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Thailand Garment Companies , Thailand Clothes Manufacturers Page II

Forget the horror stories of sweat shops and slave labour Thailand has come of age and joined the world community of industrialists and ethical businesses. I am not saying they don't exist. Low wages, long hours are the norm for workers in Thailand not only in the garment industry. Migrant workers, illegals mainly from Burma, Laos and Cambodia still suffer at the hands of  unscrupulous Thai-Chinese owners Labor is cheap. However export companies fear for their livelihoods if they were to employ such methods. Brand names like Nike and Adidas just won't stand for it anymore.


Materials, textiles and garment are of good quality and available from local Thai sources. The workers are well trained and nimble fingered. The big problems come in the communication between the export staff and the foreign customers. Mistakes are made, orders misplaced and misunderstandings abound.


That's good for me. I run a thriving Corporate training company. We train the staff and workers in many companies, offices and factories here in Bangkok and along the Eastern seaboard of Thailand.

Our main task is to help train the staff to communicate and cut down on these expensive misunderstandings. So if all of a sudden your contact Noi or Lek or Nit in the export department of your garment supplier suddenly changes her style and starts chatting on the phone ask her if she studies with English at Work



Nowadays I am involved in the garment export trade myself. supplying brand name shirts to Europe and wedding dresses to couture designers in The States. 


If you are looking specifically for Bridal Wear or Dress Shirts then please email


For a list of Thailand companies involved in the Garment Industry in Thailand please visit this page: Garment, Clothes & Apparel


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Featured Thailand Garment Manufacturers
A & S Apparel Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Sportswear manufacturer of Sportswear, Athletic Men's Jogging Suits Manufacturer
Ae Weal Company Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Thai silk Fashion Accessories, Silk furnishings and Home Accessories, Silk Scarves, Silk Shawls, Silk Ties, Silk Table Runners
Bulliontex Co.,Ltd.  Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Textiles, Textile Machinery, Interlining, Pongee, Polyester Fabrics, Satin, Curtains, Silk, Chiffon and Taffeta.
E.Q. San (Thailand) Co., LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Knitting fabrics, men's knit wear, women's knit wear, children's knit wear, polo shirts, T-shirts, dresses, skirts and school uniforms.
F.C. INTERTRADE CO.,LTD Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Baby ware, Children ware, Baby Clothes, Children's Clothes, Knitted Garments, Woven Garments, Babies Garments and Infant Clothes.

Following you will find lists of the products and offered by garment manufacturers in Thailand. If you are looking to source garment products or simply a list of these garment companies then please email

 Garment Manufacturers & Exporters  Garment, Clothes & Apparel
77 multitrade co., ltd.
991 trading ltd., part.
a & s apparel co, ltd.
a ii z kids (thailand) co.,ltd.
a thai unitrade co, ltd
a.i.c. inc.
a.l. inter-wears co, ltd.
a.m. renel co., ltd
a.m. sak co, ltd.
a.m.n. intertrading co.,ltd.
a.p. intertex limited partnership
a.p.a. garment co., ltd.
a.s. maharaja co, ltd.
aashirwad international co, ltd
able ltd, co,
acap co., ltd.
accessory trading co, ltd.
acgarment co. ltd.
across the world co., ltd.
action international co, ltd.
action supply ltd., part
acushnet footjoy (thailand) ltd.
aderans thai ltd.
ad-ex (thailand) co, ltd.
adidas (thailand) co, ltd
adidas-solomon international sourcing limited
air field co, ltd.
akko group international co., ltd.
alan delon international co.,ltd.
alexandra thai silk ltd, part.
alexis apparel co, ltd.
alfa garment co, ltd.
all in one texport cp., ltd
allemann co., ltd.
al-mehdhar co, ltd.
alphatex industries co, ltd.
alpithai international co, ltd.
alpreeda thaisilk co.,ltd.
altex co, ltd.
amal trading co, ltd.
amnuayporn garment
amonthep knitting co, ltd.
amtex l.p.
amy and anny co., ltd
anchalee (nakornphanom thaisilk)
anchalee garment co.,ltd.
anchor knitwear co, ltd.
angellink intertrade co., ltd
angie and penny intertrade
angle trading ltd, part.
anna garment co, ltd.
anna thai silk ltd, part.
antice (ton-nunn) co, ltd.
antu garment ltd.
a-one fashion
apakorn garment ltd, part.
apparel avenue co, ltd.
apparel creations co, ltd.
apparel solutions asia co., ltd.
applied commercial ltd.
aragon co, ltd.
aram intertrade co, ltd.
arctic export co.,ltd.
aree mai thai
armada trading co ltd
aroonchae garment ltd, part.
arporn thai silk
arrow apparel co, ltd.
arsh (thailand) co.,ltd.
artact intertrade co, ltd.
arya weaving ltd, partnership
aryan assocites co, ltd.
asia (thailand) knitting co, ltd
asia garment co. limited
asia thai garment ltd, part.
asia thai product ltd, part
asia thailand knitting co, ltd.
asia uniform ltd, part.
asia world bra co.,,ltd.
asian associated factories co, ltd.
asian garment co, ltd.
asian product intertrade ltd, part.
asians network systems co., ltd.
asoke international trading co, ltd.
associated merchandising
at bangkok co.,ltd.
atico international co, ltd.
augustino co.,ltd
awtar narang ltd, part
b.b. world co., ltd. co.,ltd.
b.j. (thailand) co, ltd.
b.m. global exports co.,ltd
b.n. superior marketing co.,ltd.
b.p.k. garment co, ltd.
b.s.e. global trade co, ltd.
b.t.f.a. co, ltd.
b.t.o. international ltd.,part.
ba-alayan trade & travel co.,ltd.
baby house ltd, part.
baker enterprise co.,ltd.
balance adventures co.,ltd.
baltex industries corp. ltd.
bangkok batik of art co.,ltd.
bangkok clothing creation co, ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok elyna co., ltd.
bangkok innerwear co., ltd.
bangkok nonwoven co., ltd
bangkok nylon public co, ltd, the
bangkok paiboon knitting
bangkok phaisarn textile industry co, ltd.
bangkok phetcharat ltd. part
bangkok siam products ltd, part.
bangkok thanakarn textile ltd., partnership
bangkok tokyo socks co, ltd.
bangna pradit weave clothes co, ltd.
bangpoo fashion co, ltd.
banphai fuangfa garment co., ltd.
ba-olayan trade & travel ltd., partnership
basmah manufacturing co, ltd.
bata shoe of thailand public co, ltd
batik collections co, ltd.
baview garment co, ltd.
beau commercial co, ltd.
beauty princess
bed & bath prestige (thailand)
bee house co, ltd.
belong to me ltd.,part
ben's socks
best glove manufacturers ltd, part.
bestway apparel co, ltd
betty textile co.,ltd
betty thai silk & jeweler co, ltd.
big become co.,ltd.
black cat sri-chan co, ltd.
bless trading co, ltd.
blessing international impex co, ltd.
blossom garment manufacturing
blouse export co, ltd.
blue corner international co, ltd.
blue moon sports (thailand) co.,ltd.
blue pin intertrade co ltd
blue sky apparel 2000 co., ltd.
blue sport garment co, ltd.
bluespot garment co., ltd.
bobae garment association
bobaekids co.,ltd
body fashion (thailand) ltd.
body gifts co., ltd
body glove (thailand) co, ltd.
bombay bazar (thailand) co., ltd.
boontawee garment co, ltd.
boonwatanachok co., ltd.
boss garment ltd, part.
boss glove co, ltd.
boutique newcity public co, ltd
bra garment co, ltd
bridal co., ltd.
briental garment co, ltd.
brintex co, ltd.
british-thai synthetic textile co, ltd.
brown rice for health
b-safe co., ltd.
buakao co, ltd.
bualoy thai cotton and silk co.,ltd
bukalux co.,ltd.
bulliontex co., ltd.
burda and theresa (thailand) co., ltd.
buri co, ltd.
burtha trading co., ltd.
busjack export co, ltd.
butic new City co.,ltd
byten interest co.,ltd.
c & o trading co, ltd
c. thai roong
c.a.c. international co, ltd.
c.b.n. garment co, ltd.
c.d. industrial co, ltd.
c.h. nimit intergarment co, ltd.
c.k. & richard intertrading co, ltd.
c.k. garment co., ltd.
c.l. and a. co, ltd.
c.m. plus co.,ltd.
c.p.c. co, ltd.
c.p.g. garment co, ltd.
c.r.a. sports co.,ltd.
c.r.c. creation co, ltd.
c.r.i. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.r.p. garment co, ltd
c.s. bedding co.,ltd.
c.s. international (offshore) ltd
c.t. network lp
c.t.k. union garment co, ltd.
calvery international co, ltd.
camel (thailand) co.,ltd.
canary garment (imp-exp) co, ltd.
canshang (thailand) limited
cap international product co, ltd.
capital rayon co, ltd.
capital ying charoen textile co, ltd.
capstone (far east) co., ltd.
carpenter international co, ltd.
castle peak holdings public co, ltd.
cedar manufacturing co, ltd
cedar wearing and design
cedar-dotex co, ltd.
celestra international commercial co.,ltd.
central garment factory co., ltd.
central trading co, ltd.
cetrac international ltd
ch. pongphan garment co., ltd.
chai surapa garment co., ltd.
cha-lom co, ltd.
chamnancha cotton
champ ace co, ltd.
chan batik ltd, part.
chanakij garment co, ltd.
charoenrut co., ltd.
charter enterprise co, ltd.
chelae (thailand) co.,ltd.
chiap hah (childhood garments) ltd, part.
chicaGo international co, ltd.
chicken boom ltd., part.
child hood garment ltd, part.
children choice
chim hong ltd, part.
chino garment co., ltd.
chitika garment co., ltd.
chivalry co., ltd.
chock aree garment lp.
chok aree garment ltd, part.
choltiwat garment
chonprapa group co., ltd.
chotika garment co.,ltd
chow knitting industrial co, ltd.
christina garment ltd., partnership
chukij garment co., ltd.
city export co, ltd.
city international co, ltd.
civilize import-export co, ltd.
classic intertrade co, ltd.
classical sports house ltd, part.
cocko international ltd.
columbia sportwear co, ltd.
come prima fashion garments co, ltd.
computer embroidery co, ltd.
comrade & col. co, ltd
concentric co.,ltd.
confederate international co., ltd.
consumer products inspection & testing co ltd
contempo fashions limited
continental garment co, ltd.
Continental Knitting Ltd.Part.
converi (uniform) co., ltd.
coral fx co, ltd.
corner trade co, ltd
cotton sport ltd, part.
craft & mind co.,ltd
createx garment co., ltd.
crystal enterprise co, ltd.
cycke star
d.d. boutique
d.l.j. commercial co., ltd.
d.m.l. international co., ltd.
damarc (bangkok) ltd.
dang factory
dapa intl co.,ltd.
dara mitr co, ltd.
dave's collection
dearly apparel co, ltd.
decor fabric co., ltd.
dee cee marketing ltd., partnership
dee dee aun
deework co., ltd.
della spica co.,ltd
design for interior co, ltd.
design-siam ltd.,part.
desmond international co, ltd.
develop knitting co., ltd.
dhanu hand paint thai silk co., ltd.
diamond channel co, ltd.
diamond garment ltd., partnership
diamond knitting co., ltd
diastar garment ltd., part.
dolphin international co., ltd.
domaro industrial co. ltd
domon (1987) co., ltd.
donelli (thailand) co., ltd.
double a garment co., ltd.
due & dean garment co, ltd.
dungaree co., ltd.
dusit textile co., ltd.
dyna international co, ltd.
dynamic century company limited
dynasty fabrics co, ltd.
dynasty marketing co., ltd.
e & j industries co, ltd.
e.b.i. garment co., ltd.
e.p. genius import export co ltd
e.q. expert co ltd
e.q. san (thailand) co., ltd
eagle speed garment Manufacturing (thailand) co, ltd.
eamsiri bangkok co.,ltd.
east asia garment co, ltd.
east asia textile industry co, ltd.
east board industry co., ltd.
east union knitting (thailand) co., ltd.
easter co.,ltd
eastonfab corporation ltd.
eay cheang garment co, ltd.
ekaterina trading co, ltd.
el amana enterprise co, ltd.
elegance international co.,ltd.
elegance world ltd., part.
ella design co., ltd
emchit ltd., part.
emirates trading agency,l.l.c. bangkok liaison office
emmy garment co., ltd.
enrichir co, ltd.
erawan embriodery garment
euroasia manufacturing co, ltd.
eurofashion/eurofood ltd
event merchandise group
everest international co.,ltd.
everlink co., ltd.
exquisite international ltd.
f.c. intertrade co, ltd.
f.e. garment co., ltd
fair garment textile industrial co., ltd.
fairdeal co, ltd.
fairtex exports ltd, part.
fairtex garment factory co, ltd.
falcon intertrade co., ltd.
fanny commercial co, ltd.
far east apparel co., ltd.
far east knitting co, ltd.
far-east garment textile co, ltd.
Fashion Boy Collection House Limited
fashion export co, ltd.
fashion express co, ltd.
fashion runway (asia) ltd., part.
fashions source co., ltd
Fashion Sport Fun Co.,Ltd.
Fashionway Boutique
fashionwear ltd.
fedura co, ltd.
fenatex international co., ltd.
first dream co, ltd.
first international export co, ltd.
first trader co.,ltd.
fortune garment 1980 ltd, part.
frentex garment co, ltd.
future jeans co.,ltd.
gallant international co.,ltd.
gamma industries co, ltd.
gamma textile manufacturing co, ltd.
general sox co, ltd.
gerbera co, ltd.
gian chand manchanda srigurdev co.,ltd.
giansingha amarnath rop
gilitwala/s (t) co.,ltd.
giovani co, ltd.
global access garment co, ltd.
gm - goodman co.,ltd.
gold mine garment co, ltd
golden bell trading co, ltd.
golden bowl co., ltd.
golden city garment factory co, ltd.
golden hart co.,ltd.
golden peak garment co., ltd.
goodluck overseas co, ltd.
gosia cargo co., ltd.
grace international ltd, p.
grammy garment co., ltd.
grand apparel co, ltd.
grand marketing co, ltd.
grand metro knitting co, ltd.
grand sport ltd, part.
grandeur garment co, ltd.
green care co, ltd.
green garment limited partnership
green growth enterprise ltd, p.
grey hound garment co., ltd.
greyhound co.,ltd.
grip international co.,ltd.
gyaltsen product
h. brothers holding (bangkok) co, ltd.
h. daya international co, ltd.
h.m. factory for thai silk co, ltd.
h.m. style co ltd
hamilton co ltd,
hand & head co.,ltd.
heang charean garment co.,ltd.
heart and mind apparel co, ltd.
hellman underwear factory co., ltd.
henry como garment Manufacturer Thailand
herlix co.,ltd.
hermanos kaybee (thailand) co., ltd.
hi progress kniting co., ltd
high fashion international co, ltd.
high p.p.c. (thailand) co, ltd.
hi-progress knitting co, ltd.
hiramoti (thailand) co., ltd.
hong seng knitting ltd, part.
hong tai garment co., ltd.
hopewell knitting co., ltd.
hua thai manufacturing public co, ltd.
huego jarre co, ltd.
hunter thai co, ltd.
hyatt knitting co., ltd.
i. garments co., ltd.
i.b.u. co.,ltd.
i.g.c. trading co., ltd.
idea & intelligence co., ltd.
ideas knits (bangkok) co, ltd.
imex garment co, ltd.
imex link trading co., ltd.
imperial garment co., ltd.
imperial knitwear co., ltd.
indo pacific creative co.,ltd.
indomonex co., ltd.
industry exhibition (1994) co., ltd
influx fashion jeans design and manufacturing
innovative asia co, ltd
inter best apparel co., ltd.
inter worldwide garment ltd., part
inter-cess co, ltd.
intermac garment co., ltd.
intermode garment co., ltd.
international import export co.,ltd.
international trading development corp, ltd.
intertex fashion garment co., ltd.
inthanon sporting goods co, ltd.
isaraporn travel (1997) co, ltd.
ital fashion
italsiam co., ltd.
itochu (thailand) ltd.
j & l co., ltd.
j. mountain co, ltd.
j.c. penny purchasing corporation
j.p.i. co.,ltd.
j.s.n. silver island textile co., ltd.
jack chia industries (thailand) pcl
jagtar international r.o.p. co, ltd.
james fashion international co.,ltd.
jariya garment co., ltd.
jeb seng garment co., ltd.
jeerarattanabunphot co., ltd.
jew hat co., ltd.
jintana apparel co, ltd.
Jintana Garment Co.,Ltd.
jipzo co., ltd.
jivan products co, ltd.
john & jo garment co, ltd.
john collection
juki garment co., ltd.
jutik co, ltd. (house of jute)
j-wa international
k.b.l. international co., ltd.
k.j. pornchai chareon ltd., partnership
k.p. fashion house co., ltd.
kaestar sewing co, ltd.
kamson exporter ltd., p.
kanishka export co., ltd.
karma apparel co., ltd.
kasemsiri co, ltd.
kasstext intertrade co.,ltd
kevin cole
khonkaen impex l.p.
kij ar porn garment co., ltd.
kikuya garment co, ltd.
king's import export co.,ltd.
kinsho-mataichi (thailand) ltd.
kit-aphorn garment
kizwa-ok co, ltd.
kloset design co., ltd
knit & stitch co., ltd.
know bra co.,ltd.
kodanmal export co, ltd.
kor charoenkij garment co., ltd
kornrat garment co.,ltd.
krungthon fabrics co, ltd.
l.d.n. development co. ltd
l.m.e. co, ltd.
l.s.n/chicagojeans inc
l.t.n. international supply co, ltd.
l.t.u. apparels co, ltd.
la belle international caps co., ltd.
lacoste (la chemise)
lai lai international co., ltd.
lamos international (thailand) co. ltd
lao enterprise co.,ltd.
laser fashion co ltd
lee viwat garment co, ltd.
lee-carol international co. ltd
leng chew ltd, part.
leo labels & garment co. ltd
lertmalee knitting co, ltd.
li & fung (thailand) co, ltd.
lien's group (asia) co, ltd.
limited partnership at fashion
limline apparel co., ltd
limseng knitting co. ltd
lin far (thailand) co. ltd
lin grand (thailand) co. ltd
lina thai silk ltd., part.
linear force venture
little girl's garment co., ltd.
longue vue international co, ltd.
look well co, ltd.
lotte fashion international co., ltd
lucky impex ltd, part.
luckytex (thailand) public co, ltd.
luigi batani (thailand) co.,ltd.
m.a.n. garment co., ltd
m.c.c. garment co., ltd.
m.c.c. garment equipment co, ltd.
m.c.t. international co.,ltd.
m.i.k. trading co.,ltd.
m.v.s. trading ltd, part.
mac jeans co.,ltd.
macmurry co, ltd.
macpro holding co., ltd.
madaan enterprises ltd, part
madame t. garmex co, ltd.
magic mountain co., ltd
mah boonkrong trading co, ltd.
mahachai intertrading garment co., ltd.
mahanam intertrade co, ltd.
mai thai collection
maiton international (t) co.,ltd.
maitriporn ltd., partnership
majestic a co, ltd.
mandarin clothing co., ltd.
mangharams (t) co, ltd.
manila enterprise co, ltd.
marathon international co, ltd.
marchwell garment manufacturer ltd, part.
mariya enterprise l.p.
mark creations co, ltd.
markant trading organization ltd.
martinotex co., ltd.
marubeni thailand co, ltd.
maruhisa international co, ltd.
maruti (thailand) co., ltd.
mascot garments (thailand) co., ltd.
mascot knitwear co., ltd.
masri co., ltd.
master piece garment and textile co, ltd.
masterpiece knitting company limited
mayfair garment factory cdo, ltd.
melisma co., ltd
memco international co, ltd.
mercur international agencies (thailand) ltd.
mertex industries (thailand) ltd.
metropolitan garment & textile import and export co., ltd.
mi mi design co., ltd.
michael trade l.p.
milco corp, ltd.
ming wholesale & retail co., ltd.
mithonaa international co.,ltd.
mitsukoshi ltd
moda apparel co, ltd.
modern fashion export house co, ltd.
monet's fashion ltd, part.
mongkolsutthi co, ltd.
monthon limited
montip 1991 co, ltd.
mu international co., ltd.
muangthai garment co., ltd.
multi leatherwear (thailand) co, ltd.
multi star link
mumtaz marketing co, ltd.
mun ying co, ltd.
n.k. apparel co., ltd.
nantinee thai silk ltd.,part
nanyang garment ., ltd.
nationman (thailand) co., ltd.
nattachote industries co., ltd.
nattharat holdings co. ltd
navamith apparel co ., ltd
navawut apparel co., ltd.
necktie siam inter-trade co., ltd.
needlework collection co.,ltd.,
new anglo co., ltd.
new plus knitting public co., ltd.
newport advance corporation ltd
nice apparel co., ltd.
nike (thailand) ltd
nike inc., liaison office
nong proy co.,ltd
nuage apparel company
nullah international limited
o.g.c. group of company
o.t. group co., ltd.
oasis garment co., ltd.
ocean apparel co., ltd.
onono inter co., ltd.
orders garment co., ltd.
otto international (hong kong) ltd
p & n uniform co., ltd.
p. malai export co.,ltd.
p. natawat co.,ltd.
p.c. wyne excel fabric group
p.k. garment import-import co., ltd.
p.n.l. co., ltd.
p.p.sunshine co.,ltd.
p.w.s. collection co.,ltd
pacific knitting co., ltd.
palacae industry (thailand) co., ltd.
pana garment co., ltd
papornchai garment co., ltd.
paradisa designs
Paradise Apparel Manufacturer Thailand
paramount worldwide lp
parita inter co., ltd
parlyn international co., ltd.
patara and friends co.,ltd.
patchara marketing co.,ltd
patmax ltd., part.
pattarakiat product co.,ltd.
pattern form co.,ltd.
peachy garment international co., ltd.
pena house co.,ltd.
peony fame co., ltd.
people's garment public co., ltd.
pica inter co.,ltd.
pierre boutique
pilotaz paris-bangkok co ltd
ping ping international ltd.,part.
pioneer garment co.,ltd.
pipat dyeing co., ltd.
ply mount international (thai) co., ltd.
point image (thailand ) co., ltd.
prabhu co.,ltd.
pradya gloves co., ltd.
premier apparel products co., ltd.
premier garment co., ltd
prestige global co., ltd.
prior panty garment co., ltd.
promchana garment co., ltd.
queen apparel co., ltd.
queen bridal international co., ltd.
rain mart co., ltd.
rainy garment co., ltd.
raja glove ltd,part.
raja uchino co.,ltd.
ratanakosin garments co.,ltd
ravadee garment co., ltd.
redfern trading co.,ltd.
rian silp knitting co., ltd.
rich international industrial co.,ltd.
rienjaroen garment co., ltd.
roong roj arporn co., ltd.
royal cipta knitting and garment co.,ltd.
ruang anan enterprise co., ltd.
rungkij arporn garment factory.
rungruangsub apparel co., ltd.
s. international garment co., ltd.
s.c.boomtrading ltd.,part.
s.c.i.c. limited
s.c.t. garment co., ltd.
s.k. garment (1995) co., ltd.
s.k.k. manufacturing co., ltd.
s.k.s. garment co., ltd.
s.k.v. commercial co.,ltd.
s.p. fashion creation co., ltd.
s.r. heimtex industry co.,ltd.
s.r.w. garment co ltd
s.t. international clothing co ltd
s.t.s. garment co., ltd.
s.v.k. international co., ltd.
safe ali co., ltd.
sagorn garment co., ltd.
saha siamnara international co., ltd.
saha union public co., ltd.
sajja garment co., ltd.
samchai fabric co., ltd.
sandro exports & imports l.p.
sang burapa garmentex co., ltd.
sanguanchai industry co., ltd.
sapina holding corporation ltd
sarunya garment
satin textiles co., ltd.
satwin export co., ltd.
set garment ltd
sheng meei machine (thailand) co., ltd.
shin tai kitting co., ltd.
shinawatra fashion house ltd., part.
Shinawatra Thai Silk Ltd.,Part.
shinko sangyo (thailand) co ltd
siam burapar garment co., ltd.
siam fancy knit manufacturing co., ltd.
siam knitting products co., ltd.
siam knitwear & garment co., ltd.
siam modern great uniform co., ltd.
siam sawako enterprise co ltd
Siam Superior Gloves & Garment Co.,Ltd.
siam superior silks corporation ltd
siam jeans co.,ltd.
silk corner co., part.
sinhua knitting factory ltd., part
sinudom garment export co., ltd.
sirichai p u and leather co ltd
sit garment co ltd
sixinlin asia co ltd
sky world uniform service co.,ltd.
soen knitwear co., ltd.
somchit boonchob ongswaang co., ltd.
sorntong enterprise ltd., part
sotas co., ltd.
specialty sports co., ltd.
splendid (thailand) co., ltd.
star apparel co., ltd.
star fashion co.,ltd.
starbang international co.,ltd
stride co., ltd
sukanya design & cloth co.,ltd.
Sukanya Thai Silk Handicrafts
sukreuangrong import export co.,ltd.
sun shine knitting co., ltd.
sunny fashions co.,ltd.
sunny knitting co., ltd.
sunshine knitting co., ltd.
suntex industrial corp., ltd.
supara co.,ltd.
supermax merchandising co.,ltd.
supernal design collection co., ltd.
supreme garment co., ltd
surs apparel co., ltd.
suwanpachra garment co., ltd.
t. cosmo intertrade co.,ltd.
t. shinawatra thai silk (thailand) co., ltd.
t.c. garment co., ltd.
t.l.g. co., ltd.
t.m. garment co., ltd.
t.m.k. garment co., ltd.
t.s.i. fashion house co.,ltd.
t.s.k. garments co., ltd.
t.t.c. garment co., ltd.
t.u.w. textile co.,ltd.
ta fong industrial co., ltd.
tachsumaporn co., ltd.
tanarat garment co., ltd.
tanasub garment ltd., part.
taparporn fashion house co.,ltd.
tatnall international co., ltd.
tayeh co., ltd.
tesco inter corp. ltd.
textile prestige public co., ltd.
thai aircovering co., ltd.
thai arts knitting factory co., ltd
thai chori co., ltd.
thai david co.,ltd.
thai eak seng textile co., ltd.
thai eastern industry co., ltd.
thai embroidery ltd., part.
thai excellent export garment co., ltd.
thai export centre co.,ltd.
thai flute co.,ltd.
thai garment development foundation
thai garment export co., ltd.
thai garment industry co.,ltd.
thai gunze co., ltd.
thai hamilton co., ltd.
thai hanlee co., ltd.
thai home garment co., ltd.
thai inter garment co., ltd.
thai irro plc.
thai itokin co., ltd.
thai j. press co., ltd.
thai kaneta co., ltd.
thai knitting factory co., ltd., the
thai kwok man glove co., ltd.
thai lengteng garment ltd., part .
thai masterpack co., ltd.
thai melon textile co., ltd.
thai monster co ltd
thai nankai sen-i co., ltd.
thai nylon co ltd
thai on knitting corp., ltd
thai onono public co.,ltd.
thai progress garment co., ltd.
thai shimada co., ltd
thai silk co ltd, the
thai silp south east asia import export
thai sock co.,ltd.
thai south pacific knitting co.,ltd.
thai southeast knitting factory l.p.
thai spinning industry co., ltd.
thai sports garment co., ltd.
thai tech garment manufacturing co., ltd.
thai thon knitting factory ltd., part.
thai wacoal public co.,ltd.
thai weaving industry co.,ltd.
thai wong knitting co., ltd.
thai y.g.t. co.,ltd.
thai yamaki co., ltd.
thai yang garment co., ltd.
thai-german development foundation
thai-mc co., ltd.
thaisilp neck tie co., ltd.
thanasith garment co.,ltd.
thanisorn a.form co.,ltd.
thanulux public co., ltd.
thaveekij garment co., ltd.
thavornpipat group ltd
the acme garment co., ltd.
the golf co.,ltd.
the italian fashion co., ltd.
thep nakorn enterprise ltd., part
thomas international ltd., part.
thong seng ltd.,part.
tian competent enterprise co., ltd.
tisa apparel co., ltd.
tolarams (thailand) co., ltd.
tom tailor (thailand) co., ltd.
tomen (thailand) ltd.
top form brassiers co., ltd
top garments co., ltd.
top plus intertrade corp., ltd.
toyo textile thai co., ltd.
toyota tsusho (thailand) c0., ltd.
tranthawan co.,ltd.
treasure export (thailand) co., ltd
trinikon co.,ltd.
trinite s.a.
triple a-plus marketing co.,ltd.
triple max intertrade registered ordinary partners
triumph international (thailand) co ltd
trophytex co., ltd
tropicana wear collection ltd. part.
trousseau bridal & boutique co.,ltd.
t-shirts direct co., ltd.
t-star consumer product co.,ltd.
tung thai fashions ltd.
two cities garment co., ltd.
tykes co.,ltd.
u.c.l.a ltd.,part.
u.k.k. garment co., ltd.
u.n.o. garment co., ltd.
union garment co., ltd
union industries corp., ltd.
union star seibo co., ltd.
unique wear co., ltd.
united apparel co.,ltd.
united brother garment co., ltd.
united crafts co.,ltd.
universal progress co.,ltd.
uruampai ltd.,part.
v. can garment co.,ltd.
v.i.t intertrade co., ltd.
v.m. inter garment ltd., part.
v.s. cat 's eye co.,ltd.
v.t. garment co., ltd.
v.t.k. import and export co., ltd.
vanson (thailand) co., ltd.
varathon garment co., ltd.
vasanee garment co., ltd.
vega modes ltd
verisign co., ltd.
very good uniform co., ltd.
vijitform co., ltd.
vilaiaporn co., ltd.
vipa fashion co.,ltd.
voraphan garment ltd.,part.
voraporn garment co., ltd.
Wacoal Underwear Manufacturer Thailand
Wacoal Kabinburi Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Lamphun Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Public Company Limited
william e. connor (thailand) co., ltd.
windmill apparel co., ltd.
windy sport co., ltd.
woraporn garment co., ltd.
world bridaline co.,ltd.
world premium associate co.,ltd
world well garment co.,ltd.
worldcup industry co., ltd.
worldwide licensing products co., ltd
www international co., ltd,
y.k.k. (thailand) co., ltd.
y.m.f. international co., ltd.
y.s.r. garment co., ltd.
yamaken apparel co., ltd.
yeuantong weave co., ltd.
young inter garments company limited
yumark bangkok co., ltd.
zaina international group co. ltd
ziniz apparel co.,ltd.

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