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Thailand is a great place to source toys such as: Educational Toys, Wooden Toys, Plastic Toys, Baby Toys, Pet Toys, Electronic Toys, Games & Puzzles, Executive Toys, Dolls & Accessories

Of course China and Hong Kong are still major players in the toy market. However in recent years Thailand toy manufacturers have been coming up with more innovative products especially in the wooden toy and educational toy lines and the quality is first class!. Also plush toys, I have had several orders recently for huge quantities of large sized stuffed toys for the Middle East market.

Breaking news Toys “R” Us have announced plans to open major stores in Thailand. The first will be in Central Bang Na close to the new airport. They will offers a broad assortment of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics, software, baby products, children’s apparel and juvenile furniture. The first store will be operated by Toys Retailing (Thailand)


I wonder if many of the lines that Toys “R” Us run are actually made by toy manufacturers here in Thailand. I also wonder if the purchasing department will now source their products locally. If this is so I finally wonder if that will mean cheaper toys for the Thai market - I have my doubts.

Looking to source toys? then send your requirements with full product details and pictures to me

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Wooden Puzzles Character Toys Electronic Toys
. .
Soft Toy Game Modeling Clay Wooden Shelves
Plush Teddy Bears Wooden Toys Mobile Phone Holders
Dolls Playground Furniture Kids Bedroom Furniture
Wood Toys Collectable Toys Ride-on Go-Kart
Baby's High Chair Ride -on Tricycle Chess Set
Rubber Pet Toys Connect 4 Wooden Game Nursery Clock
Soft Toys Baby Toys Nursery Toys
Featured Thailand Toy Manufacturers
B.K. Latex Product Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Rubber Toys, Rubber Balloons
H & B Intertex Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Stuffed Toys Manufacturer, Soft Dolls, Home Textile Products, Baby Shoes & Children's Accessories

Following you will find lists of toys products and companies involved in the toys business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a toys company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

8-piece shape sorter
action figures
action toys
activity books
activity centre
activity toys
adapted toys
adult toys
advent calendars
adventure kits
air hockey
air rockets
alphabet abc block and memory.
alphabet blocks
angelic baby soft toys
animal habitats
art & crafts kits
art & creative
art kits
art supplies
arts & crafts
arts and crafts
b daman tournament set
babies' cradle
babies' walker
baby & toddler
baby (pushcart)
baby activity mats
baby annabell new
baby bouncers
baby care & safety
baby carriers
baby mobiles & visual stimulators
baby monitors
baby play
baby products
baby rattles
baby soft toy
baby teethers
baby toys
baby travel toys
baby walkers
baby's bedtime
banking & money toys
barbie doll
barbie pegasus annika
bath toys
battery operated ride ons
battery operated toys
battery-operated toys
beach toys
bead kits
biology & anatomy
blocks / building sets
board games
boats & ships
brain teasers
bratz rock angelz
bubble toys
building & construction
building blocks
building sets
building toys
cabbage patch kids
card games
carnival supplies
car-racing system
cars and planes
cartoon wall d?cor
castles, knights & princesses
cella sticker machine
chain driven go-karts
chalk & dry erase boards
character and collectables - boys
character and collectables - girls
character dolls
children furnitures
children play set
childrens furniture
children's play mats
children's toys
children's walkie-talkies
christmas present
classic games
classic games (buckaroo, twister, cluedo)
classic wooden toys
clay dough
climbing frames & accessories
clutch toys
coil springs and paddles
collage kits
collectable bears
collectible toys
color-changing novelties
colored stacker
coloring and painting
coloring kits
construction & building block sets
construction sets
construction toys
construction vehicles
cooking and baking
cooking kits
cowboys & indians
craft club
crazy frog ringtone plush character
cute stuffed toys,
cycles and accessories
darth vader voice changer mask
decorative items for children's room
desk toys
developmental toys
die cast toy
die casting toys
diecast toy cars
dinosaur assembly kits
discovery toys
disney toys
doll accessories
doll garfield
doll houses
doll houses furniture
doll socks
doll wear
dolls - accesories
dolls - prams & buggies
dolls & doll houses
dolls & toys
dolls houses and furniture
dolls stuff
doll-shoes for collectible
dora the explorer
dough & clay
dr dreadful freaky food lab
dragon mountain
drawing activities
drawing easels
dressing up
dressing up clothes
dress-up & pretend
e.v.a. product
education eva toys
educational apparatus
educational eva toys
educational games
educational toys related to dinosaurs and fossils
educational toy-wooden
educational wooden toy
educational wooden toys
electricity & solar power
electronic educational
electronic educational learning systems
electronic toy
electronic toys
electronic/battery-operated toys
eva products
executive magnetic
executive toys
fabric crafts
fabric for dolls
fabric mixed wooden toys
family games
farm toys
farm vehicles
farms & farm animals
fashion dolls
figurines for christmas
flashing novelties
floor puzzles
flying balls
flying discs)
flying toys
flying toys & kites
foam crafts
foam sporting goods
foam toys
food & cooking toys
food fun
football tables
fossil excavation puzzle
friction toys
fur real friends luv cubs
game boy advance sp - platinum
game parts & components
games - adults
games - kids
games - traditional
games - travel
games & hobbies
games & puzzles
general games
geography games
geology, minerals & fossils
geomag dekopanels
girls cosmetics
girls crush airbrush tattoo
glow in the dark
go karts
history & geography
hobby horses
hot wheels accelerators swamp beast
hula hoops
imaginative play
indoor and outdoor toys
indoor keepy uppy
infant toys
inflatable toys
inflattable toys
injection molded oem toys
interactive toys
jack in the box
jenney doll
jewellery and make up
jigsaw puzzles
kid gifts
kinetic novelties
kitchen play
kite accessories
lacing beads
latex balloons
latex pet toys
leapstart learning table
learning aids
learning toy
learning toys
light-up toys
log building sets
low cost toys
lunch boxes
magic kits
magic sets for kids
magic toys
magic tricks
magnetic building sets
magnetic fun
magnetic sculptures
magnetic toys
magnetix flying saucer
magnets & magnetism
maps & globes
marble runs
metal die-cast toys
mini houses
mini scooter
mixed wooden & fabric toys for baby & children
model aircrafts
model boats
model car and trucks
model planes
modeling clay
modeling sets
music & instruments
musical & animated toys
musical instruments
musical movements
musical toys
name puzzles
nature crafts
nature, insects & plants
new toys
nine men's morris
noise makers
novelty toys
nuts and bolts manipulative
office & desk toys
office toys
optical products
origami & paper construction
outdoor activity toys
outdoor pretend play toys
outdoor toys
paddling pools
paint crafts
paper crafts
paper model toys
pedal cars and tractors
pencil sharpeners
pencils and pens
pet toys
pick-up sticks
plancity toys
planes & helicopters
planes & rockets
plaster molding kits
plastic ornaments
plastic toy
plastic toys
play houses
play mats
play scenes
play sets
play tents
play toys
playground equipment
playground items
playground toys
playhouses and tents
plush animals
plush toys
pogo sticks
pool toys
porcelain dolls
pounding & sorting toys
power rangers
practical joke products
prehistoric & dinosaurs
preschool - construction
preschool - rockers
preschool - wheeled
preschool crafts
preschool games
preschool puzzles
preschool toys
pretend play
pretty dolls
puppets & marionettes
push & pull toys
push alongs
pvc dolls
pvc soft body dolls
pvc sporting goods
race cars & race tracks
radio control
radio control model aircraft
radio control toys
radio controlled toys
radio-controlled toys
raisin miniatures
raw magnets
rawhide dog toys
recreational kites
refrigerator magnets
remote control cars & trucks
ride on toys
ride-on toys
ride-on wheel toys
ride-on wheeled toys
rock castle
rocking horses
rocking toys
role play
rubber & foam toys
rubber balloon
rubber dog toys
rubber foam toys
rubber pet toys
sand and water toys
sand stuffed animals
sand toys
school crafts
school furniture
science & nature
science and nature
science kits
science project kits
scooters & accessories
scrapbooking kits
scx digital system
sensory toys
sewing & weaving
skates and accessories
slides & accessories
slot racing
snooker & pool
soft baby toys
soft dolls
soft nursery toys for toddlers
soft toys
soft toys - character
soft toys - general
soft toys & dolls
sony playstation3
space & astronomy
sport toys
sporting goods
sports and outdoor games
sports games
sports toys
spy kits
squirt toys
star wars
steam along thomas train set
sticker kits
stretchy toys
stuffed & plush toys
stuffed animals
stuffed dolls
stuffed toys
stuffed toys, plushed toys
stunt kites
stupfed toys
summer toys for infants
teaching tools
teddy bear
temporary tattoos
tic tac traveler
toddler toys
toy (movable plastic)
toy assortments
toy balls
toy box
toy cars
toy modeling clay
toy modelling clay
toy motors & gear assemblies
toy musical instruments
toy phones
toy robot-plastic
toy weapons
toys - animals
toys - planes
toys exporter
toys with coin insert
tractors & farm equipment
trading cards
train sets
train sets and accessories
trains & vehicles
travel activities
travel fun
travel games
travel toys
trucks & cars
tumble time tigger
tyco cyber shocker
vehicle play sets
water guns
water toys
wheeled toys
winnie pooh
winnie the pooh
wooden abacus
wooden building toys
wooden education toy
wooden educational toys
wooden games
wooden games & puzzles
wooden gifts
wooden knob puzzles
wooden toys
wooden toys & games
wooden train sets
word tiles
world history
yoy boxes
zoos & wildlife

3 fame company limited
a.b.c. toys co., ltd.
a.b.c.o. international co, ltd.
a.p. pet toys co, ltd.
abco international co.,ltd.
anim pictures
aplex toys co.,ltd.
artico crafts co, ltd.
art-teq co, ltd
autoship systems corporation
b.k. latex product co, ltd.
b.k.c. trading co, ltd.
balls r us
bandai and k.c. co, ltd.
bandai industrial co, ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok cycle industrial co, ltd
bangkok solutions co.,ltd.
bangkok toys international co, ltd.
banopoo international co, ltd.
bearing (thailand) co, ltd.
bestoy co, ltd.
better together co.,ltd
big one toys co.,ltd.
bird's eye view co, ltd.
birthsuc group co., ltd.
bless trading co, ltd.
blue ribbon marketing co, ltd.
bongo logic co, ltd.
boonprakorb rubber latex industry co, ltd.
bura rak tannery co., ltd.
c & o trading co, ltd
c.k. industry ltd part
c.n.p. group co, ltd.
c.t.w. com. co., ltd.
carrot taniya co.,ltd.
central toys & novelties co., ltd.
charoensilp toyland
children's home ltd.,part.
chonburi best and best co.,ltd.
chong rueng sin tannery ltd part
chow siam children cars and toys ltd, part.
christmas siam co, ltd.
chuchob enterprises ltd, part.
city max enterprise co., ltd
city toys & gifts co, ltd.
cocko international ltd.
d.t.g. exim co., ltd
denchai parquet factory co, ltd.
dig it up export co.,ltd
director toys company limited
dominion toy co, ltd.
dr. ed & toys co.,ltd.
dynamic industries co., ltd.
dynamic toy co, ltd.
earth industrial public co,
earth intertrade limited partnership
earth work co, ltd.
eddu plush co, ltd.
f.c.t. co, ltd.
forward freeland co, ltd.
fresh to home co., ltd.
friendship enterprise (1977) co, ltd.
friendship pet products co, ltd.
froebel (thailand) co, ltd.
funny king corporation co., ltd.
gammaco (thailand) co, ltd.
gemmy international ltd.
good cents co.,ltd.
green leaf toy co, ltd.
h & b intertex co, ltd.
hanky panky toys thailand co ltd
hobby world center co.,ltd.
hyunkwang (thai) industry co, ltd.
i.c.c. international plc.
ice play & learn co., ltd.
ida 3d limited
i'm international co, ltd.
imperial thai toy co, ltd.
inter plama (thailand) co, ltd.
international development & associations co, ltd.(
j. charoen printing co.,ltd
j.j. gifts & toys co ltd
jumbos toy intl (bangkok) co, ltd.
k & j enterprise co, ltd
k.h. plus co., ltd.
k.h. toy co, ltd
k.r. collection co, ltd.
k.u. nomura thai limited
kasma ltd, part. (partnership)
kasma toys co., ltd.
kiddy toys co., ltd.
kids and toys industry (thailand) co.,ltd.
kid's stuff co, ltd.
king pac industrial co.,ltd
kolob intertrade co, ltd.
kowa industrial ltd part
kuru tannery co, ltd.
lee mung seng ltd part
li & fung (thailand) co, ltd.
love space co.,ltd
lucky child co, ltd.
m & p world associated ltd, part.
m. merry factory thai toys co.,ltd.
m.d. co.,ltd
majorette (thailand) co, ltd.
master toy co., ltd.
matchplay industry (thailand) co, ltd.
mattel bangkok limited
merry industrial co, ltd.
merry international co, ltd
mimi industrial co., ltd.
mimi pet toys co, ltd.
minicraft co, ltd.
mitsuwa toys (thailand) co, ltd.
mr. santa co, ltd.
nareta industrial co., ltd.
nash holdings co ltd
nattachote industries co., ltd.
nouveaux merchandise resource co.,ltd.
numrung international co.,ltd.
ocean toys ltd.,part.
on star industrial co.,ltd.
p & y toys (thai) co.,ltd.
p.t. toys co.,ltd.
pacific toys & garments co., ltd.
pacific toyskill co., ltd.
pakinee co ltd
pama toy co., ltd.
paoka industry co., ltd.
parks toy (thailand) co., ltd.
pet products co ltd
phanaporn international co.,ltd.
picotee interior center co., ltd.
pin international co.,ltd.
pin interwood co.,ltd.
plan creation co.,ltd.
plan toys co., ltd.
playtown co., ltd.
ply mount international (thai) co., ltd.
president toy co., ltd.
progress phayathan co.,ltd.
punnee padreiw co.,ltd.
r.l.p. international co.,ltd.
royal industries (thailand) public co., ltd.
s.i.p. siam inter pacific co.,ltd.
s.p.r. food industry co., ltd
s.r. toy (thailand) co., ltd.
sahachai marketing & industrial co., ltd.
sahataveekit commercial ltd.,part.
santa factory co., ltd.
sanyei corporation (thailand) co., ltd.
sean udom manufacturing co., ltd.
senshukai (thailand) co ltd
shin woo co.,ltd.
shinwoo co.,ltd.
siam centrum international co.,ltd.
siam create toys co.,ltd.
siam future enterprise co., ltd.
siam merchandise sourcing co.,ltd.
siam wooden products co.,ltd.
siddy toys co.,ltd.
simon and associates ltd.
sin udom toys co., ltd.
small world toys city co., ltd
sofino co., ltd.
su thai sing co., ltd.
sun cosmec co., ltd.
supreme worldwide import & export co.,ltd.
t & c international products co.,ltd
t. supreme co.,ltd.
teaching toys co.,ltd.
teevathorn co.,ltd
thai direct manufacturing group
thai fah pisan plastic co., ltd.
thai inflatable toys
thai plush toys corp. ltd.
thai prasit muanchon plas co.,ltd.
thai sheng fa co., ltd.
thai supreme international co., ltd.
thai toys industry association
thaiprasit muanchunplast co., ltd.
thaitoy co.,ltd.
the scented crafts co.,ltd.
three's co.,ltd.
tomy (thailand) ltd.,
top leather co ltd
toy house (thai) manufacturer co.,ltd.
toy world co., ltd.
toys mart co.,ltd.
tri sawat ltd.part.
twins toys co.,ltd.
union toys (thailand) co.,ltd
united amigo's
united production pressco.,ltd.
united sierra industry co., ltd.
unlimited combine co.,ltd.
v. viset vitsawa co ltd
victory toys manufacturing co., ltd.
wang dek toys land co.,ltd.
wonder toys manufacturer co.,ltd.
wonderworld products co., ltd.
woody toys co., ltd.
work-rite intl co.,ltd.
world pet international co., ltd.
yelowcare ltd.
yelowtech international co., ltd.
yong thai rubber industrial co ltd
young plush toy co., ltd.

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