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Thailand Foreign Companies
, Thai Foreign Manufacturers, Foreign Owned Companies in Thailand bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and a wealth of investment and money to the Thai economy.

Over the years Bangkok Companies has sought to research data on these foreign companies. We believe that we have the most comprehensive and in-depth database of foreign owned companies in Thailand.

If you are looking to do business with a Foreign company in Thailand or want to contact Foreign expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for more details and pricing

Foreign Companies in Thailand  
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Featured Foreign Companies and Foreign Manufacturers in Thailand
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand manufacturer of Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Packaging
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand manufacturing Shafts, Pins, Screws, Bosses for Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Industries
F & C Enterprises Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign owned company in Thailand specializing in Plastic Film Manufacturing Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Plastic Machines
F.B. (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Safety Cabinets, Safety Equipment, Safety Services, Fire Fighting Equipment, safety and Security Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment
F.A.G. (Thailand) Co.Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand Importer and distribution of ball and roller bearings manufactured by the FAG Group in Germany.
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle clutches and Assembly of Auto Parts and Automobile Clutches
G&U Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand International Freight Forwarding Sea & Air, ISO Tank Container-Worldwide Service, Consolidation for Classified Cargo, Customs Clearance Import & Export, Transportation Nationwide, Warehousing for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Goods, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd Thailand American Company in Thailand operating financial services businesses auto financing, Auto Leasing; credit cards and personal loan services; and customer installment financing
G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Limited Thailand American Company in Thailand developing medical software systems for medical equipment needs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and health professionals
Gredmann (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand A Taiwanese Manufacturer of Chemical Products, Electronics, Metals, Electro-Ceramic Materials, Ferrite & Magnet Materials, Flame Retardants, Surface Treatment, Rubber & Paint Materials and Food Additives
H.C. Starck (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand. Manufacturer of tantalum metal powder, tantalum compounds and niobium compounds for the electronic industry and optical applications
H.C.Y. (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand producing Hans Christian Range of Fiber Glass Boats, Fibre Glass Yachts. Boat Equipment & Supplies
H.D. Distributors (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Also known as Haagen-Dazs Distributors (Thailand) Ltd. is a distributor of the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream brand. It is a joint venture between General Mills, U.S.A, and S&P Syndicate, Thailand
I-Net Solutions Co.,Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand involved in the Communications and Computer Business, Computer Messaging-service, Software Development, Computer system Implementation & Maintenance, Software & Hardware Maintenance, Office Communications systems
J & D Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand Leather Footwear Manufacturer, Leather Shoes Manufacturer, Leather Sandals Manufacturer, Leather Slippers Manufacturer
K & Z Corporation Co.,Ltd Thailand Italian Company in Thailand supplying Colour Preparation Machinery, Printing Screens Preparation Equipment, Table Printing Machinery for Flat and Rotary Screens, Printing Machinery Ancillary Equipment, Steam Ageing Machinery, Polymerizing Machinery, Continuous Washing Ranges for After Printing
L & S Shibacon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturers of plastic packing accessories with carton boxes and foam packaging, foam boxes, corrugated plastic board paper partition
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes
L'air Liquide (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Foreign Manufacturer of Industrial Gases, Air Liquide Thailand is a part of Air Liquide Group, a global provider of industrial gases and medical gases and related services
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of Washing Machine, Food Service Equipment, Food Storage Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment, Terminal Heating and Cooling Units
N & DD International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand French Company in Thailand supplying Oceanography Equipment, Cartography Equipment, Meteorology Equipment, Oceanography Instruments, Cartography Instruments, Meteorology Instruments
N.A.I. Andrew Park Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand Providing Corporate Services, Office Brokerage, Industrial Brokerage, Retail Brokerage, Commercial & Residential Tenant Representation, Property Valuation, Consulting Services, Lodge & Hospitality, Residential Property Management, Relocation & Residential Services, Property
N.A.S. TOA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer of Welded Stainless Steel Pipes & Welded Stainless Steel Tubes
O.C.E. (Thailand) Limited Thailand Dutch Company in Thailand Supplying Office Equipment photocopying machines and Office Supplies Wide Format Printing Systems and Digital Document Systems, Production Printing Systems.
Q-BEST ENTERPRISE CO. Ltd Thailand A Taiwanese company trading in Chemicals for polymer manufacturing industry. Power liquid type stabilizer for PVC, Additives for Polymer production
Q.B.E. Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Australian Company in Thailand Providing Property Insurance, General Accident Insurance, Machinery Insurance, Construction Insurance, Motor Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance, Professional Risks Insurance, Trade Credit Insurance

Following you will find lists of foreign companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a foreign company or simply supply a database of these foreign companies then please email

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20-20 Afro-Pacific Co,Ltd.
2p2b1 Limited Partnership,
2w Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
3com (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
3d Interiors Company Ltd.,
3d Scanners ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
3j Electric Co,Ltd.
3m Thailand Limited,
4b Network Co.,Ltd.
4k Travel,
9 Pages Co.,Ltd.
A & A Group Ltd,
A & E Travel Co,Ltd.
A & F Travel
A & S Thai Works Co,Ltd.
A & Y Coordinate Co.,Ltd.
A.A. Promotion Co.,Ltd.
A.A.L. Co.,Ltd
A.A.M. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
A.B. Food & Beverages [Thailand] Ltd.
A.B.S. International Co Ltd,
A.B.S. Services Inc
A.B.X. Logistics (Thailand) Ltd.
A.C. Diamond (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.C. Nielsen Bangkok
A.C. Nielsen Co.,Ltd.
A.C.A. Pacific Technology (Th) Co.,Ltd.
A.C.E. Insurance Limited,
A.C.S. Asia (1996) Co,Ltd.
A.C.S.G. (Thailand) Company Limited,
A.C.T. Leather (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.D. Gems International Co,Ltd.
A.D.B. & Partners,
A.D.C. International Ltd.
A.D.E. International Co.,Ltd.
A.D.I. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.E.A. International (Thailand) Ltd.
A.E.A. International Sos,
A.E.A. Technology (Thailand) Ltd
A.E.C. Asia Co.,Ltd.
A.E.C. Edu Group (Thailand) Ltd
A.E.G. (Thailand) Ltd.
A.E.U. Intertrade Co,Ltd.
A.F.C.O. Far East Co,Ltd.
A.F.G. Asia Engineering Co.,Ltd.
A.F.G. Marketing Limited
A.G. Service Co.,Ltd.
A.G. Simpson (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.G.C. Automotive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.G.M. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
A.I.C. Inc.
A.I.G. Card (Thailand) Company Limited
A.I.G. Finance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
A.I.G. Global Energy Co.,Ltd.
A.I.G./ New Hampshire Insurance Co.,Ltd.
A.J. Gems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.J.A. Registrars Ltd (Asia Pacific) Co.,Ltd.
A.J.S. Gems Co.,Ltd.
A.M.D. (Thailand) Ltd
A.M.I. Asia Group Aps. Co.,Ltd.
A.M.O. International Co.,Ltd.
A.N.I. Logistics Co.,Ltd.
A.N.T. Nachrichtentechnik Gmbh,
A.O. Chemicals Co,Ltd.
A.O.I. Co.,Ltd.
A.P. Honda Co.,Ltd.
A.P. National Co.,Ltd.
A.P. National Sales Co,Ltd.
A.P.C. (Thailand) Representative Office
A.P.L. Co.,Ltd.
A.P.L. Co. Pte Ltd. (Thailand Branch)
A.P.L. Logistics Services (Thailand) Ltd.
A.P.S. Intermusic Co,Ltd.
A.P.T.C. Company Limited
A.P.V. (Thailand) Ltd.
A.R.S. Chemical (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.R.W. Group Co.,Ltd.
A.S.A. International Co.,Ltd.
A.S.E. Co.,Ltd.
A.S.G. (Thailand) Ltd
A.S.T.G. International Co.,Ltd.
A.T. Kearney (Thailand) Limited
A.T.C Supply (1993) Co,Ltd
A.T.E. Maskati Co,Ltd
A.T.M. Global Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.T.N. Asiatours.Net Co.,Ltd.
A.U.K. Co.,Ltd.
A.V.E. Electronics Co.,Ltd.
A.V.L. Automotive Thai Co.,Ltd.
A.W.T. International (Thailand) Limited
A.X.A. Insurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Aa Auto Assist Co,Ltd.
Aapc (Thailand) Ltd,
Aapico Hitech Public Company Limited,
Aarsleff (Thailand) Ltd.,
Abacus Design Co,Ltd
Abatec Co,Ltd
Abb Bailey Limited
Abb Capacitors Ltd
Abb Contracting Asia Pacific
Abb Daimler-Benz Transportation (Signal) Ltd
Abb Limited
Abb Ltd
Abb Sace Spa,
Abb Sae S.P.A. (Thailand,
Abb Stal Refrigeration Ltd.,
Abb T&D Ltd - Transformers,
Abb Thai Capacitors Co,Ltd.
Abbott Laboratories Co,Ltd.
Abe Kikaku Co,Ltd.
Abeille-Vie Groupe Victoire
Abeno Printing Co.,Ltd.
Abercrombic & Kent (Thailand) Ltd.
Aberdeen Asset Management Company Limited
Abes Group Pte Ltd.
A-Biotech Technology Co.,Ltd
Able Progress Industry Co Ltd,
Able Sanit Co.,Ltd.
Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co.,Ltd.
Abn Amro Asia Securities Plc
Abn-Amro Bank N.V
Abric Eastern International Ltd
Abroad Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Academy Of Modern Golf (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Acadia Gems Co.,Ltd.
Accal Co.,Ltd.
Accenture Solutions Co,Ltd.
Access Capital (Thailand) Ltd.
Access Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.
Access International Inc. Ltd.
Accette Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd.
Accom Asia Co.,Ltd.
Accor Advantage Plus Co.,Ltd.
Accor Group
Accounting Solution Co.,Ltd.
Accton Technology Corporation Pte,Ltd.
Accueil Francophone De Bangkok
Ace All Cargo Express Co.,Ltd.
Ace Insurance Limited
Ace International
Achelis (Thailand) Limited
Achieva Components Pte Ltd
Acla Co.,Ltd.
Acme Industry Co.,Ltd.
Acme Printing Co.,Ltd.
Acron Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Across The World Co.,Ltd.
Act Consultants Co,Ltd.
Act Group Co,Ltd.
Act Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.
Action Computer Technologies Co,Ltd.
Actionaid Asia Regional Office
Activelifestyle Travel Network Co.,Ltd.
Actochem (Thai) Industries Co.,Ltd.
Acumen Brush Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Acushnet (Thailand) Limited
Acute Realty Co.,Ltd.
Ad & Graphic Services Co.,Ltd.
Adamant Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Adamas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Adampak (Thailand) Ltd.
Adams (Thailand) Ltd.
Adams International Co.,Ltd.
Adarco Limited
Adb & Partners Co.,Ltd.
Adcomat (Siam) Ltd.
Add World International Co.,Ltd.
Addison Wesley Longman
Adecco Asoke
Adecco Consulting Ltd.
Adecco Eastern Seaboard
Adecco New Petchburi Recruitment Limited
Adecco Rama Iv Recruitment Limited
Aderans Thai Ltd.
Adflex (Thailand) Ltd
Adidas (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Adidas Asia/Pacific Ltd.
Adidas-Solomon International Sourcing
Adina Co,Ltd.
Adisorn & Associates Ltd
Aditya International Co.,Ltd.
Adoma Co.,Ltd.
Adri-Thai Co.,Ltd.
Advance Adjusting Legal & Services
Advance Agro Public Co,Ltd.
Advance Alcore Co.,Ltd.
Advance Application Service Provider Co,Ltd
Advance Group System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Advance Info Supply Inc
Advance Manufacturer Co,Ltd.
Advance Medical Supply Co.,Ltd.
Advance Mlc Assurance Co,Ltd
Advance Thermo Technology Co,Ltd.
Advanced Composite System Ltd.
Advanced Graphics Asia Co Ltd
Advanced Information Technology PLC
Advanced Magnetic Materials Thailand
Advanced Technologies South-East Asia Systems Ltd.,
Advanced Technology Applications
Advantage Executive Recruitment (Thailand) Ltd
Adventure Racing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aegis Thailand
Aems Exhibitions Co.,Ltd.
Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Aero Tech Co.,Ltd.
Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
Aeroglobal Company Limited,
Aerosol Product (Malaysia-Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Aet Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Aetna International Inc,
Aetna Osotspa Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
A-Foss (Thailand) Ltd.,
Africa Dreaming Co.,Ltd.
Agape (Bit) Co.,Ltd.
Agere Systems Microelectronics (Thailand)
Agrevo (Thai) Ltd,
Agri Source Co,Ltd.
Agripure Holdings Public Co.,Ltd
Agrisource Co Ltd,
Agro-On Co,Ltd.
Agse (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ahlstrom Limited,
Aichi Steel Works,Ltd.
Aida Stamping Technology (Thailand)
Aikou Graphic Co,Ltd.
Aioi Insurance Co Ltd,
Aiphone Communications (Thailand)
Air Canada (Ac),
Air China (Ca),
Air Dispatch Ltd,
Air France,
Air France (Airport Office),
Air India Ltd.,
Air Kazakstan,
Air Lanka Ltd. (Ul),
Air Liquide (Thailand) Limited,
Air Liquide Welding Thailand,
Air Macau (Nx),
Air Mandalay (6t),
Air Mauritius (Mk),
Air New Zealand Ltd.,
Air Niugini (Px),
Air People International Co.,Ltd.
Air Products Industry Co,Ltd.
Air Seychelles (Hm),
Air Tiger Express (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Air Transport Service Ltd.,
Air Water (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Air Zaire,
Airborne Express Co,Ltd.
Airborne Freight Thailand Co Ltd,
Airbus Industrie,
Air-Con Parts Engineering (Thailand)
Air-Time Co.Ltd.,
Aisin Ai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aita-Net Ltd.,
Aiwa Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ajinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage (Thailand)
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd
Akai Electric (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Akao (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Akara Mining Co.,Ltd.
Akesaovaros Co,Ltd.
Akko Group International Co.,Ltd.
Aktuell Verlag Co.,Ltd.
Akzo Nobel Coatings Thailand,
Al Travesque Limited,
Alan Delon International Co.,Ltd.
Alan Dick (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Alaw Industrial Co,Ltd.
Albatross Leisure Co.,Ltd.
Alcan Nikkei Siam Limited.,
Alcan Packaging Strongpack Public Company Limited,
Alcatel (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Alcatel Contracting (Thailand) Ltd.,
Alcatel Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
Aldan Co Ltd,
Alexander Forbes Wattana Co,Ltd.
Alfa Laval Thailand) Ltd.,
Alfa Training Co,Ltd.
A-Link Co.,Ltd.
Alitalia (Az),
All Nippon Airways Bangkok
All Nippon Airways (Airport Office),
All Seasons Property Co.,Ltd.
All World Shipping Corp.
Allane Bradelay Thai Co,Ltd.
Allegiance Healthcare (Thailand) Limited,
Allemann Co.,Ltd.
Allen & Overy,
Allen-Bradley Thai Co.,Ltd.
Alliance Francaise De Bangkok,
Alliance Refining Company Limited,
Allianz C.P. Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Allianz Group, The
Allied Data Technologies (Thailand)
Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine (Thailand)
Allied Metals Co.,Ltd.
Allied Pickfords Co.,Ltd.
Allied Signal (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Allkey (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Alltell Information Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Almar Ltd.,
Almond (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Alon Siam Co,Ltd.
Alpapat Co,Ltd.
Alpha Centuri Custom Systems,
Alpha Thai Minerals Co,Ltd.
Alphacast Co,Ltd.
Alpharma As Diethelm Trading Company
Alphasource Manufacturing Solution
Alphatec Electronics Public Co,Ltd.
Alphatec Holding Company,
Alphatec Semiconductor Packaging Co,Ltd
Alphine Technology Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Alpine Electronic Inc,
Alpithai International Co,Ltd.
Alpla (Thailand) Ltd.,
Alps Tool (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Alstom T & D Ltd.,
Alta International Co,Ltd.
Alucon Public Co,Ltd.
Aluta European Press Ltd.,
Amada (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Amadeus Asia Ltd.,
Amagasaki Pipe (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Amano (Thailand) Ltd.,
Amari Airport,
Amari Atrium,
Amari Boulevard,
Amari Hotels And Resorts Co,Ltd.
Amari Watergate Hotel,
Amarin Plaza Public Company Limited,
Amarin Printing And Publishing Public Company Limited,
Amarit And Associates Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Amarit Base, SATTAHIP
Amarit Group,
Amarnath & Sons Trading Co,Ltd.
Amata Corporation Public Company Limited,
Amata Power - Esco Service Co Ltd,
Ambrose Wine Ltd.,
Amcor Containers Packaging (Thailand)
Amdahl Pacific Basin Operations Inc,
Amdocs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Amerada Hess Exploration (Thailand)
America West Airlines (Hp),
American Airlines (Aa),
American Appraisal (Thailand) Ltd,
American Chamber Of Commerce,
American Debt Collection Service Co.,Ltd.
American Diamond Cutting Works Co,Ltd.
American Express (Thai) Co,Ltd.
American International Assurance Co,Ltd.
American Phil Textiles (Overseas) Ltd.,
American Piercing Systems Of Asia Co.,Ltd.
American School Of Bangkok,
American Standard Sanitaryware (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
American Windows & Doors Co,Ltd.
Americana Export Import Co.,Ltd
American-British Co,. Ltd.
Ameripac Pacific Asia Foods Group,
Ammirati Puris Lintas,
Amorn Gems International Co,Ltd.
Amp & Ohm Application Co,Ltd.
Ampacet Asia,
Ampelite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Ample Dragon Co.,Ltd.
Amrop International,
Amway (Thailand) Ltd,
Anacott Asia-Pacific Co,Ltd.
Ananchai-Kobe Battery Co,Ltd.
Anarkali Co,Ltd.
Andersen Consulting Co,Ltd.
Andersen Yachts Ltd.,
Andin (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Andre Thai Representative Office,
Andrew Park Property Agents,
Ang Morgan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Angel International Co,Ltd.
Anglian Water (Thailand) Ltd.,
Anglo Asia Project & Engineering Co,Ltd.
Anglo Asia Property (Thailand) Ltd,
Anglo Swiss Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ani Logistics Ltd,
Anixter Thailand Inc.,
Anoma Electric (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ansaldo Energia,
Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali Spa,
Ansell (Thailand) Ltd,
Ansett Australian Airlines (An),
Ansiam International Co,Ltd.
Antara Holiday Park Co,Ltd.
Anz Grindlays Bank,
Anzen Travel Co.,Ltd.
Aoi Co Ltd,
Aoki Corporation (Thailand) Ltd,
Aom French Airlines,
Aon Group Thailand,
Aoyama Fastener (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Aozora Bank Ltd.,
Ap Hiro Corporation Thailand Co Ltd,
Ap Honda Co Ltd,
Ap National Co,Ltd.
Ap National Sales Co Ltd,
Apec Cmms Co. Ltd.,
Apec Film Co.,Ltd.
Apex Wako (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Apexsound Lab (Thai) Co Ltd,
Aphapim Co,Ltd.
Apic Yamada (Thailand),
Apollo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Apolo Construction Co.,Ltd.
Apparel Solutions Asia Co.,Ltd.
Apple Film Co,Ltd.
Applied Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.
Appropriate Technology Consultant Co Ltd
Apsara Tours Co.,Ltd.
Apura Fresh Foods Co.,Ltd
Aqua Nishihara Corp Ltd,
Aquatic Engineering & Construction (Thailand) Ltd,
Aragon Co,Ltd.
Arcadia Soft (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Arcon Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Areopa (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Argo Welltech Co,Ltd.
Arinc Inc,
Aritec Electronics Co,Ltd.
Ariya Kaikei Service Ltd.,
Ariya Tax & Corporate Services Ltd,
Ark Electronic Co,Ltd.
Ark Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Arlo Co,Ltd.
Armenia (The Consulate Of The Republic Of Armenia),
Armorgroup Asia Pacific,
Armstrong Rubber & Chemical Products Co,Ltd.
Arnoma Hotel,
Arosa Travel Service Co Ltd,
Arrk Coporation (Thailand) Ltd.,
Art - Serina Piston Co,Ltd.
Art Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd..
Art Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Art Gem International Co,Ltd.
Art Of Living Co,Ltd.
Art Piston (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Artasia Photo Library,
Artbuster Creative,
Artex Thai Co,Ltd.
Artop International Co,Ltd.
Art-Serina Pision Co,Ltd.
Arun Electric Co.,Ltd.
Arup (Thailand)
Arvin Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Arvinmeritor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Asada (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asada Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Asada Machinery Co,Ltd.
Asadshin Bangkok Co,Ltd.
Asahi Bank Ltd
Asahi Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asahi Instrument (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asahi Intecc (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Asahi Komag (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asahi Orbit Industrial Co,Ltd.
Asahi Sangyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Asahi Shimbun, JAPAN
Asahi Somboon Aluminium Co,Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Metals Co,Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Shippo Moulds Co,Ltd.
Asahikasei Plastics (Thailand),
Asahi-Thai Alloy Co,Ltd.
Asai Thai Co,Ltd.
Asalon Co,Ltd.
Asan Service Co,Ltd
Asano Engineering Co,Ltd.
Asatsu (Thailand)
Ascent Communications Co.,Ltd.
Ascent Management Co,Ltd.
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.,
Asealink Co Ltd,
Asean Centre Fuji Keizai Co Ltd,
Asean Region Industrial Engineering Services,
Asia Business Center Co,Ltd.
Asia Business Forum (Thailand) Ltd,
Asia Capital Alliance Company Limited,
Asia Cement Public Company Limited,
Asia City Publishing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asia Communications Group Co.,Ltd.
Asia Compact Industry Co,Ltd
Asia Connections, Inc.
Asia Coordination Co.,Ltd
Asia Credit Public Company Limited.,
Asia Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Asia Europe Environmental Technology Center (Aeetc)
Asia Foundation, The
Asia Franchise Association,
Asia Journey Quality Star Co.,Ltd.
Asia Kendy Co Ltd,
Asia Magnetic Winding Co Ltd,
Asia Market Intelligence (Thailand) Ltd,
Asia Meister Co,Ltd.
Asia Movie Works Co,Ltd.
Asia Music International Co.,Ltd.
Asia Net Building Services (Anbs),
Asia Pacific Cosmetics Corporation .Ltd,
Asia Pacific Potash Corporation Limited,
Asia Parawood Co,Ltd.
Asia Pharmaceticals Co.,Ltd.,
Asia Polysacks Co,Ltd.
Asia Precision Co,Ltd
Asia Production Service Co,Ltd.
Asia Resources Ltd.,
Asia Rubber Latex (1988) Co,Ltd.
Asia Tack Co,Ltd.
Asia Times Newspaper,
Asia Trade Consultant,
Asia Training Associates Company
Asia Umbrella Industries Co.,Ltd.
Asia Voyages/ East-West Siam,
Asia Works Television Ltd.,
Asia World Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Asia-Audiovisuals Co.Ltd.,
Asiaco Material Handling (Thailand)
Asiacongress Co.,Ltd.
Asiajet (Thailand)
Asiamark (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asian Atr Training Centre Limited,
Asian Autoparts Co,Ltd.
Asian Decal Trading Co Ltd,
Asian Escapes Co,Ltd.
Asian Foam Tech Co,Ltd.
Asian Frp Industry Co,Ltd
Asian Honda Motor Co,Ltd.
Asian Horizon Travel Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Asian Institute Of Gemological Sciences,
Asian Institute Of Technology (A.I.T.),
Asian Insulators Public Company Limited,
Asian Mba (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Asian Micro (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Asian Mineral Resources Co,Ltd.
Asian Motifs Co.,Ltd.
Asian Music Reporter,
Asian Pvs Chemical Co Ltd,
Asian Stanley International Co,Ltd.
Asian Tjd. Enterprise Ltd,
Asian Tours Centre Co,Ltd.
Asian Trade & Leasing Co.Ltd.,
Asian Trails Ltd.,
Asian Union Aquacultureship Co,Ltd.
Asian Wall Street Journal
Asiana Airlines,
Asiana Airlines (Bangkok Regional Office),
Asiapac Investment Consultants Ltd.,
Asia-Pacific Technotrade (Thailand) Ltd,
Asiarans Co,Ltd.
Asiaworks Television Ltd,
Asno Horie (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Aspac Co Ltd,
Aspac Oil (Thailand) Limited,
Aspects International Ltd,
Aspectum Thailand,
Assembly Work Professional Co,Ltd
Asset Management Corporation,
Asset Plus Securities Company Limited,
Associated Press Bangkok
Astaldi (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Astra Zeneca (Thailand) Ltd.,
Astraco Asia Trading (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Astromax International Limited (Thailand),
At & T Communications Services Thailand
At Aurous Co.,Ltd.
Athena Greek Restaurant,
Atkins International Consultants Ltd,
Atlanta Travel (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Atlas Copco Diethelm Ltd,
Atofina (Thailand) Ltd.,
A-Ton (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Atore Tours Co.,Ltd.
Atos Origin (Thailand) Ltd.,
Atotech (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Atsea Systems Limited,
Atsource (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Atsumitec (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Attic Tour (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Auriga Strategy Consultants (Thailand)
Auspicious Co Ltd,
Austhai Sportinggood Manufacturing
Austrade (Australian Trade Commission)
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group
Australia Centre (Thailand) Ltd.
Australia Centre Chiang Mai
Australia Embassy Bangkok
Australia Inbound Tour Operator Co.,Ltd.
Australia Thailand Business Council
Australian Associated Press
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Building Products Co.,Ltd.
Australian Construction & Supplier Ltd.,P.
Australian Education Centre Bangkok
Australian Education International Co.,Ltd.
Australian Embassy Bangkok
Australian Enviro - Lab Co.,Ltd.
Australian International School Bangkok
Australian Printer Magazine
Australian Reflections Co.,Ltd.
Australian Submarine Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Australian Thai Chamber Of Commerce
Australian Thai Construction And Management Co.,Ltd.
Australian Tourist Commission Bangkok
Australian Trade Commission Bangkok
Australian Wine Wholesale Co.,Ltd.
Australian Wine Wholesalers Thailand
Australian-Thai Chamber Of Commerce
Australian-Thai Construction Co.,Ltd.
Austria (The Consulate Of The Republic Of Austria)
Austria Embassy Bangkok
Austria: The Consulate Of The Republic Of Austria Chiang Mai
Austrian Airlines (Os)
Austrian Airlines Osterreichische Luftverkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft
Austrian Embassy Commercial Section
Austrian Embassy The
Austrian National Tourist Office
Austro Thai Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Austro-Thai Consultant Co. Ltd.
Autech (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Auto Assist Co,Ltd.
Auto Cs Engineering Co,Ltd.
Auto Technic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Autobacs (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd.,
Automotive Mold Technology Co.,Ltd.
Automotive Resources Asia,
Autrans (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Avaya Asia Pacific Inc, (Thailand Branch)
Aventis Animal Nutrition (Thailand) Sa,
Aventis Cropscience (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aventis Pasteur (Thailand) Ltd,
Aventis Pharma Ltd.,
Avery Dennison (Thailand) Ltd.,
Avery Dennison-Thailand Ticketing Centre,
Aviatec Ltd,
Aviation & Tourism International (Thailand) Co. Ltd,
Aviation Services Co,Ltd.
Avis Rent A Car Thailand,
Aviva Insurance (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Avon Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Awaji Sangyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Awamura Thai Manufacturing Co,
Awat Thai Ltd,
Aymic Co,Ltd.
Ayoma Co Ltd,
Ayudhya Cmg Life Assurance Plc,
Aziam Burson-Marsteller,
Aztec International Co,Ltd
Azuma Engineering Co,Ltd
Azumuth Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.,
B - K Medical (Thailand  Co.,Ltd.
B & C Pulaski Co.,Ltd.
B & J Services Co.,Ltd.
B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd.
B. Bullion Co.,Ltd.
B. E. Land Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
B. Foods Product International Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm & Co. P.O.P.
B. Grimm Energy Technology Ltd.
B. Grimm Engineering Systems Pcl.
B. Grimm Healthcare Co.,Ltd
B. Grimm Holding Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm Industrial & Commercial Services Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm International Service Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm Mbm Co Ltd
B. Grimm Mbm Metalworks Limited
B. Grimm Power Engineering Co.,Ltd.
B. Grimm Transport Ltd.
B. Mayer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
B.B. Bar Co,Ltd.
B.B.D.O. Bangkok Co Ltd
B.B.L.P. Drill Company Ltd
B.D. Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd.
B.D. Straw Co.,Ltd.
B.D.P. Asia-Pacific Ltd.
B.D.S. Group
B.E.S. Energy Resources Co.,Ltd.
B.F.I.T. Securities Co.,Ltd.
B.G. Thailand Co.,Ltd.
B.G.S. Ltd.
B.H.P. Steel (Thailand) Ltd
B.H.P. Steel Building Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
B.H.S.T. Washing Appliances Limited
B.J. Service International (Thailand) Ltd.
B.J.C. Trading Co.,Ltd.
B.J.J. Co.,Ltd.
B.K.K. Hi-Quality Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
B.K.K. International Ltd Part
B.K.-Trading (T) Co.,Ltd.
B.L.C.P. Power Ltd
B.M.J. Consultancy Group
B.N. Brothers Limited Partnership
B.N.B.-Waite Consulting Co Ltd
B.N.C. Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
B.N.F. Corporation Co.,Ltd.
B.N.H. Medical Centre Co.,Ltd.
B.O.A. Leasing Co.,Ltd.
B.P. Asia Co.,Ltd.
B.P. Chemicals Co.,Ltd
B.P. Exploration Limited
B.P. Oil (Thailand) Limited
B.P. Thai Solar Corporation Ltd.
B.Q.R. Thailand Co,Ltd.
B.R. Jewelry Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
B.S.C. Teknik Co,Ltd
B.S.H. Home Appliances Limited
B.S.L. Leasing Co.,Ltd.
B.S.M. Inter-Trade Co.,Ltd.
B.S.P. Steel Co.,Ltd.
B.S.T. Elastomers Co,Ltd.
B.T. Midland Co,Ltd.
B.T. Siam Ltd.
B.T.G.-Golder Co,Ltd.
B.T.I. Executive Recruitment Consultants
B.T.M. Finance & Securities (Thailand)
B.T.M. Leasing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
B.V. Diamond Polishing Works Ltd.
B.Y.K. Engineering Co Ltd
B.Y.L. Environmental Services Co,Ltd.
B2k Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
Baan Hengchia Co.,td.
Baan Taling Ngam Co.,Ltd.
Baan Yuan Stainles Steel Co.,Ltd.
Babcock Borsig Power Co.,Ltd.
Babcock-Hansa Co.,Ltd.
Babtie Bmt (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Bader (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Baechtold Ltd
Bakelite Shoji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Baker & Mckenzie
Baker Atlas Division
Baker Hughes (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Baker Oil Tools Division
Balarama S Enterprises (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Balarama's Enterprises (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Balfour Beatty International Ltd,
Bali Lau Entertainment Group Co.,Ltd.
Baltex Industries Corp. Ltd.
Baltur Burners (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ban Reng Khai Foundation
Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate
Bang Saphan Barmill Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Airways Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Big Boy Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Capital Alliance Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Central Leasing Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Chayoratn Co,Ltd.
Bangkok China Paint Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Cogeneration Co.Ltd,
Bangkok Coil Center Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Cold Storage Service Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Cycle Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Decal Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Diecasting And Injection Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Eagle Wings Co,Ltd
Bangkok Eastern Coil Center Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Enterprise & Trading Ltd
Bangkok Exhibition Services Ltd.
Bangkok Fine Wine Company Limited
Bangkok First Tokai Co.Ltd.
Bangkok Float Glass Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Foam Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Glass Industry Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Hi-Class Co,Ltd
Bangkok Hospital
Bangkok Industrial Gas Co Ltd.
Bangkok Interfurn Co,Ltd.
Bangkok International Associates
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Bangkok Komatsu Co,Ltd
Bangkok Komatsu Industries Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Magnet Corporation Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Marine Co,Ltd
Bangkok Master Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Meat Ball Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Meat Processing Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Miracle Tour Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Miyamado Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Pacific Steel Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Patana School
Bangkok Polyester Public Company Limited
Bangkok Polyethylene Public Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Public Relations Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Rai Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Ranch Public Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Sakura Leasing Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Screen Limited Partnership
Bangkok Shuho Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Shutters Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Smbc Leasing Co Ltd
Bangkok Synthetics Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Taiyo Trading Co,Ltd
Bangkok Telecom Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Thai Electronic Chemical Co.Ltd.
Bangkok Thani Hotel Co Ltd,
Bangkok Tohgin Holding Co Ltd,
Bangkok Tokyo Socks Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Tools And Mold Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Top Artificial Flower Factory Co,Ltd
Bangkok Tsusho Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Yamato Steel Co. Ltd.
Bangpakong Industrial Park 2 Co,Ltd.
Bangpoo Intermodal Systems Co,Ltd.
Bangpra Golf International Co,Ltd
Bangrak Gems Co,Ltd.
Bangrak Marketing Co,Ltd.
Bangsaphan Coral Hotel Co.,Ltd.
Bank Brussels Lambert
Bank Of America (Asia) Ltd.
Bank Of America
Bank Of Asia For Industry And Commercial
Bank Of Asia Ltd, The
Bank Of Ayudhya Public Co,Ltd.
Bank Of California Na
Bank Of China
Bank Of Fukuoka Ltd
Bank Of Indochina
Bank Of Korea
Bank Of New York Bangkok I.B.F, The
Bank Of Nova Scotia
Bank Of Yokohama Ltd
Bank Yamakuchi Ltd.
Banker Enterprises
Bankers Trust Company
Banpu Public Co,Ltd.
Banque Francaise Du Commerce Exterieur
Banque Indosuez
Banque National De Paris
Banque Nationale De Paris (Bnp)
Banque Paribas
Banyan Tree Bangkok
Banzai (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bar Code Sato Electronics (S) Pte Ltd.
Bara Chemical Co,Ltd.
Bara Sumi-Thai Leasing Co,Ltd.
Bara Windsor Co,Ltd.
Baran Raviv Telecom
Barbe (Thailand) Ltd.
Barclays Bank Plc
Barcom Thailand
Barter Card
Bartercard (Thailand) Ltd.
Barwil Thailand Limited
Baseline Technology Consultants
Basf (Thai) Ltd.
Basis Bay (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bat (Uk And Export) Ltd
Bata Shoe Of Thailand Public Co,Ltd
Bates (Thailand) Co Ltd
Batey Ads (Thailand) Co Ltd
Bauer Co Ltd, Thai
Bax Global (Thailand) Limited
Baxter Healthcare Co Ltd
Bay Bridge Co,Ltd.
Bayer Laboratories Co,Ltd.
Bayer Polymers Co,Ltd.
Bayer Thai Co,Ltd.
Bayerische Landesbank Girozentrale
Bayerische Motoren Werke (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Be Next Co,Ltd.
Beam Electronic Ltd.
Beauty Bijoux Co.,Ltd.
Beauty Ever Ruby Co,Ltd.
Beauty Service Company Ltd. (Wella Thailand)
Becker Acroma (Thailand) Ltd.
Bee Han (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Beer Thai (1991) Co,Ltd
Bei Otto Co Ltd
Beiersdorf (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Beiersdorf-Intanin Co.,Ltd.
Beko Technologies S.E. Asia (Thailand)
Belgian-Luxembourg-Thai Chamber Of Commerce
Belgium (The Embassy Of Belgium)
Belize International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bell-Indo Co, Limited
Bel-Thai Supermarket Co,Ltd.
Ben Adisti Co. Ltd.
Ben Line Agencies (Thailand) Ltd.
Benchmark Electronics
Benchmark Hospitality International Ltd
Bendix (Thailand) Ltd.
Benin (The Consulate Of The Republic Of Benin)
Benq (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bensley Design Studios,
Bent Severin Associates Co.,Ltd.
Benteler Far East (Thailand) Rep. Office
Berger Paints (Thailand) Ltd,
Bergsoe Metals Ltd.
Berli Jucker Cellox Limited
Berli Jucker Foods Ltd.
Berli Jucker Logistics Ltd.
Berli Jucker Public Co.,Ltd.
Berli Jucker Specialties Ltd.
Berli Prospack Co.,Ltd.
Berlitz Bangkok Limited
Berlitz International Language Center Bangkok
Berlitz Language Center Co Ltd.
Berly Jucker Foods Co.,Ltd.
Berly Juckey Cellox Co.,Ltd.
Bermad (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bermark Design Co.,Ltd.
Bermuda Thai Co Ltd.
Bernet Thai Engineering Co Ltd.
Bernhof Consulting (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Bernico Co.,Ltd.
Best Diamond Industrial Co,Ltd.
Best Luck Inter 1999 Jewelry Manufacturer
Best Oa System Co,Ltd.
Best Western Baiyoke Pattaya Hotel
Best Western Baiyoke Suite Hotel
Best Western International
Best Western Jade Pavilion Hotel Bangkok
Best Western P.R. Union Hotel
Best Western Pattaya Hotel
Bester Casting (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bestex (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Betec Medical Science Co.,Ltd
Betz Dearborn Thailand Co Ltd.
Beumer Maschinenfabrik GmbH + Co. KG
Bever Medical Industry Co Ltd.
Bfet Co.,Ltd.
Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd.,
Biarritz Investment Far East
Big C Supercenter Public Co,Ltd
Big Communications Ltd,
Bijoux Aurice Co,Ltd.
Bilfinger + Berger (Thai) Construction
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Binnie Black & Veatch Ltd,
Bio Screener Products Co,Ltd.
Biocura Production Co.,Ltd.
Biofeed (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Biomedia Holdings Pte Ltd.
Biomerieux (Thailand) Ltd.
Bionax (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd.,
Bio-Young (Thailand) Limited,
Bireley's California Orange (Thailand)
Birkart (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Birla Group Of Companies,
Bisalloy (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd.
Bischoff Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bisman International Co,Ltd.
Bisnews Public Co Ltd,
Bitec-Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
Bitelli S.P.A.,
Bits & Bytes Ltd.,
Bitwise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Biwater International Ltd,
Biz Dimension Co,Ltd.
Bizware Software Solution,
Bkk Productions Co.,Ltd.
Black & Decker (Thailand) Limited,
Black & Veatch Power (Thailand) Ltd.,
Black Forest Trading Co,Ltd.
Blake & Associates Co,Ltd.
Bloomberg Co.,Ltd.
Bloomberg News Bangkok
Blue & White Travel Centre Co.,Ltd.
Blue Elephant Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Blue Gems Company Limited,
Blue Ground Co.,Ltd.
Bluechips Microhouse Co,Ltd
Bluegage Siam Limited (Louis Vuitton),
Blumenthal Richter & Sumet Ltd.,
Bmw (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bmw Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bnp Paribas Co.,Ltd.
Bnp Prime Peregrine Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bo Le Associates Ltd.,
Bo Myung Travel Service Co,Ltd.
Board Of Investment Thailand
Bobst Services Ltd.,
Body Art Asia
Body Fashion (Thailand) Ltd.,
Body Shop International Plc
Boehm Thai Co,Ltd.
Boehringer Ingelheim (Thai) Ltd.,
Boellhoff (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Boh Yai Mining Co,Ltd.
Bombardier Transportation,
Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bongo Logic Co,Ltd.
Book Promotion And Service Co,Ltd
Boonchoo Blumenthal & Richter Ltd Ltd,
Boonmitr Building Co Ltd,
Boonsom & Manoch Interlaw Ltd.,
Boots (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Boots Co (Thailand) Ltd. The
Boots Health & Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Boots Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Boots Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.
Boots Retail (Thailand) Ltd.
Booz-Allen & Hamilton,
Boston Consulting Group (Thailand)
Bottcher (Thailand) Gmbh,
Bourbon St. Restaurant & Bar,
Bouygues-Thai Ltd.
Bovis (Thailand) Ltd.
Boyden Associates (Thailand) Ltd.
Bozell Paterson Co Ltd.
Bozell Worldwide (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Bozell-Breakthrough Co Ltd.
B-Quik Co.,Ltd.
Bradford Contracting & Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd
Brain Research & Management Co,Ltd.
Brambles (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bravo Corporation,
Bremsen Ltd.,
Brent Wood (Bangkok) Ltd.Part
Brentwood Asia Ltd.
Breuning Gmbh,
Brewo Trading Corp,Ltd.
Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bridgestone Metalpha (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bridgestone Natural Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bridgestone Ncr Co.,Ltd.
Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bright Sea Co,Ltd.
Brightness Travel Service Co,Ltd.
Brilliant Adventure Ltd.,
Brink's (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bristol-Myers Squibb Bidg,
Britasia (Services) Co.,Ltd.
British Airways Bangkok
British Acorn Co.,Ltd.
British Aerospace International Ltd.
British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
British Broadcasting Corporation
British American Co.,Ltd.
British Chamber Of Commerce Thailand
British Colonial Furniture Co.,Ltd.
British Council Gallery
British Council Bangkok
British Curriculum International School Bangkok
British Dispensary (L.P.) Co.,Ltd.
British Gas International Thailand
British Maritime Technology Ltd.
British Midland (Bd)
British Petroleum Co.,Ltd.
British Primary International School Bangkok
British School Bangkok
British Stee-Ssp Co.,Ltd.
British-American Language And Computer
British-Thai Synthetic Textile Co.,Ltd.
Broadway Pulp Packang (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Brooker Group Ltd, The
Brother Autoparts Bangkok
Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd.
Brother Construction Co.,Ltd.
Brother International Co Ltd.
Bruker Optik Thailand,
Bruker South East Asia,
Brunel Energy (Thailand) Ltd.
Brunel Technical Services (Thailand) Limited
Brunet (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Brunet International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bruno Pump Industry (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Bruno Mayer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Brunsworth Ltd,
Brussels Lambert Ltd.,
Bticino - Tima Trading Co.,Ltd.
Btip Steel Building Products (Thailand)
Bu Kwang Co.,Ltd.
Bualuang Securities Company Limited,
Budget Car And Truck Rental Worldclass Rent A Car,
Bulgaria (The Embassy Of The Republic Of Bulgaria),
Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited,
Buntanaphan Electric Co,Ltd.
Bupa Blue Cross Co.,Ltd.
Bupa Health Insurance (Thailand) Ltd.
Burda And Theresa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bureau Bangkok,
Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Ltd.,
Burgmann (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Burma Airline,
Burns Associates (Thailand) Ltd,
Buschmihle & Klein International Co.,Ltd.
Buscons International Company Limited
Bush Boake Allen (Thailand) Ltd.
Business (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Business Address Databases Co Ltd,
Business Advisory Thailand,
Business And Financial Service Group,
Business Day,
Business Facilitation Co,Ltd.
Business International Dataconsult,
Business Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Business Mission Asia Co.,Ltd.
Business Tour Web Co.,Ltd.
Buzzard Management Services Limited,
By Jove Co,Ltd.
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
C & P Lighting Co,Ltd.
C & W Electronics Co.,Ltd.
C. Mahendra Exports (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C. Melchers & Co. (Thailand) Ltd.,
C. Thai Hajime Co,Ltd.
C.A.S. Information Technology Co,Ltd.
C.B. Food-Tech Co,Ltd.
C.B. Richard Ellis Co,Ltd.
C.B. Tact (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.B.C. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.B.I./St Ltd,
C.B.L.U. Ltd.,
C.B.N. Garment Co,Ltd.
C.C.C. Technology Co.,Ltd.
C.C.I.C. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
C.C.M. Centre For Change Management
C.C.S. Engineering Co,Ltd.
C.C.T. Tour Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
C.D.C. Capital Partners
C.D.S. Asia Co.,Ltd.
C.E.S. Consulting Engineers Salzgitter Gmbh,
C.F. Dipietro Asia Co.,Ltd
C.F.I. (Siam) Co,Ltd.
C.F.L. Asia Regional Office Groupe Fives-Lille,
C.F.T. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
C.G.N.U. Insurance (Thai) Co Ltd,
C.G.U. Insurance (Thai) Co Ltd.,
C.I. Hayashi Co,Ltd.
C.I.G. Co,Ltd.
C.I.M. Development Co,Ltd.
C.J. Marcom Co.,Ltd.
C.K.D. Sales Thai Corporation Ltd.,
C.K.D. Thai Corporation Ltd.,
C.L. And A. Co,Ltd.
C.L. International Co,Ltd.
C.L.C. Movers (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.L.S.A. Securities (Thailand) Limited (Clsa)
C.M.B. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.M.C. Biotech Co,Ltd.
C.M.I.-Thai Services Co,Ltd.
C.M.K. Singapore (Pte) Ltd,
C.M.P. Media (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.M.S. Control System Co.,Ltd
C.N. International Law Office Co,Ltd.
C.N.C. International Co Ltd,
C.N.S. & Associates Co Ltd,
C.P. Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.
C.P.C. Decal Co,Ltd.
C.P.C./Aji (Thailand) Ltd.,
C.P.L. Group Public Company Limited,
C.P.P.C. Decorative Products Co.,Ltd.
C.R. Industrial Services,
C.R.C. Ahold Co,Ltd.
C.R.T. Display Technology Co,Ltd.
C.S. Capital Limited,
C.S. Metal Co,Ltd.
C.S. Piston (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.S.E. Manufactory Co.,Ltd.
C.S.I. (Thailand) Co,Ltd
C.S.L. Energy Advisory Group,
C.S.M. Ltd,
C.S.R. Insulation (Thailand) Ltd.,
C.S.S.L. Co,Ltd.
C.T.C.I. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.T.F. Co.,Ltd
C.T.I. Commercial Transport International Co Ltd,
C.T.I. Holding Co,Ltd.
C.T.I.C. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.T.W. Com. Co.,Ltd.
C.Y. Tech Co,Ltd.
Cable & Wireless Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cabletron Systems Inc,
Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Cafe Buongiorno,
Cagiva Int'L Vehicles Co,Ltd.
Caisse National De Credit Agricole,
Calbee Tanawat Co Ltd,
Calberson (Thailand) Ltd,
Cal-Comp Factory,
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
Caldic (Thailand) Ltd,
California Fitness Center Limited,
Callaghan (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Callahan Corogin Studio Ltd,
Cal-Scan Trading Pte. Ltd.,
Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Calsonic Sales (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Caltex Oil (Thailand) Ltd.,
Caltex Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cambert (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cambodia Airlines,
Canada (The Canadian Embassy),
Canadian Airlines International Co,Ltd.
Canadian Universities Consortium,
Canadoil Asia Ltd,
Cander Production House Co.,Ltd.
Candor Production House,
Canking Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cannet Co.,Ltd.
Cannon Far East (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Canon Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.,
Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.,
Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Can-Thai Consulting Co,Ltd.
Capetronic International (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd.
Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited
Capital Television Group Company Limited,
Capsule Products Co Ltd,
Carbokarn Co,Ltd.
Carbotex Co Ltd,
Carbotex Co,Ltd.
Caretex Asia Ltd.,
Cargill Siam Limited,
Cargill Thai Trading Company Limited,
Cargo Partnair,
Cargoman Express Co,Ltd.
Carl Zeiss Co,Ltd.
Car-Lack (Thai-German) Co,Ltd.
Carlack (Thai-German) Co.,Ltd.
Carlsberg Brewery (Thailand ) Co,Ltd.
Carnaud Metal Box (Thailand) Public Co,Ltd
Carnaud Metal Box Bevcan Ltd.,
Carnitech Asia Limited,
Carolina Collection Co,Ltd.
Carpets International Thailand Public Co,Ltd.
Carrier (Thailand) Ltd.,
Carter Holt Harvey (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Carton Optical (Siam) Co,Ltd.
Cas Electronics Co Ltd,
Casco Adhesives Co Ltd,
Casday (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.,
Casio (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Casper (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cast & Craft Co Ltd,
Castle Peak Holdings Public Co,Ltd.
Castrol (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cat Project Co,Ltd.
Cataler (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Catering Associates Limited,
Catering Cleaning Co,Ltd.
Caterpillar (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.,
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (Airport),
Catis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cauchois & Associates Co Ltd,
Cavalry Project Management Thailand
Cazenove Asia Limited Bangkok
Cd Warehouse Thailand,
Ceag Crouse-Hinds Asia Pacific Pte Ltd,
Cegelec (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Celestica (Thailand) Limited,
Cellmark (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Cellox Paper Company Co,Ltd.
Celsius Thailand Representative Office,
Cemedine (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cementhai Chemicals Co,Ltd.
Cencar Ltd. (Carrefour Thailand)
Centaco G.P. Farm Co,Ltd.
Centiforce (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Central Credit Information Services Co,Ltd.
Central Grand Plaza Hotel And Bangkok
Central Group Of Companies,
Central Hotels & Resorts,
Central Maritime Co.,Ltd
Central Metals (Thailand) Ltd.,
Central Precision Parts Co,Ltd.
Central Watson Co,Ltd.
Central Wong Amat Beach Resort,Pattaya
Centre D' Innovation Franco-Thai,
Centro Bank,
Century Electronic And Systems Co.,Ltd.
Century Park Hotel,
Century Textiles Co,Ltd.
Cetelem (Thailand) Ltd,
Ceylon Tourist Board In Thailand,
Ch Karnchang-Tokyo Construction Company
Ch. Karnchang-Tokyu Construction Co.,Ltd
Ch2m Hill (Thailand) Ltd,
Chai International Development Co,Ltd.
Chai Sub Suwan Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chain Engineering (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chaiyaboon Brothers Co,Ltd.
Chakrawan Gems Ltd. (Manoel Bernardes)
Chan Wanich Security Printing Company
Chandler & Thong-Ek Law Offices Limited
Chang Jia Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Chankasem International Co,Ltd.
Charles Martin Co,Ltd.
Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited,
Charndell Associates Co Ltd,
Charng Sind Chin Yeh Co,Ltd.
Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Company
Charpa Techcenter Co,Ltd.
Chartered Square Tower,
Charts Ltd.,
Chau Hong Textile Co.,Ltd.
Checker Primajaya Ltd.,
Cheena Gasket Co,Ltd.
Cheil Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chem Systems East Asia Co,Ltd.
Chemdal Asia Ltd.,
Chemist Co,Ltd.
Chemoscience (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chen Fong Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chen Lin Lee Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chen Tse Enterprise ( Thailand ) Co,Ltd.
Cheng Fu Machinery & Industry Co.,Ltd.
Cheng Lie Navigation (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chengteh Chinaware (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cherry Serina Co,Ltd.
Chesa (Swiss Cuisine),
Chesterton Thai Property Consultants Ltd,
Cheung Fung Metal Co,Ltd.
Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co,Ltd.
Chevalier Oa (Thailand) Ltd.,
Chevron Offshore (Thailand) Ltd.,
Chez Andy Restaurant,
Chiangmai Frozen Food Public Company Limited
Chiao Pao Metal Co.,Ltd.
Chichibu Onoda Cement Corp,
Chicony Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Chiebukoro Co.,Ltd.
Chief Long Resin Chemicals (Thailand)
Chief Siam Co Ltd,
Chien Thai (1992) Co.,Ltd.
Chi-Hong Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chile (The Consulate Of The Chile)
Chile (The Embassy Of The Republic Of Chile)
Chili Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Chin Chiao Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chin Fong Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chin Hu H.A.C. Co.,Ltd.
Chin Huay Co,Ltd.
China (The Consulate-General Of The People’s Republic Of China)
China (The Embassy Of The People's Republic Of China)"> China Airlines Co Ltd.
China Central Television
China Daifu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
China Eastern Airline (Mu)
China Factory Co.,Ltd.
China Imex Co.,Ltd
China Inn The
China Insurance Co (Siam) Ltd
China Inter Product Limited Partnership
China International Freight Co.,Ltd.
China International Public Adviser (Thailand)
China Journal
China News Service Co.,Ltd.
China Noble Holdings Ltd.
China Shipbuilding Trading Co Ltd
China Shipping (Bangkok) Co Ltd.
China Southern Airlines (Cz)
China Southwest Airlines (Bangkok Office)
China State Construction Engineering (Thailand)
China Stone Co Ltd.
China Systems Co.,Ltd.
China Times Bangkok
China Town (Dusit Thani)
China Town Hotel
China Trader Import-Export
China Trading (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
China Travel Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
China Wood Ltd.Part.
China Yunnan Airlines (3q)
Chinatrust Commercial Bank,
Ching Hong Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Ching Mei Paper Co.,Ltd.
Ching Shin Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chinsan Electronic Industrial (Thailand)
Chinthe Services Ltd,
Chiron Werke Asia Pacific Pty.,Ltd.
Chiva-Som International Health Resorts
Chiyoda (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chiyoda Fire (Bangkok) Ltd.
Chiyoda Fire And Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Chiyoda Integre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chiyoda Kohan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Chiyoda O.A. Supply Co Ltd.
Chloride Power Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cho Thavee Dollasian Co,Ltd.
Choakchai Electronic Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Choakchai Instruments Supplies Co.,Ltd.,
Choice Foods Thailand Ltd.,
Chonburi Industrial Estate,
Christensen Architects Co.,Ltd.
Christensen Products (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Christian Dior (Thailand) Co.Ltd
Christiane And Homan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) Public Company Limited
Christiani & Nielsen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Christiani And Nelsen Public Company
Christiansen Architect Co.,Ltd.
Christmas Siam Co,Ltd.
Chromalloy (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chronos Richardson (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chrysler Sales And Services (Thailand) Ltd
Chuan Thai Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Chuan Thai Hsing Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chubb & Guardalr Co.,Ltd.
Chubb (Thailand) Limited
Chubb Electronics Asia Co.,Ltd.
Chubb Insurance Co (Thailand) Ltd
Chuchawal-De Weger Internationaal Ltd,
Chumpol International Marketing Co,Ltd.
Chung Cheng Plastic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chung Yeang Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd.
Chunichi Shinbun
Chuntex Electronic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chuo Kako (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chuo Koki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chuo Senko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chuo Senko (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Chuo Thai Cable Co.,Ltd.
Churchill Pryce Capital (Asia) Limited,
Churn-Ming Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Ciba Specialty Chemical Industry Co Ltd
Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Industries Co.,Ltd.
Ciba-Geigy (Thailand) Ltd.
Cigfil Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Cigna Insurance Asia Pacific Ltd
Cigna Thai Co Ltd
Cigna Property And Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Circuit Electronic Industries Public Co,Ltd.
Cisco Engineering Co Ltd.
Cisco Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Citibank N.A
Citicapital Ltd. (Citicorp Group)
Citicorp Alloys Co Ltd.
Citicorp Finance And Securities (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Citicorp Leasing (Thailand) Ltd
Citicorp Securities (Thailand) Ltd
City Food Co Ltd,
City Max Enterprise Co.,Ltd
City Neon Displays & Constructions (Thailand)
City Property Services,
City Space Design Group,
Civica (Siam) Co.,Ltd
Civica (Thailand) Co.,Ltd..
Clara Wellness (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Clariant Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.
Clariant Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Clariant Emulsions (Thailand) Ltd.
Clariant Masterbatches (Thailand) Ltd.
Clariant Products Ltd.
Clarion Electronic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Clarion Trinity Hotel
Clarity Forms Co.,Ltd.
Clark Hatch Fitness Center Bangkok
Clark Hatch Physical Fitness Centre Bangkok
Clasquin (Thailand) Co Ltd.
Classic Hana Co,Ltd.
Classic Product (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Clays & Minerals (Thailand) Ltd.
Clc Movers Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Cleanosol (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cleanosol Traffic (Thailand) Co Ltd
Clicksee Network Co,Ltd.
Clifford Chance Wirot,
Clough (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Clough-Unithai Engineering Limited,
Club Sawasdee Tour Co.,Ltd.
Coating Paper Industries Co,Ltd.
Cobra International Co,Ltd.
Coca Cola (Thailand) Co Ltd
Coca Holding International Co.,Ltd.
Coca-Cola (Thailand) Limited
Coca-Cola Limited
Coca-Cola Services (Asia) Limited
Cocko International Ltd.,
Cocksec Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Coco & Cabana Travel Co.,Ltd.
Coconut Land & House Co.,Ltd.
Coffee Society (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Coffey (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cogifer Tf,
Cognis Thai Ltd.,
Colas Regional Office,
Colbree (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Ltd,
Colin Ng & Partners (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Collection Schulte (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Colleen Pencil (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Colliers Jardine,
Colliers Jardine (Thailand) Ltd.P.
Colliers Jardine Co.,Ltd.
Collin Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Collodin Chemie (Thai) Co Ltd
Collodin Chemie (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Cologne Re Consultants (Thailand) Ltd
Cologne-Thai Co Ltd.
Colombia (The Embassy Of The Republic Of Colombia)
Colombian Gems Co.,Ltd.
Colon Footwear (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Colon Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Colorlux (Thailand) Limited,
Come Prima Fashion Garments Co,Ltd.
Cometa Design Co.,Ltd.
Com-Link Co Ltd,
Comm Bangkok Co,Ltd.
Commercial Company Of Siam Ltd
Commercial Software Services Co,Ltd.
Commercial Transport International
Commercial Union Assurance Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Commerzbank Ag Rep. Office
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft,
Communications Services Ltd,
Commuwell Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Commverge Solutions (Thailand),
Compagnie Generale Du Siam Ltd,
Compaq Computer Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Compaq Computer Thailand Service Center
Compass Air Cargo C.A.C. (1990) Ltd.
Compass East Industry (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd.
Compass East Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Compass Group Co Ltd.
Compound Clay Co,Ltd.
Comprint (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Computer Associates,
Computer Embroidery Co,Ltd.
Computer Expert Service Co,Ltd.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Computer Label Co,Ltd.
Comsys Thailand Co Ltd,
Comte De Sibour Co.,Ltd.
Comtek International Co.,Ltd.
Comware Import & Export Ltd,
Concept Cargo Management (Thailand)
Concept International Design Ltd.,
Concordian International School Bangkok
Concrete Constructions (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Connector Asia Co,Ltd.
Connell Bros. Co. (Thailand) Limited
Connell Brother Co.,Ltd.
Connell Wagner Pty Ltd
Conoco (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Conrad Bangkok,
Construction And Piling Equipment Co,Ltd.
Construction Professionals,
Consulate General Of Denmark Bangkok
Consulate General Of Gabon Bangkok
Consulate General Of Republic Of Sri Lanka
Consulate Of ,The Dominica Republic, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The Gabonese Republic, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The People's Republic Of China, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The Republic Of Malta, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The Solomon Islands, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The United Kingdom, Bangkok
Consulate Of ,The United States Of America, Bangkok
Consulate Of Canada, Bangkok
Consulate Of Chile, Bangkok
Consulate Of Croatia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Cuba, Bangkok
Consulate Of Cyprus, Bangkok
Consulate Of Ecuador, Bangkok
Consulate Of Ethiopia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Finland, Bangkok
Consulate Of France, Bangkok
Consulate Of Gambia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Honduras, Bangkok
Consulate Of Hungary, Bangkok
Consulate Of Iceland, Bangkok
Consulate Of India, Bangkok
Consulate Of Indonesia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Iraq, Bangkok
Consulate Of Ireland  Bangkok
Consulate Of Japan, Bangkok
Consulate Of Jordan, Bangkok
Consulate Of Kenya, Bangkok
Consulate Of Laos, Bangkok
Consulate Of Latvia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Lebanon, Bangkok
Consulate Of Liberia, Bangkok
Consulate Of Luxembourg, Bangkok
Consulate Of Madagascar, Bangkok
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