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Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Building Automation hardware and software, Process Control Systems, Field Instruments, Control Valves

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Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Our company traces its roots in Thailand to the late 1950's, when our instruments were first imported along with equipment from Japanese contractors. Since then we have established Yamatake (Thailand) in order to provide our customers with engineering service, Since our founding in 1906, Yamatake has built on its core of measurement and control technologies to maintain its position at the forefront of Japan's automation industry. Over our long history, during which we once operated under the name Yamatake-Honeywell, we have built a sterling reputation for providing optimum solutions in industrial automation, factory automation and building automation.

Saving through automation, has been the key to Yamatake's business since April 1978, and we have consistently maintained a commitment toward environmental protection.

The Yamatake Group is thus unique in the breadth and depth of its activities. We can meet your needs, offering everything from sensors and valves, to controllers, systems, software, and maintenance services. Whether you operate a plant, factory or office building, you can benefit from our extensive field experience and expertise, our latest technologies, and advanced products and systems. Yamatake can help you to enhance productivity, safety and convenience while reducing energy consumption and running costs. And whatever the field, wherever the market, you will find the same unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction.

Industrial Automation
Process Control Systems, Field Instruments, and Control Valves for the industries, such as refining, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, and public utilities.
Control Products
Control Products for the factories, such as semiconductor manufacturing, electric, electric components, industrial machinery, and automobiles.
Building Automation
Systems and products for the building market, such as office buildings, factories, hotels and public facilities.

Products & Services
Industrial and building automation hardware and software, design and production, control instruments, engineering, installation and maintenance, service consultants and field engineers

Categories: Automation Systems, Instruments, Japanese, Foreign, Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Electronic and Electrical

Contact: Mr Ichiro Iwakura Managing Director

Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
889 Thai CC Tower, 14th Floor
South Sathorn Road
Sathorn, Sathorn
Telephone: 02 210-0903
Fax: 02 210-0909
email address: 


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