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Thailand Automation & Robotics Companies, Thai Automation Manufacturers

When I started writing this article about robots, robotics and automation equipment in Thailand the images of R2D2 kept passing through my mind. From the heroes of Star Wars to the new age of robotic characters that amiable robot developed by is it Honda or Sony - never mind the robot is the star not the company.


Robots for other people bring up other love hate feelings. The automotive industry has been and still is a pioneer of the use of robots and robotic systems.

If you are a factory owner or a shareholder in an auto company then the robot is still your hero but one of a more sedentary mode. If you were a worker in the automotive industry and your job has been replaced by an intelligent pile of nuts, bolts and computer chips then robots are far from your hero wish list.


Thai workers are nimble fingered, work long hours and when trained highly efficient. Above all they are cheap. Much cheaper than their western counterparts.


Once you add up the cumulative costs of hiring, training, paying salaries and all the fringe benefits like health care, insurance and pensions then a western worker can cost ten to twenty times the rate of a Thai worker. No surprise then that the first factories to be fitted out with true automation and robotic systems were the highly productive and highly costly European operations. The machines were generally developed and supplied by the new technologies emerging from post war Japan.


Robotics and Automation systems touch every industry in Thailand. Many of the systems are imported technology from more 'Advanced' nations. However increasingly a number of local manufacturers are developing their own robots and machines for installation in Thai factories and for export. Here you can find a selection of Automation Systems Companies in Thailand.


The future of robotics in Thailand perhaps lies not so much with these emerging technology companies but within the universities and technical colleges of Thailand. I have been non too impressed with the standard of education in Thai universities. Technical colleges however, despite a severe lack of funding, are producing an increasing number of qualified, dedicated and able engineers who are proving to be not only innovative but highly productive.


Thai Robotics Society
Thai Robotics Society (TRS) was established in 2000 by groups of roboticists, researchers, and industrial people, involving in robotic education and application. They are interested in developing technology and research in robotics as well as some robotic related activities in the Kingdom of Thailand.
TRS Missions
1. Promote, publicize and enhance public understanding towards robotics technology,
2. Promote, support and initiate academic activities, leading to development of robotic technology,
3. Disseminate robotics standard and safety to local industry,
4. Serve as a center of excellence, conducting R&D in robotics as well as transferring technology and information,
5. Facilitate intensive collaboration among members,
6. Provide liaison advice to both local and multinational entities, and
7. Be a vehicle, propelling academic consortiums which promote graduate studies i.e. Master and PhD programs in robotics and automation.


Thailand is a regional hub for conferences, seminars and trade shows. A conference was held at The Landmark Hotel in Bangkok titled Industrial Automation and Robotics


Robotics and industrial automation is a very real science and technology, and it is one that, by definition, advances by leaps and bounds. Asian Conference on Industrial Automation and Robotics-ACIAR provides a medium for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners to address the important issues in industrial automation and robotics. The conference enables the industryís leading researchers and academics to closely interact with the regionís important research and industrial communities. It will offer attendees the opportunity to glimpse into what the future of the industry is destined to be. The conference will consist of both plenary sessions and contributory sessions, focusing on theory, implementation and applications of computational intelligence techniques for Robotics and Automation. Several well-known keynote speakers will address the conference. Along with the academic contingent, robotics engineers, programmers, designers and fabricators will have access to presentations of technical papers, plenary sessions, case studies, discussions on the latest developments, and critical reviews.


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Featured Thailand Automation & Robotics Companies
A.V.K. Thai Ltd. Thailand Thailand Distributor of automation and robotic products, Control and Automation Systems, Pumps, Valves, and Compressors, Automation, Robotics and Process Controls
ABB Limited Thailand Distributor of Engineering Supplies, Electrical Power Machinery, Switchgear Equipment For Distributing Electricity. Suppliers of motors, drives, boilers, furnaces, industrial power plants, industrial robotics and related products. Activities Produce and services include: gas turbine and combines cycle power plants, utility steam power plants, hydro and nuclear power plants and environmental system.
B-TAC Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd. Thailand Pneumatic Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Air Preparation Equipment, Air Filters, Air Lubricators, Actuators, Miniature Cylinders, Compact Cylinders, Profile Cylinders, Tie - Rod Cylinders, Electric Linear Actuators, Angular Grippers,  Special Valves, Flow Control Valves, Pressure Switches, High Pressure Hydraulic Switches, Low Pressure Pneumatic Switches, Pumps, Solenoid and Pilot Operated Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Relief Valves, Reducing Valves, Sequence Valves, Unloading Valves, Counter Balancing Valves
Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Factory automation systems, conveyor systems, overhead monorail systems, automatic warehouse systems, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), trolley conveyor, racking systems and automatic storage retrieval systems.
E-Merchant Co.,Ltd Thailand Network Solutions, Retail Automation, especially Hypermarket, supermarket, discount store, convenience store an petrol station applications
F.A. Tech Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Dealer and Distributor of dealer of Mitsubishi Factory Automation in Thailand including MMI and SCADA Software. Our products include Mitsubishi brand Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Inverters, Servo, CNC, Graphic Operation Terminals (GOT)
F.E. ZUELLIG (Bangkok) LTD Thailand Thailand Distributor of Electrical Products, Automation, Controls, Circuit Breakers, Tools, Mechanical Supplies, Belting, Industrial Supplies, Conveying Baggage Conveyors
Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Japanese Company offering Building Automation hardware and software, Process Control Systems, Field Instruments and Control Valves

Following you will find lists of automation and robotic products made and used by companies here in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an automation supplier or simply supply a list of these automation companies then please email

Ac Gear Motors
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Air-Cooled Robotic Torches
Applied Robotics Inc.
Arc Welding
Arc Welding Robots
Arranging Machines
Articulated Robots
Automated Assembly Equipment
Automated Material Handling
Automated Storage Solutions
Automatic Storage
Automatic Warehouse Systems
Automation Industry. Door Operating Devices
Automation Machinery For Precision Industries
Automation Solutions
Beams & Rollers
Bearings & Wear Surfaces
Building Automation And Control
Building Automation System (Bas)
Business Software
Business Solution Software
Case/Tray Handling Machines
Clean Air Systems
Clean Room Robots
Climate And Control
Collision Sensors
Compensation Unit
Compliance/Alignment Devices
Compliant Robots
Composite Power Supply And Feedback Cable
Container & Component Handling Machines
Control And Automation Systems
Control Cabinet
Control Software,
Conveying Machines
Conveying System
Conveyor & Automation
Conveyor Line System
Conveyor System
Conveyor Tracking
Crash Protection Devices
Custom Automation Assembly Equipment
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition & Auto Id
Data Collection
Data Logger
Deburring Devices
Digital Voltmeters
Diode Laser Robot
Dispensing Robots
Edge Deburring Tools
Electric Design Of Conveyor & Works
Electric Motor
Electrical Equipment
Electro Hydraulic
End Of Arm Tooling & Workstations
End-Of-Arm Tooling
Epson Robots
Equipment Leasing Services
Factory Automation
Factory Automation Equipment
Factory Automation Products
Fiber Optic Sensors
Filtration Systems
Fittings & Couplings,
Flexible Automation Solutions
Flow Meters
Fluid Connectors
Fluid Handling Equipment
Free Conveyor
Frequency Converters
Gantry Robots
Genesis Systems Group
Handling Works Software
Harmonic Motion Robot
Heat Exchangers
Heavy Duty Continuous Flex Control Cable
High Payload Robots
Hi-Tech Products
Horizontal Articulated Arm Robots
Import And Assembly Of Robots And Automation System
Industrial Automation Systems
Industrial Control
Industrial Electrical Power Systems
Industrial Robotics
Industrial Robots
Industrial Workstations
Injection Molding Robots
Input Devices
Intelligent Assist Devices
Item Manufacturer Model
Labeling Equipment
Light Payload Robots
Linear Motion Control
Linear Units For Horizontal Robot Traverse
Logic Ics
Lubrication Systems
Machine Tools
Machine Vision
Material Handling Conveyors & Systems
Material Handling Equipment
Material Handling System
Material Processing Technology
Material Testing
Measuring Devices
Medium Payload Robots
Mitsubishi Factory Automation
Modular Tooling
Monitoring Alarm & Anunciator Equipment
Monorail Systems
Motion Control Systems
Motors & Drives
Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensors
Multi-Mount Scara Robots
Network Hardware
Networking & Protocols
Nfrared Equipment
Office Automation Equipment
Operator Interface
Overhead Power & Free Conveyor
Packing & Palletizing Robots
Palletizing Robots
Parking Control System Technology
Pc-Based & Microprocessor-Based Automation
Photoelectric Sensors
Pipes & Tubing
Plant Automation
Pneumatic Auxiliary Components
Pneumatic Collision Sensor
Pneumatic Grippers
Pneumatic Industrial Automation Products
Pneumatic Power Systems
Positioning Systems And Devices
Power Meter
Power Plug Adapters
Power Transmission Chains & Belts
Power Transmission Product
Pressure Sensors
Printing Marking Systems
Process Automation And Equipment
Process Automation Products
Programmable Controller Tools
Programmable Logic
Programmable Logic Controller
Prom/Eprom/Pld Programmers/Testers/Erasers
Provide Factory Automation Solutions
Proximity Sensors
Quick Change Tool
Racking Systems
Reamer Cleaning Station
Reis Robotics Usa, Inc.
Remote Alarm System
Repair & Maintenance
Robot Suite Software
Robot Transport Unit
Robot With Combined Kinematics
Robotic Cable For Continuous Twisting Motion
Robotic Crash Protection Device
Robotic Rotary Joint
Robotic Tool Changers
Robotics/Machine Vision
Robots & Robotics Equipment
Rotary Actuators
Rotary Distributor
Safety Compliant Robots
Safety Equipment
Safety Products & Security Systems
Scada Software
Scada System Software
Security Access And Surveillance
Security Access And Surveillance Building Automation
Series Robots
Servo Grippers
Sewerage And Sludge Treatment Units
Shelf-Mounted Robots
Shop Floor Control
Solenoid Control Valves
Specialized Tooling
Speed Reducers
Speed Regulators
Speed Sensors
Spot Welding
Steel Cutting Robots
Substation Automation
Super Heavy Payload Robots
Supply Chain
Switch Gear Components
Switching Power Supplies
System Equipment
Temperature Sensors
Test & Measurement
Tool Change Systems
Tool Changer
Tool Changer For Welding & Material Handling
Tool Changers
Top Loader Robots
Torch Cleaning Station
Torque Converters
Torque Force Sensors
Torque Sensors
Transducer Vision Component
Tray Denesting
Tray Stacker
Trolley Conveyor
Turnkey Systems & Components
Unit & Package Handling
Vacuum Pump
Variable Force Alignment Device
Variable Speed Drives
Weighing Scale
Weighing System
Wire & Cable & Contact Electronics
Wire Cutting Station

A & S Thai Works Co,Ltd.
A.E.G. (Thailand) Ltd.,
A.I. Technology Co,Ltd.
A.S.M. Technology Assembly Automation,
A.V.K. Thai Ltd.,
A2b Co.,Ltd.
Abb Bailey Limited,
Abb Limited,
Adul Siam Co.,Ltd.
Advance Tools Center Co,Ltd
Advanced Mechanics Co,Ltd.
Agilent Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.,
Allen-Bradley Thai Co.,Ltd.
Alpha Office Automation Co,Ltd.
Alpha S&E (1999) Co.,Ltd
Analytical And Control Technology,
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.,
Asia Telephone Office Automation Co,Ltd.
August International Co.,Ltd.
Auto Gate Ltd,P.
Autoflexible Advanced Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Automatic Door Co,Ltd.
Automation & Measurement Technology Co,Ltd.
Automation 90 Co,Ltd.
Automation Control Ltd,Part.
Automation Service Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Business Equipment Automation Co,Ltd.
Best Quality Products Co,Ltd.
Bopp & Reuther/Heinrichs Process Automation,
Btac Industrial Automation Co,Ltd.
B-Tac Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd
Bticino - Tima Trading Co.,Ltd.
Buscons International Company Limited,
C & A Office Automation Co.,Ltd.
C.K.D. Sales Thai Corporation Ltd.,
C.K.L. Polytec Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Century Inoac Co,Ltd.
Cess Automation Co,Ltd.
Chevalier Oa (Thailand) Ltd.,
Comgate Solution Co.,Ltd.
Complex Technology Co.,Ltd
Computer Support System Co,Ltd.
Control Component Co,Ltd.
Cooling & Controls Engineering Co Ltd,
Creatus Corporation Limited,
D.K. Trading Co,Ltd.
Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd.,
Digital Design Automation Co,Ltd.
E-Innovations Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Elecon International Co.,Ltd.
Emunics Co.,Ltd.
F.A. Tech Co,Ltd.
F.L.S. Automation,
Fedek Machine (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Festo Ltd.,
Fiotec (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Flow Automation Ltd.,Part.
Fujikura Engineering (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.I.S. Data Co,Ltd.
Gate Automation System Co,Ltd.
Gem City Engineering Co,Ltd.
General Electric International Operations Company,
Germany Dollomatik Automatic Doors Co Ltd,Thai
Graf Sale And Service Co.,Ltd.
Greatech Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.


Harmo (Thailand) Ltd,
Honeywell Systems (Thailand) Limited,
I.S.M. Securitech Co.,Ltd.
Industrial Automation Co,Ltd.
Innate Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Intelligent Systems Management Co,Ltd.
J.R. Office Automation Co,Ltd.
K.P. Trading Group Co.,Ltd.
K.V. Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kij Watana Associated Co.,Ltd.
Kohshoh International Ltd,
Kokusai Keiso (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Korat Matsushita Co.,Ltd.
L.F.B. Automation Systems Co,Ltd.
M.H.E.-Dematic (T) Ltd.,
March Automation Co,Ltd.
Maruyasu Ae Systems Engineering (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Matsui (Asia) Co,Ltd.
Metal Work Pneumatic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Metso Automation,
Moeller Electric Limited,
Muramoto Electron (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
Neles Automation Co.,Ltd.
Nesic (Thailand) Ltd,
Nihon Setsubi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Novo Automation,
Overseas Parts Trade Co.,Ltd.
P.T. Keycard Engineering Lp,
Palawatr Automation Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Industrial Thailand Ltd,
Parker Hannifin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Parking Control System Co.,Ltd
Photoscan System Co.,Ltd.
Precise International Corporation Ltd.,
Premier Automation Center Co.,Ltd.
Process Automation,
Progressive Automation Co.,
Proimage Engineering And Construction Co.,Ltd
Q.A. Automation Co.,Ltd.
Ricoh (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rockwell Automation Thai Co Ltd,
Royaltec International Co.,Ltd.
S.D.S. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
S.T. Control Co,Ltd
Sang Chai Meter Co.,Ltd.
Schneider (Thailand) Limited,
Sima Foremost Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Site Preparation Management Co.,Ltd.
S-Kat Industries Co.,Ltd.
Star Seiki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Suncolor Co.,Ltd.
Synergetech Co Ltd,
T.S.K. Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ae Automotion Co.,Ltd.
Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd.
Thai German Dollomatik Automatic Doors Co Ltd,
Thai Nakanishi Co Ltd,
Thai Polybag Co.,Ltd.
Thai Software Distribution Ltd.,
Tokyo Byokane (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tomco Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Trisak Automation Co.,Ltd
Vega Automation (2000) Co.,Ltd.
Worachak International Co.,Ltd.
Y.S.T. Automation Co.,Ltd

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