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Uni-Aire Co., Ltd. - Domestic Air Conditioners, Commercial Air Conditioners, Industrial Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning Components

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Uni-Aire Co., Ltd. - Air Conditioner UNI-Aire Corp." is a group of companies which is well known manufacturer and distributor of air-conditioners (including components of air-conditioner and refrigeration) for more than 31 years. Moreover we have obtained ISO 9001:2000 standards.

UNI-AIRE CORP. started manufacturing heat exchanger, either in D.X. (direct expansion) or water system. During the '70s, the air conditioners market in Thailand was dominated by American brand name such as York, Carrier, Cavinetor, G.E. At that time, the air conditioners were mostly for hotel or shopping center, and the demand for domestic air conditioners was very small. Uni-Aire Corp. gained some shares in the replacement parts of those American brand name products such as those replacements of coils or water cooled condenser, water chiller barrels.
In 1975, with the company aims to substitute imports and to encourage more demand for domestic air conditioner, Uni-Aire Corp. started manufacturing air conditioning systems, floor and ceiling types, package type, commercial air conditioners and also chiller systems. "UNI-Aire" branded A/C has been widely accepted by the market and registered an average growth of 20% annually since then.
Uni-Aire Corp. began exporting since 1978, and some floor and ceiling units had been shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. Uni-Aire Corp. exports are growing well in conjunction with the local sales and today account for 25% of total production.

By the beginning of '80s, the products' range had been expanded to include almost all types of air conditioning system except those of centrifugal chillers and absorption systems.

In 1993, Uni-Aire Corp. developed a new line of universal type (floor and ceiling convertible) air conditioners with double direction air flow system which provides better air circulation, bigger air outlet, and thereby reduces the noise.

With the steady growth of the turnover, in 1988 Uni-Aire Corp. had moved to the present site in the suburbs of Bangkok. The facilities currently include 48,000 sq.m. of land area, 10,500 sq.m. production area, components warehouse 2,190 sq.m., finished products warehouse 4,000 sq.m.
The newly completed building is equipped with general office, marketing and sale office, production office, quality control office, calibration room and psychrometric calorimeter room.

For export, Uni-Aire has succeeded in all continents, with air conditioning systems operable in different climates from very cold climate in Canada and China to very warm climate in the Middle East and widely ranging climate in Australia.

UNI-AIRE CORP. has exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, so that exports accounted for 25% of the turnovers.

Products: Domestic Air Conditioners, Commercial Air Conditioners, Industrial Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning Components

Categories: Air Conditioners


Uni- Aire Co., Ltd.
33/1 Moo 3
King-Kaew Rd.,
Rachateawa, Bangplee,
Telephone: 02 312-4263-76
Fax: 02 312-4277
email address:

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