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There are many types of Engineering Companies in Thailand. Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering are just a few. If you need to get in touch with a Thai engineering company or just need to hire a bunch of engineers then Bangkok Companies with our Ultimate Thailand Contact Database can help to find the right company for your requirements.


"I want to be an engineer - I don't want to be a teacher"

A rather innocent lyric but a song that has come to haunt me during my short stay in Bangkok.


Fifteen years ago when I first came to live in Bangkok permanently I got a job as teacher. The kids in my first class insisted on singing this song every day. I stuck to the teaching for a long time - too long. Then I got involved in business. During this process I met many engineers or more to the point managing directors of engineering companies. Now I know what the kids were singing about, money. I should really have become an engineer, a civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer any type of engineer but certainly not a teacher.    


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Featured Thailand Engineering Companies
A.D.C. International Ltd.  Thailand Thailand Engineering Consultants specializing in Oil Well Drilling Engineers, Oil Well Support, Well Path Engineering, Blow Out Relief Well Support
Bangkok Consult Group Thailand Bangkok Engineering Consultants specializing in Infrastructure and Transport Utilities Communication systems.
DKK Sino-Thai Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand A Joint Venture Company manufacturing and maintaining Telecommunications Towers, Transmission Towers and Communication Masts
F.A.G. (Thailand) Co.Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand Importer and distribution of ball and roller bearings manufactured by the FAG Group in Germany.
Fire Engineering Services Co.,Ltd Thailand American Consultants providing Fire protection design, Fire engineering, Safety Surveys, NFPA Consulting, Training, Investigation, Fire Systems, Security Systems, Testing and Commissioning
K-Tech Construction & Engineering Co, Ltd Thailand Building Construction Management Company supplying the following services: Contractors, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Dam & Irrigation Construction, Highways & Bridge, Municipal & Utility
K & Z Corporation Co.,Ltd Thailand Italian Company in Thailand supplying Colour Preparation Machinery, Printing Screens Preparation Equipment, Table Printing Machinery for Flat and Rotary Screens, Printing Machinery Ancillary Equipment, Steam Ageing Machinery, Polymerizing Machinery, Continuous Washing Ranges for After Printing
M.I. Hightech Co.,Ltd Thailand Makes precision parts using CNC machine, Milling, Grinding, Welding, Drilling, Laser-cutting, Dies & Mold making, Machinery Designing & Processing, Industrial Supplies Agents


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