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Thailand Air Conditioner Companies, Thai Air Conditioner Manufacturers


Thailand is a major manufacturer of Air conditioners, Air Curtains and air conditioning components such as: Home Air Conditioners, Office & Commercial Air Conditioning, Industrial Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner Components, spare parts and accessories.

Bangkok Companies have recently started dealing with a major Thailand manufacturer of Air conditioners in Thailand. If you have a serious enquiry for air conditioning equipment then please contact We will be happy to service your requests.

It is 10pm in the evening Bangkok time, still working. Someone once said the best time to work in Bangkok is late evening when the temperature is cooler. Rubbish! the best thing to be doing at 10pm in Bangkok is propped up on a bar stool pouring an ice cold beer down the neck. 30 degrees Celsius outside.

Inside the temperature is bearable. The climate control is set to 24 degrees. Any colder and my toes start to turn blue.


Back in England 24 degrees and I would be sweating profusely. Back in England they haven't heard of air conditioners apart from in the holiday apartment in Benidorm or as an extra option in some new BMW.

In Bangkok air conditioning is a necessity not a luxury. Many years ago when I first started living here as a lowly language teacher I couldn't afford air conditioning. Well if truth be told I could afford it but I would have had to give up the beer. The first apartment I had with an air conditioner was old, so old there were many American soldiers wandering the corridors with glazed looks on their faces. They had come to stay in the Apartment block whilst on R&R from the Vietnam war. No one had the heart to tell them the war finished 30 years ago. They didn't seem to care. I wonder if anyone back home cared. There was little point in turning on the air conditioner. It made a terrible rattling noise as if there was someone inside it about to die. Maybe the place was haunted and someone had died and the ghost lived in the air-con.

Nowadays I have four air conditioner units in the condo, climate control and a fancy remote control that is pretty useless. For some strange reason whatever button you use on the remote control well it works but the channel changes on the cable TV. Reassuring to know that if I ever lose the remote for the TV I can always use the air con remote.

  • Home Air Conditioners
  • Office & Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioner Components, spare parts and accessories



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Featured Thailand Air Conditioner Companies
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of Washing Machine, Food Service Equipment, Food Storage Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment, Terminal Heating and Cooling Units
Q-DOT Technology Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Thai supplier of Modular Clean room Partition System, Clean room Ceiling Grid System, Air conditioning and ventilation systems and Electrical systems
Uni-Aire Co., Ltd Thailand A major Thailand manufacturer of Domestic Air Conditioners, Commercial Air Conditioners, Industrial Air Conditioners and Air Conditioning Components.
X-PER INNOVATIA CO.,LTD Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Commercial Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains and X-Per Air Curtains

Following you will find lists of air conditioner products and companies involved in the air conditioner business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an air conditioner company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

3m Air Carrier Commercial Conditioner
Air Carrier Conditioning
Air Cleaners
Air Cleaning Purifying Equipment
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner (Factory)
Air Conditioner (Home & Office)
Air Conditioner Brass Parts
Air Conditioner Components
Air Conditioner Compressor
Air Conditioner Cover
Air Conditioner Ductless Mitsubishi
Air Conditioner Equipment
Air Conditioner Filter
Air Conditioner Installation
Air Conditioner Manufacturer
Air Conditioner Part
Air Conditioner Parts
Air Conditioner Portable
Air Conditioner Refrigerator
Air Conditioner Repair
Air Conditioner Sets
Air Conditioner Unit
Air Conditioner Wall Sleeve
Air Conditioners-Accessories
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration
Air Conditioning Company
Air Conditioning Compressor
Air Conditioning Contractor
Air Conditioning Contractors
Air Conditioning Equip Systems Whol
Air Conditioning Equipment
Air Conditioning Equipment Repair
Air Conditioning Equipment Room Units
Air Conditioning Equipments
Air Conditioning Filter
Air Conditioning Heating
Air Conditioning Heating Installation
Air Conditioning Heating Service Repair
Air Conditioning Hoses
Air Conditioning Hoses For Automobiles
Air Conditioning Install
Air Conditioning Installation
Air Conditioning Manufacturer
Air Conditioning Motors,
Air Conditioning Parts
Air Conditioning Repair
Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Service In Bangkok
Air Conditioning Service In Thailand
Air Conditioning Supplies Parts
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning Systems Cleaning
Air Conditioning Tool
Air Conditioning Tool Wholesale
Air Conditioning Unit
Air Conditon (Split Type)
Air Conditoner Experts
Air Coolers
Air Curtain
Air Distribution
Air Fans
Air Quality Air Conditioning
Air-Conditioning Parts And Equipment
Aluminum Pipe For Car Air Condition
American Standard Air Conditioner
Auto Air Conditioner
Auto Air Conditioner Part
Auto Air Conditioning
Auto Air Conditioning Compressor
Auto Air Conditioning Parts
Auto Air Conditioning Repair
Auto Air Conditioning Service
Automobile Air Conditioning
Automobile Air Conditioning Components
Automobile Air-Condition Parts
Automotive Air Conditioner
Automotive Air Conditioner Parts
Automotive Air Conditioning
Automotive Air Conditioning Part
Automotive Air Conditioning Repair
Automotive Air Conditioning Tool
Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems
Automotive Heating & Air-Conditioning Systems
Bangkok Air Conditioner Manufacturer
Best Air Conditioner
Bus Air Conditioner
Bus Air Conditioning Units
Cabinet Type Air Conditioner
Car Air Conditioner
Car Air Conditioner Parts
Car Air Conditioning
Car Air-Con System
Carrier Air Conditioner
Carrier Air Conditioner Part
Carrier Air Conditioning
Carrier Air Conditioning Company
Carrier Air Conditioning Part
Carrier Air Conditioning Unit
Carrier Central Air Conditioner
Carrier Rv Air Conditioner
Casement Air Conditioner
Casement Window Air Conditioner
Central Air Conditioner
Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning System
Central Air Conditioning Unit
Central Cooling System
Centralized Systems
Cheap Air Conditioner
Cheap Portable Air Conditioner
Chiller Systems
Climate Control
Closed Control Air-Con
Commercial Coolers
Components Of Air-Conditioner And Refrigeration
Compressor Bearings
Compressor Clutches
Compressor Gasket Kits
Compressor Hose Blocks
Compressor Shaft Seals
Compressor Tools
Compressors And Parts For Air-Conditioners
Computer Room Air Conditioner
Condenser Coil
Conditioner Air
Contractor For Air Conditioning System
Cooling Design
Cooling Fan
Cooling Tower Systems
Cooling Units
Copper Pipes For Airconditioners
Ductless Air Conditioner
Ductless Air Conditioning
Electric Home Appliances
Electric Water Air-Cooler
Electronic Room Thermostats
Evaporators For Air Conditioner Foils
Expansion Valve For Car Air Conditioner
Fan For Car Air Conditioner
Fedders Air Conditioner
Fin Coil Evaporators/Condensers For Air Conditioning
Floor Standing Air Conditioner
Floor Standing Air Conditioners
Flow Fin & Tube Cooling Coil Condenser
Frigidaire Air Conditioner
Fujitsu Air Conditioning
Ge Air Conditioner
General Electric Air Conditioner
Goldstar Air Conditioner
Heat Exchanger For Air Conditioner
Heat Exchangers
Heating Air Conditioning
Heating And Air Conditioning
Heating And Air Conditioning Unit
Heating Ventilating And Air Conditioning
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning
Hermetic Motor Compressor
Home Air Conditioner
Home Air Conditioning
Home Improvement Heating Air Conditioning
Honeywell Air Conditioner Free Standing
Honeywell Automobile Conditioner
Humidifying Plant
Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Systems And Equipment
Lg Air Conditioner
Luxaire Air Conditioner
Manufacturer Of Air Conditioners
Marine Air Conditioner
Mini Split Air Conditioner
Mitsubishi Air Conditioner
Mobile Air Conditioner
Motor For Air Conditioner
Panasonic Air Conditioner
Panasonic Air Conditioner Multi Room
Parallel Flow Fin & Tube
Personal Portable Air Conditioner
Pipe Product For Air Conditioner
Portable Air Conditioner Split Type
Portable Air Conditioners
Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Portable Room Air Conditioner
Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Systems
Retailer Of Air Conditioner
Room Air Conditioner
Room Air Conditioners
Rotary Compressors For Air Conditioner
Rv Air Conditioner
Rv Air Conditioning
Samsung Air Conditioner
Sanyo Air Conditioning
Sharp Air Conditioner
Slant Fin Air Conditioner Marine Portable
Slim Duct Piping
Small Air Conditioner
Small Portable Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioner
Split Air Conditioners
Split System Air Conditioner
Split Type Air Conditioner
Swamp Coolers
Thai Air Conditioner Manufacturer
Thailand Air Conditioner Manufacturer
Trane Air Conditioner
Trane Air Conditioning
Trane Central Air Conditioner
Truck Air Conditioning
Unit Air Conditioner
Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment
Universal Type
Used Air Conditioner
Valves For Air-Conditioning Machine
Wall Air Conditioner
Wall Split Air Conditioners
Water Condensers
Whirlpool Air Conditioner
Window Air Conditioner

101 Engineering Co.,Ltd.
A.C. Air Conditioner Ltd, Part.
A.C. Distar Co, Ltd.
A.C. Equipment Ltd., Part.
A.C. Fresh International Co., Ltd.
A.P. & E Engineering Co.,Ltd.
A.P. National Sales Co, Ltd.
A.R.C. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
A.R.C. Insulation Co.,Ltd.
A.S. Group Co, Ltd.
Admiralty Thailand Co, Ltd.
Aeromaster Group Co, Ltd.
Aeromaster Manufacturing Co Ltd
Air And Refrig Supply Co, Ltd.
Air Control & Technology Co Ltd
Air Power Corporation Ltd
Air Tech Industry Co, Ltd.
Air-Con Parts Engineering (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Air-Conditioning Engineering Association Of Thailand
Aircon-Mfg Co, Ltd.
Airpower Compressors Co, Ltd.
Akhara Engineering Co., Ltd.
Amagasaki Pipe (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Amair Limited
Amornpat Trading Co.,Ltd.
Arrow Marketing & Consultant Co., Ltd.
Arrowmaster Co., Ltd.
Artop Air Supply Co., Ltd.
Arun Engineering & Service Ltd., Part.
Arunsawad Express Service
A-Tech Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm Engineering Systems Pcl.
B.G.E.S. Engineering Systems Public Co., Ltd.
B.K.K. Cooling And Engineering Co, Ltd.
B.P. Air Center Co, Ltd.
Bandung Industry Co Ltd
Bangkok Heritage 2000 Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Place Part Co., Ltd
Bangkok Press Parts Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Shoji Co., Ltd.
Beauty Life (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Best Air Ltd, Part
Best Direction System Co., Ltd.
Better Living Co, Ltd.
Bit Wise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Bitcon Co, Ltd.
Bitwise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Bloomlives Co., Ltd.
Boonma Air Service Ltd, Part
Bridgestone Ncr Co, Ltd.
Bubble Memories Co, Ltd.
Bundol Industry
Buscons International Company Limited
C. Aircon Tech Co, Ltd.
C.A.V. Services Center Co, Ltd.
C.B. Tact (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
C.I. Group Public Company Limited
C.N.E. Engineering Co, Ltd.
C.N.E. Industry Group Co Ltd
C.P. Air Engineering Co, Ltd.
C.T.A. Air Center And Service Co, Ltd.
Carrier (Thailand) Ltd.
Central Air (Pansiam Engineering Co., Ltd)
Central Precision Parts Co, Ltd.
Chaimitr Engineering International Co., Ltd.
Chamlong Service Co.,Ltd.
Charn Air Engineering Co, Ltd.
Charoen Rung Ruang Air Ltd, P.
Charoensap Air Center Co.,Ltd.
Chemmi Trading Co., Ltd.
Chief Siam Co Ltd
Chillmatch Co, Ltd.
Choke Charoen Karnchang Air Service Co.,Ltd.
Cmes Co., Ltd
Computer Support System Co, Ltd.
Consolidated Electric Co.,Ltd.
Control Component Co, Ltd.
Cool & Chill Co, Ltd
Cool Care Engineering Co., Ltd.
Cool Tech Co.,Ltd.
Cool Zone Systems Co.,Ltd.
Cooler Air International Co, Ltd.
Cooling & Controls Engineering Co Ltd
Coolman Corporation Ltd.
Copeland Compressor-Thailand
Daikim Air Conditioning (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Daikin Airconditioning (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Compressor Industries Ltd.
Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd.

Denso (Thailand) Co,. Ltd.
Denso Tool & Die (Thailand) Co Ltd
Digilok (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Duriyang Tsai Industry Ltd, P.
Dygin Air Conditioning (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Syntech Co, Ltd.
Econotech Ltd.Co
Elecon International Co., Ltd.
Emerson Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Eminent Air (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Firm Group Co, Ltd.
Formula Automobile Industrial Co., Ltd.
Formula Industries Co, Ltd.
Formula Intertrade Co, Ltd.
Friedrich International Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fupan International Co Ltd
Furukawa Metal (Thailand) Public Company
Fusion Air Co., Ltd.
Good Vision Co, Ltd.
Grand-Technology Co, Ltd.
H.K. National Products Co., Ltd.
H.V.A.C. Engineering Corporation Ltd.
Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Harn Engineering Co, Ltd.
Hi-Eff Cooling Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Consumer Products Thailand Ltd.
Hitachi Sales (Thailand), Ltd.
Hoon And Sons Engineering Co, Ltd.
Hosokawa Micron Corporation Co, Ltd.
Hourtattana Co, Ltd.
Husan Industrial Co, Ltd.
Hutek (Asia) Company Ltd
I.N. Engineering Ltd.
Iceland Equipment Ltd.Part
Inflow Engineering Co, Ltd
Ingkachai Co, Ltd.
International Casting Co, Ltd.
Interparts & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Intronics Co, Ltd.
J.A. Aircondition Co, Ltd.
J.S.P. Inter Airconditioners Co, Ltd.
Jardine Matheson (Thailand) Ltd.
Jardine Trane Matheson
John Chuan Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
K.B.S. Electric Co., Ltd.,
K.P.C. Intertrade Co, Ltd.
K.S.B. (Pumps) Co Ltd
K.T. Intergreen Co., Ltd.
Kang Yong Electric Public Co, Ltd.
Kang Yong Watana Co, Ltd.
Katata Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Katata Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kent United Trading Co, Ltd.
Key Stone Valve (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Klongtoei Air Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kohbunshi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kulthorn Engineering Lp
Kulthorn Kirby Public Co, Ltd.
Kyoseki Sangyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
L.G. Mitr Electronics Co, Ltd.
Laco Marketing Co, Ltd.
Lee Gardens International Co., Ltd.
Link-Carlyle Ltd.
Lucky Industrial Co, Ltd.
M.I.C. - Cell Co, Ltd.
M.I.C. Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mahajak Air Conditioners Co., Ltd
Mahajak Development Co.,Ltd.
Marukei Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Mcquay (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mcquay Siam Co., Ltd.
Mitsu Corporation Co, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products (Thailand)
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
Mitsukawa Electric Co, Ltd.
N.S.T. Air & Communication Ltd.
Natural Electric Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
Nichirin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nippon Denso Tool & Dai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Odian Inter Trading Limited Partnership
P.J. Sullat Group Co.,Ltd.
Pairach Pattana Cooling Control Co.,Ltd.
Panomchai Supply Co., Ltd.
Pansiam Engineering Co., Ltd.
Parker Davis Hvac Co.,Ltd
Pattarapong Supply Ltd., Part.
Pechsiam Technotrade Ltd Part
Phromchak Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Power Line Engineering Public Company Limited
Power One Co., Ltd.
Precise Motor Industries Co., Ltd.
Precise Power Product Co.,Ltd.
President Automobile Industries Co., Ltd.
Primus Co., Ltd.
Process Engineering Services Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Airconditioning Co., Ltd.
S.C.T. Co., Ltd.
S.N.C. Former Co., Ltd.
S.P. Metal Parts Co.,Ltd.
S.S. Integration Co., Ltd.
Saginomiya (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Saijo Denki International Co.,Ltd.
Samranpol - Marketing
Samruay Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sanden Theco Co Ltd
Sanyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Universal Electric Public Co., Ltd.
Set Point (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Setpoint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Ltd.
Siam A.R.I. Co.,Ltd.
Siam Compressor Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd.
Siam Inter Air Supply Co., Ltd.
Siam Zexel Co. Ltd.
Simac International Co., Ltd.
Sin Siam Engineering Ltd., Part.
Sin Siam Intercooling Co Ltd
Siripat Electech Co.,Ltd.
Songserm Cooling Industry Co.,Ltd.
Songserm Intercool (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Speed World Auto Air Co., Ltd.
Spirax Sarco (Thailand) Ltd
Srithong Industry Supply Lp.
Star Air Center Co., Ltd.
Sunchirin Industry (Thailand) Ltd.
T.C. Motor Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.C.S. Air & Service Co., Ltd.
T.C.S. Industry Group (1996) Co.,Ltd.
T.M. Air Master Service Ltd.,Part.
T.N. Metal Work Co., Ltd.
T.T.S. Inter-Trade Co Ltd
Taitronics Industries Co.,Ltd.
Tanin Elna Co.,Ltd.
Technical Support And Service Co.,Ltd
Thai Airconditioned Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Aosner Co Ltd
Thai Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Thai Cooling Center Co., Ltd.
Thai Heat Exchange Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Inter Air Supply Ltd., Part.
Thai Kakinuma Co., Ltd.
Thai Kenzaisha Co Ltd
Thai Seika Electric Co., Ltd.
Thai Semcon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takasago Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tasaki Engineering Co Ltd
Thaiinter Air Supply Co., Ltd.
Thaipholdee Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thawat Air Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thaweesak Cooling Co., Ltd.
Thepkoomkrong International Co Ltd
Timpano Metal Products Engineering Co., Ltd.
Toho Yoshitake (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Toptech Aircon Co., Ltd.
Torc Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
Toto Air Center Co., Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trane International Co.,Ltd.
U.B.T. Co.,Ltd.
Uawithya Industry Co., Ltd.
Uni- Aire Co., Ltd.
Unico Consumer Products Co., Ltd.
Unicon Consumer Co., Ltd.
Unifab Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Union Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.
United Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Unitrio International Co., Ltd.
Uniwave Co., Ltd.
V & P Expanded Metal Co., Ltd.
Ventury Co.,Ltd. & Altrade Co.,Ltd.
Vinai Engineering Industry (1997) Co., Ltd.
Virat Air Co., Ltd.
W.P.M. Co., Ltd.
Wetco International Co., Ltd.
White Horse Air Condition (1991) Co., Ltd.
World Aeroplast Co., Ltd.
X-Per Innovatia Co.,Ltd.
Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
York Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Inc
York Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
York Refrigeration (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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