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Ltec Ltd - Membrane Switches Magnet Coil Assemblies Wire Assemblies Fiber Optical Components, Removable Hard disk drive

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Ltec Ltd - a BOI-promoted company, was established in 1989 by the Fujikura Group. With a registered capital of 500 million baht. Ltec is manufacturing magnetic coil assemblies, membrane switches, optical fiber components and removable hard disk drive

Magnet Coil Assemblies
A Coil is primarily defined as a spiral of magnet wire. Coil plays a part in which electric energy exchanges with mechanical by way of medium magnetic energy. We manufacture a wide variety of coils for Printer Heads, Spindle Motors, Relay Switches and HDD Voice Coils. Ltec has achieved a remarkable production system with strict quality control, maximization of productivity and automation of production facilities. Aiming to become a World Wide leader in coil assembly technology. We will continue to play a leading role in the Coil Industry and focus our effort to increase our contribution to the development of the World Electronics Industry.

Membrane Switches
With paste ink and polyester film, Membrane Switched are widely used for Operating Panels in Calculators, Microwave Ovens, Keyboards, OA and Educational Equipment. Recently, attractive designed and soft touch operation become important design features, in addition to compact design and light weight. Public demands make products increasingly complicated and sophisticated. We are eager to provide rich assortment of products to meet such diversified market demands.

Fiber Optic Components
Optical Fiber Components are a key technology required for powerful, high speed communication networks. LTEC has introduced 2 kinds of optical fiber components Optical Fiber Coupler and Optical Fiber Connector Assembly, play a crucial role in the worldwide communications industry.
Optical Fiber Coupler
Techniques for multiplexing / de-multiplexing optical signals are of great importance in constructing Optical Fiber subscriber Networks, Optical CATV Distribution Networks and in Sensors based upon optical interference measuring.
Optical Fiber Connector Assembly
SC, FC, MT and other. many connector technologies are used for single mode and multimode Fiber cable assemblies. Ltec's optical fiber components are characterized as light-weight, low loss, large transmission capacity, electromagnetic interference-free, high flexibility, compact size and high reliability.

Products: Membrane Switches Magnet Coil Assemblies Wire Assemblies Fiber Optical Components, Removable Hard disk drive

Categories: Electrical & Electronics, Japanese, Foreign, Computer Hardware

Contact: Mr. Hirai Toshiharu  President

L.T.E.C. Co., Ltd.
United Center Building, 28th Floor, Room No.2801
323 Silom Road
Silom, Bangrak
Telephone: 02 231-1974-9
Fax: 02 231-1973
email address:
Website: http://www/

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