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Thailand Lace
is so popular we have devoted a whole website to this business. Please pay us a visit at Thailand Lace Wholesalers and find out how we can deliver fine quality laces at nearly half the wholesale price in Europe.


Thailand is a great place to source all types of lace products such as: Thailand Lace Paper, Lace Bridal Dresses, Lace Bags, Lace Designs, Lace Lingerie, Lace Baby Socks, Lace Underwear, Lace Curtains, Lace Tablecloths, Lace Trimmed Bedding, Lace Wedding Accessories, Lace Trimmings.


Lace as a stand alone product or as a vital addition to garments and apparel. Thailand has some fine lace products as well as importing other varieties from abroad. Some of the more expensive laces go into the production of wedding dresses in Thailand.


Wedding dresses and other bridal accessories are a major user of lace. Bangkok Companies has started to specialize in the last year on certain ranges of products and wedding gowns and bridal accessories and bridal jewelry is one are we have found a niche market.


The major manufacturing of bridal wear has shifted to China. So if you want a cheap or mid range wedding dress go look there. Thailand has some skilled designers and seamstresses. Western designers demand high quality to match their high price tags. That is where we step in handling the designers drawings with care and with our own teams putting together a range of bridal wear that the designers are proud to display on any New York catwalk or designer wedding boutique in Hollywood.


Essential to this is an on the spot supply of fine lace trimmings and lace motifs to put those finishing touches that make a special wedding dress into a superb wedding gown fit for a princess.


Lace is not used only for bridal wear. It is a vital component of many lingerie items like bra's and pants, lingerie and sleepwear. Also used as ornamental decoration on many women's garments as well as children's blouses and baby outfits


  • Thailand Lace Paper
  • Lace Bags
  • Lace Lingerie
  • Lace Underwear
  • Lace Tablecloths
  • Lace Wedding Accessories
  • Lace Bridal Dress
  • Lace Designs
  • Lace Baby Socks
  • Lace Curtains
  • Lace Trimmed Bedding
  • Lace Trimmings




Thailand Lace Paper Lace Bridal Dress Lace Bags
Lace Designs Lace Lingerie Lace Baby Socks
Lace Underwear Lace Curtains Lace Tablecloths
Lace Trimmed Bedding Lace Wedding Accessories Lace Trimmings
Featured Thailand Lace Companies
Thailand Lace Thailand An exporter of all types of lace and lace products such as lace trimmings, French Lace, Raschel All-Over Lace Fabric For Bridal Gowns, Raschel Lace Trimming,  Embroidered Lace Trimming and Stretch Laces
G.A Export (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand Lace, Garment Trimmings, Cuipure Trimmings, Embroidery, Textiles, Garment Accessories

Following you will find lists of lace products from companies involved in the lace business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a lace  company or simply supply a list of these Thailand lace manufacturers then please email

10% Spandex Lace
100% Cotton Lace
100% Cotton Lace Trimming
100% Cotton Skirt with Lace and Sequins
100% Nylon All-over Lace Fabric
100% Nylon Lace Fabric
100% Nylon Lace with Glass Beads
100% Nylon Raschel Lace Trimming
100% Silk Lace Scarf
3-Tone Embroidered Lace Trimming
3-Toned Embroidered Lace Trimming
4-Tone Embroidered Lace Trimming with Rhinestones
90% Nylon Lace
All-over Lace Fabric
All-Over Lace Fabric Made of Spandex and Nylon
All-Over Lace Fabric with Floral Pattern
Baby Girl's Socks with Lace
Baby Suit with Embroidery and Lace Decoration
Batten Lace
Batten Lace Trimming
Big Flower Designs
Black and White Floral Lace Fabric
Bra & panty sets
Bra with Decorative Lace
Brassiere accessories
Chamical Lace for Women's Garments
Children's Cap with Lace
Classic Lace Fabric
Clear PVC Cosmetic Bag with Lace
Clothing accessories
Colored Raschel Lace Trimming for Ladies' Underwear
Costume Lace Trimming
Costume Trimming Decorated with Crochet Lace
Costume Trimming Decorated with Imitation Pearl
Cotton Crochet Laces
Cotton Crocheted Lace
Cotton Lace Fabric for Garments and Bedding
Cotton Lace Trimming
Cotton Lace Trimmings with Sequins
Cotton Lace with Sequins
Cotton Lace with Wooden Beads
Crochet Lace
Customized Designs
Decorated Chemical Lace
Decorated Lace
Elastic Fabric for Garments
Elastic Flat-Jacquard Lace
Elastic Lace Fabric
Elastic Lace in Rayon Applique
Elastic Lace Trimming
Elastic Lace-Mesh Fabric
Elastic Tape with Ornamental Lace
Elastic Tricot Lace
Embroiderd Nylon Lace Trimming
Embroidered Cotton Lace Trimming
Embroidered Lace Trimming
Embroidered Lace Trimming in 2-Tone Design
Embroidered Lace Trimming in Double Scallops Finish
Embroidered Lace Trimming with Sequin Ornamentation
Embroidered Lace Trimming with Sequins
Embroidered Nylon Mesh Trimming
Embroidered Polyester Yarn Lace Trimming
Fall Plate Lace Fabric
Fancy Laces
Fancy Organza with Acrylic Stone
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Lace Collar with Shell and Sequins
Fashion Lace Trimming with Rhinestones
Fashion Lace Trimming with Sequins and Beads
Fashion Umbrella with Embroidered Lace
Fine Cord Embroidered Lace Trimming
Fishnet Silk Tights with Lace Waist
Floral Allover Lace Fabric
Floral Jacquard Tronic Stretch Lace Trimming
Floral Lace Trimming Made of Tricot Mesh
Floral Stretch Lace Trimming
Flowered Lace Fabric For Garments
Garment Lace Trimming
Garment Lace Trimming with Sequins
Garment Trimmings with Glass Beads
Georgette Silk Scarf
Girl's Socks with Lace Trimmings
Handbag Decorated with Crochet Lace
Jacquard Tronic Stretch Lace Trimming
Jacquardtronic Lace Trimming
Jacquardtronic Stretch Lace Trimming
Lace bra and Thong
Lace Brief for Ladies
Lace Decoration
Lace Fabric for Ladies' Underwear
Lace Fabric in Floral Pattern
Lace Fabric Made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex
Lace Fabric with Embroidery
Lace for Summer Clothing
Lace Made of Gauze
Lace Made of Gauze and Paillette
Lace Motif
Lace Motif with Flower Designs
Lace Tote Bags
Lace Trimming in Cotton
Lace Trimming Made of Cotton with Sequins
Lace Trimming Made of Hemp
Lace Trimming Made of Organza
Lace Trimming Made of Sequins and Beads
Lace Trimming Made of Torchon
Lace Trimming with Metal Coins
Lace Trimming with Organza Flower and Sequins
Lace Trimming with Schiffli Embroidery
Lace Trimming with Sequin Ornaments
Lace Trimmings for Clothes
Lace Trimmings with Embroidery
Lace Trimmings with Pink Tinge
Lace Underwired Brassiere
Lace Underwired Brassiere with Scalloped Stretchable Lace Cups
Lace with Sequins
Ladies' Denim Jacket Trimmed with Lace and Beads
Ladies Dress With Lace Trims
Ladies' Lace Socks
Leaf-patterned Lace Trimmings
Low-Cut All-Lace Underwired Brassiere
Multipurpose Elastic Lace Fabric
Multipurpose Embroidered Lace Trimming
Non-elastic Tricot Lace
Nylon and Spandex Lace Trimming
Nylon Lace Fabric with Glitters
Nylon Raschel Lace Trimming
OEM Lace Trimming
Organza Lace in Floral Pattern
Organza Lace Trimming Embroidered with Wooden Beads
Organza Sheer Lace Hairbands
Panties with Stretch Lace
Ployester Ribbon and Lace Flower
Polyester Lace Trimming
Purple-tinged Lace Trimmings
Push-up Type Bra with Lace Trim
Raschel All-Over Lace Fabric For Bridal Gowns
Raschel Lace Trimming
Rigid Jacquard Fabric Lace
Satin Brief with Lace
Schiffli Embroidered Lace
Sheer Lace with Sequins
Silicone Bra with Lace Decorations
Silver Metallic Lace Trimming
Spandex and Nylon Lace Fabric for Ladies' Underwear
Spandex Elastic Lace
Stretch Lace Fabric
Stretch Lace with Elastic Trimming
Stretchable All-Over Lace Fabric
Stretchable Lace Fabric
suppliers for lace.
Textronic Stretch Lace Trimming for Brassiere
Torchon Lace in Rainbow Lurex
Torchon Laces in Cotton
Two Color Tone Elastic Lace Trimming
Two Tone Elastic Lace Trimming
Two-Tone Embroidered Lace Trimming
Underwear Lace Fabric
Wide Stretch Lace Trimming
Women's Embroidery Sleepwear Sets
Women's Lace Belt
Women's Lace blouses
Women's Lace Brief with Sequin Trim
Women's Lace G-string Panties
Women's Lace Socks
Women's panties
Women's sleepwear
Women's Tank Top with Lace
Woven Blouse with Lace Trim


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