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Here in Thailand I meet many Thai accountants. Well they call themselves accountants but they don't have any money and I usually end up buying them a drink. Accounting staff here are lowly staff, low status and low paid. Apart from the chief accountant in the company who seems to usually drive a rather newer BMW or Benz than the MD - now I wonder why that is!!

I wanted to be an accountant. Well I really wanted to be a doctor but I flunked my chemistry three times. At a tender age I came to realize that the richest guy in my town was the local accountant. He seemed to of a similar status to a doctor but with lots more money.

Now I am older I am sure that I should have studied accounting instead of drinking.

Thinking of setting up business in Thailand? well you are going to need a good accounting company as all the company registration forms are in Thai. There is a lot of photocopying needed and lots of running around to do. That is the accountants job of course. The running around is done on the bus of course. Got to save a little profit for the chief accountant haven't we.

Oh and you will need a good Bangkok lawyer. No worries here in Thailand they usually operate from the same office. A sort of one stop business set up for setting up businesses. Only problem I could never trust a lawyer so a Lawyer who is an accountant.....


If you are looking to form a Thai company and need help I know a trustworthy Thai lawyer and an even more trustworthy accountant.

Here are some of the accounting, auditing and secretarial services available from accounting companies in Thailand:

Payroll, Human Resource and Benefit outsourcing

Payroll calculations
Report distribution
Pay-slip creation
Banking of employee net salary
Withholding tax (PND 1)
Social Security (SPS 1-10)
Withholding Tax Certificate (BIS 50)
Provident Fund
Workman's Compensation
Payments to government agencies
Electronic interfaces

Monthly reports (Balance Sheet, P&L)
Withholding Tax (PND 3, 53)
Value Added Tax (PP 30)
Withholding Tax Return (PND 54)
Mid-Year Tax Return (PND 51)
Annual Tax Return (PND 50)
Annual Financial Statement submission to Thai government
Check preparation
Record accounting transactions
Supporting schedules for financial statements
Payment transfers (wire, telex)
Legal Services

Company Registration (Branch, Rep Office, Limited Company)
1-Year Visas
Work Permits
Bank Accounts
Business Advice

Company structure
Financial issues
Tax matters
Statutory requirements and changes
Strategic solutions and alternatives
Secretarial and Secretariat Services

Preparation of Minutes and other company documents
Submission to government agencies
Safekeeping of company documents
“Girl Friday” secretarial support
Phone answering service
Calendar management
Flight, Hotel and Travel arrangements
Serviced Offices

Fully furnished service offices
Telephone, fax, internet
Photocopy, printer, scanner
Conference rooms

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Featured Thailand Accounting Companies
A.N.S. Business Consultants Co,  Ltd. Thailand Bangkok Business Consultants providing: Accounting, Auditing, Internal audit outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Accountants, Financial Advisory Services, Accounting training, Thai Legal Counselor Services, Debt Restructuring Negotiation

Following you will find lists of accounting services and accounting companies involved in the accounting business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an accounting company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Account Reconciliation
Accounting & Business Consulting Services
Accounting And Management Consulting
Accounting Consulting Services
Accounting Degrees
Accounting Firms
Accounting Fraud
Accounting Fraud Forensics
Accounting Services
Accounting Software
Accounting Software Advisor
Accounting System
Accounting System Inventory
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Ledger
Accounts Payable Software
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Financing Program
Advice For Entrepreneurial Businesses
Annual Physical Inventory
Appraisals And Valuations
Audit Committee
Audit Compliance
Audit Control
Audit Procedures
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet And Income Statement
Bookkeeping Services
Budget Forecasting
Budgeting And Financial Management
Budgeting And Forecasting
Business Accounting Software
Business Advisory
Business Advisory Network
Business Advisory Services
Business Expense Reports
Business Forecasting
Business Plan Development
Business Reorganization Services
Business Services
Business Telephone Bill Auditors
Capital Expenditures
Cash Flow
Cash Flow Management
Cash Management
Certified Auditors
Certified Public Accountants
Certified Public Accounting Firms
Chartered Accountants
Client-Approved Credit Memos
Consulting Firm.
Corporate Auditing
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance Transaction Assistance
Corporate Recovery
Cost Audit
Cpa Audit Support
Cpa Firms
Daily Sales & Cash Receipts
Data Processing Service
Demand Forecasting
Employee Earnings Statements
Estate Planning
Expense Management
Expense Report
Expense Reporting
Expense Reports
Fbos Specialized Reporting
Financial And Cost Management
Financial Reporting
Financial Software
Financial Statements
Financing And Financial Statements
Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets And Depreciation
Forensic Accountant
Forensic Accounting
General Accounting
General Ledger Maintenance
Independent Accountancy
Internal Accounting Fraud
Internal Audit
Internal Audit Report
Internal Audit Software
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditors
Internal Control
International Accounts Payable Professionals
Inventory Reconciliation
Investment Fraud
Maintain Subsidiary Receivables Ledger
Make Bank Deposits
Managerial Accounting
Monthly Financial Reports And Analysis
Online Bookkeeping Services
Online Payroll Accounting Services
Open Source Accounting Software
Outsourced Accounting
Outsourced Bookkeeping
Outsourced Services
Payroll Accounting
Payroll Accounting Software
Payroll Audit
Payroll Companies
Payroll Deductions
Payroll Expenses
Payroll Processing
Payroll Service
Payroll Services
Payroll Software
Payroll Tax
Payroll Tax Filings
Payroll Tax Preparation
Payroll Taxes
Personal Budgeting
Prepare And Deliver Periodic Statements
Prepare Deposit Slips
Process Daily Sales And Deposit Reports
Process Payroll Accruals
Profit And Loss Statement
Property Analysis
Protecting From Accounting Fraud
Quarterly Tax Filing
Quarterly Taxes
Reconcile And Verify Credit Card Deposits
Reconcile Monthly Bank Statements
Reconcile Vendor Statements
Record And Account For Revenue
Record Fixed Assets Items
Recovery Audit Services
Sales Forecasting
Social Responsibility Audits
System Integration
Tax & Consulting
Tax Accountant
Tax Accounting
Tax Accounting Firms
Tax Accounting Software
Tax Advice
Tax Advisors
Tax Compliance And Planning
Tax Consultation
Tax Consulting Services
Tax Filings
Tax Liabilities
Tax Preparation Services
Telecom Audit
Telecommunication Invoice Audits
Travel Expense
Verify Daily Deposits And Report Variances
Withholding Taxes

124 Communications
4m Computer Co.,Ltd.
5m Business Company Limited
A.B.S. Kks Softnet Company Limited
A.C.T. Management Co.,Ltd.
A.E. Computer Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.I. Network (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.N.S. Business Consultants Co.,Ltd.
A.R. Accounting Consultant Co, Ltd.
A.S K. Business & Accounting Co.,Ltd.
Accountants Training & Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Accounting Solution
Acthai Co.,Ltd.
Actran Systems Co.,Ltd.
Advance Multi Systems Co.,Ltd.
Advance Step Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Information Technology Public Co.,Ltd.
Aktuell Verlag Co.,Ltd.
Alexander Forbes Wattana Co.Ltd.
A-Link Co.,Ltd.
Alphasoft Co.,Ltd.
Amphonet Co.,Ltd
Anarkali Co, Ltd.
Aoki Corporation (Thailand) Ltd
Ariya Kaikei Service Ltd.
Ariya Tax & Corporate Services Ltd
Arnuparp, Ukrit & Klose Law Office Ltd.
Art-Serina Pision Co, Ltd.
Asahikasei Plastics (Thailand)
Ashai Intec Thai Co Ltd
Asia 21 (Thailand) Co Ltd
Asia City Publishing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Asia Foundation, The
Asia International Insurance Co Ltd, The
Asia Multdimedia Co.,Ltd.
Asia Pacific Cargo (Thai) Co, Ltd
Asia-Pacific Risk Consultdants ( Th ) Limited
Asiatopjob Recruitment Consultdant Co., Ltd
Assets Insurance Co Ltd
Atico International Co.,Ltd.
Atlantic Forwarding Co.,Ltd.
Atm International Hotel Co Ltd
Auvis (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
B.D.O. Richfield Ltd.
B.T. Siam Ltd.
Baltdrans (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ban Chiang Soft Co.,Ltd.
Banana Software Co.,Ltd
Banchong & Wannee Accounting Co Ltd
Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Pcl
Bangkok Coil Center Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Freight Forwarders Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Hospital
Bangkok Phaisarn Textile Industry Co, Tld.
Bangkok Property Appraisal Co, Ltd.
Bank Of Nova Scotia, The
Bank Of Thailand
Bara Shipping Agencies Co.,Ltd.
Barame Computer Consultding Co.,Ltd.
Bax Global (Thailand) Limited
Bdo Recruitment And Consulting Ltd.
Ben Line Agencies (Thailand) Ltd.
Bennett International Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Bernico Ltd
Best Bonded Warehouse Co.,Ltd.
Big Birth Publishing Co Ltd
Birkhart (Thailand) Co Ltd
Body Glove (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd.
Boonrawd Asia Co.,Ltd.
Borikarnthong Accounting
Bozell Worldwide (Thailand) Co Ltd
Brain Avenue Co,.Ltd.
Brewo Trading Corp, Ltd.
Brink's (Thailand) Ltd.
British Chamber Of Commerce
Brooke International
Brooker Group Ltd, The
Bualuang Inter Express
Budy Film & Video Production House Co.,Ltd.
Bupa Blue Cross
Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Ltd.
Business Accountant Office
Business Online Services Co.,Ltd.
Byte Inter Group Accounting & Law Co.,Ltd.
C.A.M. Creation Company Limited
C.A.S. Company Limited
C.B.S. Successive Tour Co.,Ltd
C.D.G. Microsystems Ltd.
C.N.K. Accountant Managment Co Ltd
C.P.T. (Thailand) Co, Ltd
C.S.N. & Associates Co.,Ltd.
Caltdex Oil (Thailand) Ltd.
Cargo Marketing Internation Co.,Ltd.
Century Advertising Co Ltd
Century Mien (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Chain Engineering (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chanintr Fine Furnishings Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Insurance Company Limited
Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Public Co.,Ltd.
Chatchawal Orchid Co.,Ltd.
China Shipping (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Chiyoda Integre (Thailand) Co Ltd
Chomthana Co.,Ltd.
Chubb (Thailand) Ltd.
Civic Media Co, Ltd.
Clasquin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Coco & Cabana Travel Co.,Ltd.
Comet Media Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Computer Concept
Confidence Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
Consulate Of France, The
Container Care Co.,Ltd.
Cooperative Auditing Department
Coopers & Lybrand
Copernic Co.,Ltd.
Cpcs Upham Corporation
Crown Worldwide Movers Thailand
D.D.B. Bangkok
D.F.D.S. Jumbo Transport Ltd.
D.K. Textile Industry Co.,Ltd.
Dacon Inspection Services Co.,Ltd.
Daido Pdm (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Daido Sittipol Co.,Ltd
Daidong Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co Ltd
Daiki Nikkei Thai Co, Ltd.
Dart Express(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Data Products Toppan Forms Ltd.
De Facto Asia Co, Ltd.
Deloitte Touche Thomastsu
Dentsu (Thailand) Ltd
Design Lab Co.,Ltd
Deves Insurance Public Company Limited, The
Dharmniti Accounting & Tax Co, Ltd.
Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, The
Diamond Measuring Tool Indutrial Co.,Ltd.
Diamond Venture Co.,Ltd.
Diethelm Travel
Dimerco Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Doorguard (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Double Impact Limited
Dusit Hotels & Resorts
E.G.V. Entertainment Public Company Limited
E.K. Williams (Thailand) Ltd.
E.L.C. Language & Accounting Institute
East West Air Services Co Ltd,
Ebro Valves (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Econo Thailand
E-Discovery Co.,Ltd
Egythai Tours & Travel Co.,Ltd.
Ekachai Container Terminal Co.,Ltd.
Electricity Generating Public Co.,Ltd.
Electronic Arts World Inc.
Elite Transportation Services Ltd,
Embassy Freight (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Enterprise Computing Services
Enterprise Transport International
Ernst & Young (Thailand) Limited
European Accountants Co.,Ltd.
Euro-Rscg Partnership
Excalibur Co Ltd
Excel Computers (Thailand) Ltd
Excel Transport International Co.,Ltd
Exotissimo Travel Co.,Ltd.
F.A. Tech Co.,Ltd.
F.C.T. Co, Ltd.
Facultdy Of Commerce And Accountancy,Chulalongkorn
Fastwrite Asia Co, Ltd
Feather & Stone Advertising
First Bangkok Law And Practice Ltd.
Flash International Transport Co.,Ltd.
Fly High Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
Focal-Image Oa Co.,Ltd.
Food Cyber Co.,Ltd.
Forward Management Services Co, Ltd.
Framec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fukuda Corp
Furnia Co, Ltd.
Furukawa Metal (Thailand) Public Co
Future Transport International
G.L.E. Logistics (Thailand) Ltd
Global Container Line Co.,Ltd.
Global Silverhawk (Thailand) Ltd
Gold Service Accounting And Taxation Co.,Ltd.
Goldindo Internation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Goodliving Maintenance Service Co.,Ltd
Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton Thailand
H & B Intertex Co.,Ltd.
H. Toosi Co.,Ltd. International Law Offices
H.L.B. (Thailand) Ltd.
Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Harpers Freight Intl Air Cargo Co Ltd
Hatchi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hecny Transportation (Thailand) Ltd.
Himark Technology Ltd.
Hino Computer Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Compressor (Thailand) Ltd.
Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand) Ltd.
Honeywell Systems (Thailand) Limited
Human Alliance Co.,Ltd.
I.C. Web Co, Ltd.
I.C.R. Company Limited
I.S.M. Technology Recruitment Limited
Inchcape Nrg (Thailand) Ltd.
Independent Consultdant Co.,Ltd.
Innisfree Holdings Ltd.
Institute Of Certified Accountants And Auditors Of
Institute Of Internal Auditors Of Thailand (Iiat),
Inter Consultdants Law And Accounting Associates
Inter Krai Co, Ltd.
Interconsultants Law And Accounting Associates
Intercontinents Air Cargo Co.
Inter-Krai Co.,Ltd.
International Engineering Public Co, Ltd, The
International Forging Co, Ltd.
International French Foods Co Ltd
Italian-Thai Development Public Co, Ltd.
Iwaki (Thailand) Co Ltd
J.D. Design & Construction
J.S. Technical Services Co.,Ltd.
J.S.P. Futures Co., L Td .
J.S.T. Heat Treatment Co.,Ltd.
J.T.A. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Jamrong Accounting Office
Janesak Travel Co.,Ltd.
Jardine Logistics Services (Thailand) Ltd.
Jibuhin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Jira Accounting Co.,Ltd.
Jirakorn Co, Ltd
Jiva Accounting
Johnson Controls World Services (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Jones Lang Lasalle
Jong Stit Plush Co, Ltd
Js Technical Services Co Ltd
Jutha Maritime Public Company Limited
K. Line (Thailand) Co, Ltd
K.M. International Service Co.,Ltd.
K.P.M.G. Peat Marwick Suthee
K.P.M.G. Thailand
Kamol Sukosol Insurance Co Ltd
Katolec Co.,Ltd.
Khookhum Co.,Ltd.
Kintetsu World Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Kohbunshi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Koyo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Kriangpat Co, Ltd.
Krungthai Card Public Company Limited
Krungthai Panich Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Kuehne & Nagel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
L.P. Land And Housing Development
Laguna Resorts & Hotels Public Co.,Ltd.
Lang Suan House Co.,Ltd.
Libra Accounting Ltd.
Likitomi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Linehaul Express (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Linex Shipping And Freight Co.,Ltd.
Logistics Management Services Ltd
Lorenz & Partners International Business Consultdan
Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.
M & R Service Co.,Ltd.
M.P.L. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
M.P.O. Asia Co Ltd.
Mahidol University (College Of Management)
Maxon Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mcconnell Dowell (Thailand) Ltd
Mclarens (Thailand) Ltd
Meechai Boonthong Co.,Ltd.
Meiko Trans (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Meiyosha Co.,Ltd.
Menam Stainless Wire Co, Ltd.
Mercury Transport Co.,Ltd.
Metoxide Thailand Ltd.
Misc Agencies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsiam Motors Co Ltd
Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd
Mochdara Co, Ltd.
Montri & Associates Management Services Ltd.
Morakot Industries Pcl
Mouflon Limited
Naigai Nitto Logistics Co Ltd
Nam Seng Insurance Public Company Limited
Narai International Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Nathawut Accounting And Law Ltd., Part.
National Fertilizer Public Co.,Ltd.
Natsu International
Nava Nakorn Co.,Ltd.
Nawarat, Williams & Co.,Ltd.
Nc Advanced Consultding Co Ltd
Nesic (Thailand) Ltd
Net Bright Co.,Ltd
Netmarks (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Network Advisory Team Co.,Ltd.
New Era Interactive Software Co.,Ltd.
Nopporn Accounting And Tax Co.,Ltd.
Nu Skin Thailand Co. Ltd.
Nuttawut Account And Law Co.,Ltd.
O.O.C.L. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ocean Group
Ocean Sasaki Glass Co.,Ltd.
Office Consultdantion Accouting And Taxation Co.,
Office Of Account And Tax Consultdant Co.,Ltd.
Office Of The Accounting And Law
Outokumpu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.A.L. Services Ltd.
P.K. Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Master Co.,Ltd.
P.L.P. Auditing Office
P.T.T. Exploration And Production Public Co.,Ltd.
P.T.T. Public Company Limited
Pacific World Ltd (Thailand)
Paiboon Insurance Co. Ltd.
Pakeypan Co.,Ltd.
Paragon Partners
Pentel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Pharmaland (1982) Co.,Ltd.
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Pioneer Ocean Freight Co.,Ltd.
Pitney Bowes (Thailand) Ltd.
Plastimer Precision Co.,Ltd.
Ploy Pailin Jewelry Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
Point Image ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Posnet Co.,Ltd.
Power Q Co.,Ltd.
Precious Shipping Public Company Ltd.
Prezentia Co Ltd
Pricewaterhousecoopers Executive Recruitment
Primanetwork Co.,Ltd.
Prince Palace Hotel
Pro Freight International Co.,Ltd
Professtional Accounting Co Ltd
Profit Recovery Group, The
Projects Asia Limited
Promac Management Accounting Consultdant Ltd
Prosoft Comtech Co.,Ltd.
Prudential Tslife Assurance Public Co.,Ltd
Public Eye
Pure Chem Co.,Ltd.
Quality Assembly (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
R.K. International Freight Co Ltd
R.P.X. Bangkok
R.S.M. Nelson Wheeler (Thailand) Limited
Ra Advertising (Thailand) Ltd.
Rabobank Nederland
Rapp Collins (Thailand)
Rasami International School
Rayong Acountant
Rin Thai Dessert
River Kwai Floatel Co.,Ltd.
Rocket Thai Co Ltd
Rocky Trading Group Co.,Ltd.
Royal Freight Express Co.
Royaltdainer Corporation Ltd.
Ruengsin Account And Worldnet Computer Lp
S & I International
S.C. Accounting & Consultd (1995) Co Ltd
S.C.G. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.G.V..-Na Thalang & Co.,Ltd.
S.G.V.-Na Thalang & Co Ltd
S.I.T.(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C. Sound Proof Co.,Ltd.
S.N.V. Accounting Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Brother Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Inter Marine Co.,Ltd.
S.P.S. Accounting & Law Co Ltd
S.T. Accounting And Low Co Ltd
S.T.P. & I Public Co.,Ltd.
S.V.P. Accounting Group Co Ltd
Sabina Fareast Co Ltd
Saint Merit Placement Company Limited.
Sangchai Accouting Office
Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd.
Santa Fe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Universal Electric Public Co.,Ltd.
Scandinavian Airlines System
Scand-Media Corp. Ltd.
Scanwell Consolidators (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Schunk United Carbon Co Ltd
Science For Kids
Sea Trans Express Co Ltd
Sealink Shipping & Chartering Co.,Ltd.
Senior Com Co.,Ltd.
Shibata Giken (Thailand) Ltd., Part.
Siam Capital Management Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fittings Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Services
Siam Golf Properties Co.,Ltd.
Siam Indo Tools Ltd.
Siam Industrial Credit Public Company Limited
Siam Intersea Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kargo Logistics Co.,Ltd
Siam Nissan Casting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Repco Co Ltd
Siam Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd
Siam Synergy Co.,Ltd
Siam Tree Development Co.,Ltd.
Siamkit Accounting And Law Co.,Ltd.
Sino-Thai Construction Services Co.,Ltd.
Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Co Ltd
Siphya Construction Co.,Ltd.
Siraphob International Accounting Co.,Ltd
Siri Accounting Office
Sithiporn Associates
Six Senses Hotels, Resorts
Skyline Shipping Services Co.,Ltd.
Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation
Soontorn Film Co.,Ltd.
Sopon Ronnapoom Accounting And Law Office
Sosuco Ceramic Co.,Ltd
Spindler & Associates
Sri Muang Insurance Co Ltd,The
Stand International Transportation Ltd
Star Color Co.,Ltd.
Starsoft Net Co.,Ltd.,
Sukkasem Business & Accounting Co Ltd
Sumanee Accounting
Sun Aviation Company Limited
Suntarosa Travel [ 2000 ] Co.,Ltd.
Supprakit Business Office
Sutlet Group (Thailand) Co Ltd
Syn Mun Kong Insurance Public Co Ltd
T.G.F. Precision Parts Co Ltd
T.I.K. Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.K.S. Tools & Trading Co Ltd
T.T.I.S. Co.,Ltd.
Takeda (Thailand) Ltd.
Tanarak Co.,Ltd.
Tax Research Center Of Training & Seminar
Taywin Original Style Co.,Ltd.
Tcg International Limited
Thai Accounting & Tax Limited
Thai Advance Food (1991) Co Ltd
Thai Animate Co. Ltd
Thai Automotive Seating & Interior
Thai Charoen Insurance Public Company Limited
Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Commercial Line Co.,Ltd.
Thai Farmers Bank, Pcl
Thai Flying Cargo Co.
Thai France Supplies Co.,Ltd.,
Thai Fukuda Corporation Ltd
Thai Hakuhodo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co Ltd
Thai Kargo Kare Co Ltd
Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co Ltd
Thai Maritime Navigation Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasit Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai President Foods Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Reinsurance Plc.
Thai Sato Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Setakij Insurance Public Co Ltd, The
Thai Shing Ye Inter-Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Smile Network Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takeda Lace Co Ltd
Thai Unique Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Insurance Co Ltd, The
Thai-Amadeus Southeast Asia Co.,Ltd.
Thai-France Supplies Co.,Ltd
Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation
Thailand Post Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Reinsurance Brokers Co Ltd
Thaipost.Com Co.,Ltd.
Thaisky Engineering Group (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Thamavit Consultding Office Co Ltd
Thamma Accounting Office
Thanom Accounting And Business Office
The Post Bangkok
Thongchai Lawyer And Accountant's Office
Tietex Asia Ltd.
Toyo Thai Corp Ltd (Ttcl)
Trade Partners Limited
Trans Air Cargo Co Ltd
Transpeed Co Ltd
Turbo Express Co.,Ltd.
U.A.C. Accounting Consultdant Co.,Ltd.
Ueno (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
U-Freight (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Unico Consumer Products Co.,Ltd.
Unimit Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Union Insurance Co Ltd
Union Metal Co., Ud.
Union Prospers Insurance Co Ltd,The
Union-Transport (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Unisia Jecs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Univentures Public Co.,Ltd.
Universal Transportation Ltd.
Unlimited Combine Co.,Ltd.
Uti Worldwide Co.,Ltd.
V.N. Accounting & Law Office
V.T. Garment Co.,Ltd.
Varin Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Velosi Thai Co.,Ltd.
Viriyah Insurance Co Ltd, The
Vision Tex Co.,Ltd.
Visiri Accounting Co.,Ltd.
Vivaldi Beauty Supply L.P.
Wako Logistics Thailand Co Ltd
Wan Hai Lines Ltd. (Thailand Branch)
Weatherford Ksp Co.,Ltd.
Web Works
Well Field Corporation
White Paper Co.,Ltd.
Witesrit Accounting Office
Wonderworld Products Co.,Ltd.
Wongkamol Ltd., Part.
World Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Y & N Accounting
Ya Thai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co.
Yusen Air & Sea Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zenith Comp Co.,Ltd.
Zest Advertising


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