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Thailand Wood Furniture Companies, Thai Wood Furniture Manufacturers


Thailand Wood Furniture Companies
, Thai Wood Furniture Manufacturers manufacture wooden furniture and household wood decorative items in many different materials.

Of course Thailand is famous for it's teakwood furniture and other tropical timbers. Nowadays these natural raw materials are in short supply. Not because they are disappearing species, far from it. The forests of Thailand are teaming with tropical hardwoods. However due to the 'Environmentalist lobby' and the policy of save the trees' these precious trees are being left to grow, fall and rot on the forest floor.

If you are looking for furniture products of any type we have a full section covering all furniture products here Thailand Furniture Companies, Thai Furniture Manufacturers


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your wood furniture needs please email with your requests.

Rattan Furniture Wood Office Furniture Patio & Poolside Furniture
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Bedroom Furniture Small Wood Furniture Massage & Spa Furniture
Kitchen Furniture Hotel Furniture Laboratory Furniture
Teak Furniture Teakwood Furniture Teak Wood Furniture
Featured Thailand Wood Furniture Manufacturers
ACME INDUSTRIES CO, LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Furniture, Wooden Products, Dinning Set, Small Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Bowl, Server
B.K.-Trading (T) Co.,Ltd Thailand A leading Thai exporter of wooden ware, Wooden Furniture. Exporting Wooden Products worldwide
Q.C. Parawood Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Wooden Furniture Manufacturer, Rubber Wood Furniture, Beech Wood Furniture Manufacturer

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