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Thailand Electrical Component Companies, Thai Electrical Component Manufacturers


Thailand is a major user and also a major manufacturer of electrical components. Some specialized electrical and electronic components are still imported, however the majority of electrical parts are now produced in Thai electrical component factories in for domestic use, for use in electrical and electronic equipment destined for the home market or for export. They can be exported in component form and used for assembly of electrical and electronic products abroad.


In Thailand there are hundreds of large and small companies producing and trading in components used in the electrical and electronics industry. If you require only a small number of electrical components it is best to contact an electrical trading company. They usually have lists of their components available on their websites or these catalogs can be obtained by fax or email.


It can be time consuming trying to track down firstly the right component and then finding the company who can supply this item. We at Bangkok Companies have compiled a vast number of these catalogues and entered the data into our searchable database. It is not possible to list them all here on these pages (a partial list can be found below)



Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your electrical component needs please email with your requests. We will then source the electrical item for you and arrange for prompt shipment.



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Featured Thailand Electrical Component Companies
Bangkok Autowire & Cable Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Electrical Conductors, Automotive Wire, Automotive Cables
DDK (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Rectangular connectors, printed circuit board connectors, flat cable connectors, modular connectors, FFC/FPC connectors, coaxial connectors, terminal blocks and pitch connectors
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand manufacturing Shafts, Pins, Screws, Bosses for Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Industries
I.C. Intracom Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Personal Computer Manufacturer, IC-Sockets, Mat (Plastic), Adaptors, Electrical Components, Computer Hardware
K & P F.A. Center Co.,Ltd Thailand Measuring Equipment, Thermometers, Motor Gear, Motor Vibrators, Motors, Taper Bushes, Pulleys, Screw Conveyors, Loose proof Fastener Systems, Concrete Mixers, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Butterfly Valves, Touch Screens, Signal Lights, Signal Phones, Plc, Eocr, Terminal Blocks, Interface Terminals, Plc Direct, Encoder, Proximity Switches, Switch Power Supply, Rotary Encoder , Servos, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Load Cells, Loadcells, Weight Scales, Weight Scales, Loadcell, Indicators, Truck Scales, Packing Scale Machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
K-NET International Part.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment For Semiconductor Industry, Electronics Components, Inductive Components, Solid State Components, Rf Components, Power Cords, Quartz Crystals Oscillators, Cable, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Solder Paste, Wire, Ribbon, Preforms, Solder Ball For Bga, Tacflux For Bga, Aluminium Bonding Wire, Apillary, Bonding Wedge, Tab Tool, Die Collect, Adhesive For Electronics Industry
Ltec Ltd Thailand A Manufacturer of Membrane Switches Magnet Coil Assemblies Wire Assemblies Fiber Optical Components, Removable Hard disk drive
S. PINKLAO TELECOM ELECTRIC CO., LTD Thailand A Thai Distributor of Lighting Fixtures Luminaries,  Telephone Sets, Decorative Telephones, Telephone Cord, Telephone Components, Receiver for Telephones well as a complete range of electrical fittings, lighting and light fittings, switches and controllers
T. Terakit Electrical Intertrade Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand distributor of Electrical Products, Electrical Engineers, Hangers and Supports, Switch Board, Control System Board
Thai Bumroong Electric Thailand Thailand importer & Thai wholesaler in the field of all electrical products and electrical components such as T & B Consumer Unit, T & B Control Switches
Thai Cable Krungtap Co., Ltd Thailand A Thai manufacturer of automotive cables and auto wiring harnesses
Thai Cable Motor Ltd., Part Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Electrical Automotive Parts, Automotive Cables, Car Equipment, Auto Accessories, Electrical Equipment
Thai Car Show Automotive Products Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Wiring Harnesses, Automotive Electrical Components and Starter Cable Sets for the Automotive Industry.

Following you will find lists of electrical components from companies involved in the electrical components business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an electrical components company or simply supply a list of these medical companies then please email

3 phase solid state relays
3rd third brake led
ab connectors
ac adapters
ac dc converter
active gps antennas
adda accessory products
adsl & vdsl splitters
adsl combos
adsl surge protections
agile modulators
air coil inductors
air condition capacitors
air core inductors
air flow sensors
airborne lighting
alternating flasher
analog & automatic cutoff chargers
angular position sensors
audio & radio connectors
audio & video cables
audio amplifier wireless remote extenders
audio equipments
audio miniature bayonet connectors
audio video transmitters
automatic voltage regulators
automobile wires & cables
automotive fuse holder
avr power supply
axial fans
axial lamps
axial lead fixed inductors
balun transformers
battery connecters
battery connector
bayonet lock lighting & audio connectors
bicolor lamps
board to board connectors
bouroon pressure gauges
box capacitor
broad band choke
brushless dc fans
bulkhead receptacle isolated jack
button activated sensor
cable assemblies
cable sealing backshells
cable terminators
cable wire harnesses
car switches
card edge connectors
catv box & senders
catv broadband video cables
catv fiber optic transmitters
ccc capacitors
cement resistors
centrifugal blowers
ceramic capacitors
ceramic disc capacitors
ceramic filters, ceramic discriminators
channel resonators
chartroom lightspassenger reading lights
chip beads
chip ceramic capacitors
chip coolers
chip resistors
chips capacitors
circuit breakers
circuit protectors
circular connectors
clock & dot matrix displays
clock apparatuses
clock oscillators
cmos image sensors
coarse screw coupling connector
coaxial cable connecters
coaxial connectors
coaxial products
cockpit utility lights
coiled cables
coils & inductors
combination connectors
commercial connector accessories
common mode choke coi
common mode chokes
communication connectors
compact flash card
computer cables
computer connectors
computer peripherals
conductance sensors
conduction cooled capacitors
connector housings
connector manufacture
connector modules
control components
cpu cooling products
cpu heat sinks
crimp audio connectors
crimp terminals
crystal filters
crystal oscillators
current sources
custom cable assemblies
custom cables
customised solenoids
data concentrators
dc blowers
dc fans
dc wires & plugs
density connector
diaphram pressure gauges
dielectric filters
digital displays
digital power meters
digital vane switch
digital visual interface connecters
dimming resistors
din rail mount circuit breakers
din rail terminal blocks
direction sensors
directional antennas
discrete ledís
distribution terminal units
door jamb switch
double plastic base headers
double plastic bases
drop amplifier
d-sub connectors
dual jack modular phone surface
dual row female headers
earphone combo jacks
electric aluminum electrolytic capacitors
electrical cable
electrical ceramic capacitors
electrical component
electrical component manufacturing
electrical component supports
electrical connector
electrical flat flexible cables.
electrical imaging parts
electrical inductance sensors
electrical inductors
electrical resistance
electrical starters
electrical testing instruments
electrolytic capacitors
electromagnet solenoids and actuators
electron tubes
electronic capacitors
electronic computer sockets
electronic display devices
electronic flashers
electronic starters
emi filte
energy meters
environmental backshells
ethernet cards
extender backshells
exterior led displays
fct connectors
feeder terminal units
female connecters
ferrite beads
ferrites tantalum capacitors
ffc connectorboard to board connector
fiber cable manufacturer
fiber optic cable
fiber optic cable assembly
fiber optic transceiver
fiber optical cables
fiber optical patch cords
fiber optics
fibre optic cables
fibre optic connectors
fibre optic emitters
field testing meters
filament replacement leds
fire wall connectors
flat cables
flexible cords
flexible printed circuit
fluorescent lamp starters
fluorescent light starters
fluorescent tubes
fpc connector
fpc connectors
fuse boxes
fuse holders
fuse links
geartooth speed sensors
gender changer adapters
glass optical fibers
glow bulb
gps & gsm antennas
gps navigation receivers
gps navigation systems
gps receivers
gps smart receivers
halogen free bayonet lock connector
halogen free cables
harsh environment connectors
hdb adapter connector
hdmi av switches
hdmi cable
hdtv splitters
heavy duty shells
heavy duty trailer connector
hermetic connectors
hermetically sealed relays
hermetically sealed switch
high current inductors
high density screw coupling connector
high performance circuit breakers
high precision chip resistors
high speed serial data connector
high temperature composite connector
high voltage & pressure capacitors
higher density rectangular connectors
holding magnet solenoid lock
hook-up wires
hrc fuslinks
hrj. modular jack connectors
hydra strip lighting
illuminated pushbutton switches
image signal processors,
indicator lights
indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable
inductive proximity sensor
inductive sensor
industrial control panels
infiniband cables
infra red detector
infra red emitter
infrared emitting led
inserted tab terminal blocks
integrated circuits
interconnection solutions
interconnection systems
internet dual phone jacks
irradiated polyethylene insulated wires
isdn splitters & filters
jack modular mounting surface
jumper wires
keystone jack
lamp filaments & incandescents
lamp holders
landscape led lightings
leaded quartz crystals
led cables
led lamps
led manufacture
led manufacturers
led multi light tubes
led spot & polygonal lamps
led video display
light emitting diode (led)
lighting capacitors
lighting components
lighting equipments
linear & switching adapters
linearity coil
lmds transceivers
low current lamps
low voltage computer cables
luminous osc coils
magnetic motor
magnetic proximity sensor
mains filters
memory card connector
memory stick card
metallized film capacitors
metallized polyester film capacitors
metallized polypropylene film capacitors
meter testing systems
micro processor temperature controllers
micro switches
micro-miniature coaxial connectors
microwave connectors
mini amp flashers
mini fit power connectors
miniature bayonet connectors
miniature push-pull coupling connector
modular terminal blocks
multi media card
multi-conductor cables
multilayer chip inductor
multilayer chip inductors
multimedia drop amplifiers
navigations board
network cable
network cables
noise suppression capacitors
non-environmental backshells
open fuse holders
optical active components
optical communication component
optical fiber
optical light pipe
optical passive components
optical switch
optical transceivers
optoelectronic components
outdoor amplifiers
oven control crystal oscillators
panel fuse holders
panel mount cold cathodes
patch cord
pc card connectors
pc wire harnesses
pcb mount jacks
pcb plugs
pcmcia switch cables
pda battery chargers & kits
pda cables & connectors
pda connector
phone connectors
phone jack plug in
photo diodes lamps
photoelectric proximity switches
pillar lampholdersbridge pieces
pilot lamps
pipe thread adapters
plastic optic fiber
plugs & jacks
pneumatic solenoid valves
poe switches
polyster film capacitors
porbe pins
portable antennas
portable gps receivers
power calibrator instruments
power capacitors.
power connecters
power cords
power energy test benches
power inductors
power magnetic inductors
power regulators
power relays
power supply cords
power system control instruments
power transducers & transmitters
power wafer inductors
precision coils
pressure sensors
processor temperature controllers
proportional solenoids
pump switches
push button switches
pushbutton starter
pushbutton stations
pushbutton switches
quartz crystal
radial choke inductors
radial inductors
rainbow rope lamps
rectangular connectors
relays & bases
remote surveillance product
resistor chip lamps
rf coaxial cable assembly
rf connector
rf inductors
rf receiver modules
rfid transponder coils
rgb monitor cable
right angle adaptors
ring backshells
rocker switches
safety switches
saw resonators
screwless terminal blocks
scsi cable
sealed beams
secure digital card
selector switches
sensor inductors
serial ata connectors
series line amplifiers
shielded wires
shrink boot adapters
sma, adapters
smart card connector
smart media card
smart power protection relay
smd ceramic resonators
smd crystals
smd inductors
smd power inductors
smd toroidal coil inductors
snap action switches
snap-action switches
socket for electrical component
soft start pump motor controllers
solenoid shotbolt lock
solid state relays
speaker cables
specialized components
stainless steel bayonet lock connector
subminiature switches
surface mount inductors
surface mount lighting products.
surveillance monitors
switch assemblies
switch snap action switches
switchgear components
tail lights
tariff meters
teflon rf coaxial connectors
telecomms approved connectors
telecommunication connectors
telephone adaptors
temperature compensated crystal oscillator
terminal blocks
thermal magnetic circuit breakers
thermal overcurrent circuit breakers
thermo couplers
thick film chip resistor arrays
thick film chip resistors
thick film low-ohmic chip resistor
three phase capacitor static switches
three phase motors
tht power inductors
toggle switches
tubular capacitors
tv game connectors
tv game wireless devices
twist-on plugs
uhf jack
underwater lamps
uninterruptible power system
unshielded & shielded power inductors
usb cables
usb connectors
usb dongles
usb double cables
usb extension cables
vestigial sideband filters
vga cables
vhf & uhf antennas
voltage controlled crystal oscillator
waterproof ethernet connectors
wavelngth division multiplexers
web switche
wide band chokes
wide bead chokes
wing tip navigation lights
wire assemblie
wire harness assemblies
wire to board connectors
wire to wire connectors
wire wound chip inductors
wireless amplifier
wireless digital video transceiver modules
wireless phone jack systems
wiring chip inductors


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