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Thailand Textiles Companies, Thai Textiles Manufacturers

Thai textile manufacturers
work in symbiosis with the vast Thai garment industry. So close in fact that many Thai garment companies own textile factories and the textile conglomerates own several garment factories. Yes specialist textiles are imported. French lace and Indian embroidered cloth are imported to make fine hi-class Thai wedding gowns and cheap Chinese silk imported to make the garments that use of pure Thai silk would be too costly.


Textile production in Thailand is not just the domain of the big textile spinning mills. Thousands of home based and village enterprises all over Thailand supply that special material with the hand made touch. Bedding products, home fabrics, table wear and fashion accessories fashioned from a whole range of fine woven Thai silk and other cloths.


The 'One Tambon one Project' scheme instigated by the present Thai Government has revitalized the up-country textile industry. Government hosted websites promote the handicraft products. Alas a shortage of foreign buyers and severe distribution problems, the sources of textiles are often hundreds of kilometers from Bangkok, hinder the performance of these tenacious textile entrepreneurs.



Yaowarat (China Town) in central Bangkok is a positive beehive of small, and large, textile shops, warehouses, and retail outlets supplying rolls of cloth to all the backstreet operations that churn out the everyday garments and fulfill quotas for the garment exporters. Thousands of Italian style scooters buzz around the streets and alleyways delivering their rolls of textiles like another take away pizza.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your textile needs please email with your requests.


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Featured Thailand Textiles Companies
Bulliontex Co.,Ltd.  Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Textiles, Textile Machinery, Interlining, Pongee, Polyester Fabrics, Satin, Curtains, Silk, Chiffon and Taffeta.
DS Textiles Ltd.,Part. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Fusible interlinings, Polyester interlinings, Cotton interlinings, woven interlining, woven interfacings fo Shirt Collar, Cuff, Label, Chest Piece, Planket and Waist Band and other Textiles.
E.Q. San (Thailand) Co., LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Knitting fabrics, men's knit wear, women's knit wear, children's knit wear, polo shirts, T-shirts, dresses, skirts and school uniforms.
Fair Textile (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Denim fabrics, Color Denims, Elastic Denim, Corduroy and Twill fabrics
H & B Intertex Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Stuffed Toys Manufacturer, Soft Dolls, Home Textile Products, Baby Shoes & Children's Accessories
K. Cotton & Gauze Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Medical Supplies manufacturer of 100% cotton bleached non-sterile gauze balls with and without x-ray detectable threads, gauze swab, swab balls with x-ray detectable thread
P.D.K. TEXTILE FACTORY Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of High Tenacity PP multifilament thread, High Tenacity Polyester & Nylon Filament thread, Spun Polyester thread (ideal for Bag Sewing), Spun Polyester and Nylon thread for Leather and Jean stitching
Thailand Lace Thailand International lace importer, lace exporter, lace wholesaler and distributor of all types of lace products from lace fabrics, lace trimmings to the finished garments and accessories trimmed with lace.
U& A Home Decoration Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings such as: Kitchen Textiles, Bedding, Satin Pleat Bedspreads, Wave Bedspreads, Kids Bedspreads, Furnishings, Aprons, Chair Pads, Amenity Sets, Indoor Chair Pads, Garden Chair Pads, Curtains, Bathrobes, Canvas Cushions covers, Oven mitts, Woven Fabrics, Embroidery, Towels, Quilted bedspreads, Placemats, Cloths Table Runners
U-Thong Elastic Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thailand manufacturer in the knitted elastic industry supplying quality Jacquard Woven Elastics, Laces & Tassel Cords Elastic Tapes and Elastic Screening.

Following you will find lists of Textile products and materials and services provided to the textile industry here in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a textile manufacturer or simply supply a list of these textiles companies then please email

abaca fabric
acrylic fabric
acrylic fibre
acrylic yarn
auto seat cover (leather)
baize fabric
batik fabric
batiste fabric
bed linen
bed sheet
bed skirt
bed spread
bleach & dye
bonded fabric
braided fabric
brocade fabric
calico fabric
cambric fabric
challis fabric
chemical textile auxiliaries
chenille fabric
chiffon fabric
comb cotton yarn
corduroy fabric
cotton & silk accessories
cotton blends
cotton embroidery
cotton grey
cotton yarn
cotton yarn-dyed fabric
crochet machines
denim fabric
dress materials
dressmaker supplies
drill fabric
dyeing & bleaching machines
dyeing & finishing
dyes & pigments
eco textile
elastic jacquard
embroidered fabric
embroidery fabric
embroidery lace
embroidery laces
embroidery machines
embroidery thread
felt fabric
finished fabrics
finished woven fabric
fishing net
flannel fabric
flat woven fabrics
foulard fabric
functional fabric
furnishing fabric
geosynthetic products
gingham & plaid fabric
green cotton
home textile
home textile products
imitation fur
impregnated fabric
industrial fabric
industrial sewing machines
industry :
jaconet fabric
jacquard fabric
jersey fabric
jute fabric
khaki fabric
knitted fabric
knitted fabrics
knitting machines
lace fabric
lace textile
lace-making machines
linen blends
linen fabric
mattress protector
melange fabric
melange yarn
mesh fabric
metallic fabric
mixed yarn fabrics
monofilament polyester
moquette fabrics
mosquito net
muslin fabric
natural fabrics
natural yarn-rayon
neoprene fabric
nylon blends
nylon fabric
nylon filament yarn
nylon taffeta
nylon yarn
organdy fabric
organza fabric
padded polyester
piece dyed and yarn dyed
pigmentation products
pile velour fabrics
plain cotton fabric
plain polyester fabric
polyester draw textured yarn
polyester embroidery thread
polyester fabrics
polyester filament yarn
polyester jaquards
polyester pre-oriented yarn
polyester spin draw yarn
polyester staple fibre
polyester textile cationic dyed fabrics
polypropylene fabric
poplin fabric
pre-oriented yarn
pressed plush
printed cotton fabric
printing textile
raschel lace
raw cotton
rayon embroidery thread
rayon fabric
rayon filament yarn
rayon rich mixed fabrics
ready-made textile goods
recycled pet fabric
ribbin (textile)
satinette fabric
scented fabric
screen & rotary printed
shower curtains
silk blends
silk fabric
silk products
spun bond fabrics
spun rayon
stretch fabric
suede fabric
synthetic filament woven fabrics
synthetic leather
synthetic rubber
synthetic yarn
table linens
table napkins
taffeta fabric
tarpaulin sheet
teill fabric.
tencel & mix
tent canvas
terry fabric
terry towel
textile & apparel machinery
textile chemicals
textile design services
textile dyes
textile finishing machines
textile machinery
textile packaging & printing
textile packaging & printing supplies
textile packaging materials
textile printing inks
textile processing machinery
textile products
textile spinning machines
textile trade magazine
textiles (embroidered)
textiles (logo embroidered
textured yarn
thai silk
toweling cotton
tricot fabric
tricot nylon
tweed fabric
upholstery/decorating fabric
velveteen fabric
viscose spun
warping & sizing
weaving textiles
wool blends
wool fabric
worsted fabric
woven fabric
yarn dyed polyester

3 babies co,Ltd.
99 embroidery ltd,PART.
99 fashion,
a & s apparel co,Ltd.
a thai unitrade co,Ltd
a. anand enterprise,
a. ear on co,LTD.
a. trade power (thailand),
a.a. busaba ltd,PART.
a.c.t. textile co,LTD.
a.i.c. inc.,
a.p. embroidery,
a.s.c. (thailand) co,LTD.
a.t.m. puching,
acme apparel co,LTD.
acron plastic industry co,LTD.
aggaluk textile xo,LTD.
aim house co,LTD.
akarat textile industry co,Ltd.
akko group international co.,Ltd.
alexandra thai silk ltd,Part.
allway inter continental co,LTD.
alpha apparel co,LTD.
alphatex industries co,LTD.
amal trading co,Ltd.
amarnath & sons trading co,LTD.
american phil textiles (overseas) ltd.,
american trading co thailand ltd,
amornpitakpan design & manufacturing,
anand knitting co,Ltd.
ang thye ngak ltd,PART.
angmor textiles ltd,PART.
anita export ltd,PART.
anna thai silk ltd,Part.
anwill (thailand) ltd.,
a-one lace co,Ltd.
apirudee industries ltd.,
ariya textile co,Ltd.
arun textiles ltd,PART.
asia dyestuff industries,LTD.
asia fiber public company limited,
asia lace co,LTD.
asia thai garment ltd,PART.
asian plastic co,LTD.
asoke international trading co,LTD.
aumarit textiles ltd,PART.
avitex co,Ltd.
avon lace ltd,Part.
b.b. innerwear,
b.c.s.s. international co,Ltd.
b.j. (thailand) co,LTD.
b.k. international trading co,Ltd.
b.p.k. garment co,Ltd.
b.s. kalra & co,R.O.P.
b.s. lampang store,
b.s. textile co,Ltd.
b.s.n. industry,
b.s.p. international co,Ltd.
b.y. corporation ltd.,
bag giam hong r.o.p.,
balloon marketing co,LTD.
bangkae cotton mill,
bangkok canvas co,LTD.
bangkok companies,
bangkok ctv intertrade co,LTD.
bangkok design thai,
bangkok domtex co,LTD.
bangkok fashion accessories co,Ltd.
bangkok heritage 2000 co,Ltd.
bangkok industrial gas co ltd.,
bangkok phaisarn textile industry co,TLD.
bangkok polyester public company limited,
bangkok screen limited partnership,
bangkok thanakarn textile ltd.,Partnership
bangna pradit weave clothers co,Ltd.
bara windsor co,LTD.
basf (thai) ltd.,
batik collections co,LTD.
baview garment co,Ltd.
bay kim honng ltd,PART.
bay nguan seng ltd,part.
bayer thai co,LTD.
beau commercial co,LTD.
bee house co,LTD.
bells ribbon co,LTD.
benjaporn import export co,Ltd.
best model co,LTD
big tree co,Ltd.
bingo trade,
bischoff gamma (thailand) co,Ltd.
bisque co,LTD.
black cat sri-chan co,LTD.
bleniken intertrade co,Ltd.
bless trading co,LTD.
blessing international impex co,Ltd.
blouse export co,Ltd.
blue corner international co,ltd.
blue sport garment co,LTD.
body wear co,Ltd.
boehm thai co,Ltd.
bogies co,LTD. (BOGIES THAI)
boo seng ltd,PART.
boon chai charoenpunthong,
boon chai industry factory,
boon pradist industry co,Ltd.
boon siri development co,Ltd.
boonchai charoenpunthong industry co,Ltd.
boong hong textile co,LTD.
boonsiri international co,Ltd.
boontawee garment co,LTD.
boss garment ltd,Part.
boutique newcity public co,LTD
bra garment co,LTD
bridge mermaid co,LTD.
briental garment co,Ltd.
british-thai synthetic textile co,LTD.
brunet (thailand) co,Ltd.
bulliantex co,Ltd
burapa textile co,Ltd
buri co,Ltd.
business (thailand) co,Ltd. [Pierre Cardin]
c. chaigroup textile co,LTD.
c. chaikit textile co,LTD.
c. chokchai weaving co,LTD.
c. paisan,
c.a. international co.,Ltd.
c.a.c. international co,Ltd.
c.b.n. garment co,Ltd.
c.l. and a. co,LTD.
c.n.k. textile co,Ltd.
c.n.t. textile co,LTD
c.p. poly industry co,Ltd.
c.r. fashion co,Ltd.
c.r.p. garment co,LTD
c.s. century co ltd,
c.t. winner textile co,LTD.
c.t.t. textile ltd,Part.
canna intertrand co,LTD.
capital rayon co,Ltd.
capital tricot co.,Ltd.
capital ying charoen textile co,LTD.
carpets international thailand public company limi,
cathay textile co,LTD.
cedar wearing and design,
celebrity siam ltd.,
center tex co,Ltd.
century textiles co,LTD.
chadchaipol knitting co,LTD.
chai rung textile ltd,PART.
chai siri textile co,LTD.
chai wat textile co,LTD.
chaiviwat weaving ltd,Part.
chaiyaboon brothers co,LTD.
chaiyarit textile co,Ltd.
chalit trading co,Ltd.
cha-lom co,LTD.
champa textiles ltd,PART.
chan phanich r.o.p.,
chanakij garment co,LTD.
chansawat textile xo,LTD.
chantex co,LTD.
chareon patra textile co,LTD.
chareon sawat stretched yarn co,LTD.
chareon suk knitting co.,Ltd.
charoen chai dee ltd,PART.
charoen trading and brokers l.p,
charoenpattanaphan co,Ltd.
charoensin weaving ltd,Part.
charter enterprise co,Ltd.
chattaweekij corporation co,LTD
chawla brothers co,LTD.
chawla trading co,LTD.
cheesan weaving co,LTD.
chew trading co,LTD
chie hong co,Ltd
chiem patana knitting co,LTD.
chiem patana synthetic fibers co.,Ltd.
chieng sang textile industries limited,
child hood garment ltd,PART.
children choice,
chim hong ltd,PART.
chin charoen weaving co,LTD.
chin chiew chan co,Ltd.
chincharoen weaving co,Ltd.
chinhahuad ltd,Part
chok aree garment ltd,PART.
chok pong enterprise co,LTD.
choke laup boonchai co,ltd.
chokprasert textile co,LTD
christian dior thailand,
colton textiles co,LTD.
computer embroidery co,LTD.
cormix international ltd.,
cosmos textiles co ltd,
crystal enterprise co,LTD.
d.s. textiles ltd.,Part.
dang fashion accessories co,LTD.
dapper general apparel co,LTD.
dee thai chemical industry co,LTD.
design thai a dividion of jack chia industries (th,
desmond international co,LTD.
double star industry co,Ltd.
dow corning (thailand) ltd.,
du pont(thailand) ltd,
dynasty fabrics co,Ltd.
e.t.s.t. co ltd,
east asia textile industry co,LTD.
emirates trading agency,L.L.C. BANGKOK LIAISON OFF
erawan textile co,LTD
esastampa thailand co,LTD.
european textiles co,LTD.
everest international co.,LTD.
everest textile (thailand) co,LTD.
fabric world co,LTD.
fair textile (thailand) ltd.,
fancy garment (thailand) co,Ltd.
fancy textile manufacturing co,LTD.
far-east garment textile co,LTD.
fashion export co,LTD.
fashion express co,LTD.
fashionway boutique,The
fedura co,LTD.
firenze co,LTD.
four p's clothing co,LTD.
four star garment & textile co,LTD.
front line textile co,Ltd.
g.a. export (thailand) co,LTD.
g.h. industries co,LTD.
g.m. textile printing & dyeing co,LTD.
g.p. company limited.,
gamma industries co,LTD.
gamma textile manufacturing co,LTD.
gemexco ltd,PART.
general garment co,LTD
gift design co,LTD.
gino exports limited,
global access garment co,Ltd.
glorious export ltd,PART.
grand and world fashion industry co,LTD.
grand apparel co,Ltd.
grand family garment co,LTD.
green cotton ( thailand ) co,LTD.
green industry services co,LTD.
h & b intertex co,LTD.
hah heng long thai silk factory ltd,PART.
heng jib hua cheing ltd,PART.
high fashion international co,Ltd.
ho thai spinning co,LTD.
hollow fibre (thailand) co,LTD.
home textile industry corp,. LTD.
i.b.u. co.,LTD.
imperial (thailand) co,LTD.
indo poly (thailand) ltd.,
indo-thai synthetics co,LTD
international textile import export ltd,PART.


interpond textile co,Ltd.
jack chia industries (thailand) pcl,
jack russel jean,
jaspal & sons co,LTD.
jolly textile industry co,LTD.
jong pattana co ltd :,
jong stit co,LTD.
k. cotton & gauze co,LTD.
k.h. textile co,LTD.
k.v.c. intertextile co,LTD.
kachorn pattana industry co,Ltd.
kangwal polyester co,LTD.
kennet textile co,LTD.
kikuya garment co,Ltd.
kingman textile (thailand) co,LTD.
kings import export co,Ltd.
kitprasert textile co,LTD.
kongka textile mill co,LTD.
kongkiat textile co,Ltd.
krops star co,LTD.
kumpon export co,LTD.
lacoste (la chemise),
ledia intertrade co,Ltd.
leelin co,Ltd.
lian thai textile industrial co,LTD.
lucky star weaving co,LTD.
luckytex (thailand) public co,LTD.
luxso button industrial company limited.,
m & o sport garment,
m.v. lucky ltd,PART.
mall inter print co,LTD.
mana patana ltd,PART.
markant trading organisation ltd.,
master piece garment and textile co,LTD.
matangi dyestuff industries ltd.,
matcom fibre co,LTD.
metro co ltd,
metro spinning ayuthaya co,LTD.
minor corporation public co,Ltd.
mitr tawee trading co,Ltd.
mitsui & co (thailand) ltd,
moda apparel co,LTD.
mun ying co,LTD.
nakas international co.,LTD.
nakornpathom printing co.,LTD.
nan yang knitting factory co.,LTD.
nanyang textile co.,LTD.
naree boutique,
narry's boutique,
narumex co.,LTD.
nattachote industries co.,LTD.
new fabrics co.,Ltd
new international boutique house,
new royal fashions,
newcity (bangkok) public co.,Ltd.
newplus knitting plc.,
nice work textile jeans factory,
nisco industrial co.,Ltd.
nita's boutique & thai silk,
nitas tessile co.,Ltd.
northeastern printing & packaging co.,LTD.
num chai industry co.,LTD.
num seng heng co.,LTD.
numrung rayon co.,LTD.
o.c.c. public co.,Ltd.
o.t. group co.,LTD.
oasis garment co.,LTD.
orchid garment co.,Ltd.
oriental ace fiber co.,LTD.
p & y toys (thai) co.,LTD.
p. nida (thailand) ltd.,PART.
p.n. textiles co.,Ltd.
p.p. textile printing & dyeing co.,LTD.
p.s. fashion co.,Ltd.
p.s.p. overseas co.,LTD.
pacific apparel co,ltd.
pal international,
paradise apparel limited,
park chong jute mill co.,LTD.
park chong tarpaulins industry co.,LTD.
patamasakul co.,LTD.
patara and friends co.,LTD.
pathanakit printing & dyeing co.,LTD.
pena house co.,LTD.
pena text industries co.,LTD.
phipatanakit textile co.,LTD.
phornthip sports wear co.,LTD.
pica inter co.,Ltd.
pilot knit sport wear co.,LTD.
pipat dyeing co.,LTD.
podulan international co.,LTD.
polymer manufacture co.,LTD.
prachak hang,
prasertsomboon textile co.,LTD.
quality products square limited,
raja uchino co.,LTD.
rapos co.,Ltd.
ravadee garment co.,LTD.
ravipun batik,
regent trade winds co.,Ltd.
reno (thailand) co.,LTD
rerkchaianun co.,LTD.
rienjaroen garment co.,Ltd.
rocky garment co.,LTD.
rosso co.,Ltd.
royal pacific industries ltd,
royal univeral lace co.,Ltd.
rungsiri garment co.,Ltd.
ryma inter trading (thailand) co.,Ltd.
s. sethichaiyen lace co.,LTD.
s.a. garment co.,Ltd.
s.a.s. textile corporation (1995) co.,LTD.
s.c.t. garment co.,Ltd.
s.k.s. garment co.,LTD.
s.k.v. commercial co.,LTD.
s.p.b. textile co.,Ltd.
s.r. textile products co.,LTD.
s.r.w. garment co ltd,
s.t. embroidery,
s.t. international clothing co ltd,
s.t.b. textiles industry co. ltd.,
s.t.p. jeans marketing co.,Ltd.
s.v.w. textiles co.,LTD.
s.y.h. industry (thai) co.,LTD
saha chok thai knitting co.,Ltd.
saha seiren co.,Ltd.
saha union public co.,LTD.
sahachai textile international co.,LTD.
saharoj weaving factory ltd part,
sahasri burapha canvas co.,LTD.
sakol textile co.,LTD.
sakura sewing thread co.,LTD.
sampran synthetic textile co.,Ltd.
sampran weaving co.,LTD.
san tavee textiles co.,Ltd.
sari shop,
satin textiles co.,LTD.
sefar (thailand) co.,LTD.
seri garment co.,Ltd.
sermkij textile co ltd,
shining star export co ltd,
siam acrylic co.,LTD.
siam marry textile co ltd,
siam pro trading co. ltd.,
siam synthetic textile industry ltd.,
siam textile chemical co ltd,
siam unique product co.,LTD.
siamkit-anan garment co.,LTD
siang chiang ltd.,P.
silver rain export co.,LTD.
sin heng towel limited partnership,
singthong neckties co.,Ltd.
skillpower services (thailand) co.,Ltd.
smart fashion,
song ngam garment ltd.,PART
sonu's export ltd.,
srikrung development textile co.,LTD.
star fashion co.,Ltd.
suetrong weaving co.,Ltd.
sunrise garment co.,LTD.
super star textiles co.,Ltd.
suprung international co.,Ltd.
suwan spinning & weaving co.,LTD.
t. thai group co.,LTD.
t.r. garment co.,Ltd.
t.s. patex co ltd,
t.t.i.s. co.,LTD.
t.u.w. textile co.,LTD.
t.v.v. (thailand) co.,Ltd.
t.w.c. garment co.,Ltd.
tampotex co ltd,
tan thai international co.,LTD.
tangson textile co.,LTD.
teijin polyester (thailand) co.,LTD.
teparporn fashion house co.,LTD.
textile prestige public co.,LTD.
textile solution co.,Ltd.
thai acrylic fiber co.,LTD.
thai alliance textile co.,LTD.
thai apparel manufacturing co.,LTD.
thai designers association co.,Ltd.
thai durable textile public co.,LTD.
thai elfe co.,LTD.
thai express textile co.,LTD.
thai far east co.,LTD.
thai filament textiles co.,LTD.
thai furnishing fabrics co.,LTD.
thai hua intertrade co.,LTD.
thai lily textile co.,LTD.
thai melon textile co.,LTD.
thai nova impex ltd part,
thai polymer textile co.,LTD.
thai punjab ltd.,
thai rayon public company limited,
thai rung roj weaving co.,LTD.
thai rung textile co.,LTD.
thai somboon weaving co.,LTD.
thai spinning industry co.,LTD.
thai synthetic fiber manufacturers association,
thai taffeta co.,LTD.
Thai Tai Weaving co.,Ltd.
thai tailors association, The
thai takayama reed co.,LTD.
thai textile co.,LTD. (THE)
Thai Textile Development and Finishing co.,Ltd.
thai textile industry public co.,LTD.
thai textile manufacturing association,
Thai Textile Printing 1980 co.,Ltd.
thai toray textile mills public co.,Ltd.
thai towel co.,LTD.
thai udom weaving co ltd,
thai underwear co ltd,
thai unique textile co.,Ltd.
thai warp knitting co.,LTD.
thai weaving industry association,The
thai wooden hut co.,Ltd.
thai wool industries co.,LTD.
thai world cup elastic co.,LTD.
thai yang garment co.,LTD.
thailand automotive institute,
thailand textile institute,
thaipan textile industry co.,LTD.
thai-square-fashion co.,LTD.
themex corp ltd,
thomas biel and associates ltd,
thong thai textile co.,LTD.
thosapon textiles co ltd,
tietex asia ltd.,
toffy boutique co.,Ltd.
tong long trading co ltd,
top biz co.,LTD.
toray fibers (thailand) ltd.,
toyo textile thai co.,LTD.
tri-step interhosiery co.,LTD.
triumph international (thailand) co ltd,
t-shirt discovery co.,Ltd.
tuntex textile (thailand) co.,LTD.
u.n.o. garment co.,Ltd.
union carbide thailand ltd,
union pioneer public company limited,
union textile industries public corp.,LTD.
union textile merchants association,
union tsl limited,
unique garment import-export co.,LTD.
united cotton waste co.,LTD.
united erawan co ltd,
united fashion outlet ltd.,PART.
united textile mills co.,Ltd.
unity fabric house co.,LTD.
universe manufacturing (2000) co.,Ltd.
utmost enterprise co ltd,
v. express products co.,LTD.
v.m. inter garment ltd.,PART.
v.m. sport wear co ltd,
vanson (thailand) co.,Ltd.
vanzon sing thong trading ltd.,PART.
varathon garment co.,LTD.
vega modes ltd,
vena garments co.,Ltd.
venus thread co.,LTD.
veronica and associates co ltd,
vichien weaving ltd.,PART
vicsy international co.,LTD.
viriya trading co.,LTD.
w.s. designs 2000 co ltd,
wavily co.,LTD.
wepaco co.,LTD.
westown limited,
world knitting industries co.,Ltd.
worldnet supplies co ltd,
wui hong textile co.,Ltd.
yamaken apparel co.,LTD.
yawalagi thai silk (yawalagi co.,Ltd.)
zaina international group co. ltd,
zia international co ltd,

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