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DS Textiles Ltd.,Part. - Fusible interlinings, Polyester interlinings, Cotton interlinings, woven interlining, woven interfacings, Shirt Collar, Cuff, Label, Chest Piece, Planket and Waist Band, Textiles

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DS Textiles Ltd.,Part. produces fusible interlining under the trademark of “Lucky Fuse” , “Lucky Star” and “DST”. Products are in many forms, 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Rayon, Polyester/Rayon (T/R), Polyester/Cotton (T/C) and CVC blended in woven fabric formed. Standar

Fusible interlinings are of considerable help in the clothing industry because for shaping, edge stitching, securing, strengthening and under picking, which eliminates tacking or stitching procedures. It is therefore used where durable connection and form retention properties, with a good recovery from deformation potential are required, and this in order to fulfill the demands of the user with respect to form stability, a smooth appearance and a perfect fit. To work well with their products, the customers should know exactly how much stiffness they need. The main fields of application are the manufacture of ladies’ and men's outerwear. Interlinings are particularly applied in the tailoring of jackets and blazers, overcoats, uniforms, dresses, blouses, shirts, overalls and in sportswear.

The collective term fusible interlinings is used today for all adhesive textile linings. In this respect, one understands a textile fabric covered with a thermoplastic adhesive material which produces an adhesive and durable bond when bought into contact with other textile fabrics, and this under the influence of temperature, pressure and time, and which provides a durable and guaranteed bonded structure with the corresponding suitability for use. As a result of the various multi-stage methods of production and processing of fusible interlinings, an extensive number of synonyms are commonly used: laminated linings, presses materials, adhesive cloths, fixed interlinings, heat-sealed linings, bonded fabrics, adhesive linings, sealed interlinings and fusibles.

Our Interlinings are manufactured on a specialized machine combination of technical know-how from Switzerland. D.S. Textiles Interlinings are subjected to a thorough process of quality control and continuous testing at all stage of production, to ensure that the product is of guaranteed quality and performance.

Standard width ranges from minimum 44/45”, 49/50” to a maximum of 59/60” and is applicable to almost any type of shell fabric. Depending on shell fabrics, wide colors range of interlining is supplied. Interfacings are quickly fusible at low temperatures forming excellent bond strength, hand felling, and less heat shrinkage for maximum production efficiency.
Improvement of productivity.
Easy to fuse.
Reduce the production process and time. High Bond Strength.
Durable in water washing and dry cleaning. Technical advice.
We recommended a preliminary trial and subsequent care treatments should be carried out according to the type press and fabric before production commences.

Products: Fusible interlinings, Polyester interlinings, Cotton interlinings, woven interlining, woven interfacings, Shirt Collar, Cuff, Label, Chest Piece, Planket and Waist Band, Textiles

Categories: Textile Manufacturer, Textiles

Contact: Piyachai Khurana General Manager

DS Textiles Ltd.,Part.

300 Mahachak Road
Telephone: 02 222-9967
Fax: 02 225-6129
email address:
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