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American Companies in Thailand


American Companies in Thailand
are well represented. There is no doubt that US based companies and especially American expats make up a great proportion in the international community here in Thailand. Most multi-national companies in Thailand have in some way an American connection if not with their parent company then with their customer bases..

The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand is the largest chamber this region. The chamber of course is a showroom for US companies. In addition many Thai companies seek to become members to take advantage of the chance to network and develop contacts with their rich "farlang" friends

American companies in Thailand enjoy special privileges and concessions from the Thai government, the  Treaty of Amity. The Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand - commonly known as the Treaty of Amity - was signed on May 29, 1968. There are two major benefits of the treaty:


The Treaty of Amity allows American companies to maintain a majority shareholding or to wholly own its company, branch office or representative office located in Thailand. American companies receive national treatment. That is, they may engage in business on the same basis as Thai companies, and are exempt from most of the restrictions on foreign investment imposed by the Alien Business Law of 1972.

Bangkok Companies can supply a database in electronic format of American companies in Thailand or a database of American expatriates in Bangkok.

If you are looking to do business with an American company in Thailand or want to contact American expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for details.

American Companies in Bangkok    

. Featured US Companies in Thailand
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd Thailand American Company in Thailand operating financial services businesses auto financing, Auto Leasing; credit cards and personal loan services; and customer installment financing
G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Limited Thailand American Company in Thailand developing medical software systems for medical equipment needs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and health professionals

Following you will find lists of products and services from American companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an American company or simply supply a database of these American companies then please email

Accounting, Auditing, And Taxation Advisory Service
Advanced Diagnostic Medical Equipment
Advanced Integrated Circuit Solutions
Advertising Agencies
Aerosol Containers
Aerospace And Defense Firms
Agents And Distributors Of Telecommunication Equipment
Air And Ocean Consolidations
Air Cargo Specialists
Air Transportation
Air Treatment Systems
Air-Conditioning Equipment
American Express Card
American Franchise
American Government Detective
American Management Expertise
American Style Grillhouses
American Thai Joint-Venture Company
American Vehicles
American Video Equipment
Ammonia Cylinders
Animal-Health Products
Anti-Freeze Chemicals
Appraisals Of Land, Buildings
Architectural And Engineering Services,
Armored Transportation Services
Artistry Cosmetics
Asset Management
Athletic Footwear
Atm And Banking Equipment
Atomizer And Spray Dryer
Attitude And Usage Study
Audio Video
Audit/Inspect Electrical System
Auto Lease
Auto Spare Parts
Automated Warehouse Storage Services
Automobile Air Conditioning
Automotive Condensers
Automotive Emission Control Catalyst
Automotive Exhaust Systems
Automotive Industry
Automotive Retailer
Automotive Systems
Automotive, Industrial And Marine Lubricants
Aviation And Special Mission Aircraft
Aviation Refueling Equipment
Banking & Finance
Beach Resort Hotels
Beauty And Health Industry
Beverage Concentrates And Syrups For Coca-Cola
Biocides And Additives
Biomedical Devices
Body Jewelry
Boilers, Desalinization Equipment
Boutique Creative Company
Brand Building
Brand Consulting Services
Brokerage Facilities At Airport
Bronze And Brass Sculpture
Building Materials
Business And Technology Strategies
Business Conferences
Business Database Management
Business Electronics
Business Establishment
Business Integration Solutions
Business Intelligence
Business Management Training
Business Of Research, Development
Business Process Engineering
Business Process Management
Business Process Re-Engineering
Business Research And Analysis Services
Business Startups
Business-To-Business Communications Strategies
Buying Agent
Can Sealing Compound
Canned Pineapple
Carbon Dioxide In Cylinders
Cardmember Services
Cctv And Security Systems
Cdrom Author
Certified Public Accountants
Check Writers
Chemical And Agricultural Products
Civil Engineering
Claim Handling
Clay Material (Bontonite) For Foundry And Construction Industry
Cleaning And Sanitizing Products
Climate And Control
Coating Materials
Co-Educational School
Collateral Materials Design And Production
Collator And Paper Handling Equipment
Collective Investment Data,
Commercial Advice On Infrastructure Development
Commercial Banking
Commercial Banking Services
Commercial Investigations
Commercial Transactions
Commercial Vehicles
Commodity Exports And Indent Agents
Communication Design
Communications Software
Communications Solutions
Communications Workflow Company
Complete Logistics Services
Compressed Air Equipment
Computer Audits
Computer Chip Fabrication
Computer Components
Computer System Integration
Computer Systems
Computerized Database Search
Computers And Terminals
Conceptual Planning
Conference Organizers
Conflict Resolution
Consolidation Freight
Constitutional Law
Construction And Building Maintenance Industry
Construction Management
Consulting And Recruiting Services
Consulting Engineers In Civil, Structural, Mechanical And Electrical Fields
Consumer Communications
Container Logistics
Container Shipping Services
Contract Cargo Moving Services
Contracts In U.S. Aerospace
Copyright Violation Investigation
Corporate And Business Unit Strategy
Corporate And Institutional Banking
Corporate Background Checks
Corporate Budgeting
Corporate Law
Corporate Recovery
Corporate, Tax
Cost Consultants
Costume Jewelry
Counterfeit And Grey Market Product Investigation
Crating And Shipment Of Household Goods
Credit Card
Credit Card Services
Crimp Crowns
Crisis Management
Cross-Border Financing
Cross-Border Mergers
Cruise Ticketing
Custom Automation Assembly Equipment
Customer Research And Training
Customer Service
Customs Brokerage Of Diamonds
Customs Clearance Services
Cutting And Polishing Of Burmese Origin Rubies
Data And Voice Cables
Data Communication Products
Data Communications Systems
Data Entry Software
Data Mining Process
Data Networking
Database And Networking
Database And Online Commerce
Database Management
Dealing In Cosmetics
Decision-Making Analysis
Defense And Commercial Electronics
Deluxe Riverfront Hotel
Designer And Marketer Of High Performance Athletic Footwear, Apparel And Accessories
Designing, Building And Managing Local Area And Wide Area Network Business Solutions
Designing, Engineering, Constructuring And Maintaining Telecommunication And Fiber-Optic Networks
Designing, Manufacturing And Marketing Earthmoving, Construction, And Materials-Handling Equipment
Desktop Computer Systems
Desktop Publishing Services
Develop Computer Software
Developing Defense Technologies
Development Issues
Digital Cellular Services
Digital Graphic Materials
Direct Marketing
Disk Drives
Disposable Diapers
Distance Training
Distributing Foreign Newspapers, Magazines And Books
Distributing Lubricating Oil And Grease, Oil Additives
Distributor Of Oil Products
Document And Freight Services
Documentation Services
Domestic Appliances
Dredging Equipment
Dried And Frozen Products
Drive Shafts And Axles
Dry & Tank Container Leasing
Dry Ice
Dynamics And Propulsion
Ear Piercing Equipment
E-Commerce Services.
Educational Software
Electrical And Electronics
Electron Beam Technology
Electronic Banking Services
Electronic Equipment
Electronic Food Pasteurization
Electronic Learning Products
Electronic Security Systems
Electronic Trading
Electronics And Mobile Communication
Emission Control
Employee Communications Campaigns
Employee Fraud And Theft Investigations
Energy Drink
Engineering & Energy Consultants
Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Consulting
Engineering Performance System
Engineering Support Services
Engineering Systems
Enterprise Asset Maintenance Software
Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
Entertainment Business
Environmental Consulting
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Health Education
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Protection
Equipment Renting
E-Solution Hub
Event Organisation
Exclusive Private Label Products
Executive Conference Centers
Executive Search
Exhaust Systems
Exhibition Organiser
Exploring For And Developing Natural Gas And Condensate Resources
Export Development Trading
Export Prepared Petfood Products
Export/Import Consolidations
Exporter And Importer Of Precious And Semi Precious Stones
Exporter Of Decorative Copper Fountains
Exporting Textile Products
Exporting Thai Agricultural Products
Extended Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
Facial Tissues
Facility Management Services
Fast Food
Feasibility Studies
Feminine Napkins
File Management
Filming And Video Production
Fin Tube Evaporator
Finance, Banking
Financial Advisory
Financial Communications
Financial Data
Financial Management
Financial Restructuring Projects
Financial Services
Financial Services Businesses
Fire Investigation
Fire Protection Design
Fitness Club And Leisure Facilities
Flip Top Cans
Fluid Connectors
Food And Beverage
Food Processing
Food Technology-Consulting Firm
Food, Beverages And Confectioneries
Foreign Currency Loans
Foreign Investments
Foreign-Language Bookstores
Forwarding International Air And Sea Freight
Freight Forwarding
French-Style Hypermarket
Fuel Retailing
Full-Service Advertising Agency
Full-Service Travel Agency
Fund Management Services
Furniture Manufacturing
Gemcutting Services
General Hospital
General Insurance Company
General Mechanical Engineering
General Sales Agent For United Airlines.
Genetics And Veterinary Science
Glass Containers
Glassware Handicrafts
Global Business And Financial News Service
Global Information Services
Global Logistics Company
Golf Courses In Southeast Asia
Good Governance
Graphic Arts
Has Become Synonymous With Ex
Hazardous Waste Recovery Processes
Hazardous/Industrial Waste
Health Care
Health Care Services
Health Resort.
Healthcare Insurance Products
Heavy Industrial Equipment
High Performance Decorative Surfacing Products
High Speed Wireless Internet Solutions
High Value Art Exhibition Shipments
Home Improvement Products
Hospitality Service
Hotel Reservations
Human Rights
Hydraulic Excavator
Hydraulic Filters
Importer Food Ingredients
Importing And Distributing Machinery And Equipment
Importing And Distributing Minerals, Commodity And Specialty Resins,
Importing And Exporting Raw Materials And Finished Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biological And Cosmetic
Importing And Manufacturing Equipment Related To Water Purification
Importing Control Instruments
Importing, Production, Wholesale And Retail Of Chemicals
Inbound And Outbound Tours
Inbound Investment Consulting
Inbound Tour Operator
Industrial And Medical Gases
Industrial Controls
Industrial Estate Developer
Industrial Flooring
Industrial Plants And Factories
Industrial Printing Equipment
Industrial Pumps
Information Services
Information Technology
Infrared Scanning Solutions
Infrastructure Development
In-House Stevedoring
Install, Service Computers And Peripherals
Insulation Materials
Insurance Broker
Insurance Brokerage
Insurance Products
Insurance Underwriting Companies
Integrated Circuits
Integrated E-Business Solutions
Integrated Security Solutions
Intellectual Property
Interior Design
Internal Control Systems
International Air Transportation
International And Domestic Removals
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
International Business Transactions
International Corporate Legal And Consulting Practice
International Freight Forwarding By Sea And Air
International Law Firm
International Legal Consultancy
International Network Services Provider
International Removals
International School In Thailand
International Strategy Consultancy
International-Standard Hospital
Internet And Website Services
Internet Database And E-Commerce Solutions
Internet Marketing
Internet Networking Equipment
Int'l Real Estate Consultant
Investigations And Consulting Services
Investment Banking Services
Investment Consulting
Investment Transactions
Issues Management
It Products
Jewelry And Handicrafts
Joint Ventures
Labor And Immigration Law
Laboratory Service
Laminating, Printing And Embossing Of Pvc Films
Land And House Development
Language Services
Leather Products
Legal And Consulting Services
Legal And Investment Consulting Practice
Legal Due Diligence
Legal Reform
Life Insurance Company
Light Circuit Breaker
Liner Agency Services:
Liquid Dishwashing
Liquid Ferric Chloride
Litigation Support
Loyalty Marketing
Lpg Cylinders
Lychee, Longan, Rambutan, Mango And Mixed Tropical Fruit
Machine Tools
Machinery For Waste Water Treatment
Mail Order Business
Mainframe, Midrange And Desktop Computing Platforms
Management And Marketing Consulting
Management And Marketing Of Conference Resorts
Management Consulting Firms
Management Consulting Services
Management Education
Management Of Organizational And Cultural Change
Management Systems Certification
Manpower Guards
Manufacture And Installation Of Air-Conditioning, Electrical, Lifts
Manufacture And Sales Of Axles And Prop Shafts
Manufacture And Supply Of Automotive Chassis Components
Manufacture And Supply Of Gaseous Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon And Hydrogen
Manufacture Of Hard Gelatin Capsules
Manufacturer - Micro Motor
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Gold, Sterling Silver And Platinum Jewelry
Manufacturer Computer Casings
Manufacturers And Exporters Of Fine Gold Gem-Set Jewelry
Manufacturers Of Magnetoresistive Recording Heads
Manufacturing - Computers And Peripherals
Manufacturing And Distributing Music Records
Manufacturing And Distributing Snack Foods
Manufacturing And Exporting Castor Oil And Castor Meal
Manufacturing And Marketing Breakfast Cereals
Manufacturing And Marketing Footwear
Manufacturing And Marketing Of Children's Toys
Manufacturing And Marketing Of Food And Beverage Products
Manufacturing Animal Feed
Manufacturing Automotive Parts
Manufacturing Compressors
Manufacturing Elastomeric Products For The Automotive, Aerospace And Household Appliance Markets
Manufacturing Furnace Carbon Black
Manufacturing High-Precision Tools, Jigs And Fixtures
Manufacturing Human Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturing Industrial Chemicals
Manufacturing Jewelry And Cutting Gemstones
Manufacturing Metal Carboxylates
Manufacturing Nylon Chip, Nylon Filament
Manufacturing Of Passenger Rail Cars
Manufacturing Of Vehicles For Sale In Thailand And Export
Manufacturing Packaged Quality Food Product
Manufacturing Paints, Lacquers, Varnish
Manufacturing, Marketing And Distributing Polypropylene Plastic Resin
Marine Propulsion
Marine Transmissions
Marine Works
Maritime Equipment Distributor
Market Entry Strategies
Market Research
Market Research, Information And Analysis
Marketing And Sales
Mechanics Tools
Media Relations
Medical And Food Equipment Industries
Medical Devices
Medical Evacuation Services
Medical Evacuations
Medical Service And Medical Evacuation
Medical Systems
Membership Club For Local And Expatriate Business Executives
Merchant Banking
Mergers And Acquisitions
Micro Electronics
Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
Military Surveillance And Information Systems
Mobile And Hydraulic Cranes
Mobile Communications
Movement Of Expatriates's Personal Effects And Household Goods
Multilayer Computer Grade Printed Circuit Boards
Multilingual Secretarial Support
Multi-Modal Transportation And Logistics
Multinational Corporation
Multinational Food Companies
Network Products
Network Servers
Network Systems
Networking Products
Nfpa Consulting
Notebook Computers
Nutrition And Wellness
Nutritional Drinks
Office Automation Electronic Time Recorders
Office Moving Services
Offshore Construction Industry
Off-Shore Debt And Equity
Offshore Tax Planning
Oil And Gas Exploration And Production
Online And Off-Line Advertising
On-Line Information
Operating An International Hotel
Operating Mcdonald's
Optical Networking
Oral Contraceptives
Organization Strategy
Organizational Development
Outlets And Patch Panels
Package Juice Products
Packaging And Storage
Packaging Industries
Paints, Polymer Products
Paper Shredders
Paper Towels
Parallel Processing Systems
Passenger Cars
Passenger Terminal Design
Passion Fruit Juice
Perception Management Consulting,
Performance And Reward Consulting
Peripheral Hardware
Personal Behavior Investigation
Personal Care Products
Personal Credibility
Personal Loan Services
Personnel Consultancy Services
Petroleum And Mineral Resources And Energy Law
Petroleum Equipment
Pharmaceutical Products
Phoenix Caps
Photographic Equipment And Supplies
Photovoltaic Solar Cell Modules
Pigmentation Products
Pineapple Juice Concentrate
Placing Independent Computer Consultants
Plastic And Rubber Products
Plastic Card Including Visa & Master Card
Plastic Lens Manufacturer
Plastic Products
Pneumatech Air Dryer
Polycrystalline Silicone
Polyvent And Polyguard Plastic Closures
Port Agency Services
Port Representation
Poultry And Egg Production Systems
Power Generation Equipment
Power Plants
Pre-Employment Screening
Pre-Fire And Safety Surveys
Pressure Vessels
Printing And Merchandising
Printing Presses And Printing Supplies
Private Estate Planning
Private Investigation
Private Power Generation Projects
Private Power Projects
Private School
Process Architecture
Processed Meats
Procurement And Construction Of Industrial Facilities
Producer And Marketer Of Con-Sumer Packaged Goods
Producing Athletic Footwear And Apparel
Producing Liquiflow Carbon Dioxide
Product Development Strategie
Product Launches
Production And Marketing Consultancy
Professional Golf Course Management
Professional Security Services
Project And Construction Managers
Project Feasibility
Project Logistics
Project Management
Promotion And Merchandising
Property Services
Protection And Management Of Trademarks
Protein And Food Supplements
Providing Business Centers
Providing Complete Ready-Made Factories
Providing Educational Courses
Providing Electrical Distribution
Providing Health Care
Providing High-End Client/Server Application Software
Providing It Consultants
Providing Life Insurance
Provision Of Accounting
Public Policy Research
Public Relations
Public Relations And Media Research
Publicity And Promotional Programs
Publishing English-Language Books
Pump And Other Rotating Equipment
Pumps & Valves
Pvc Film And Fabrics
Quality Control Of Consumer Products For The Walt Disney Company
Radio And Radar Equipment
Rail Transit Systems
Railway And Airfield; High-Rise Construction
Ready-To-Eat Cereal Products
Ready-To-Wear Garments
Real Estate Acquisitions
Real Estate Advisor
Real Estate Process
Real-Time Financial Data,
Real-Time News
Recruiting Attorneys
Recruitment Of It Professionals
Refined Petroleum Products
Refining And Marketing Petroleum And Chemical Products
Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Compressors
Relocation Services
Removal Services
Renting Of Automobiles And Trucks
Representing Major Ship Owners And Shipping Companies
Reputation Management
Research-Based Pharmaceutical Company
Residential Sales And Leasing
Resins, Plasticisers & Coatings
Resorts And Leisure Complexes
Ride Control Products
Risk And Reliability Programs
Risk Consulting And Tax Services
Risk Management And Security Consulting Group
Ro-Ro And Break-Bulk Services
Sales Promotions
Sandal Shoes
Sealants And Adhesives
Secure Courier Services
Secure Vaulting
Secured Transport
Securities Brokerage
Securities Transactions
Security And Fire Protection
Security Consulting Services
Security Document
Security Paper
Security Reviews
Semi Conductors
Ship Operations
Shipping Agency Services
Shopping Arcade
Shrimp Feeding Technology
Shrink Films
Site Server Commece
Small Business Server
Software Developer
Software Solutions Provider
Solicitors And Arbitrators
Sourcing, Product Development,
Special Events
Specialized Legal Services
Specialty Gases
Sport Utility Vehicles And Trucks
Stainless Steel Hinges For Commercial And Residential Constructions
Steam And Fluid Control Services
Steel Construction For Industrial Plants
Sterilization Of Medical Products
Stock Brokerage
Storage. Retrieval And Management For Documents And Business Records
Strategic Business Planning
Strategic Marketing Consultancy
Strategic Marketing Programs
Strategic Planning
Strategy Formulation
Strategy Formulation And Implementation
Structural Steel Fabricator
Structure Cabling System
Supplier Vetting
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Services
Supply Of Turnkey Plants
Surge Protector
Switching Power Supply
System Integration And Management Services
System Integrator
Table Napkins
Teaching Business English
Technical Advisory Services On Natural Resources
Technical Support For Medical Equipment
Technical Translation
Technology Consulting In The Asia Pacific Region
Telecom Solutions
Telecommunications Carriers
Telecommunications Supplier
Telephone Products
Termite Killers
Testing And Commissioning Of Fire And Security Systems
Thermal And Electrical Architecture
Time Stamps
Time-Definite Packages
Tires For Commercial Applications
Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Mouthwash And Dental Floss
Total Graphic Solutions
Total Package Services
Tracing Service For Missing Persons
Trade And Project Studies
Trademark, Copyright And Patent Services
Trading In Mining And Construction Plant And Equipment
Trading Services
True Cost Management
Tube Storage
Turnkey Accelerator Equipment
Vacation Ownership Resort
Venture Capital
Verification And Monitoring Services
Vision And Strategy Management
Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures
Walkways And Shuttle Systems
Walmart-Type Store
Warehouse And Distribution Management
Warehouse Management Tools
Waste Management Facilities
Water Treatment Systems
Web Authoring And Design
Website Design & Hosting
Wireless Networks
Wireless Telecommunications System
Wireline Solutions For The Internet
Women's Swimwear
Woodworking Hand Tools
Working Visas For Expatriates
Worldwide Sourcing And Buying Organization
Worldwide Transportation Of Passengers And Cargo
Zinc And Phosphate Chemical Manufacturer

3m Thailand Limited,
4 Care Co.,Ltd
A.B. Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd.,
A.B.S. Group Inc,
A.B.S. Services Inc,
A.C. Nielsen Co.,Ltd.
A.C.E. Insurance Limited,
A.E.A. International (Thailand) Ltd.,
A.E.A. International Sos,
A.I.G./ New Hampshire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
A.J.B. Corporation Limited,
A.M.D. (Thailand) Ltd,
A.M.P. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.P.M. International Co.,Ltd.
A.V.E. Thailand Co,Ltd.
Ab Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd.,
Abbott Laboratories Co,Ltd.
Abes Group Pte Ltd.,
Absg Consulting Inc.,
Academy Of Modern Golf (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Accenture Solutions Co,Ltd.
Access Capital (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ace Insurance Limited,
Acnielsen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Act Consultants Co,Ltd.
Act Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.,
Acushnet (Thailand) Limited,
Adams (Thailand) Ltd.,
Adc Communications (Thailand) Limited,
Adecco Asoke,
Adecco Consulting Ltd.,
Adecco Eastern Seaboard,
Adecco New Petchburi Recruitment Limited,
Adecco Rama Iv Recruitment Limited,
Adflex (Thailand) Ltd,
Adia Personal Services Co,Ltd.
Advance Adjusting Legal & Services,
Advance Paint & Chemical (Thailand) Public Co Ltd,
Advanced Magnetic Materials Thailand Co Ltd,
Aes Group Ltd.,
Aetna International Inc,
Aetna Osotspa Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Agere Systems Microelectronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Agrisource Co.,Ltd.
Agro Food Resources Co.,Ltd.
Aig/New Hampshire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Air Transport Service Ltd.,
Alcatel (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Aleenta Co.,Ltd.
Alfa Laval (Thailand) Ltd.,
Allen & Overy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Almond (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Alpharma Pharmaceuticals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Amadeus Asia Ltd.,
Amata Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.
Ambe Gems Co.,Ltd.
Amdahl Pacific Basin Operations Inc,
Amerada Hess (Thailand) Limited,
American Airlines (Aa),
American Appliance & Engineering Co,Ltd.
American Appraisal (Thailand) Ltd,
American Best ( Thailand ) Ltd.,
American Building Product Co.,Ltd.
American Bureau Of Shipping,
American Chamber Of Commerce In Thailand,
American Debt Collection Service Co.,Ltd.
American Diamond Cutting Works Co,Ltd.
American Embassy Bangkok,
American European Products Co.,Ltd.
American Express (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
American Food Co.,Ltd.
American Industrial Supplies Co,Ltd.
American International Assurance Company Limited,
American International Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
American Lumber Products Co.,Ltd.
American Machinery & Equipment Co,Ltd.
American Petrochemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
American Phil Textiles (Overseas) Ltd.,
American Piercing Systems Of Asia Co.,Ltd.
American School Of Bangkok (Bangna Campus),
American Standard Sanitaryware (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
American Tool (Thailand) Ltd,
American Trading Co Thailand Ltd,
American Windows & Doors Co,Ltd.
Americana Export Import Co.,Ltd
American-British Co,. Ltd.
Ameritex Apparel Corp.,Ltd.
Amersham Bioscience Thailand Ltd.,
Ammirati Puris Lintas,
Amorient Enterprises Co,Ltd.
Amrop Hever Group/Advantage Executive Recruitment,
Amrop International,
Amway (Thailand) Ltd.,
Andersen Consulting Co,Ltd.
Anek & Associates International Legal Consultants,
Anixter Thailand Inc.,
Ann Taylor Sourcing Far East Limited,
Aon Group (Thailand) Ltd.,
Apl Co. Pte Ltd. (Thailand Branch),
Apm Group,
Aragon Co,Ltd.
Arinc (Thailand) Limited,
Arinc Inc,
Armorgroup (Asia Pacific) Co.,Ltd.
Arvin Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Arvinmeritor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Asajan Heritage Co.,Ltd.
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.,
Asia Badger Inc,
Asia Bio Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Asia Business Forum (Thailand) Ltd,
Asia Communications Group Co.,Ltd.
Asia Foundation,
Asia Hotel Investments Ltd.,
Asia Society,
Asiacongress Events Co.,Ltd.
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited,
Asian Land Solutions,
Asian Pvs Chemical Co Ltd,
Asian Spirit Co,Ltd.
Asian Wall Street Journal, The
Asia-Pacific Technotrade (Thailand) Ltd,
Aspac Oil (Thailand) Limited,
Asset Management Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Associated Merchandising Corporation,
Associated Press,
Astra (Thai) Ltd,
Astra Zeneca (Thailand) Ltd.,
At & T Communications Services Thailand Ltd,
Automotive Resources Asia,
Avery Dennison (Thailand) Ltd.,
Aviva Insurance (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Avon Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ayudhaya Cmg Life Assurance
Aziam Burson-Marsteller Co.,Ltd.
B.D. Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd.,
B.D.P. Asia-Pacific Ltd.,
B.N.B.-Waite Consulting Co Ltd,
B.Q.R. Thailand Co,Ltd.
Baker & Mckenzie,
Baker Tilly Thailand Ltd. (Btt),
Bangkok Capital Alliance Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Detective Law Security Guard Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Enterprise & Trading Ltd.,
Bangkok Fine Wine Company Limited,
Bangkok First Investment & Trust Public Company
Bangkok Hospital,
Bangkok Industrial Gas Co Ltd.,
Bangkok International Associates,
Bangkok International Trade And Exhibition Centre (Bitec),
Bangkok Opera Foundation,
Bangkok Patana School,
Bangkok Pathology-Laboratory Co,Ltd
Bangpakong Industrial Park 2 Public Co,Ltd.
Bank Of America (Asia) Ltd.,
Bank Of America, National Association
Bank Of Asia Ltd, The
Bank Of Asia Public Co.,Ltd.
Bank Of New York,
Bank Of Nova Scotia,
Banker Enterprises,
Bankers Trust Company,
Banque National De Paris,
Banyan Tree Bangkok,
Barwil (Thailand) Limited,
Basf (Thai) Ltd.,
Bata Shoe Of Thailand Public Co,Ltd
Bates (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Bausch & Lomb (Thailand) Limited,
Baxter Healthcare (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bayer Thai Co.,Ltd.
Bd Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bda International,Ltd.
Bdp Asia-Pacific Ltd.,
Bechtel International Inc.,
Benchmark Electronics (Thailand) Pcl.,
Benchmark Hospitality International Ltd,
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited,
Berlitz Language Center Co,Ltd.
Berlitz Thailand Ltd.,
Bestway Apparel Co,Ltd
Big C Supercenter Public Co.,Ltd.
Bikana Trading Company Limited,
Bird's Eye View Co,Ltd.
Birkart (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Bitec-Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center
Black & Veatch (Thailand) Ltd.,
Black & Veatch Power (Thailand) Ltd.,
Black Canyon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bleho Media Co.,Ltd.
Bloomberg Lp,
Blumenthal Richter & Sumet Ltd.,
Bms Gemini (Thailand) Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Bmw (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bmw Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bnh Hospital,
Bnp Paribas,
Body Fashion (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bombardier Transportation,
Boonchoo Blumenthal & Richter Ltd,
Boonprakorb Rubber Latex Industry Co,Ltd.
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.,
Boston Consulting Group (Thailand) Ltd,
Bovis (Thailand) Ltd,
Bovis Lend Lease (Thailand) Ltd.,
Boyden Associates (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bozell Paterson Co Ltd,
Bozell Worldwide (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Brink's (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bristol-Myers Squibb (Thailand) Ltd.,
British Acorn Co,Ltd.
Brooker Group Ltd, The
Brooker Group Public Co.,Ltd.
Bsl Leasing Company Limited,
Budget Car And Truck Rental
Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited,
Business (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Business Advisory (Thailand) Ltd.,
Business Facilitation Co,Ltd.
Business Objects Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.,
C. Lohapattana Yanyont Co,Ltd.
C.B. Richard Ellis Co,Ltd.
C.B.I./St Ltd,
C.H. Star Co Ltd,
C.H. Star Company,Ltd.
C.M.P. Media (Thailand) Co,Ltd. - Miller
C.P.C./Aji (Thailand) Ltd.,
C.P.P.C. Decorative Products Co.,Ltd.
C.S.N. & Associates Co,Ltd.
Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
California Wow Xperience Public Company Limited,
Callahan Corogin Studio Ltd,
Caltex Oil (Thailand) Ltd.,
Canadian Airlines International Co,Ltd.
Candela Corporation,
Cannon Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Capital Advisory Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Capsugel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Carepak Moving And Storage (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cargill Siam Limited,
Carolina Collection Co,Ltd.
Carrefour Super Center,
Carrier (Thailand) Ltd.,
Castrol (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cataler (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Caterpillar (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (Airport),
Cb Richard Ellis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ccs Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Cementhai Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Central Group Of Companies,
Central Hotels & Resorts,
Centre Point Executive Serviced Apartments,
Cetelem (Thailand) Ltd,
Ch2m Hill (Thailand) Ltd,
Challenge Hospitality Co.,Ltd.
Chamber Publications,
Chandler & Thong-Ek Law Offices Limited,
Chao Group Limited,
Charles Martin Co.,Ltd. (Coffee Works)
Chem Systems East Asia Co,Ltd.
Chemdal Asia Ltd.,
Chemical Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Chevron Offshore (Thailand) Ltd.,
Chinatrust Commercial Bank,
Chiva-Som International Health Resort Co.,Ltd.
Christiani & Nielsen (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chromalloy (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chrysler Sales And Services (Thailand) Ltd,
Chubb (Thailand) Limited,
Chubb Insurance Co.,(Thailand) Ltd.
Chuchawal-De Weger Internationaal Ltd,
Churchill Pryce Capital (Asia) Limited,
Churchill Pryce Capital (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cigna Insurance Asia Pacific Ltd/Cigna Thai Co Ltd,
Cisco Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Citibank Na,
Citicapital Ltd. (Citicorp Group),
City Residence,
Clifford Chance Wirot,
Clough (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Cmp Media (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd.,
Coca-Cola Services (Asia) Limited,
Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Ltd,
College Of Management Mahidol University (Cmmu),
Colliers Jardine,
Com-Link Co Ltd,
Commercial Union Assurance Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Communications Services Limited,
Compaq Computer Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.,
Compass Group Co,Ltd.
Compunet Corporation Limited.,
Computer Associates International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Connell Bros Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Conoco (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Conrad Hotel,
Continental Overseas Corp
Continental Grain
Control Data (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Convergys (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Convergys Employee Care (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Copeland Compressor-Thailand,
Corporate Protective Solutions Ltd.,
Corporate Resources Group (Thailand) Ltd.,
Coudert Freres (Coudert Brothers),
Cppc-Decorative Products Co.,Ltd.
Creatus Corporation Limited,
Credit Agricole Indosuez Bank Ltd.,
Crestcom Ra-Kahng Associates Ltd.,
Crestcom Traincom Ltd.,
Crompton Specialties Ltd,
Croplife Asia,
Crosby Holdings (Thailand) Ltd,
Cross-Cultural Management Co.,Ltd.
Crown Cork And Seal (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Crown Seal Public Company Limited,
Crown Worldwide Movers Thailand,
Crowne Plaza Bangkok,
Csn & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Cushman & Wakefield,
D.B.M. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.B.S. Thai Danu Bank Public Company Limited,
D.D.I.-Asia/Pacific International Ltd,
D.H.L. International (Thailand) Ltd.,
D.T.C. Group,The
D.Z. Thailand Ltd.,
Daimlerchrysler (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Daner International Inc.,
Datacom Co.,Ltd.
Dataconsult Ltd,
Datasafe Ltd.,
Dbm (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ddi - Asia/Pacific International Ltd.,
De Sta Co (Asia) Co,Ltd.
Deacons Graham & James,
Decollement Consulting Ltd.,
Dej-Udom & Associates Ltd,
Delaney & Co Ltd,
Dell Computer (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Jaiyos Co.,Ltd.
Delphi Automotive Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Delta Grand Pacific Hotel,
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Limited,
De-Sta-Co (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Deutsche Bank Ag,
Dharmniti Law Office Co,Ltd.
Dhl Express International (Thailand) Ltd.,
Dhl Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Diethelm & Co.,Ltd.
Diethelm Business Travel,
Distri-Thai Ltd.,
Dla Piper Rudnick Gray Cary (Thailand) Limited,
Dole Thailand Ltd.,
Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office Limited,
Dow Chemical Thailand Co. Ltd.,
Dow Corning (Thailand) Ltd,
Draco Pcb Public Company Limited,
Dupont (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dusit Hotels & Resorts,
Dusit Thani,The
Dz Card (Thailand) Ltd.,
E.D.S. Electronic Data Systems (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E.R.M.-Siam Co,Ltd.
E.T.S.T. Co Ltd,
Ecc (Thailand),
Eclipse Combustion (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ecolab Ltd.,
Edison Mission Energy Thailand,
Eds Electronic Data Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Effem Thailand Inc,
Eglobal Technology Services Ltd.,
Elec & Eltek (Thailand) Limited,
Eli Lilly Asia Inc.(Thailand Branch),
Elyo-H Facilities Management Ltd.,
Emc Information Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Emerson Electric (Thailand) Ltd.,
Empresarial Extension Co,Ltd.
English Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Epic (Thailand) Ltd,
Eporttals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Eqho Communications,Ltd.
Erm-Siam Co.,Ltd.
Ernst & Young (Thailand) Limited,
Esab (Thailand) Ltd,
Esab Products (Thailand),
Essex International Public Co Ltd,
Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited,
Esso Exploration And Production Khorat Inc,
Eta (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Euro Rscg Partnership,
Europac Co.,Ltd.
Evan Corporate Marketing Consultants (Thailand) Lt,
Evergreen Laurel Hotel,
Exact Software (Thailand) Ltd.,
Excellent Business Corporation International Ltd.,
Excellent Energy International Co.,Ltd
Executive Search Services (Ess) Co,Ltd.
Exel (Thailand) Ltd.,
Exel Logistics (Far East) Ltd,
Expa Interbusiness Co.,Ltd.
Expeditors (Thailand) Ltd,
Export Development Trading Corp Ltd,
Express (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Exxon Chemical Thailand Ltd.,
F.C.B. Worldwide (Thailand) Limited,
F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd. - Industrial Division.,
F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok).,
F.M.C. (Thailand) Ltd,
Fabrinet Co.,Ltd
Fasttech United Ltd.,
Fblp Legal Co.,Ltd.
Fcb Worldwide (Thailand) Ltd.,
Federal Express Co,Ltd.
Fedex Co.,Ltd.
Fee (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Ferro (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fiat Auto (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fieldstone Private Capital Group (Asia) Ltd,
Finansa Pcl,
Finansa Securities Company Limited,
Finansa Thai Ltd.,
Fire Engineering Services Co Ltd,
First Bangkok Law And Practice Ltd.,
First Services,
First Union National Bank,
Firstpart Co.,Ltd
Fitness Innovations (Thailand) Ltd,
Flowserve-Siam Co,Ltd.
Fluor Daniel Eastern Inc,
Fmc Technologies (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ford Operations (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Ford Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fort Dodge Animal Health (Thailand) Ltd,
Foster Wheeler International Corporation,
Foster Wheeler Service (Thailand) Ltd.,
Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok,
Four Winds International Moving Ltd,
Franco-Pacific (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer,
Frito - Lay Thailand,
Frontstep (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
G.D.M. Company Limited.,
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd.,
G.M. Exhibition Tours Co,Ltd.
G.P. Group Of Companies/G Premjee Ltd,
Galileo Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Gallery Americana Showroom,
Gallup Co.,Ltd.
Gallup Marketing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Gannon Realty (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ge Money (Thailand) Ltd.,
Gem City Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Gem Essence Co,Ltd.
General Electric International Operations Company Inc.,
General Motors (Thailand) Ltd,
Geologistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Gerson & Sons Ltd,
Gillette Thailand Ltd.,
Ginaform Bra Co.,Ltd.
Glaxosmithkline (Thailand) Ltd.,
Global Chemical Co,Ltd.
Global Doctor - Bangkok Clinic,
Global Doctor Ltd.,
Global Industries Offshore (Thailand) Ltd.,
Global Investments (Far East) Ltd.,
Global One Communications Ltd,
Global Silverhawk (Thailand) Ltd,
Global Tec Associates,Inc
Global Union Express Co.,Ltd.
Global Validators,Inc.
Golden Land (Mayfair) Co.,Ltd.
Golden Land Property Development Public Co.,Ltd.
Golf One Franchise Store Co.,Ltd.
Goodyear (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Grammy Entertainment Plc.,
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok,
Grant Thornton Thailand,
Green Leaf Spa Ltd.,
Green Spot (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Grey Worldwide Thailand Ltd.,
Griffon Ltd.,
Groovy Map Co.,Ltd.
Group 4 Securicor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Guardian Industries Corp.,Ltd.
Gulf Agency Company (Thailand) Ltd.,
H & Q (Thailand) Ltd,
H.D. Distributors (Thailand) Ltd.,
H.K.I. Worldwide Movers Co Ltd,
H.M.C. Polymers Co. Ltd.,
Habitat For Humanity International,
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.,
Hallmark Cards (Hk) Ltd.,
Hantex Public Company Limited,
Hapag-Lloyd (Thailand) Ltd.,
Harris Corp,
Havi Food Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hay Group Limited,
Hay Management Consultants (Thailand) Ltd,
Hd Distributors (Thailand) Ltd.,
Heartland Golf Co.,Ltd.
Heil Asia Limited,
Heiniburg (Thailand) Corp Ltd,
Hemaraj Land And Development Public Co.,Ltd.
Henley Corporate (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Henry Butcher & Co.,(Thailand) Ltd.
Herbert Smith (Thailand) Limited,
Hewitt Associates (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd.,
High Tech Aj Holding Ltd.,
Hill & Associates (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hill Risk Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hilti (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hilton International,
Hmc Polymers Co.,Ltd.
Hnp Legal Counsellors Limited,
Hodlmayr Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok,
Hong Kong Transpack Co.,Ltd.
Horizon Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd.
Hr Consultants Southeast Asia Co.,Ltd.
Human Capital Alliance Co.,Ltd.
Hunton & Williams (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hyder Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.B.A. S & I (Thailand) Ltd.,
I.B.M. Thailand Co,Ltd.
I.S.M. Technology Recruitment Limited,
I.S.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Ibm Thailand Company Limited,
Iic Partners/Richard Glynn Consultants Executive Recruitment Ltd,
Indochina Business Center Bangkok,
Indochina Healthcare Ltd,
IInetasia Holding Ltd.,
Infofax Services (Thailand),
Infonet (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ing Life Limited,
Institute Of International Education,
Intel Co.,Ltd.
Inter Valued Product(Thailand).,
Intercontinental Bangkok,
Interdean Interconex International Movers,
Interface Modernform Co Ltd,
Interior Architecture 103 Co Ltd,
Interlife John Hancock Assurance Plc.,
International Capsule Co,Ltd.
International Community School,
International Contract And Consulting Services Co,
International Fire Safety Services Co.,Ltd.
International Food Technology Ltd.,
International Herald Tribune (Thailand) Ltd.,
International Legal Counsellors Thailand Ltd.,
International School Bangkok,
International School Eastern Seaboard (Ise),
International Sos Services (Thailand) Limited,
Internet Thailand Public Company Limited,
Iridium Southeast Asia Co,Ltd.
Ism Technology Recruitment Ltd.,
Isp (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Iss Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
Issara Technology Co.,Ltd.
J.C. Penny Purchasing Corp,
J.L.F. Associates,Ltd.
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co,
J.P. Rooney & Associates Group,
J.T.C. International (Thailand) Representative Off,
J.W. Marriott Hotel,
Jacky Maeder (Thailand) Ltd.,
Jardine Logistics Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Jardine Matheson (Thailand) Ltd.,
Jhpiego,An Affiliate Of John Hopkins University
Jim Thompson--The Thai Silk Company Limited,
Jitramas Trading Co,Ltd.
Jlf Associates Ltd.,
John Griffiths (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd.,
Johnson Controls World Services(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Johnson Electric Industrial (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Johnson Stokes & Master (Thailand) Limited,
Johny's Gems Brother Ltd,Part
Jones Lang Lasalle (Thailand) Ltd.,
Jp Morgan Chase & Co.,
Jp Rooney & Associates Ltd.,
Jw Marriott Hotel,
K.K. - Jtci ( Thailand) Co. Ltd,
K.P.M.G. Peat Marwick Suthee,
K.P.M.G. Thailand,
Kaamool Airgas Ltd.,
Kasikornbank Public Company Limited,
Katoen Natie (Thailand) Ltd.
Katoen Natie Sembcorp (Thailand) Ltd.,
Kdc Asia Ltd.,
Kellogg (Thailand) Ltd.,
Kenan Institute Asia,
Kepner Tregoe (Thailand) Ltd,
Kerr Mcgee (Thailand) Ltd,
Kian Gwan Commercial Company Ltd.,
Kimberly-Clark Thailand Ltd.,
Kis International School,
Kitz (Thailand) Ltd.,
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (Airport Office),
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (Head Office),
Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kodak (Thailand) Limited.,
Koerner & Associates Ltd.,
Koll (Thailand) Limited,
Korn/Ferry International Executive Recruitment (Thailand) Ltd.,
Kothari And Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Kpmg Thailand,
Kraft Foods (Thailand) Ltd.,
Krisdadoi Chiangmai Aprime Resort,
Krone Technique (Thailand) Ltd.,
Krung Siam Hospital Co.,Ltd.
Krungthai Axa Life Insurance Co Ltd,
Kuehne & Nagel (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Kuehne + Nagel Limited,
Kulthorn Engineering Lp,
Kwatra (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
L.E.K. Consulting (Asia Pacific) Llp,
L.G.M.E.I. Thailand Ltd.,
L'air Liquide (Thailand) Ltd.,
Lambert Holding Co,Ltd.
Landmark Bangkok,The
Landmark Hotel,Bangkok
Larive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Law & Solicitors Limited,
Law Office Of Paiboon Sutuntivorakoon Co,Ltd.
Laws & Solicators Limited,
Legacy Golf (Thailand) Ltd.,
Lek Consulting (Asia Pacific) Llp.,
Lend Lease Projects (Thailand) Ltd,
Leo Burnett Ltd.,
Leo Logistics & Moving Company Limited,
Leschaco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Letter-Ads Direct Mail Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Libra Accounting Ltd.,
Limousine Express Group Co.,Ltd.
Linfox Logistics (Thailand) Ltd,
Linklaters (Thailand) Ltd.,
Litehart Co Ltd,
Lmg Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Lockwood Greene Asia Pacific (Thai) Ltd.,
Loctite (Thailand) Ltd.,
Lone Star Asia-Pacific Investments,Ltd
L'oreal (Thailand) Ltd.,
Louis Berger Group Inc.,
Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.,
Lowe Limited,
Lowe Lintas & Partners,
Loxley Intergraph (Thailand) Ltd,
Loxley Public Company Limited,
Lp Power Consultants Ltd.,
Lucasvarity (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Lucent Technologies Microelectronics (Thai) Ltd.,
Lucent Technologies Thailand Inc.,
M & H Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,
M.B.M.G. International Inc,
M.P.A. Ltd.,
M.P.O. Asia Co Ltd.,
M.R.O. Software (Thailand) Ltd. Psdi,
Maersk Bangkok Branch,
Maersk Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Co.,Ltd.
Maharajah Manshop Lp,
Management & Executive Recruitment Consultants Ltd.,
Management Consulting Services Co Ltd,
Management Link Inc,The
Management Solutions,Inc
Manarco Consulting Executive Recruitment
Manarco Recruitment,
Manheim Asia Pacific Ltd.,
Mapics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Marketing Integration Co.,Ltd.
Marriott International,
Marriott Vacantion Club International (Mvci),
Marsh Pb Co.,Ltd.
Mastercard International,
Mattel Bangkok Limited,
Mawin Legal & Business Consultancy Co.,Ltd.
Mayflower Holdings Ltd,
Mbmg International Co.,Ltd.
Mccann World Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mccann-Erickson (Thailand) Limited,
Mcevily & Collins Co.,Ltd.
Mckinsey & Company Inc. Thailand,
Mcthai Co Ltd,
Mcwhorter Technologies (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Medconsult Co.,Ltd.
Med-Sure Service Ltd.,
Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd.,
Mentor Isc Education & Training,
Mercer Human Resource Consulting Limited,
Mercure Hotel Bangkok,
Meridien Hotels & Resorts,Le
Mermaid Maritime Limited,
Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Company Limited (
Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Pcl,
Metcalf & Eddy Inc,
Metro Co Ltd,
Metro Machinery Co Ltd,
Metropolitan Hotel,
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd.,
Microchip Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Microsoft (Thailand) Ltd.,
Microtek Products,
Midas Agronomics Co.,Ltd.
Millennium Hilton Bangkok,
Miller Freeman (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs,
Minor Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.
Minor International Public Co.,Ltd. (Mint)
Mission Hospital-Bangkok,
Mobil Oil Thailand Ltd,
Mona's Fashion Co,Ltd.
Monsanto Thailand Limited,
Montgomery Holding Ltd.,
Montien Hotel,
Morrison Knudsen (Thailand) Ltd,
Motion Picture Association (Thailand) Ltd.,
Motorola (Thailand) Ltd,
Mpa Securitas Ltd.,
Mro Software (Thailand) Limited,
Msd (Thailand) Ltd.,
Msn & Associates Limited,
Mullis Capital (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mulvana De Angeli & Associates,
Mustang Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Mysoft Technologies Co.,Ltd.
N.C.C.Management And Development Co Ltd,
N.C.R. (Thailand) Ltd.,
N.I.I.T. (Thailand) Ltd.,
N.I.S. Transearch Executive Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
N.N.R. Cargo Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.T.U./Thailand Ltd,
Nabisco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Nagadatta & Doyle Ltd.,
Nai Lert Park Bangkok,A Raffles International Hotel
Nalco (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nalco Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Nalco Industrial Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nancy Chandler Graphics Ltd.,
Narai International Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Natee International Law Office,
Natee International Law Office Ltd.,
National Bank Of Kuwait Sak,
National Food Processors Association (Nfpa),
Navis Capital (Thailand) Limited,
Ncr (Thailand) Ltd.,
Neon Infotech South East Asia Co.,Ltd
Nestle (Thai) Ltd.,
Nestle (Thailand) Ltd.,
Nestle Icecream (Thailand) Ltd,
New Imperial Hotel Public Co Ltd,
New International School Of Bangkok,
New International School Of Thailand,
New Media,
Nexus Property Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Ngow Hock Agency Co.,Ltd.
Nike Inc.,
Nis Recruitment And Consulting Services Ltd.,
Nopadol & Khaisri Law Office Limited,
Nortel Networks,
Northrop Grumman Co,
Northwest Airlines Inc.,
Novartis (Mpl) Limited,
Novatech Co Ltd.,
Novotel Bangkok On Siam Square,
Ntu / Thailand Ltd.,
Nu Skin Thailand Co. Ltd.,
Nynex Network Systems Siam Ltd,
Nynex Science & Technology Asia,
O.M.G. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
O.S./Cm Ltd Thailand,
Oakwood City Residence,
Occidental Chemical Thailand Ltd,
Oga International Co.,Ltd.
Ogilvy & Mather (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ogilvy & Mather Public Relations Worldwide,
Ogilvy Interactive Worldwide Ltd.,
Olic (Thailand) Limited,
Opentech Company Ltd.,
Opus Recruitment Ltd.,
Oracle Corporation (Thailand) Company Limited,
Oracle Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Orchid Asset Advisors Ltd.,
O'reillys Irish Pub,
Oriental Hotel (Thailand ),The
Orogems Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Os/Cm Ltd. Thailand,
Osmonics Asia Pacific Ltd,
Osotspa Co.,Ltd.
Otis Elevator Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Otis Elevator Company (Thailand) Ltd.,
Outback Steakhouse,
Outward Bound (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P & O Nedlloyd Ltd.,
P.A.E. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.B. Agencies Co.,Ltd.
P.B.S. Law Limited,
P.P.W. Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
P.Q. Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pac Rim International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pacific American Business Advisory Services Co.,L
Pacific City Club,
Pacific Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Healthcare (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Pacific Legal Group Ltd.,
Pacific Leisure (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pacific Siam Strategic Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Travel Management Co.,Ltd.
Pacrim Associates Ltd.,
Pacrim Leadership Center Co.,Ltd.
Pajasalmi,Ruangkittikul & Associates Limited
Pall Corporation Filtration & Separations (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pan Pacific Associates Co.,Ltd.
Pan Pacific Bangkok,
Pan Thai Computer Co.,Ltd
Panalpina World Transport (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pancam (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Paradise Apparel Limited,
Parish Structural Products (Thailand) Ltd.,
Park Suanplu Exclusive Residence,
Parker Hannifin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Parkway Group Healthcare Pte Ltd.,
Parsons Globe (Asia-Pacific) Co.,Ltd.
Pattanayon Chonburi Co.,Ltd.
Pb Agencies Co.,Ltd.
Pegasus International Law Office,
Peninsula Bangkok,The
Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co.,Ltd.
Performa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Performa Co Ltd,
Pfizer (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pfizer International Co.,Ltd.
Pfizer International Corp (Sa),
Pharmacia & Upjohn Co.,Ltk.
Phelps Dodge Thailand Ltd.,
Philip Morris (Thailand) Ltd.,
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Philips Semiconductors (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Phillips Foods Asia Co.,Ltd.
Pic Siam Co.,Ltd.
Pinkerton (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pinsuwan Co.,Ltd.
Pisanu Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Pitney Bowes (Thailand) Limited,
Piton Communications Co.,Ltd.
Piyapoom Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Pizza Public Co Ltd,The
Platinum Technology Thailand,
Plaza Athenee,A Royal Meridien Hotel
Plus Property Partners Co.,Ltd.
Pointer Asia Limited,
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Post Publishing Public Co.,Ltd.
Power Quality (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Pq Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Prakit & Fcb Co.,Ltd.
Prasit Patana Public Co.,Ltd. (Phyathai Hospitals)
Praxair (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Premier Manufacturing Support Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
President Automobile Industries Co.,Ltd.
Presko Shandwick (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pressure Container Industry Corp Ltd,
Pricewaterhousecoopers Executive Recruitment,
Prima Network Co.,Ltd.
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Procter & Gamble Thailand,
Project Hope Thailand,
Project Solutions International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Projects Asia Limited,
Pro-Log Co.,Ltd.
Prosum Technology Consulting Group,
Prudential Tslife Assurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Pws Consulting Co.,Ltd.
Pwt Logistic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Q.D.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Qantas Airways/British Airways,
Qualcomm International Inc,
Quality Golf Consultants Co Ltd,
Quality Suites Airport Bangkok,
Quantico Ltd.,
Queen's Park Hotel Group Company Limited,
R & T Shipping Service Co.,Ltd.
R.B.K. Thailand Inc.,
R.J. Reynolds (Thailand) Inc,
R.M.A. Trading Co.,Ltd.
R.S.M. Nelson Wheeler (Thailand) Limited,
Rabobank Nederland,
Radian Sea Ltd,
Raimon Land Public Co.,Ltd
Raja's Fashions,
Rajawongse Clothier,
Raytheon International Inc.,
Raytheon Professional Services,
Reader's Digest (Thailand) Ltd.,
Read-Rite Smi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Recall Total Information Management,
Reed Tradex Co.,Ltd.
Regent Bangkok Hotel (Rajadamri Hotel Public Co.,
Regus Centre (Thailand) Limited,
Reuters (Thailand) Limited,
Rhone-Poulenc Agro (Thailand) S.A. Co.,Ltd.
Rib Room,The
Richard Glynn Consultants Executive Recruitment Lt,
Riche Monde (Bangkok) Ltd.,
Rieckermann Thai Engineering Co Ltd,
Rinol (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ripples International Ltd.,
Robere And Associates (Thailand) Ltd.,
Robert G. Boughey And Associates Co.,Ltd.
Rockwell Automation Thai Co.,Ltd.
Rohm & Haas Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm And Haas Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.,
Rolls-Royce (Thailand) Ltd.,
Rose Marie Academy,
Royal Garden Resorts (Chao Phaya Resort Ltd.),
Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers,
Royal Porcelain Public Co.,Ltd.
Royale International Couriers (Thailand) Ltd.,
Royaltainer Corporation Ltd.,
Rps Technologies Limited,
Rsm Nelson Wheeler (Thailand) Limited,
Ruamrudee International School,
S.C. Johnson & Son Ltd,
S.C.I. System (Thailand) Ltd
S.D.S. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
S.E.A. Tours,
S.G. Asia Credit Public Co.,Ltd.
S.G.S. (Thailand) Limited,
S.G.V..-Na Thalang & Co.,Ltd.
S.Q.V. Consulting And Services Co.,Ltd.
Saangsan Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Saatchi & Saatchi Co.,Ltd.
Sachdev O'dell (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Saha Union Public Co.,Ltd.
Saint John's Management Center,
Sakol Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Salomon Brothers Asia Pacific Ltd,
Samart Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.
Samitivej Public Company Limited,
Sanmina-Sci Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sanmina-Sci Sysyems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sansiri Public Company Limited,
Santa Fe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sara Lee (Thailand) Ltd,
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) .,Ltd.
Sara Lee Thailand,
Sasin Graduate Institute Of Business Administration,
Schenker (Thai) Ltd.,
Schering (Bangkok) Ltd.,
Schering-Plough Ltd.,
Schneider (Thailand) Limited,
Sea Tours Co.,Ltd.
Seabra International Movers And Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd,
Seagram (Thailand) Ltd,
Sea-Land Service Co.,Ltd.
Sealed Air (Thailand) Ltd.,
Seamico Securities Plc,
Search International Executive Selection Services,
Seastar Properties Co Ltd,
Securicor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Semiconductor Ventures International,
Sequoya Company Limited.,
Seri Manop And Doyle Ltd.,
Sgs (Thailand) Ltd.,
Shandwick Thailand,
Shangri-La Hotel Public Company Limited,
Shangri-La Hotel,Bangkok
Shell Company In Thailand Limited,
Shell Distributor Company Limited,
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit,
Siam Asia Pacific Industrial Consultants,
Siam Cement Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam City Hotel,
Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited,
Siam Commercial New York Life Insurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Siam Express Co.,Ltd.
Siam Golf Properties Co.,Ltd.
Siam International Consulting Services Co.,Ltd.
Siam Lcb Co.,Ltd.
Siam Premier International Law Office,
Siam Teltech Company Limited,
Siam-American International Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Siamball Sport Factory Co Ltd,
Siamerican Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Siamese/Dmb&B Co Ltd,
Siemens Limited,
Sig Combibloc Ltd.,
Sikarin Hospital,
Silicon Graphics Ltd.,P.
Silom Business Center,
Simmons Asia Limited,
Sinclair Paint (Thailand) Ltd,
Sing Pao Ltd,
Singer Thailand Public Co.,Ltd
Sino-American Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sithe Pacific Development,
Six Senses Resorts And Spas,
Skillpower Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Smith Hodgkinson (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Smith Kline & French (Thailand) Ltd,
Societe Generale,Bibf
Softcontrol Co.,Ltd.
Solarlens Co.,Ltd.
Solutia Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd,
Somphob And Associates Law Office Ltd.,
Soneva Pavilion Hotel & Resorts,
Sony Bmg Music Entertainment (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sony Music Entertainment (Thailand) Ltd.,
Source Thai Co.,Ltd.
Spansion (Thailand) Limited,
Specialty Natural Products Co.,Ltd.
Spectrum Oso Asia Co.,Ltd.
Spirax Sarco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sport Engineering & Recreation Asia Ltd. (Seara),
Ssup Total Wellness Co.,Ltd.
Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Pcl,
Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Co.,Ltd.
Stanley Works Limited,
Star Petroleum Refining Co. Ltd.,
Star Translation & Software (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Starbucks Coffee (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Star-Dynamic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sterigenics (Thailand) Lt.D,
Stiefel Laboratories (Thailand) Ltd.,
Stone & Webster (Thailand) Ltd,
Sukhothai Bangkok,
Summit Auto Industries Group Co.,Ltd.
Sun Microsystems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sunbelt Asia Co. Ltd.,
Superior Tour American Express Travel Services Co.,
Supply Chain Management Ltd,
Surebeam (Thailand) Ltd.,
Svi Public Company Limited,
Swedish Motors Corporation Public Company Limited,
Symix Asia Co Ltd,
T & N Technologies Co.,Ltd.
T.C.C. Commercial Property Management Co.,Ltd.
T.K.D. Fiber Co.,Ltd.
T.O.A.-Uni Chemical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
T.R.K. Bangkok Industry & The Exporter Co.,Ltd.
Tahitian Noni International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tai Sae Co.,Ltd.
Tara Siam Business Information Ltd.,
Taylor Nelson Sofres Thailand,
Technology Application (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Teledyne Fluid Systems (Thailand) Ltd,
Tellabs International Inc,
Temenos (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Temenos Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Teo Hong Group Of Companies,
Teo Hong Silom Co.,Ltd.
Tesco Lotus Ek-Chai Distribution System Co.,Ltd.
Texaco Energy Development (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Texaco Exploration (Thailand) Ii Ltd,
Texaco Global Products Llc,
Texxan Co.,Ltd.
Thai - Fi,
Thai Acrylic Fibre Co.,Ltd.
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited,
Thai American Environment Protection Co.,Ltd.
Thai British Security Printing Public Co Ltd,
Thai Brux Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cane Paper Public Co.,Ltd
Thai Carbon Black Public Company Limited,
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co.,Ltd
Thai Danu Bank Pcl,The
Thai Factory Development Public Company Limited,
Thai Farmers Bank,Pcl
Thai Glass Industries Plc.,
Thai Herrick Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hygienic Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Connection Co.,Ltd.
Thai Occidental Chemical Ltd.,
Thai Petroleum & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Photovoltaics Ltd.,
Thai Prasit Nationwide,
Thai Pure Drinks Ltd.,
Thai Strategic Capital Co.,Ltd.
Thai-American Brigs Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai-American Food Co.,Ltd.
Thai-American Gems Ltd.,
Thailand Management Association,
Thailand Technical Services Co.,Ltd.
Thaipo Limited,
Thamavit Consulting Office Co Ltd,
The Boston Consulting Group (Thailand) Ltd.,
The Capstone Group Recruitment & Consulting (Thailand) Limited,
The Dusit Thani,Bangkok
The Legists Ltd.,
The Metropolitan,
The Oriental,Bangkok
The Post Publishing Public Co.,Ltd.
The Tycoon,
Theravitae Co.,Ltd.
Ticon Industrial Connection Public Company Ltd.,
Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd.,
Tilleke & Gibbins R.O.P,
Time Warner Inc.,
Timken Thailand,
Tnt (Thailand) Limited,
Toll (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tops Supermarket,
Total Training Innovations (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tractus (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trafalgar International Ltd.,
Trane International Co.,Ltd.
Trane Thailand,
Transpo International Ltd.,
Transtechnology Co.,Ltd.
Travel Trip Co.,Ltd.
Treasure Express Corporation.,Ltd.
Trend Executive Search Co Ltd,
Tricor Outsourcing (Thailand) Ltd.,
Triumph International (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Troy Siam Co. Ltd,
Trw Steering & Suspension Co.,Ltd
Tts Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Tyco Earth Tech (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tyco Electronics (Thailand) Limited,
U.P.S. Parcel Delivery Service Limited,
Ub-Haworth (Thailand) Co Ltd,
U-C-Me (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Union Carbide Thailand Ltd,
Unique Building Concepts Co Ltd,
Unisys Thailand Limited,
United Airlines Inc.,
United Broadcasting Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.
United Communication Industry Public Co.,Ltd
Universal Compression (Thailand) Ltd.,
University Of San Francisco,
Unocal Thailand,Ltd.
Ups Parcel Delivery Service Ltd.,
Uti Worldwide Co.,Ltd
Utility Electric Co.,Ltd.
V. Pack & Move Co.,Ltd
Vacances Siam (Club Med ) Ltd.,
Value Systems Co.,Ltd.
Veritas Enterprises Ltd.,
Vicchi Consolidated Co Ltd,
Vicchi Group,
Vicchi Provimed Co.,Ltd
Vickery & Worachai Ltd.,
Visteon (Thailand) Limited,
Visual Horizons Co.,Ltd.
Vivendi Water (Thailand) Ltd,
Volclay Siam Ltd.,
Vovan & Associes S.A.,
Vovan & Partners,
W.E.-Ef Lighting Co Ltd,
W.M.S. International Ltd.,
W.R. Grace (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wachovia Bank,National Association
Wackenhut (Thailand) Ltd.,
Walker Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wall Street Institute School Of English,
Warner Lambert,
Waste Management Siam Ltd,
Watson Wyatt (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wattyl Dimet (Siam) Ltd.,
Weber Shandwick (Thailand),
Webster University (Thailand),
We-Ef Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Western Digital (Thailand) Company Limited,
Westin Banyan Tree,
Westin Grande Sukhumvit,Bangkok
Westman Linmark (Thailand) Ltd.,
Whirlpool (Thailand) Limited,
White & Case (Thailand) Limited,
White Group Public Co Ltd,
William M.Mercer Thailand,
Wilsonart (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Windsor Suites Hotel,
Wisma Forwarding Ltd.,
Witco Specialties (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Woods Bagot Thailand Ltd,
World Courier Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
World Travel Service Limited,
Wright Company,
Wyeth Ayerst (Thailand) Limited,
X Ventures Co. Ltd.,
Yan Wal Yun Co.,Ltd.
Yes Technologies (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Yip In Tsoi Co.,Ltd.
York Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yum Restaurants International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zi-Techasia Solutions Ltd.
Zuellig Pharma Ltd.


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