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Zinpro Corporation  - organic trace mineral complexes, veterinary pharmaceuticals

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Zinpro Corporation - Our organic trace mineral complexes are available as individual products, including ZINPRO zinc methionine, CuPLEX, copper lysine, MANPRO, manganese, methionine, and COPRO cobalt glucoheptonate. We also offer combination products such as 4-Plex for beef and dairy cattle, which contains the proper ratios of ZINPRO, CuPLEX, MANPRO and COPRO, all in one convenient package. Metal amino acid complexes are the most recent class of trace mineral complexes from Zinpro, and the most cost-effective source of organic trace mineral complexes for cattle, swine and poultry.

Zinpro's Recommended Programs for Dairy cattle:
4-Plexฎ trace mineral program. Zinpro's 4-Plex program provides dairy producers with the four most critical trace minerals for improved milk production and quality, hoof integrity and reproductive performance in one convenient package

Zinpro's Recommended Programs for Beef Cattle:
ZINPRO® zinc methionine complex for finishing cattle.
Cattle feeders have been using ZINPRO zinc methionine for years to improve daily gain, feed conversion and carcass quality

Zinpro's Recommended Programs for Poultry:
(zinc amino acid complex) and (manganese amino acid complex) for all species.
Broilers & Turkeys: Supplement broiler and turkey diets with highly bioavailable zinc and manganese complexes to improve immune function, epithelial tissue and bird performance. Broiler research adding zinc/manganese complexes in addition to a base level of inorganic trace minerals has shown increased body weight, improved feed conversion, reduced mortality, increased meat production, reduced skin problems and improved immune status. Recent studies found that broilers consuming complexed zinc and manganese showed significantly reduced total mortality and mortality due to ascites. A trial with tom turkeys resulted in a significant increase in immune response activity for toms receiving zinc and manganese amino acid complexes added to diets containing either low levels or high levels of inorganic zinc and manganese.

Zinpro's Recommended Programs for Specialty Animals:
Sheep: ZINPRO(zinc methionine complex). The same benefits attributed to ZINPRO zinc methionine for beef and dairy cattle performance: hoof integrity, milk production, reproductive performance and enhanced immune response. Several research trials have shown an improvement in wool quality for fine wool breeds of sheep.

Zinpro's Recommended Programs for Swine:
Nursery Pigs: Availa®Cu (copper amino acid complex) and Availa®Zn (zinc amino acid complex). Use these organic trace mineral complexes to improve growth performance with lower copper and zinc levels in diets that typically use only inorganic metal sources for growth promotion. Research shows that feeding 100 ppm copper from Availa-Cu will improve final weight of nursery pigs by 1.3 lbs compared to higher levels (200-250 ppm) of copper from copper sulfate. Similarly, Availa®Zn can be used at much lower levels (250 ppm) than zinc oxide to achieve maximum growth in the nursery.

Products: organic trace mineral complexes, veterinary pharmaceuticals

Categories: US, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals

Contact: Ms. Supunnee Jiarakhun   Country Manager

Zinpro Corporation
334 Second Floor, Meditop Building, Soi Latphrao 71 (Sangkom Songkrawnua),
Latphrao Rd.,
Telephone: 02 933-0104-5
Fax: 02 933-0105
email address:


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