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Thailand Furnishings Companies, Thai Furnishings Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source exquisite furniture and furnishing products such as: Blinds & Window Decorations, Thai Silk Bedding, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Bathroom Furnishings, Preserved Orchids, Antique Ceramics, Interior Hardware, Furnishing Textiles, Hammocks, Leather Furniture, Lamps, Rattan Furniture, Coffee Table Aquarium, Silk Cushions & Silk Drapes, Nursery Furniture, Teakwood Furniture

Is furniture furnishings? or are furnishings furniture? - I never could work that out. I came across this definition on the Internet:

Furnishings aka art objects, decorative arts, knick-knacks, bric-a-brac) are the objects, other than furniture, that occupy an interior space. They can be purely decorative or fill a functional, symbolic, or religious purpose. Unlike furniture, furnishings do not support the human body or provide storage. However, certain furnishings, such as lighting, are as essential to interior design and commodious living as furniture or architecture. Paintings, photography, drawings, and other (usually 2D) works defined as fine art are not generally considered furnishing.


This page is about furnishings. If you want to take a look at the furniture products on offer from Thai Manufacturers then check out: Thailand Furniture Companies, Thai Furniture Manufacturers

We are working on a special project to supply high quality Thai silk fabric furnishings such as silk curtains, silk cushions, throws and tassels for the UK market. Interested? Are you an interior design company looking for that special product for that special touch? Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your furnishings needs please email with your requests.



Thailand Interior Design Companies Silk Bedding Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
. .
Hammocks Preserved Orchids Antique Ceramics
Interior Hardware Furnishing Textiles Leather Furniture
Wooden Lamps Rattan Furniture Coffee Table Aquarium
Silk Cushions & Silk Drapes Nursery Furniture Teakwood Furniture
Bathroom Furnishings    
Featured Thailand Furnishings Companies
A & V General Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Partitions, Blinds & Curtains, Floor Coverings
Ae Weal Company Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Thai silk Fashion Accessories, Silk furnishings and Home Accessories, Silk Scarves, Silk Shawls, Silk Ties, Silk Table Runners
H & B Intertex Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Stuffed Toys Manufacturer, Soft Dolls, Home Textile Products, Baby Shoes & Children's Bedding, Nursery Bedding, Nursery Furnishings
Hammat-Sby Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Cotton Lace hammock, Swing Chair, Basket Love Seat, Hammock Chairs, Garden Hammock and Poolside Hammocks.
K. Corner Co.,Ltd Thailand Bangkok Carpet Shop, Rug Dealers, Furniture & Furnishing Products, Interior Decorators & Interior Designers
U& A Home Decoration Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishings such as: Kitchen Textiles, Bedding, Satin Pleat Bedspreads, Wave Bedspreads, Kids Bedspreads, Furnishings, Aprons, Chair Pads, Amenity Sets, Indoor Chair Pads, Garden Chair Pads, Curtains, Bathrobes, Canvas Cushions covers, Oven mitts, Woven Fabrics, Embroidery, Towels, Quilted bedspreads, Placemats, Cloths Table Runners

Following you will find lists of furnishing products and companies involved in the furnishing business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a furnishing company or simply supply a database of these furnishing companies then please email

Acacia Blinds
Adult/Baby Blanket
All-In-One Sets
Artificial Plants
Artificial/Dried Plants & Flowers
Auditorium Chairs
Axminster Woven Pattern Carpets
Baby Bed
Baby Beds
Bamboo, & Woven Wood Products
Barrier Cloth
Bath Furnishings
Bathroom Furniture
Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
Bed Linen
Bed Linen And Cushions
Bed Sheet
Bed Sheet Set
Bed Sheets And Covers
Bed Skirt
Bed Spread
Bedding Accessories
Bedroom Furnishings
Benches And Yoga Mats
Blackout Lining
Blankets & Throws
Blind And Wallpaper
Blinds & Curtains
Blinds & Shutters
Block prints
Bolster Cover
Boys Bedding
Bronze & Fiber Sculpture
Bronzeware Decorative Items
Candle Holder
Candle Holders
Casting Lamps
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fixtures
Ceiling Ligh
Ceiling Lights
Ceramic Dinnerware
Ceramic Lamps
Ceramics Wares
Chair Pads
Chandeliers & Sconces
Coconut Woodenware
Coffee Tables
Comforter Covers
Comforter Sets
Comforters & Duvet
Contemporary Lamps
Convertible Sofa-Bed Frames
Cot Bedding
Cotton & Silk Accessories
Cotton & Silk Cushion-Covers
Cotton Cushions
Coverlets & Bed Throws
Curtain Fabric
Curtain Poles & Accessories
Curtain Rods
Cushion Covers
Cushion-Cover (Silk)
Custom Curtains
Daybed Sets
Decorative Art Ornaments
Decorative Bowls
Decorative Dishes
Decorative Items
Decorative Mats
Decorative Pillows
Decorative Throws
Decorative Vases
Decorative Wall Hangings
Designer Carpet
Desk Lamps
Dining Chair Covers
Dining Chairs
Dining Tables
Door & Floor Mats
Door Mats
Door Stops
Door/Window Curtains & Draperies
Down Comforters
Down Light
Drapery Fabrics
Drapes And Curtains
Duvet Cover
Eyelet Curtains
Feather Beds
Feather Products
Film-Pvc Floor Tile
Finished Fabric-Silk
Finished Woven Fabric & Silk
Finished Woven Fabric-Silk
Fireplace Mantels/Surrounds/Accessories
Fireplaces & Accessories
Floodlight Garden Light
Floor Cushions
Floor Lamps
Floor Screens
Floor/Standing Lamps
Floral Accents
Fluorescent Fixtures
Framed Art
Fully Lined Curtains
Furnishing Accessories
Furnishing Fabrics For Curtains And Upholstery
Furnishings & Decoration
Furnishings And Accessories
Futon Frames
Garden Lamps
Girls Bedding
Glass Tableware
Grey Fabric-Silk
Hand Tufted Carpet
Handicrafted Pottery
Hilltribe Textile
Home Decorative Accessories In Ceramic
Home Decorative Items
Home Furnishing
Home Textile
Home Textile Products
Home Textiles
Interior Decoration
Interior Decorative
Jumbo Thai Silk Three Fold Cushion
Kids Rugs
Kids Wall Art
Kitchen Island
Knockdown Shelves
Lace Curtains
Lacquer Ware
Lacquer ware
Lamp Shades
Lamp stand
Landscape Lighting
Latex Core Mattresses
Latex Mattresses
Leather Cushion Covers
Leather Furniture
Leather Sofa Sets
Leather Upholstery
Led Lighting
Lighting Fixtures
Longer Length Curtains
Luxury Linens
Magazine & Coat Racks
Mango Wood Bowls
Mango Wood Boxes
Mango Wood Plates
Mango Wood Tealights
Mango Wood Vases
Mattress Pads
Mattress Protector
Meditation Cushions
Mini Pendants
Miniature/Decorative Fountains
Mirror Frame
Monorail Lighting
Monorail Lighting.
Mood Light
Mosquito Net
Mosquito Nets
Mulberry Paper Lampshade
Multi-Purpose Silk Boxes
Natural Organic Mattresses
Natural Weave Blind
Natural Wood Platform Bed
Organic Blankets
Organic Comforters
Organic Cotton Colorgrown Towels
Organic Futons
Organic Sheets And Pillows
Outdoor Lighting
Painted Shower Curtains
Panel Track
Paper Knives
Papers And Borders
Parchment Lamps
Pendant Lighting
Pendant Lighting Fixtures
Photo Albums
Photo Frames
Pictures & Paintings
Pillow And Bolster
Pillow Case
Pillow Slip
Pillows & Pillow Covers
Pillows & Throws
Planters & Plant Stands
Plate Mat
Platform Bed
Pvc Floor Covering
Pvc Sponge Leather
Ready Made Curtains
Readymade Coordinated Bedding
Readymade Curtain Accessories
Readymade Curtain Lining
Readymade Curtains
Readymade Door Curtains
Recliner Covers
Resin Lamps
Rods & Accessories
Roller Blind
Roman Shade Blind
Saa Paper
Sale Bedding
Sheets & Accessories
Shower Rod & Bathroom Accessories
Silk And Cotton Furnishing Fabric
Silk Bed Liners
Silk Cushions
Silk Cushions,
Silk Fabrics
Silk Look Thai Cushions
Site Furnishings
Slip Covers
Sofa Leather
Soft Bed
Soft Furnishings
Sound Absorption Materials
Stainless Wireware
Stoneware Mug
Table Cloth
Table Lamps
Table Linens
Table Runner
Table/Desk Lamps
Terry Towel
Textile Wall Covering
Thai Art And Home Decor
Thai Silk Pillows
Theater Chairs
Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany-Style Lamps
Torchiere Lamps
Track Lighting
Traditional Lamps
Triangular Thai Cushions
Upholstery And Drapery Fabrics
Upholstery/Decorating Fabric
Vertical Blind
Voile Panels
Wall Accents
Wall Clocks
Wall Covering
Wall Hangings & Tapestries
Wall Sconces
Wall Sculptures
Window Curtains
Window Treatments
Wing Chair Covers
Wool And Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Wrought Iron Lamps
Wool And Buckwheat Hull Pillows

9000 Group Co., Ltd.
A & Associates Design Group Co., Ltd.
A & V General Co, Ltd.
A.D.R. Co, Ltd.
A.S.E. Co, Ltd.
Acmen International Co, Ltd.
Acon Plus Trading Co.,Ltd
Actif Decor Products Co., Ltd.
Active Ceramic Center Group Co, Ltd.
Agal Decor Co., Ltd.
Alee Decor Ltd, P.
Alex Wallpaper Co, Ltd.
Almeta Company Limited
American Building Product Co., Ltd.
Andaman Dreams Corporation Ltd.
Apex Plastics Co, Ltd.
Aretorn Thai Silk Co, Part .
Asalon Co, Ltd.
Ascorp Co, Ltd.
Asia Decor
Asia Parawood Co, Ltd.
Asian Motifs Co., Ltd.
B. Silk Company Limited
B.K.K. Group Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Collection & House Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Design & Furnishing Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Interfurn Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Wall Paper Co, Ltd.
Bangmod Curtain
Basc Co., Ltd.
Beauty Lamps
C'est La Bee Co., Ltd.
Chanintr Fine Furnishings Ltd.
Chaopaya Shutter Shop
Chokchai Seree Plastic Co., Ltd.
Chokdee Furnishing Ltd, Part.
Chuleekorn Co, Ltd.
Chutima (1992) Co., Ltd.
Circular Development & Trading Corp., Ltd.
Column International Co., Ltd.
Commonwealth Commercial Co, Ltd.
Contel (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Crown Ceramics Co, Ltd.
Cubic Art Co., Ltd.
Curtain And Blinds
Curtain Home Ltd, P.
D.K. Design And Furnishing Co, Ltd.
Decoration 2 Co, Ltd.
Decornition & Furniture Ltd, Part.
Design For Interior Co, Ltd.
Didi Directions Co., Ltd.
Duang Dao Curtain
E.G.G. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Glass Decoration Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Glass Manufacturer Co.,Ltd
Ekka Plus Co., Ltd.
Engreat (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
European Textiles Co, Ltd.
Euro-Thai Furniture Co, Ltd.
Excel Design Fabric Co, Ltd.
Express Carpet Co, Ltd.
Fancy Wood Industries Public Co, Ltd.
Fantastic Furnishings Co., Ltd.
Fashion Hometex Co., Ltd
Fortune Decor Co, Ltd.
Fur Ac Inter Co., Ltd.
Furnthai Co., Ltd.
General Chemical Industries Ltd., Part.
Global Resource Limited
Golden Silk Co., Ltd.
Grand Furnishing Co, Ltd.
Greenacts Co, Ltd.
H & B Intertex Co, Ltd.
Haco Group (1991) Co., Ltd
Hakon Company Co, Ltd.
Haruhara Co., Ltd.
Hato Paint (J.K.R.) Co, Ltd.
Hawaii Thai Export Co, Ltd.
Home Plus Co, Ltd.
Home Product Center Public Company Limited
Homewell Marketing Co, Ltd.
Hong Kong Furinishing Factory Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Steel Furnishing Co.,Ltd
Hotel And Interior Supply Co, Ltd.
House & Garden Arts Co, Ltd.
Hunter Douglas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Idea Escape Co., Ltd.
Ideas Design Collection Co., Ltd.
Ikea Trading (Thailand) Ltd.
Ind.Desing Co, Ltd.
Inter Furnitech Arcadia Co, Ltd.
Inter Sanitary Ceramic Co, Ltd.
Interfurn Co, Ltd.
Inter-Krai Co, Ltd.
Interstar Auto Product Co., Ltd.
J. Veerakij Bangbuathong Ltd., Part.
J.C.D. Co, Ltd.
J.R. Design Co, Ltd.
Jaspal & Sons Co, Ltd.
Jastal & Sons Co, Ltd.
Jim Furnish & Decor Ltd, P.
Jirawat B-Smart Intertrade Co, Ltd.
Jittaphan Co Ltd
K.W. & Kul Ltd.
Kaitsense Design Co., Ltd.
Karat Faucet Co., Ltd.
Kaseminterior Co., Ltd.
Kenkoon Co, Ltd.
Lee Enterprises Co, Ltd.
Lenso Vinyl Co, Ltd.
Life Style Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.
Living Center Co., Ltd.
M.D.I. Homeproduct Industry Co, Ltd.
Mahanakorn Curtain Ltd, P.
Mana Patana Ltd, Part.
Manapatana Ltd., Part.
Marn Design
Marn Fa Luang Co, Ltd.
Marn Thantawan
Meritas Corporation Co., Ltd.
Mr.Curtain (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Muse Art Design Co., Ltd.
Naa'im Holdings Co., Ltd.
Naics Furnishing Co.,Ltd.
National Furniture Ltd.,Part.
Natural Silk Ltd., Part., The
Nitas Tessile Co.,Ltd.
Nithchy Leo Ltd.,Part
Nova Trenda Co., Ltd.
Ocean Inter-Deco.
Oriental Wood Products Company Ltd
Ou Curtain
P.A.O. (Thailand) Co., Ltd
P.G. Steelfurn Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Crafts Co., Ltd.
Pai Rau Curtain
Paiboon Curtain Co., Ltd.
Panicharoenporn Shop
Pc-Lux Lighting Co Ltd
Peerayuth Furnishing Ltd., Part
Phayathai Curtain
Phoenix Condec Co., Ltd.
Picotee Interior Center Co., Ltd.
Ploy Pailin Curtain
Post Forming Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Prakran Enterprise (1999) Co.,Ltd.
Precious Time Trading Co., Ltd.
Premio Home Decor Co., Ltd.
Prestige Direct Marketing Co., Ltd.
Prisma Collection Co., Ltd.
Progressive Industries Corp., Ltd.
Pros Lampshade Co., Ltd.
R.R.R. Co Ltd
Rama Fabrics Ltd., Part.
Ratana Curtain
S.I.S. Barter Trade Co.,Ltd.
S.L. Accents & Decor
S.S. Furnishing
S.T. Home Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Saengmitr Electric Co., Ltd.
Sahapan Furnishing Ltd., Part.
Selectform Furniture & Son Co., Ltd
Shan Kydd Decor Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Timber And Furnishings (Thailand) Co.,
Siam Design Concept Co.,Ltd.
Siam Design Furnishing Co., Ltd.
Siam Design Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Feather Products Co Ltd
Siam Fine Art Lamps Ltd.
Siam Marry Textile Co Ltd
Siam Piphat Decor Co., Ltd.
Siang Thai & Sons Co., Ltd.
Silco Garment Co., Ltd.
Singthong Furnishing Ltd., Part.
Siri Furnishing Co., Ltd.
Six Buree House Ltd., Part.
Slumberland (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Smile Design Co., Ltd.
Solar Gard Marketing Co., Ltd.
Somkiat Curtain
Songkit Home Products Co., Ltd.
Srirung Curtain
Srithai Superware Public Co.,Ltd
Stit Furnishing
Stone & Steel Co., Ltd.
Suksawad Window Blinds Co., Ltd.
Sweet Home Furnishing Ltd., Part.
T. Thaweesin Furnishing Ltd., Part.
T.C.K. Interplas Co.,Ltd.
T.P.S. Decor Material Co., Ltd.
T.P.S. Garden Furniture Co., Ltd.
Tae Nguan Seng Heng Ltd., Part.
Tera Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Test Rite International (Thailand) Ltd.
Thai Chinda Curtain Co., Ltd.
Thai Decoration Art Ltd., P.
Thai Frame & Accessories Co., Ltd.
Thai Furnishing Fabrics Co., Ltd.
Thai Plywood Co., Ltd.
Thai Tracks
Thai Victa Co., Ltd
Thai Welltex International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Window Furnishings Ltd.
Thailand Carpet Manufacturing Public Co., Ltd.
Thana Chai Design Co., Ltd.
Thanom Furnishing Co., Ltd.
Thomas Biel And Associates Ltd
Top Biz Co.,Ltd.
Topline Products Co., Ltd.
Twoway Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Udom Curtain
Unilamp Co., Ltd.
Universal Progress Co.,Ltd.
Usa Thai Co.,Ltd.
V.P. Plastic Product (1993) Co., Ltd.
Vega House Decoration Co., Ltd
Vega Wall Coverings Co., Ltd.
Veronica And Associates Co Ltd
Window & House Co., Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
World Decoration Group Co., Ltd.
Worldnet Supplies Co Ltd
Yasith Design
Zaina International Group Co. Ltd

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