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GFPT Public Co Ltd - Chilled Chicken, Frozen Poultry, Frozen Meat, Boneless Breast, Drumstick, Yakitori, Kebab, leg, Sesame Fried Chicken, Halal Chicken Products

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GFPT Public Co Ltd  is one of the largest fully integrated poultry businesses in Thailand, with over 30 years experience in the agricultural business. The Group's integrated operation covers the complete chicken production chain, which ranges from Feed mill, Breeder Farm, Day-O-Chick Hatchery, Broiler Farm, Slaughter House, Hygienic Processing Plant, and Further Processing Plant.

GFPT products are sold under "GFPT" brand name and under private labels. Through the benefit of its full integration, GFPT Group has enhanced its competitiveness in the world poultry market and has become a major producer in Thailand for export which supplies to Japan, EU, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East countries and many more. Apart from its own Integrated operation, GFPT always seeks for synergy with its suppliers and customers throughout the domestic and international food chain. We share our knowledge and expertise with our alliances in. order to improve our operation technique and develop new products.

Customer's satisfaction is our priority and ultimate goal. Our commitment is to deliver premium quality chicken products to meet with customer's expectation and requirement. We are proud of our efficient operations to deliver premium quality chicken products not only to our customers but also to our end-consumers. This achievement is our solid foundation for moving forward in development of our own. further processing products dnd ready-to-serve products.

Our operation has always complied with the regulations of the Department of livestock Development of Thailand (DL.D) .The standard set forth by DL.D is in accordance with several International standards especially theEU regulations and Japanese regulations. In addition, our production procedures are fully accredited dnd certified by International Food Standards including Islamic slaughter method "HALAL", Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),
International Organization of Standardization (ISO), dn.d Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

At last with high level of experienced employee., modern production technology and close customer relationship management have given us a good reputation as one of the leading producers for exporting premium frozen chicken products to the international markets.
Inner Fillet Without Tendon Half - length Inner Fillet Without Tendon Half - length Inner Fillet Without Tendon Half - Cut Inner Fillet Without Tendon Inner Fillet Skinless Boneless Breast Fatless
Skinless Boneless Breast kirimi (block) Open-Cut Skinless Boneless Breast Faltless Butterfly Boneless Breast
Friend Middle Wing Half-Cut Fried Chick Rolled With Shiso Leaf
Fried Chicken Rolled With Tofu Skin Chickeb Karaage Fried Chick Rolled With Seaweed
Crispy Fried Chicken Rolled With Shiso Leaf Boneless Leg Trimming Fried Chicken
Bil Steam Cooked Deep Fried Boneless Leg With Sesame Fried Chicken Drum and Thigh
Deep Fried Two-joint-Wing With Sesame Fried Chicken Steak Fried Middle Wing
Fried Chicken In Stick Fried Chicken In
Boneless leg Skinless Boneless leg
Drumstick Drum Stick Thigh Open-cut
Bone in leg Chicken Paw
Skinless Boneless Leg Trimming Boneless Leg Trimming
SBB Stream Cooked Inner Fillet Steam Cooked
SBB Strip Cooked SBB Dice Cooked
Whole Wing Whole Wing Cut 2 Joint Wing and Wing Tip
Middle Wing Wing Stick Tulip Wing Stick
Boiled Skin Yakitori Skin Yakitori Skin Yakitori
Tail Cut Yakitori Tail Cut Yakitori Boneless Middle Wing Yakitori
Middle Wing Open Yakitori (Ikada Kushi) Middle Wing One-Bone Yakitori Boneless leg Yakitori
Bone less leg + Skin Yakitori Boneless leg Yakitorii Bone less Breast Yakitori
Sasami Yakitori Neck Meat Yakitori Leg Joint Yakitori
SBB+Soft Bone Yakitori Liver Yakitori Heart Yakitori
Heart Yakitori Liver+heart Yakitori Liver+heart Yakitori
Gizzard Yakitori Gizzard Yakitori
Liver+heart Yakitori (Teppo Kushi) Liver+heart Yakitori (Teppo Kushi)

Products: Chilled Chicken, Frozen Poultry, Frozen Meat, Boneless Breast, Drumstick, Yakitori, Kebab, leg, Sesame Fried Chicken, Halal Chicken Products

Categories: Frozen Food, Fresh Food, Halal Food, Meat Producers

Contact: Mr. Anan Sirimongkolkasem

GFPT Public Co.,Ltd
69/6-13 Suksawatd Road
Telephone: 02 463-5991-7
Fax: 02 463-5751
email address:
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