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Thailand Educational Toy Companies, Thai Educational Toy Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source educational toys such as: Wooden Toys, Alphabet Play Mats, Stuffed Toys, Musical Instruments, Educational Software, Wooden Learning Clock, Dinosaur Excavation Kit, Early Learning Center and Educational Paper Models.


I am a big kid at heart. I love getting the enquiries for toys. I source the products, visit the manufacturers and of course I get to test (play with) the toys. I suppose in other ways I am an expert on toys too. Due to my size - small and rather rotund I am usually asked around Christmas time to don the long white beard, the red outfit and sit under the Christmas tree for a few days in some high class Bangkok hotel. Who can turn down a job like that? 

Life can be hard in Bangkok especially wearing a large Santa outfit and all that white hair with the temperatures hovering around 35 degrees.


Nowadays a lot of the toy products I source are of the educational toy variety. Usually wooden or some other natural materials. Puzzles, games, jigsaws and the usual pull and push toys as well as some quite innovative toy items.


So let Santa do your educational toy shopping - a perfect choice - Ho Ho Hooo Send Santa an email


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Wooden Toys Alphabet Play Mats Stuffed Toys
Musical Instruments Educational Software Wooden Learning Clock
Dinosaur Excavation Kit Early Learning Center Educational Paper Models
Following you will find lists of educational toy products and companies involved in the educational toy business in Thailand. Thailand Toys Companies, Thai Toys Manufacturers
3d puzzle animal
3d puzzle car
3d puzzles
abc block cart
abc picture blocks
abc puzzle
activity cube
alphabet and word cards
alphabet art
alphabet cards
alphabet frame
alphabet teach
alphabet tree
animal train educational blocks
arabic alphabet board
art bead picture
assembly toys
astronomical telescopes
astronomy toys
baby and child educational toys
baby educational toys
baby play sets
baby songs
baby toys
baby's first puzzle
bath toys
bingo game set
blackboard with magnetic alphabet
brain-building games for kids
bucket dough toys
building block toy
building blocksconstruction equipment
canonical puzzle
car seat activity center
cardboard puzzle
chess set
children toy
children's early learning kit
children's tool box
classic games
clay play
cloth soft calendar
construction set
construction toys
dancing playmat
designed specific
development baby doll
digital counting number
dinosaur toys
distortion ball
diy clock
diy jigsaw puzzl
doll house
double-sided drawing board
dough toys
educatioal pictured puzzle
educational books
educational craft sets
educational creative mosaic
educational house
educational learning
educational plush toys
educational software
educational software games
educational toy
educational toy house
educational toys for kids
educational videos
educational wooden puzzle toy
educational wooden toys
electronic educational learning aid
electronic educational toys
electronic hand held game
electronic organ
electronic toy bricks
electronic toys
english learning pad
eva toys
farm house playset
farm toys
ferris wheel construction set
first chemistry kit
fishing game puzzle
fruit model set
gel toys
giant fun box
hang-man game
hexahedral puzzle blocks
home learning
imaginative play
inflatable toys
intellectual bead game
intelligent toy
jigsaw puzzle wooden
jigsaw puzzles
learning clock
learning table
letter discriminating board
magic toys
magnetic buidling game
magnetic cards
magnetic educational toys
magnetic imaginative sets
magnetic sticks and balls
magnetic toys
magnetic wooden letters
magnetic wooden numbers
matching game
math adventure
math challenge
meccano super construction set
memory game
memory game set
microscope toy
mind induced cards
model building set
modelling clay
montessori education toys
montessori materials
montessori toys
moving picture puzzle
multiplication table blocks
multi-sensory clutch cube
multi-sensory soft sorter
music makers
my first laptop
number learning set
outdoor toys
paper clay
paper craft
paper puzzles
pet ant's nest
picture puzzle
plastic 3d puzzle
play and learn sets
playing cards with cartoon images
plush baby play mat
plush toys
pottery wheel
preschool educational toys
pre-school training sets
puzzle book
radio-controlled robot
reading games
science books
science experiment kit
science kit
science kits
science toys
sealife puzzle
shape sorter house
solar system science kit
soma cube
stationery toys
students' clock
talking alphabet bus
talking alphabet butterfly
talking notebook
teaching cards
tetris wooden toys
theater and puppets
tool toys for children
toy block city
toy computer
toy construction tools
toy laptop
toy mobile phones
toy notebook
traffic toys
training sets
transparent geometrical forms
travel toys
tumbling towers
volcano science kit
warships game
wisdom blocks
wood stringing beads
wooden abacus
wooden abc picture blocks
wooden baby's play gym
wooden based educational toys
wooden blocks
wooden cars
wooden chess with handmade chess pieces
wooden clay play set
wooden clock
wooden counting blocks
wooden doll house
wooden education puzzles
wooden educational toys
wooden fire station
wooden flat puzzle
wooden games
wooden geometric stacker
wooden kindergarten toys
wooden lacing beads
wooden magnetic dinosaurs
wooden pattern blocks
wooden puzzles
wooden shape blocks
wooden shape sorter
wooden shape sorting cube
wooden stacking train
wooden standing easel
wooden thinking puzzle
wooden toy
wooden toy pizza
wooden toy tool box
wooden toys manufacturer
wooden toys puzzle
wooden trains
wooden vehicles
world globe

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