers in as much as customer's satisfaction is our prime need. The company maintains international standards for quality and exports to markets around the world. We are ISO9000, HACCP and GMP certified.
Contact: Mr. Sakda Sresangnum

Cisbay Co., Ltd.
Cisbay is a producer of environmental-friendly food packaging made from biodegradable polymers such as
starch, protein, and cellulose. The company also produces dried durian, dried longan, and textured
vegetable protein. The product line is appropriate for food that is hot or cold as well as wet or dry. Cisbay
received the “High Potential in EU Market” award, which it received in Brussels.
Contact: Ms. Hansa Panya

City Food Co., Ltd.
The company manufactures Thai curry paste and chili sauce. City Foods uses only the freshest raw
materials to prepare hygienic, appetizing, and nutritious foods that are exported to markets worldwide. The
products are distributed under two brands: Classic Thai and Classic Thai Dinner.
Contact: Mr. Prasert Chittasirinuvat

Juthamarth Marketing Co., Ltd.
The company primarily manufacture TUNA FISH SACUE product and we are the only manufacturer that
use TUNA FISH as a raw material to made fish sauce for export to worldwide markets such as U.S.A ,
Japan,China and Hongkong TUNA FISH, SALT, SUGAR, Steam fish, Fried , Soup, Dipping, and Sauteed.
The company follows the international standard production process in accordance with the HACCP and
GMP certified by The Department of Fisheries.
Contact: Ms. Juthamarth Chotiwatanaphan

Leo Foods Co., Ltd.
Leo Foods Operate a business of processing and exporting frozen vegetables and
fruits to meet demand of international markets through the continuous production system combined with
Individual Quick Frozen (IQF), a sophisticated and globally recognized food preservation technology using
liquid nitrogen. Leo Foods is supported by the Thailand Board of Investment and has received several
health and quality certifications from the HACCP and GMP, among others. The company is ISO 9001
Contact: Mr. Worasin Kuttiya

Malinee Food Products Co., Ltd.
Malinee manufactures flour coating batter mise, tempura flour, bread crumbs, and Thai food ingredients
under the product brand “GOGI.” Every of our production process is equipped with high technology
machines, both automation and semi-automation, as well as controlled by skilled personnel. Importance is
also given in every stage of quality control, from selecting raw materials, checking their quality, inspecting
hygienic qualification of supplier until delivering. The company is GAP, HACCP,GMPA and ISO9001:2000
Contact: Mr. Chamadol Chomcherngpat

Meechai Food Product Co., Ltd.
Meechai is a manufacturer of dehydrated tom kaa, tom yum, green curry and related products. The
company has received several awards for its quality product and hygienic standards as it scrutinized
quality and hygiene from thorough cleaning of raw materials to blending into chilli sauce, dehydrated
through oven until packing finished goods in the germ-free room. Meechai has also received the OTOP
(Government's Promotion for One Tumbol One Product) award for quality and can produce over 3,000 units
per day. Our produce are 95% exported to Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA and Japan.
Contact: Mr.Meechai Metmaolee

Princess Foods Co., Ltd.
Princess Foods is a producer of a wide variety of frozen tropical fruits, frozen fried vegetables, frozen grilled
vegetables, frozen fritter and frozen tempura. Our main market are both local and overseas like USA. Our
quality control system follows BRC concept which set clear measure, assess the operations, thus enable
the control of quality and minimize possible risk. The company has product standard certifications from
both the GMP and HACCP.
Contact: Ms. Niramol Pholpipattanapong

Srifa Bakery Co., Ltd.
It has been15 years of pride Srifabakery has been having for providing happiness to its customers through
excellent quality bakery products. Srifa Bakery is a producer of a range of baked goods including pies,
cakes, and cookies under Srifa Bakery brand . The company operates 10 branches in 4 provinces of
Thailand and has received numerous awards for quality and excellence. The company maintains a
production capacity of two tons per day and is ISO 9002 certified.
Our production policy is given to carefulness and delicates in all stages of production, starting from
specially select the raw materials, supervise them to undergo quality control before storing under a
controlled condition.
The Quality System, consisting of the Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance, have much importance
to the food industry in the aspect of economy and consumers' safety. Therefore it is important for a
company to keep a close watch on its quality system. As for the Quality Control laboratory of Srifabakery,
its primary duty is to perform organic analysis of the products in all stages from raw material to finished
products and improve their quality to get rid of possible harmful bacteria. It serves to keep the production in
GMP scheme (Good Manufacturing Practice) and also checking absolute hygiene in every steps and
random check final products. We have received award for The Best Industry of The Year 1991 by the Ministry of Industry , Honor Award for The Best Industry of The Year 1999 (under SME Category) by the Ministry of Industry.
Contact: Mr. Wichien Jentrakulroj

Srisupphaluck Orchid Co., Ltd.
The company specializes in the manufacture of cashews and cashew related products. Our highlight
product is cashew juice which is the attempt of our thorough research in processing cashew fruit into juice.
Srisupphaluck is committed to providing the best value to customers and develops new products to suit
tastes and preferences in international markets. We are now expanding our market to USA. The company
operates under HALAL quality standards.
Contact: Ms. Supphaluck Suhirunyawanich

Siriwanich (SRW) Co., Ltd.
The company is a manufacturer of preserved fruits and snacks including banana chips, dried banana and
pumpkin chips.
Contact: Mr. Siri Vanasuwanich

Swift Co., Ltd.
The company is an exporter/distributor of fresh produce under GMP, EUREP GAP and HACCP
certifications. Swift operates in the Nakornpathom province of Thailand and maintains a distribution
network of over 3,000 farm contractors throughout the country for efficient servicing. Dried herbs, food
ingredients and processed fruits are also available. The company exports to Europe, the USA, Middle East
and Australia.
Contact: Ms. Penpa-nga Suddhimondala

Thai Organic Agri Co., Ltd.
Thai Organic produces organic certified agricultural products including fresh, dehydrated and preserved
organic foods, food ingredients, condiments, herbal extracts, essential oils, and organic tea and coffee.
The company meets both Thai and Japanese organic standards and is a certified producer of hygienic
products. The company maintains a production capacity of 4,000 tons per year.
Contact: Mr. Sermpong Taptipakorn

Thaveevong Industry (TVI) Co., Ltd.
TVI is a world-leading producer and supplier of seafood products made from Surimi (minced fish meat) with
over 20 years of experience. The company employs an experienced expert from Japan and has own
factory to produce raw materials. Our manufacturing capacity is 600 tons per month and main products are
Crab Stick, Fish Ball, Fish Product Breaded, etc. TVI also conforms to GMP, HACCP, and ISO 9001
standards. Currently TVI supplies 60% local and 40% overseas such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore,
Malaysia, Australia, Italy and Russia.
Contact: Mr. Jeeradej Thaworntaweewong

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c.a.t. opulence (thailand) co.,LTD.
c.b.c. (thailand) co.,LTD.
c.f. trading co.,Ltd.
c.h. bamboo co.,LTD.
c.k. & richard intertradINg co,LTD.
c.k.k food partnership limited,
c.k.s. saha industry co.,LTD
c.l. asia technology,
c.n. industries public co,LTD.
c.p. consumer products co.,Ltd.
c.p. food products co.,Ltd. (Thai Thai Restaurant)
c.p. group co,Ltd.
c.p. interfood (thailand) co.,Ltd.
c.p. intertrade co,Ltd.
c.p. merchandising co.,Ltd.
c.p. pet food,
c.p. retail and marketing co,Ltd.
c.p.c./aji (thailand) ltd.,
c.p.k. plantation co,LTD.
c.p.p. preparation co.,Ltd.
c.r.c. ahold co,Ltd.
c.s. interfood co.,Ltd
c.s.b. drug factory co.,LTD.
c.s.c. foods (thailand) co,Ltd.
c.s.g. co ltd,
c.t.f. co.,Ltd
c.t.w. com. co.,Ltd.
c.v. frozen food co.,Ltd.
c.y. boss food co.,Ltd.
cal intertrade co,Ltd
calbee tanawat co ltd,
cambert (thailand) co,Ltd.
canadain foods ltd.,Part.
candyco thai international co ltd,
canny pacific corporation co.,LTD
capital foodtrade ltd,
capital rice co,LTD.
capital snack co,LTD.
captain foods co.,Ltd.
carbokarn co,Ltd.
cargill seeds co,LTD.
cargill siam limited,
cargill thai trading company limited,
carnitech asia limited,
carrefour super center,
casava industrial co.,LTD
cbc (thailand) co.,LTD.
cedar restaurant
centaco g.p. farm co,LTD.
center point trading co.,LTD.
central fast food group co,Ltd
central food products co,LTD.
central group of companies,
central industrial supply co,LTD.
central meat & foods co,LTD.
central poultry processing co ltd,
central siam winery ltd.part.,
central trading export co.,Ltd.
ceratech international co.,LTD.
cereal tech corporation ltd,
cereals world co.,Ltd.
cerebos (thailand) ltd.,
ceta supply co.,Ltd.
chaba house,
chabaa bangkok co.,LTD.
chaheanon roongruceng co.,LTD.
chai prasit products co,LTD.
chaijinda seafood co.,LTD.
chaimongkol refined sugar co ltd,
chain (thailand) co.,Ltd.
chainavee coldstorage co,LTD.
chaiprakarn industry chiang mai foods co.,Ltd.
chaivaree marine products co.,Ltd.
chaiyaphum plant products co,LTD.
chaiyaporn international co.,Ltd.
chalong (2002) co,Ltd.
champaca marketing co ltd :,
champion marketing co,LTD.
chantaburi seafoods co.,Ltd.
chanthaburi aquaculture farm co,LTD.
chantong food co,LTD.
chao khun agro products: co ltd,
chao phraya coldstorage co.,Ltd.
chao phya co.,LTD.
charcoal (thailand) co.,LTD.
chareon watana co,LTD.
charoen phant fruits import export co.,LTD.
charoen pokphand feedmill co,LTD.
charoen pokphand food co.,LTD
charoen pokphand foods public company limited,
charoen pokphand group co,LTD.
charoen pokphand industry co,LTD.
charoen pokphand northeastern public co.,LTD.
charoen watana co,LTD.
charoensin food co.,Ltd
charpa techcenter co,Ltd.
chatchawan import export & packaging ltd,
cha-Am pineapple cannery co,LTD.
chavanaphat co,LTD.
chaveevan international foods co ltd,
cheer (thailand) co,LTD.
cheeton food co.,Ltd.
chef's choice foods manufacturer co,Ltd.
chester's food co,Ltd.
chewy food products co.,Ltd.
chia meng co,LTD.
chiangmai frozen food public company limited
chiangmai royal jelly co ltd,
chiantavee co,LTD.
chiap feng fishery co.,Ltd.
chico-thai plantations public co.,Ltd.
chin fu international co.,Ltd.
chin huay co,Ltd.
china noble holdings ltd.,
chinese seafood (srinakarin road),
chinese seafood (wall street tower),
chip tong (1964) co.,Ltd.
cho heng rice vermicelli factory co,LTD.
chockchaipanich factory
chocolate creative products co,Ltd.
choice foods thailand ltd.,
chokchai group companies
choledee interfood co.,LTD
chomthana co,Ltd.
chonburi cold storage industrial co.,LTD.
chonburi lc co.,Ltd
chonburi tra maekrua chalarktong co ltd,
chotiko co ltd,
chua hah seng food product co.,Ltd.
chuan thai enterprise co.,Ltd.
chuew huad co,LTD.
chumpol food co.,Ltd
cititex enterprises co.,LTD.
city export co,Ltd.
city food co ltd,
city international co,LTD.
civilize import-export co,LTD.
cluster trading co,LTD.
coca holding international co,Ltd.
coffee beanery co,Ltd
coffee society (thailand) co.,Ltd.
combina corporation ltd.,
combined foods co,LTD.
commercial company of siam ltd
commercial excellence
common wealth trading co.,LTD.
compact trading co ltd
comrade & col. co,LTD
concord intertrade ltd.,Part.
contel (thailand) co,LTD.
continental pacific (1979) corp,LTD.
convenience food system (thai) ltd.,
co-op food thailand co,LTD.
co-op foods co ltd,
cosmetic creation co ltd,
country fresh dairies co,LTD.
credence co.,Ltd
crocodee food products co.,LTD.
cudson co ltd,
culinaria co. ltd.,
curry and spices co ltd,
custom food machinery (asia) co.,LTD.
cy frozen food co.,LTD.
d & g chemical and trading co.,LTD.
d.c. food co.,Ltd.
d.l.f. (thailand) ltd.,
d.p.o. (thailand) ltd.,
d.t.g. exim co.,LTD
d.t.t.c. co.,LTD.
daiei taigen (thailand) co ltd,
daiho (thailand) co,LTD.
daiji enterprise co,LTD.
daily foods co,Ltd.
dairy belle co,LTD.
dairy thai company limited,
dan d foods (thailand) co.,LTD.
danita quality food co.,Ltd
dan-tech co.,LTD.
darumas (thailand) co.,Ltd.
davitra & sons holding co.,LTD
de meglio's,
dee jay farm co,LTD.
dee thai perfect foods co.,LTD
del-casaro co.,Ltd.
delhaize the lion pacific,
delicatessen co.,Ltd.
delicup co.,LTD.
delimax co.,Ltd.
delta-pacific (thailand) ltd,
dester.acs asia & pacific co,Ltd.
dharaniphipat co,Ltd.
diamond eagle Co,LTD.
dick's cafe
dicom international co ltd,
diethelm & co ltd - consumer products division,
ding fong food co.,LTD.
dioxid co,LTD.
distinctive products co.,LTD.
distri-plus (thailand) co ltd,
do food co,LTD.
doi kham food products co,LTD.
dolchai co ltd,
dole thailand ltd.,
domotec co,LTD.
dragon louis international co,LTD.
duchess international co.,LTD.
duck breeders association for trading and export
dulyawat food products ltd.,Part.
dunkin donuts (thailand) co. ltd.,
dusit produce co,Ltd.
dutch mill co,LTD.
dynamic promotion co,LTD
e.a.c. export corporation (thailand) co,LTD.
e.f. fem foods (thailand) co,LTD.
e.m.c.a. co,LTD.
earth food manufacturing co.,LTD.
east asiatic (thailand) public company limited
east west trading & agencies,
eastern delight foods co,LTD.
eastern distillery co.,LTD.
eastern foods co.,LTD.
eastern fruit co,.LTD.
eastern palm oil co,LTD.
eastimpex (thailand) ltd.,
eastwest trading and agencies ltd,
effem thailand inc
egyptian restaurant,
eisai (thailand) marketing co,LTD.
ek-thai intertrade co ltd,
eland corporation co.,Ltd
enburg food thai co.,Ltd.
england international,
enlighten co,LTD.
enzo Italian Restaurant
erawan bee farm
erawan foods company limited
erawan foods intertrade co,LTD.
erawan marketing co,LTD.
erawan premier co,LTD.
erawan products co,LTD.
eurasia services co,LTD.
euro jack co,Ltd
euro pet (thailand) co ltd,
eurofashion/eurofood ltd,
europa foods product co.,Ltd.
europac co,LTD.
european food public c.o.,Ltd
european snack food co.,Ltd
evans multi-services & overseas trading,
ever glory co ltd,
ever top international co.,Ltd.
everglory co.,LTD.
excel fruits co.,Ltd
excellent united international co,Ltd.
excessive co.,Ltd.
exim asia co.,LTD.
exim foods co.,Ltd.
exotic farm produce (thailand) co,LTD.
exotic food co,LTD.
experience thailand
extra agro corp ltd,
ez’s international franchise co.,Ltd.
f & b food service (thailand) ltd.,
f & b international marketing co.,Ltd.
f & n united limited,
f.c.p. company ltd,
f.h.i. international service center,
f.k.l. global trading co.,Ltd.
f.m.c. (thailand) ltd,
f.m.c. import export ltd.,Part.
fair food product co.,Ltd.
fait corporation co ltd,
fancy world co,LTD.
far east cold storage co,LTD.
far east home made co.,LTD.
farang food paradise
feedstuff users promotion association
findus (thailand) ltd.
fine flock (thailand) co.,LTD.
fine foods international co ltd,
fiotec (thailand) co,Ltd.
fireplace grill
firm trading ltd.,PART.
first asian foods ltd .,Part
first confectionery co,LTD
first international canning co,Ltd.
first world import & export co,LTD.
fisherman's seafood restaurant& oyster bar,
fizz restaurant
flora fruit co ltd,
flower food ltd,PART.
folies co ltd,
Food & Drinks Public Co.,Ltd.
Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Food And Drinks Public Company Limited
Food And Thai Fruit Co.,Ltd.
Food Box Co.,Ltd
Food Centre (Central Ladprao)
Food Cyber Co.,Ltd.
Food Equipment And Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Food Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Food Field International Co Ltd.
Food Lion Supermarkets Bangkok
Food Mixes Group Co.,Ltd.
Food Pack Co.,Ltd.
Food Principle Ltd.Part.
Food Project (Siam) Co.,Ltd.
Food Sanitary Promotion (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Food Services (Thailand) Ltd.
Food Specialize Co.,Ltd.
Food System Co.,Ltd.
Food Town International Co.,Ltd.
Foodcom (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Foodgate Co.Ltd.
Foodkee Textile Co.,Ltd.
Foodland Supermarket Co.,Ltd.
Foodmixes Group Co.,Ltd.
Foodpack Co.,Ltd.
Foods Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Foodsfield International Co.,Ltd.
Foodstech Engineering Co .,Ltd
Foodtown International Co.,Ltd.
foss first in food analysis co,Ltd.
four minds co.,LTD.
free inter supply ltd part,
freeland foods corporation ltd.,
freshmeat processing co ltd,
friendship corn starch co.,LTD.
friendship pet products co,LTD.
frionor (thailand) ltd.,
frist super food co.,Ltd.
frito - lay thailand,
fronte international co,LTD.
fruit and flower,
fruit plus export co.,Ltd.
fruitnet co,ltd
fun foods
g. costa asia ltd.
g.c.f. co,LTD.
g.e.a. (sea) pte ltd.
g.f. foods company limited
g.f.p.t. public co ltd
g74 natures' gifts
ganong co,LTD.
gardenia foods
gate gourmet thai co.,Ltd.
gelathai co.,Ltd.
geltech co.,Ltd.
gems food and drink co.,Ltd.
general farming & products co.,LTD.
george weston foods limited,
german engineering & machinery co,Ltd.
gianni enterprise co.,LTD
giffarine skyline laboratory & health care co.,LTD
gin gin food stuff co.,Ltd.
gino exports limited,
glee hall co.,LTD.
global food trading co.,Ltd.
global impex co ltd,
global kitchen co.,Ltd.
global line exim co.,LTD.
globalbis co.,LTD.
globo foods ltd.,
glory union co ltd,
golden crocodile agriculture (thailand) co.,LTD.
golden exotics co ltd,
golden foods international co,LTD.
golden glory co.,Ltd.
golden grain enterprise co.,Ltd.
golden poultry international co.,Ltd.
golden prize canning co.,LTD
golden star food
golden success ltd.,
golden sun foods corp.,LTD.
golden world trading co,Ltd.
goldens poultry international co ltd,
good fortune cold storage co.,Ltd.
good luck product co.,Ltd.
good world co.,LTD.
goodwill food co.,Ltd.
gourmet foods (thailand)
grace commercial company limited,
grampian foods siam co.,Ltd.
grand asia co,LTD.
grand asia food industry co,Ltd.
grand asia incorporation ltd.,
grand president group co ltd,
grand world international co.,Ltd.
grandvision foods
great food (dehydration) co,LTD.
great green way co.,LTD.
great oriental food products co,LTD.
great union food industries co,Ltd.
green chart natural herbs (thailand) co.,Ltd.
green diamond co,LTD.
green food ltd,
green giant ltd.,Part.
green sea co.,LTD.
green spot (thailand) co,LTD.
greeter co.,LTD.
griffith laboratories thailand co ltd,
griffith tnf co.,LTD
grobest corp. ltd.,
gulf siam trading co.,Ltd.
h.a.m. international co,Ltd.
h.d. distributors (thailand) ltd.,
h.k.s. (1989) co,LTD.
h.l. group thailand seafood,
haad thip public company limited,
haagen-dazs distributors
hagen pet supplies (thailand) co,Ltd
hah hua lee rop,
hai (convent)
hai tien lo bangkok,
haitai seafood co ltd,
hanami-tohato co ltd,
happy wealth angel co.,Ltd
harmony product co.,LTD.
harn & sons corp.,LTD.
harnet corp.,
haus hamburg,
havi food services (thailand) ltd.,
hawamoto (thailand) co.,Ltd.
health food & supplements association,
health food creation co.,Ltd.
health foods co.,Ltd.
health herb products co,LTD.
heinz win chance ltd.,
helm mahaboon limited,
henry gordon ltd part,
henry j. bean's bar and grill,
herbal' friend,
herbs & organic service co-op,
heritage cashew & food co,LTD.
heritage murgerbon corp,Ltd.
heritage snack and beverages limited,
heritrade co,LTD.
hermit international co.,LTD.
hesco food industry co ltd,
hi q food products co ltd,
hing wai (thailand) co.,Ltd.
hi-q canning (pattanee) co,LTD.
hok lok shew enterprise co.,LTD.
holmather earth ltd.,Part.
home of international foods
homhual foods industry co.,LTD.
hoong seng kee industry co,LTD.
hua halong bangkok chicken co.,Ltd.
hua kwang co ltd,
hua plee
huaseng canned ltd.,PART.
hunter group ltd
huntsman ici (thailand) ltd,
i.c.c. cosmos co,LTD.
i.f.c. interfood co,LTD.
i.g. management
i.p. manufacturing ltd.,
i.p.c. inter trade co,Ltd.
i.q.a. northwest labs co.,Ltd.
i.s.a. co,LTD.
i.s.o. solution co.,LTD.
i.t. foods industries co,LTD.
ideal food and beverage co.,Ltd.
ideal trading co.,Ltd.
immatel co.,Ltd.
imperial general foods industry co,LTD.
import and export food company
inabata thai co,LTD.
industrial enterprises co,LTD.
inflow engineering co,Ltd
innosep co.,Ltd
innovation meat packer,
inspect supply
institute of food research and product development
intanont tropical trading co.,Ltd.
inter can food co.,LTD
inter fast food
inter fresh co.,Ltd.
inter pacific marine product co,Ltd.
interbella ltd,P.
international flavours & fragrances (thailand)
international food technology ltd.,
international french foods co ltd,
international fruits (bangkok) co.,LTD.
international products (thailand) co,LTD.
international trading corporation,
inter-oceanic resources co.,Ltd.
inter-region foods co,LTD.
intouchtanagorn ltd.,
isis trading co ltd,
italasia trading (thailand) co.,Ltd.
italthai food & beverage group,
j and j marine foods co,Ltd.
j.c.s. technic line co ltd,
j.d. food products co.,LTD.
j.f.c. enterprise co,LTD.
j.j. golden food products co.,LTD.
j.k. food company
j.m. food industry co,LTD.
j.m.b. international co,LTD.
j.s. intermarkeing co.,Ltd
jack hua co ltd,
jade garden
jae nong modern agro co,Ltd.
jamjuree co.,LTD.
jang charoen preserved food co.,LTD.
jeerasak food product ltd.,Part.
jello foods co.,Ltd.
j-fac co.,LTD
jiabao (thailand) co.,LTD.
jim' s group co,LTD.
jintana food co,Ltd.
jirakorn co,LTD
jitramas trading co,LTD.
johnson mushroom garden co.,Ltd.
jumbo trading co ltd,
just-in-time express co,Ltd.
juthamarth marketing co.,LTD.
k & j enterprise co,LTD
k & n foods co.,Ltd.
k. j. c.interfood co.,Ltd
k.c. salt international co,Ltd.
k.d. trading co ltd
k.f.c. international (thailand) co,Ltd.
k.l. cold storage co,LTD.
k.l. interfood co.,Ltd.
k.p. products supply limited partnership
k.p. universal co.,Ltd.
k.r.s. spicy food co.,LTD.
k.t. msg co.,Ltd
k.v.m. 5555 co.,LTD.
kaeoprapakorn co,Ltd.
kaew sae yee shop
kajornkij enterprise company limited
kalasin flour co.,LTD.
kalci-vita co,LTD.
kamphaeng-saen commercial co,LTD.
kamson exporter ltd.,P.
kangwan fish sauce co ltd
kanom sakol co,LTD.
kanom set-thi (kanjana bakery house) co.,Ltd.
kantang cold storage industry co,Ltd.
kantin Restaurant
kanto hara co.,LTD.
kaona poultry co.,Ltd.
kawasho corporation bangkok
kejo marketing co ltd
kellogg (thailand) ltd
ken senn co,LTD.
keng huad chuan lp,
kenmin foods (thailand) co,LTD.
kewpie (thailand) co.,LTD.
key international food co ltd,
key internet solution co.,Ltd.
khaokor agro-industry co ltd.,
khong guan food products co.,LTD.
khun churn
kiang hua co,LTD.
kiang huat sea gull trading frozen food
kiat udom food co ltd,
kibun (thailand) co ltd,
kijbanlue multi-food co.,LTD.
kim chua trading
kim heng food products co,Ltd.
kin huat international ltd.,Part.
king food enterprise co.,Ltd.
king huat import export ltd part,
kingfisher group co,LTD.
kingfisher holdings limited,
king's bakery house co.,LTD
kirin bread co,Ltd.
kisco (thai ) co.,LTD
kit roong ruang tapioca factory .ltd.part,
kitbanlue multi-food co.,Ltd.
kitporn co,LTD.
kittidhana association
kittikasem ltd.,
kobe-ya shokuhin kogyo co.,LTD.
koerner international co,LTD
korach industry co ltd,
korn thai co,LTD.
kovic kate (thailand) co,LTD.
kpn material co,LTD
krispy snacks co,LTD.
krung sai ayuddaya inter food industry ltd.,Part.
kuang fei san food products public co.,LTD
kuang pei san food products public co,LTD.
kui yu ltd. partnership,
kuiburi fruit canning co ltd,
kulyakorn foods & beverage
kwong meng co.,Ltd.
l.c. intertrade co.,Ltd.
l.c.r. trading ltd.,PART.
l.g. mitr electronics co,Ltd.
l.g.v. engineering co.,LTD.
l.h. associates co,Ltd.
l.h. association co.,Ltd.
l.p. feeds tech (thailand) co,LTD.
la banane
la casa ristorente italiano,
lactasoy company limited.,
laem thong corporation ltd.,
laem thong salt ltd part,
laemthong corporation ltd.,
laemthong food industries co,LTD
laemthong food products co.,Ltd.
laemthong poultry co.,Ltd.
laemthong rice co,LTD.
lampang food products co,LTD.
lanna agro industry co.,LTD.
lanna products co.,LTD.
le cafe siam
leamthong food industrial co.,Ltd.
lee feed mill public co,LTD.
lemon grass
leng heng agri foods co,LTD.
leo enterprise ltd,P.
lert panya food co.,LTD.
les fleurs restaurant,
les marg food products co.,Ltd.
les nympheas
lever brothers
lhian thai rice vermicelli co,LTD.
lieng tong vermicelli co.,Ltd
lifestyles asia pacific (thailand) co. ltd,
lily industry co,LTD.
linea group holding co.,Ltd
lion gold products co,LTD.
li-thai frozen foods co,LTD.
livewell intertrade co.,Ltd
lok wah hin
lotus intertrade co.,LTD.
lotus marketing co,LTD.
lou processed foods co.,Ltd.
loxley trading co,Ltd.
lucky cannery co,LTD.
lucky distributor co ltd,
lucky food (thai) co,LTD.
lucky oriental siam 1993 co,LTD.
lucky surimi products co.,Ltd
lucky union foods co,LTD.
luxco foods co .,Ltd.
m & co (direct) co,LTD.
m & co (thailand ) co,Ltd.
m & n trading (2001) co.,LTD
m and m food products co.,Ltd.
m.a. corporation co,LTD.
m.b.k. food centre
m.c.-towa international sweeteners co.,LTD.
m.d. synergy co,LTD.
m.e.s. international co,Ltd.
m.h.c. food limited part,
m.k. foods co.,Ltd.
m.k. unigroup corporation co ltd,
m.o. enterprises co.,Ltd.
m.t. thanavat co,Ltd.
m.t.k. enterprise co.,LTD.
m.v.p. farm co,LTD.
machasub production co,.Ltd
macro food tech co.,LTD.
madam marketing co,LTD.
maejongjit co.,Ltd
mae-ruay snack food factory co,LTD.
magnate and syndicate co.,Ltd.
mahaboon corp.,Ltd.
mahachai food processing co.,Ltd
mahachai inter trading co.,LTD.
mahachai marine products co.,Ltd.
mahachai seafood,
mahasawadi cooperative housewife group,
majestic international co ltd,
malee sampran factory public co,LTD.
maleebangkok co.,Ltd
malinee food product co.,LTD.
mangmee intertrade co.,Ltd
manna siam co.,Ltd.
manora food industry co,LTD.
manufacturing machinery and equipment for food
maplao namhom thai co.,LTD.
mareen gold products co.,Ltd.
marine gold products limited
marine mercantile co ltd,
market way co.,Ltd
marketing excellence co,Ltd.
maruha holdings (thailand) co.,LTD
marut and khanom siriphan ltd.,PART.
mass marketing co,Ltd.
mass product co,LTD.
mata hari restaurant,
mawai food corporation LTD.
may ao co,LTD.
may ao foods co.,LTD.
may flower Restaurant
mckey food services (thailand) ltd.,
mcthai co ltd
mechanical & food process engineering co,Ltd.
medicap ltd.,
medifast co.,Ltd.
megate thai food industry co.,Ltd.
meh mann
meofood co.,Ltd.
mercury petrol (1995) co.,ltd.
merit food products co,LTD.
meritage international corporation,
metalcon co,LTD.
mighty international co,LTD.
millennium food tech co,LTD
millennium worldwide marketing,
min guty co ltd,
ming chao industrial (thailand) co.,Ltd.
minor cheese co.,Ltd.
minor corporation public co,Ltd.
minor food group plc,
mission health food co ltd,
mitr kai poultry farm co.,Ltd.
mitr phol sugar,
mitr thai pai roj manufacturing ltd part,
mitr thai pairoj ltd.,Part.
mitsiam international ltd.,
mitsui & co (thailand) ltd,
modern food industries co.,LTD.
modern landscape
moghul room
mongkolchai wattana co.,LTD.
monterey pizza co,LTD.
montha herbal siam co.,Ltd.
monty & totco co,LTD.
moo yor au eubol,
moon kisst industry co.,Ltd.
moong pattana export co,LTD.
morakot industries pcl,
m-pathy intertrade co.,LTD.
mr. hotdog (thailand) co.,Ltd.
mrs. balbir's north indian food,
mulberry green tea ltd,PART.
multi food international co,Ltd.
multy global limited partnership,
mycom (thailand) co,LTD.


n & n foods co.,Ltd.
n & r fruits co.,Ltd
n. excel product
n.b. value link co.,LTD.

n.e. health foods co.,Ltd.
n.g. teckhuat trading co ltd,
n.n.c. products co.,LTD.
n.s.b. food supply co ltd,
n.s.k. commercial co.,Ltd.
n.t.j. intertrade 03 co.,LTD.
n.y. sugar co.,LTD.
n.z. milk products (thailand) co.,Ltd.
nabisco (thailand) ltd.,
nakano ( thailand ) co.,LTD.
nakhonpatom interfood,
nakorn international co.,LTD.
nam donmuang health foods co.,Ltd
namprik maesri ltd.,PART.
nam-prik -toong-koo-la
namsiang group of companies,
nana marketing co.,LTD.
nanapon food product co.,Ltd
nanta food co.,Ltd.
narai inter food co.,Ltd.
narong canning
narong group
narong seafood co.,Ltd.
nash holdings co ltd,
nat bakery international co.,Ltd.
natchapol inter trade co.,Ltd.
nathaphat agency
nathon international (thailand) co.,LTD.
national food institute
nattachote industries co.,LTD.
nattajiracha export co.,LTD
natural food intertrade co.,LTD.
natural fruit products co.,Ltd.
natural green product co.,Ltd
natural health foods ltd.,
nature best food co.,LTD.
nature guard (thailand) co.,LTD.
nava refrigerator and stainless ltd.,PART.

nawakittikorn co.,LTD.
nawapol industry co.,LTD.
nectar industry co.,Ltd
nekta (thailand) co.,Ltd
neo pacific co.,LTD.
neo suki thai restaurants co.,LTD.
neptune food & beverage co.,LTD
nestle (thailand) ltd.,
nestle dairy (thailand) ltd.,
nestle foods (thailand) ltd,
nestle icecream (thailand) ltd,
nestle trading (thailand) co ltd,
netco foods co.,LTD.
new boxer import export co.,Ltd.
new concept product co.,LTD.
new house international co ltd,
new krung thai sugar factory co ltd,
new lamthong foods industries co.,LTD.
new ton food equipment co.,LTD.
newton food equipment co.,LTD.
nguan chiang food industry co.,LTD.
nham sunisa donmuang,
nice better foods co.,Ltd.
nice food products yan wal yun co.,LTD.
nice quality co.,LTD.
nichea co.,LTD.
nichirei corporation
nichiro corporation
nimit international co.,Ltd.
nippon meat packers singapore pte ltd,
nippon sangyo co.,Ltd.
nisshin-stc flour milling co.,Ltd.
nissin foods (thailand) co ltd,
nitas & assocates ltd.,
nithi venture corporation public co.,LTD.
nithiphol enterprise co ltd,
nittaya thai curry products co.,LTD
nomklao co.,LTD.
nonthaburi products food co.,LTD.
nood greyhound food,
noodle ratchada co.,LTD.
noodle rian thai
normai intertrade,
northeast agro-industry public co ltd,
northlake international
novartis (mpl) limited,
nuboon co.,LTD.
nui thai trading (fresh produce)
nutcandy house co.,Ltd.
nutraco (thailang) co.,LTD.
nutri create public company limited,
nutrition house co.,LTD.
o & p intertrade co.,Ltd.
o.k.k. (thailand) co.,LTD.
o.r.m. food & drink/internet cafe,
o.v. international import-export co.,LTD.
oam thong royal thai co.,LTD.
ocean choice co.,LTD
ocean foods (thailand) co.,Ltd.
ocean king international co.,LTD.
ocean unit co.,Ltd.
ocha thai instant food industry co.,Ltd
octa foods co.,Ltd.
ofmac (thailand) company ltd,
oleen co.,Ltd.
olic (thailand) limited.,
one asian network co ltd,
one by one seafood,
one f and b store,
ongkorn cold storage co.,LTD.
on-green holdings co.,LTD.
on-green produces co.,LTD.
only one chicken co.,Ltd
opco food co.,Ltd.
orchid foods co.,LTD.
oriental biscuit co.,Ltd.
oriental food co ltd,
oriental siam (1978) co.,LTD.
oscar intertrade co ltd,
oshit foods co.,Ltd.
osotspa co.,LTD.
ouiheng import co.,Ltd.
overseas marine & cold storage co.,LTD.
p & e development co.,LTD.
p & k enterprise (thailand) co ltd,
p & p food supply co.,Ltd
p. bangkok meat ball lp.,
p. green herb co.,LTD.
p.a. siam intertrade co ltd,
p.b. fishery products company limited,
p.d. & t intertrade co ltd,
p.f. food and beverage ltd.,Part.
p.f.n. international co.,LTD
p.j. inter food co ltd,
p.k. food marketing co.,Ltd.
p.k.s chemicals co.,Ltd.
p.m. food co.,Ltd.
p.n. interfood group co.,Ltd
p.n. marine foods products: co ltd,
p.o.p. intertrade co.,ltd
p.p. foods supply co.,LTD.
p.r. intertrade co.,LTD.
p.s. pacific co ltd,
p.s.b. co.,Ltd.
p.s.c food industries co.,Ltd.
p.s.d. marketing co.,Ltd.
p.s.k. bangkok inter tech co.,Ltd.
p.t. foodstuffs co.,LTD.
p.v.d. international co.,LTD.
p.y. business co ltd,
p.y. food co.,Ltd
pacific a.c. foods co.,Ltd.
pacific fish processing co.,Ltd.
pacific fruits & flowers co ltd,
pacific healthcare (thailand) co. ltd.,
pacific marine food products: co ltd,
pacific snacks co.,Ltd.
pack food co.,LTD.
paiboon product co.,LTD.
paiboon saplee co.,Ltd.
paint marketing co.,Ltd.
paitoon saplee co.,LTD
pakfood public company limited,
pakpanang coldstorage public co ltd,
palmy essen internaional co.,Ltd.
pan asia (1981) co.,LTD.
pan food co.,Ltd.
pan industrial products co.,Ltd.
pan industry fareast group co.,LTD.
pan inter foods co.,LTD.
pan pacific foods co.,LTD.
panafoods co ltd,
pantainorasingh manufacturer co.,LTD.
panuda thaisily food co.,Ltd
panumas marketing & distribution co.,Ltd.
panus co.,Ltd.
panus poultry co.,LTD.
paradise fruit co.,Ltd.
paragon import export co.,LTD.
park cuisine co.,Ltd.
parmalat (thailand) limited,
pasta n noodles
pata department co.,Ltd.
pataya food industries co.,LTD.
patib co.,LTD.
patpong seafood
pattana aloe co. ltd.,
pattani food industries co.,Ltd.
pattarapong supply ltd.,PART.
pattra intermarketing
patum rice mill and granary public company limited,
patum vegetable oil co.,LTD.
paul's food industries co ltd,
peeriya indo-chaina group co.,LTD.
pega nation herbs co.,Ltd.
pen k. intertrading co.,LTD.
penta impex co ltd,
people care asia corporation co.,LTD.
pepsi-cola (thai) trading co.,LTD.
perrier vittel thailand ltd.,
petchburi inter foods co.,Ltd.
petech international co.,Ltd.
peter trader group holding,
pharmaceutical hall co.,Ltd.
phattana seafoods co.,LTd.
phiboonchai maepranom thai chili paste co.,LTD.
phillips foods asia co.,Ltd.
phiromphak food co.,Ltd
phokaphan bangkok co.,Ltd.
phol inter grower co.,LTD.
phong pailin co; ltd.,
pichai fish sauce co.,LTD.
pichai japanese food ltd.,Part.
pichate pokphand co ltd,
picito co.,Ltd.
pickle factory bakery & restaurant,
pimai salt co.,Ltd.
pinery trading co.,LTD
pink lotus restaurant (village 22)
pioneer hi-bred (thailand) co.,LTD.
piriya thai food co.,Ltd.
pisitichai international co.,LTD.
piti sea foods co.,Ltd
pizza public co ltd, The
pokphand animal feed co.,LTD. (C.P. GROUP)
ponder enterprise
pongchai group co.,LTD.
pongpravit food products co.,Ltd.
poonsin thang nguan hah co.,LTD.
poonsub steel work press co.,LTD.
porcharoenfood (thailand) co.,Ltd.
pork kings co.,LTD.
pork products ltd.,Part.
porn wiwat equpment co.,LTD.
pornchai industry cholburi lp,
pornpan bakery,
prachuab fruit canning co.,Ltd.
prameuk charoenrat factory ltd. part.,
pranburi sugar industry co.,LTD.
prasertchai (seng heng) co.,LTD.
premier agro ltd,
premier canning industry co.,LTD.
premier dairy foods co.,Ltd.
premier enterprise public company limited,
premier frozen products co.,LTD.
premier industries
premier marketing co.,LTD.
premium foods co.,LTD.
preserved food specialty co.,Ltd.
president agri trading co.,LTD.
president bakery public company limited,
president danish foods co.,Ltd.
president grains products co.,LTD.
president interfood co.,Ltd.
president rice products public co.,LTD.
president-danish foods co ltd,
presmann (thailand) co.,LTD.
pretty trading co.,LTD
prik kee noo,
primafoods supply co.,Ltd.
primary world intertrade ltd part,
primex worldwild co.,LTD.
pro marine products co.,LTD.
progress and riches (thailand) co.,LTD
promart merchandising co.,LTD.
property intertrade co ltd,
proplan endustraial co.,LTD
prum suriyot bt.,
pukraduang agro. promotion (1990) co.,LTD.
pure chem co.,LTD.
pure foods co.,LTD.
pure life international co.,Ltd
purified agar co.,LTD.
purina japan k.k. (thailand)
q. plus concept co.,LTD
quality coffee products ltd.,
quality meat co.,Ltd.
quality smith co.,LTD.
queen bee international co.,LTD.
queen foods (thailand) co.,Ltd.
queen living products co.,Ltd.
queen marine food co ltd,
queen marine product co..,Ltd
quick rice and foods co.,LTD.
r.k. cadence co.,LTD.
r.m. renaissance corporation co ltd,
r.p.c. international co. ltd,
r.s. cannery co.,LTD.
r.s. foods tech [thailand] co.,LTD.
rachasi enterprise co.,Ltd.
radakarn co.,LTD.
raja bakery shop,
rajburi sugar co.,LTD.
rama foods co.,Ltd.
ratchasima sugar co.,LTD.
ratoharus co.,LTD.
rayong fish sauce industry co ltd,
rean pleuk mai co.,Ltd
rice bran-soybean cpttpm seed oil extraction plant
rice exporters association
riceland foods co.,LTD.
rice vermicelli factory co.,ltd.
rich products manufacturing (thailand) co.,LTD.
river kwai international food industry co.,LTD.
river night market
rivon foods (thailand) co ltd,
roi et flour co.,LTD.
room service co.,Ltd.
royal abp co.,Ltd.
royal agriculture co ltd,
royal apb co ltd,
royal atlantic co.,Ltd
royal can industries co.,LTD
royal canning co.,LTD.
royal dragon co.,Ltd.
royal foods co.,LTD
royal fresh co.,Ltd.
royal friends united co.,Ltd.
royal kingdom industry corp.,LTD.
royal-d ltd.,PART
roza agri-industrial co.,LTD.
ruamboon industry ltd.,PART.
rudeesook ltd.,
rungroj fish sauce co.,LTD.
russamee marine products: co ltd,
s & l can products: co ltd,
s & p syndicate public co.,LTD.
s & sons trading co.,Ltd.
s & t interfood pty. ltd,
s. chantra limited partnership,
s. khonkaen food industry public company limited,
s. kijwattana food co.,Ltd.
s.b.l. international co.,LTD.
s.brava co.,Ltd.
s.f.m.d. corp ltd,
s.j.k. group co.,LTD.
s.k. foods co.,Ltd.
s.k. golden rice co.,Ltd.
s.k. topfood co.,Ltd.
s.k.m. foods co.,Ltd.
s.m. food product ltd.,Part.
s.m.p. food products co.,Ltd.
s.m.t.c. co.,LTD.
s.n.b. marketing co.,LTD.
s.n.n.p. intertrade co ltd,
s.n.r. international co.,Ltd.
s.p. bioactives co.,Ltd.
s.p. organizer group co.,LTD
s.p. ronan food supply co.,Ltd.
s.p.a. international food group co.,Ltd.
s.p.i. canning co.,Ltd.
s.p.i. feed co.,Ltd.
s.p.r. food industry co.,Ltd
s.s.p. food product limited Part
s.t. union food co.,LTD.
s.t.c. foodpak co.,LTD.
s.t.c. group
s.t.c. property management co.,LTD.
s.v.c. seafood co.,LTD.
s.w. foodtch co.,Ltd.
s.y. cosmo trading system ltd.,
s.y. fruitnet co.,LTD.
sabaijaidee (1985) co.,Ltd.
safcol holdings (thailand) co.,LTD.
safety lift co.,LTD.
saha chol food supplies co.,LTD.
saha farms co.,Ltd.
saha pathanapibul public co.,LTD.
saha prachinburi foods industry ltd.,
saha processing co.,LTD.
saha siam farm ltd.,PART
sahachol food supplies co.,LTD.
sahasithi import & export co ltd,
sahavisava engineering
sai daya import and export co ltd,
sai-chol co.,Ltd.
saito foods co.,Ltd.
sakol phan machinery co.,LTD.
sakon global corporation co.,Ltd
sakorn fishery co.,LTD.
salid thai food products co.,Ltd.
salsa club
samakki kijthanya rice milling co.,LTD.
sam-d farm co.,LTD.
sampanthmitr co.,LTD.
sampran food co.,LTD.
samroiyod corp.,LTD.
samui foods co.,LTD.
sanco foods (thailand) ltd.,
sangsook industry co.,LTD.
sansook industry co.,LTD.
santa crafts merchandising co ltd,
sanwa inter-food co.,LTD.
sapanan general food co.,LTD.
sapanun general food co.,LTD
sara lee (thailand) ltd,
sara lee coffee & tea (thailand) LTD
sareewat foods co.,Ltd.
sarolux (thailand) co.,LTD.
sauce s.chantra co.,Ltd.
sauce vichitrungruang factory,
sawasdee syndicate co.,LTD.
sayan honey farm co ltd,
scoozi co. ltd.,
sea bonanza foods co.,LTD.
sea horse public co.,Ltd.
sea royal cold storage co.,LTD
seaborne trading ltd.,
seafood market Bangkok
seafood palace (euro emporium co.,LTD.)
seafoods enterprise co.,ltd.
seafresh industry (public) co.,LTD.
search & serve import export co.,LTD.
see fah food co.,Ltd.
seksan food co.,Ltd.
selection co.,Ltd.
sengheng noodle factory co.,Ltd
sethachon co.,LTD.
seurat garment co.,Ltd.
seven five co.,LTD.
seven five distributor co.,Ltd.
seven-v,Food Island (Fashion Island Mall)
shianlin bangkok co.,LTD.
shin daikoku
shin daikoku (wattana)
shin shia food products co.,Ltd.
shin showa trading co.,Ltd.
shine forth co.,LTD.
shin-nippon (thailand) co.,Ltd.
shrimp express co.,Ltd
shruff international co.,LTD.
shu hua food industry co.,Ltd.
siam agricultural promotion
siam agro-industry pineapple and others plc.,
siam arpar foods co.,Ltd
siam canadian foods co.,Ltd.
siam chin international trading co ltd,
siam city shark industry (28) co ltd,
siam cocoa products co.,Ltd.
siam daily food co ltd,
siam dali food co.,LTD.
siam esteemed product co.,Ltd.
siam export mat co.,Ltd.
siam flight services
Siam Food Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Products Export Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Products Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Service Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Services Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Supply Co.,Ltd.
Siam Foods And Beverages Co.,Ltd.
Siam Foods Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Foods House Co.,Ltd.
Siam Foods Industries Co.,Ltd
siam fresh food international co.,LTD.
siam fruit & herb co.,Ltd
siam fruit caning (1988) co.,Ltd
siam fruit export co.,Ltd.
siam future farm co.,Ltd.
siam general food co.,Ltd.
siam gourmet co.,Ltd
siam green product international co.,Ltd
siam heritage (thailand) co ltd,
siam interfood marketing co.,Ltd.
siam intermagnate co.,Ltd
siam intersea co.,Ltd.
siam lucky co ltd,
siam marine products co.,LTD.
siam marubeni international co ltd,
siam meat product industry co.,LTD.
siam modified starch co.,LTD.
siam nana canning co ltd,
siam nippon inter marketing co.,LTD.
siam ocean frozen foods co.,Ltd.
siam oil & fat co.,LTD.
siam original food co.,Ltd
siam p&l co.,LTD.
siam pet fish trading co ltd,
siam preserved foods co.,LTD.
siam shining intertrade
siam snack co.,Ltd.
siam sugar export corp ltd,
siam tin food products co.,LTD.
siam tokai co ltd,
siam trading and industry co.,Ltd.
siam unitools co.,LTD.
siam vasco trading company limited,
siam wings intertrade co.,Ltd.
siam worakit food import export
siamchai international food co.,LTD.
siamcona co.,LTD.
siamdrug & micromart,
siam-sining intertrade co ltd,
siamvista co ltd,
sim provision co.,LTD.
sima foremost enterprises co.,LTD.
simak retail co.,LTD.
simap co.,LTD.
sin klao kaew co.,LTD.
sing hong enterprise co.,Ltd.
singh enterprise ltd. part.,
singh restaurant
single trading co.,Ltd.
sinheng sawankaloke co ltd,
sino thai foods supply co.,LTD.
sino-thai foods supply co.,LTD.
sinpara trading co.,Ltd.
sintieng international limited partnership
sinudom surin (1990) co.,LTD.
siong hong enterprise co.,LTD
sirinumma co.,LTD.
sirisak shop,
siriwat foods co.,Ltd.
sithiporn associates
sitthinan co.,LTD.
sky food co.,LTD.
sky fresh co.,Ltd.
skyline laboratory co.,LTD
skytex co.,Ltd.
smile heart foods co.,LTD.
smith ekdamrong ltd..part.,
snacks house co.,Ltd.
snacky thai co ltd,
snow brand siam ltd,
somboon (bangna)
somerco (thailand) ltd.,
songkla canning public co.,LTD.
soon hua seng industry co.,LTD.
soon hua seng rice co.,LTD.
soontra foods products
sopexa thailand
southeast asian packaging and canning co.,LTD.
southern golden sea co.,Ltd.
southern seafoods (thailand) ltd.,
spa international foods,
spi canning co.,LTD.
spice market
sportron international (thailand) co.,Ltd.
Spr Food Industry Co.,Ltd.
Spr Rice Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Sprats Co.,Ltd.
spruce trading co ltd,
sri chareon food co.,LTD.
srichian honey
sriracha farm (asia) co.,LTD.
srithai food & beverage public co ltd,
srithai foods service co.,Ltd.
star food industry co.,Ltd.
star marketing co.,LTD.
starfish co ltd,
steak lao (petchburi)
steak lao (ram lntra)
sterling (thailand) co.,LTD.
strategic catering co.,Ltd.
streamline co.,Ltd.
subaki food service ltd.,Part.
suda restaurant
summit food industries co.,LTD.
summit frozen food co.,Ltd
sumo deli
sumpoatong food & supply ltd.,Part
sumreit food,
sun merry co. ltd.,
sun superfood ltd.,Part.
sun tech group public co ltd,
sun valley (thailand) co.,LTD.
sun yang food co.,LTD.
sunek food ltd.,
sungai golok noodles factory ltd part,
sunrider thailand
sunrise farm co.,LTD.
sunrise food co ltd,
suntai co.,Ltd.
sununtana co.,LTD.
sunyang food co.,Ltd.
supachoke fishery co.,Ltd.
supalai green food
supanan luxariyapong co.,Ltd
supatra river house
supavit farm co.,LTD.
super pantai oriental foods ltd part,
super sea international co.,LTD.
super top food co ltd,
suprederm international co.. ltd.,
supreme worldwide import & export co.,LTD.
surakit marketing ltd.,Part.
surapon foods public co.,LTD.
surapon nichirel foods co ltd,
surapon seafoods co.,Ltd. (Plc)
surat canning public co ltd,
surat seafoods co.,LTD.
suratthani marine product co.,LTD.
surebeam (thailand) ltd.,
suree interfoods co.,LTD.
suree pantai oriental food ltd.,PART.
suriya produce co.,Ltd.
suvith charoen limited partnership,
suwannapoom food co.,Ltd
swan laboratory & plantation co.,LTD.
sweet art cake decorating centre
sweet basil (ekkamai)
Sweet Bee Farm Co.,Ltd.
sweet thai confectionery co.,LTD.
swensen's (thai) co.,Ltd.
swif co.,LTD.
swiss premium holding co.,Ltd.
swot corporation co.,LTD.
synthana intertrade co.,LTD.
synthese (thailand) co.,LTD.
t and p marketing shop,
t. chaipattana co.,LTD.
t. danthon intertrade co ltd,
t. style product shop,
t. thai (93) co.,Ltd.
t. thai snack foods co.,LTD.
t. tropical farm co ltd
t.a.s. food products co.,LTD.
t.c. fillter and engineering ltd.,PART.
t.c. pharmaceutical industries co.,LTD
t.c. union agrotech co.,Ltd.
t.c. union foods co.,LTD.
t.c.i. foods co.,LTD.
t.c.n. panich ltd.,PART
t.d. inter-supplies co.,Ltd.
t.f. international co.,LTD
t.h. pellet co.,LTD
t.i.k. manufacturing co ltd,
t.i.s. worldwide marketing (1997) co. ltd.,
t.j.h. para products co.,LTD.
t.m. food co.,LTD
t.m.g. international co.,LTD.
t.n. sugar industry co ltd,
t.n.d. foods industry co.,Ltd.
t.o.p. frozen seafood co.,LTD.
t.r.c. polypack co.,LTD.
t.r.r. group of companies,
t.s.d. intertrade co ltd,
t.s.h. products co.,Ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,LTD.
t.s.t. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
t.t.s. co.,LTD.
t.v. food co.,Ltd.
t.y.f. imex (thailand) co.,LTD.
t@p food and drinking product co.,LTD.
t2 international co.,Ltd.
ta kong food industrial co ltd,
tae tasty co.,Ltd.
tai ing cchuan enterprise co.,Ltd.
tain wen thai enterprise co.,LTD.
taiseng importer exporter(1990) co ltd,
taisun food co ltd,
taja group international co.,LTD.
taksin foods co.,Ltd.
talent enterprise co ltd,
tana food and beverage co.,LTD
tanatavee co.,LTD.
tang heab seng fish sauce factory co.,LTD.
tang kow hah co.,Ltd.
tang meng heng industry co.,LTD.
tang sang hah co ltd,
tanio thai co ltd,
taniyama siam co.,ltd
tanoasree thai chicken co.,Ltd
tapioca development corp ltd,
tapisoot kaleang pork ball co.,Ltd
tatachat international co.,Ltd.
taveephol product co.,LTD
tawan daeng sat-saeng deuan,
tbmp international limited partnership,
tea merchants association,
technifood ltd. partnership,
tee suda internarional ltd.,
tel products co.,Ltd
teo tak seng fish sauce factory co.,LTD.
tep kinsho foods co.,Ltd.
teptip co ltd,
test rite international (thailand) ltd.,
tey seng cold storage co.,LTD
th- asian international co.,Ltd.
thai 21st export co.,Ltd.
thai a.d. co.,LTD.
thai ad foods co ltd,
thai advance food (1991) co ltd,
thai agri foods public co.,LTD.
thai agro exchange co.,Ltd.
thai airways international ltd catering department,
thai asako co ltd,
thai asia biscuit co.,Ltd
thai axicon co.,LTD.
thai b.b. fruit co.,LTD.
thai bae international co.,LTD.
thai better foods co ltd,
thai bonanza international co.,LTD.
thai bones industry co.,LTD.
thai canned foods co.,LTD
thai chicken house,
thai churos co.,Ltd.
thai coffee exporters association,
thai commodities co.,Ltd.
thai confection industry co.,Ltd
thai cuisine co.,ltd.
thai dee ma foods co.,LTD.
thai edible oil co ltd,
thai excel foods co.,Ltd.
thai export centre co.,LTD.
thai fah pisan plastic co.,Ltd.
thai feed mill association,
thai fermentation industry co.,Ltd.
thai fha canning food factory ltd.,Part.
thai fish exports co.,LTD.
thai fish sauce factory (squid band) co.,Ltd.
thai fisheries public co.,LTD.
thai fishsauce factory (squid brand) co.,Ltd.
thai flour industry co.,Ltd
thai flour mill industry co.,LTD.
thai flower cookies co.,Ltd
thai food coatings ltd.,
thai food corp ltd,
thai food export co ltd,
thai food industry ltd.,Part.
thai food ltd.,PART.
thai food processors association,
thai food staff co.,Ltd
thai foods international co.,LTD.
thai foods product international co.,LTD.
thai fresh food co.,Ltd
thai fresh fruits & vegetables co.,LTD.
thai fresh pack co.,LTD.
thai frozen food association,
thai frozen foods association,
thai fruits and vegetables exporters association,
thai german meat products co ltd,
thai glass industries plc.,
thai glico co.,Ltd.
thai global foods co.,LTD.
thai glucose co.,LTD
thai grocer interbest (thailand) co.,LTD
thai ha co ltd,
thai habel industrial co.,LTD.
thai hachiban co.,Ltd.
thai herbal products co.,LTD.
thai hua (2511) co.,LTD.
thai hydrophonic co.,LTD.
thai i-mei frozen foods co.,LTD.
thai international fast food co.,Ltd (Burger King)
thai international sea foods co.,LTD.
thai jami food products,
thai jia yun juice co.,Ltd.
thai lee agriculture co.,Ltd.
thai luxe enterprises public co ltd,
thai m. food products co.,Ltd.
thai mahachai seafood co.,LTD.
thai maize and produce traders association,
thai major food product co.,Ltd.
thai maparn trading co.,LTD.
thai market agriculture co.,LTD.
thai mee co.,LTD.
thai modern foods co.,Ltd
thai multi-sugar industry co.,LTD.
thai myojo foods co.,LTD.
thai na na advance co.,LTD.
thai nippon foods co ltd,
thai nippon meat packers co.,LTD.
thai nisshin dca co.,LTD.
thai nisshin setfun co.,LTD.
thai nisshin technomic co ltd,
thai nutri-juice co.,LTD.
thai o.p.p. public co.,LTD.
thai okabe promotion co.,LTD.
thai organic agri co.,LTD.
thai overseas fisheries association, The
thai pacific foods co.,Ltd.
thai patana frozen,
thai pattana frozen co.,Ltd.
thai peggy foods co.,Ltd.
thai pet feeds co.,Ltd.
thai pet food co.,LTD.
thai pineapple canning industry corp.,LTD.
thai pochana food cannery (1988) co ltd,
thai prawn culture center co.,Ltd.
thai preeda industry ltd.,
thai preserved food factory co.,LTD.
thai president foods public co.,LTD.
thai products development co ltd,
thai progressive import export co.,Ltd.
thai qp co ltd,
thai quality farm co.,Ltd
thai quest ltd,
thai refined salt co ltd,
thai rice mill association,
thai roong ruang industry co.,LTD.
thai roong rueng chilli sauce co.,LTD.
thai royal frozen food co.,Ltd.
thai ruam jai vegetable oil co.,Ltd.
thai rung rueng chilly sauce co.,Ltd.
thai saeng groceries,
thai sakaya ltd.,PART.
thai sanwa food industrial co ltd,
thai sausage marketing ltd.,
thai seri pranburi co ltd,
thai shing ye inter-marketing co.,LTD.
thai soon food products co.,LTD.
thai specialty starch co.,LTD.
thai spice
thai spring fish co,Ltd
thai starch ltd.,
thai sugar industry co.,LTD.
thai sugar mill co.,LTD
thai sulphites and chemicals co.,LTD.
thai sun foods co.,LTD.
thai tallow and oil co.,LTD.
thai tapioca flour industry trade association,
thai tapioca trade association, The
thai theparos food products public company lTd
thai trade and industry media co.,Ltd. (TTIM)
thai tycoon 2005 co.,Ltd.
thai union aqua products (thailand) co.,LTD.
thai union fishery import & export co.,LTD
thai union frozen products public company limited,
thai union manufacturing co ltd,
thai union numhong co.,Ltd.
thai union seafood co.,LTD.
thai vegetable oil public co.,LTD.
thai vermicelli industry co.,Ltd.
thai vet feeds co.,LTD.
thai victor food co.,LTD.
thai wah alpha starch co.,LTD.
thai wah food products public co.,Ltd.
thai wah public company limited,
thai watana rice products co.,Ltd.
thai wei-chuan co.,LTD.
thai world import & export co.,LTD
thai yoo ltd part,
thai-american food co.,Ltd.
thaibeetter foods co.,LTD.
thaichogo markerting store,
thaifood and chemical co.,LTD.
thai-imex grand center co.,LTD.
thaikase foods co.,Ltd.
thailand fishery cold storage public co.,LTD.
thai-mc co.,Ltd.
thai-nichi industries co.,LTD.
thaipochana food cannery (1988) co.,LTD.
thaiseang inter food co.,Ltd.
thai-sino food co.,Ltd.
thaispingday co.,Ltd.
thaitan foods international co.,LTD
thamawech thai traditional clinic,
thamrongchai international foods co.,Ltd.
thanakorn vegetable oil products co.,LTD.
thanapat intertrade co.,LTD.
thanawat food co.,Ltd.
thang nguan hah,
thanya food industry co.,Ltd.
thanya mitr rice co.,LTD.
thanya taweepol co.,Ltd.
thapanin co.,LTD.
tharachat group,
thavee sea food co.,LTD.
thaveevong industry co ltd,
the element presentation
the ninth cafe
the pizza public co ltd,
theerasak meat ball factory
thep padung porn coconut co.,LTD.
theppadungporn coconut co.,Ltd.
theppakdee bee-keeping farm,
thepthunyatip co.,Ltd.
think thai foods
thitinan b. product co.,Ltd.
tho thanachon co.,Ltd.
thong pattana
thongchai intertrading ltd.,Part
thongkingkaew foods co.,LTD.
thonglor inter group co.,LTD.
thongthawat agriculture co.,LTD.
three's co.,LTD.
three-seven ltd.,PART.
tia maria
tim food co.,LTD.
ting ting intertrade co.,Ltd.
tip food co.,LTD.
tipa thai food co.,LTD.
tipco foods co.,LTD.
tipwanchai seafoods co.,Ltd.
titan enterprise co.,LTD.
to nature co.,LTD.
tomen (thailand) ltd.,
tom's group int'l co.,LTD.
ton krueng (thonglor)
tong garden co.,Ltd.
top feed mills co.,LTD.
top food trading co.,LTD.
top knot international co ltd,
toppist 2m international co ltd,
tops supermarket
tosin co ltd,
total food (thailand) co.,Ltd.
trade thai co.,LTD.
trading liaison co.,LTD
trading one ak co.,LTD.
tramaico co. ltd.,
trang seafood products public company limited,
trang sure co.,LTD.
tranoasri thai chicken co.,LTD.
transamut food co.,Ltd
transfigure fruit jumbo shop,
tree-seven ltd part,
tricon / kfc international (thailand) co.,LTD.
trio food co.,Ltd
triple 1 intertrade,
trivijitr trading ltd part,
tropical canning (thailand) public co.,LTD.
tropical food industry co.,Ltd.
tropical nature ltd. partnership,
tsubaki food service ltd. part.,
tulip carbonik ltd.,Part.
tung lieng (bangkok) trading co ltd,
tung song juaw fish sauce factory,
tung who store lp,
twin lotus co ltd,
u.f.m. food centre co.,LTD.
u.k.feedmill co.,LTD.
u.k.m. int'l enterprise co.,LTD. (Yogen Fruz)
u.m. tridaughter sweet co.,LTD.
u.m.s.a. ltd.,Part
u.p.n. enterprise co.,
u.r. intertrade co.,Ltd.
u.r.c. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
u.r.s. co.,LTD.
u.v.p. dairy co ltd,
udom star ltd.,PART.
ueno fine chemicals industry (thailand) ltd.,
uey po kee tea store co.,LTD.
ultimate beverage product co.,Ltd.
unicoop (thailand) co ltd,
unicord plc.,

uni-green foodservice co.,ltd.
unilever thai holdings limited,
union continental co.,LTD.
union creation co.,LTD.
union frost co.,LTD.
union frozen product co.,Ltd.
union prestige agro ltd.,
union prestige foods co.,Ltd
uni-president (thailand) ltd.,
united centre building food court,
united cold storage co.,LTD.
united dairy foods co ltd,
united farmer & industry co ltd,
united flour mill public co.,Ltd.
united food co.,Ltd.
united foods public co.,LTD.
united kyoei foods co.,LTD.
united nations world food program,
united progress (thailand) ltd.,
united rice mill co.,LTD.
united sea co.,LTD.
united thai kitchen co.,Ltd.
unity food co.,Ltd.
univerbussan industry co.,LTD.
universal flavors & colors (thailand) ltd.,
universal food public co.,Ltd.
universal products (thailand) co ltd,
universal shrimp,
universal snackfoods co ltd,
uniwave co.,LTD.
useful food co.,LTD.
utillty product co.,Ltd
v & k inter group co.,Ltd.
v. excel products co.,LTD.
v. thai food products co.,LTD.
v. wide co.,Ltd.
v.a.s. oriential thailand 1999 co.,LTD.
v.k. factory co.,LTD. trading co.,LTD.
v.r. foods co.,LTD.
v.s.k.(1994) company limited,
v.s.n. marketing co.,LTD.
vachamon food fruit trading & services,
vachamon ltd part,
valcom co.,LTD.
vanguard foods (thailand) co.,Ltd.
vara food & drink co.,LTD.
varin food machinery co.,Ltd.
vector foods co.,Ltd.
vee food pokphand co.,ltd
vegetarian protein food co.,LTD.
vegetarian society food court,
vegie house,
vejpong marketing co.,LTD.
venturetec marketing co.,LTD.
vertexinter corporation,
vientiane kitchen,
vietnam house,
vigor foods industry co ltd,
vijit market online co.,Ltd
vita food factory (1989) ltd.,
vita fresh co ltd,
vitaco food industry co.,LTD.
vivorn intertrading co.,LTD.
v-thai food products co.,Ltd
vudhichai produce co.,LTD.
w.n. associate co ltd,
w.t.f. co.,LTD.
w.y. co ltd,
wan thai foods industry co.,Ltd.
wanalee co.,LTD.
wang derm exporters ltd.,PART.
wang kanai sugar co ltd,
wann fisheries co.,LTD.
wanthai foods industry co.,LTD.
waraporn fruit and food processing co.,LTD.
wareethaveesub co ltd,
watergate seafood village,
we product (thailand) co.,Ltd.
webport co.,Ltd.
weston bio products,
whole mother earth (2000)
wide faith foods co.,Ltd
wincall marketing co.,LTD.
window on silom,
winest seafood co.,LTD.
winner foods co.,Ltd.
winson (thailand) co.,LTD.
wisdom enterprise limited,
wonder inter foods co.,Ltd.
woraporn fruit and food processing co.,Ltd
worasuthi ptv.,Ltd.
worawath salt ltd.,PART.
world foods international co.,LTD.
world people foodstuffs co.,LTD.
world sign intertrade,
world tropical food corp. ltd.,
worldmart intertrade co ltd,
xongdur thai organic food co.,LTD
xushi bar restaurant,
y 2 k frozen foods co.,Ltd
y.n.a. international (thailand) co.,LTD.
y.s. land co.,Ltd.
y.yong hah heng limited partnership,
yamamori trading co.,Ltd.
yan wal yun co.,Ltd.
yeenin frozen foods co.,LTD.
yingsak food network co.,Ltd
yo management co.,LTD.
yoadjarust intertrade co.,LTD.
yok yor marina restaurant,
yok yor restaurant (central pinklaow branch),
yok yor restaurant (klongsan branch),
yongthana foods co.,Ltd.
yoo soong industry co.,Ltd.
yum restaurants international (thailand) co.,Ltd.
zannerini (thailand) co.,Ltd.
zanotti il ristorante italiano,

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