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Thailand Audio Companies, Thai Audio Manufacturers

Thailand is a great place to find new and used audio equipment, If you are looking to buy Audio Visual Equipment, Home Audio Systems, Car Audio Equipment, Audio Components, Audio HiFi Systems, Audio recording discs VCD, DVD, CD then send me an email


Electrical and electronic component companies mainly Japanese and Taiwanese as well as from  Europe and The States have set up business in Thailand. The major players like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi etc are well represented. Every industrial estate I visit has some electronics factory dominating the landscape. From electronic components to finished goods almost anything that needs to be plugged in can be bought with a 'made in Thailand' label.


Audio components and finished audio equipment is manufactured in Thailand for export but also to feed a thriving domestic market in TV's DVD players, cassette players and more up market and Hi-end audio products like amplifiers, speakers, receivers and what every Thai home should not be without - it's own multi speaker, sound blasting, large screen all bells and whistles home theatre system.



And what do they play on these state of the art home theatre systems? DVD's of course. Thai movies and western movies. The only problem is I have yet to find a Thai family who can sit down and watch a Hollywood Blockbuster in it's original form. The movies are dubbed in Thai. The sound quality is atrocious and the translations abysmal. They only serve to destroy half the artistic value that went into making the movie. Of course at 3$US a movie they are not the ones to complain only the movie moguls and the copyright lawyers kick up a fuss.


If you are looking for real audio systems in Bangkok there is only one place that I know of - Fortune Town. On the third floor there are a couple of dozeb audio shops. They sell modern high end audio systems and audio components. However there are several shops that specialize in what could be called audio antiques. Records and record players. High quality record decks and the accompanying amplifiers and speaker systems. Browsing through the cardboard boxes I came across copies of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. The prices were reasonable too. Unfortunately I don't own a record player and the second hand audio equipment was quite expensive. Whenever I visit Fortune Town I always make a beeline to this area. Last week John Lennon's Imagine brought back so many memories., this was the first album I ever bought back in the 1970;s


I went to a movie premier a few weeks ago. Muang Rae - 'The tin mine' as it is known in English. A fine movie by Thai standards. It won't get international recognition however as the soundtrack is in Thai. Now I wouldn't normally attend an opening premiere of a Thai movie but I got some free tickets due to the fact that I played a minor role in the movie. Yes not only am I a webmaster and renowned business man here in Bangkok but I am also a movie star. Coincidentally this was also the opening night for the latest Star Wars movie.


After the screening we went back to a friends house for a private screening of Star Wars on his new Home Theatre system. Now this guy works in The Thai movie production business. Movie piracy? well TIT - This Is Thailand.


  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Home Audio Systems
  • Car Audio Equipment
  • Audio Components
  • Audio HiFi Systems
  • Audio recording discs VCD, DVD, CD


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Featured Thailand Audio & Visual Companies
A.D.R. Co.,Ltd. Thailand

Thai Company that manufacturers and distributes auditorium chairs, theater seating, partitions, and sound absorption materials. Operable Wall Systems, Acoustical Doors, Machinery Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers,  Silencers, Acoustical Treatment, Acoustical Insulation and Sealants, Acoustical Barriers, Acoustical Wall Treatment, Partitions, Wire Mesh Partitions, Operable Partitions, Theater and Stage Equipment, Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control

A.V. Group Thailand Event organizers, planning and production management; stages, sets, exhibition displays; equipment hire and sales; systems integration, audio-visual design and consultancy
K And N Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Interior Luminaires, Exterior Luminaires, Classified Location Lighting, Special Purpose Lighting, Dimming Control, Sound and Video Circuits, Sound Reinforcement, Multimedia Equipment, Alarm Systems
N.B. Technology Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment such as: CD Transport, DA- Converter, Preamplifier, Dual Mono Power amplifier, CD Player, DVD Player, Integrated Amplifier, Radialstrahler, Hybrid System, Floor Standing Monitor

Following you will find lists of the products offered by Thai Audio companies, Audio manufacturers and audio retailers here in Thailand and also the names of these companies  If you want Bangkok Companies to point you in the right direction or simply supply a list of these Thailand audio companies then please contact

8 Track Players
A/V Audio Equipment Manufacturers
A/V Cassette Storage Units
A/V Cleaning Supplies
A/V Switches, Distributors & Control Boxes
A/V Tape Rewinders
Acoustic Production
Acoustic Research
Acoustic Speaker
Acoustic Wave Music System
Acoustimass Speakers
Active Power Subwoofer
Af Transformers
Alpine Car Audio
Amplification Audio Equipment
Amplifiers And Preamps
Array Loudspeakers
Audio & Video
Audio & Video Player
Audio Amplifier
Audio And Acoustic Design
Audio And Video Electronic
Audio And Video Media
Audio And Visual Systems
Audio Balance Controls
Audio Book
Audio Book Cd
Audio Business Kenwood Audio Products
Audio Cabinet
Audio Cable
Audio Cassette Tape
Audio Compact Cassette Tape
Audio Component Systems
Audio Conference
Audio Conference Call
Audio Conferencing
Audio Control
Audio Converter
Audio Driver
Audio Equipment
Audio Furniture
Audio Input Selector Switches
Audio Mixer
Audio Mixers & Processors
Audio Parts
Audio Power Supplies..
Audio Products
Audio Rack
Audio Receiver
Audio Research
Audio Set
Audio Shelf Systems
Audio Software
Audio Speakers
Audio System
Audio Tape
Audio Video
Audio Visual
Audio Visual Equipment & Supply
Audio Visual Importer And Distributor
Audio/Video Accessories
Audio/Video Equipment
Audio/Video Production Service
Audio/Video Products
Audiocassette Housings & Parts
Audio-Visual Equipment
Audio-Visual Projectors
Automobile Entertainment Systems
Automotive Stereo Sound Systems
Benq Lcd Televisions
Blank Audiocassettes
Bose Audio
Bostwick Car Audio
Broadcast Transmission
Cabinet Speakers
Cables And Connectors
Car A/V Accessories
Car Amplifiers
Car Antennas
Car Audio
Car Audio Accessories
Car Audio Accessory
Car Audio Amplifier
Car Audio Bangkok
Car Audio Business
Car Audio Dealers
Car Audio Equipment
Car Audio Manufacturer
Car Audio Manufacturers
Car Audio Products
Car Audio Products For Automobile Makers In Thailand
Car Audio Speaker
Car Audio System
Car Audio Thailand
Car Audio Wholesale
Car Cassette Players
Car Cd/Vcd Players
Car Cd/Vcd/Dvd Changers
Car Dvd Players
Car Equalizers
Car Mp3 Players
Car Radios
Car Rds Radios
Car Speaker
Car Speakers
Car Speakers Systems
Car Stereo
Cassette Decks
Cassette Players
Cassette Receivers
Cd & Md Receivers
Cd Changer
Cd Changers
Cd Dvd Players
Cd Player
Cd Player For Car
Cd Players
Cd Receivers
Cd Recorder Cable
Cd Transports
Cd/Mp3 Changers
Ceiling Speakers
Center Channel Speakers
Channel Selectors
Cinema Dvd Player
Cinema Power Amplifiers
Cinema Surround Sound Processor
Clarion Car Audio
Cleaning & Storage
Communication Equipment
Communications Systems
Compact Audio System
Compact Cassette - Mini Disc
Compact Disc Players
Compact Discs
Compact Disk
Component Speakers
Computer 3d Speakers
Computer Headsets
Computer Microphones
Computer Multifunction Cards
Computer Multimedia Subwoofers
Computer Sound Cards
Computer Speakers
Concerta 6 Zone Distributed Audio System
Conference Discussion System
Conference Electronics
Conference Interpretation Equipment
Conrad Johnson
Custom Built Home Cinema
D/A Converters
D/D-Sub Connectors
Dab Radios
Digital Audio
Digital Conference System
Digital Music System
Digital Projectors
Din Cable Assemblies
Discount Car Audio
Display Walls
Distributed Audio
Distributed Audio And Hifi Systems
Distributed Audio System
Distributed Video
Diy Electronics Kits
Dlp 3 Chip Solutions
Driver Units
Dual Cassette
Dvd Audio
Dvd Players
Dvd Transport/Player
Dvi Cable Assemblies
Dvi Connectors
Earphone/Headphone Accessories
Eclipse Car Audio
Electric Component Parts
Electrical And Electronics
Electro Voice
Electronic Conference And Congress Products
Electronic Crossover
Electronics Component
Electrostatic Loudspeakers
Environmental Speakers
Equipment For Projectors
Ernie Ball
Essentia 6 Zone Distributed Audio System
Flash Mp3 Players
Flat Speakers
Flush Mount Conference Microphones With Built-In Channel Selector
Flush Mount Conference Microphones With Voting Facilities
Front And Surround Speakers
Furniture For Home Theatre Installations
General Speaker
Genz Benz
Graphic Equalizer Crossover
Guitar Acc
Guitar Amps
Guitar Amps Bass
Guitar Strings
Guitars Acoustic
Guitars Bass
Guitars Electric
Harman Kardon
Hdmi Cable Assemblies
Hdmi Connectors
Head Shells
Headphone Stereo
Hearing Aids/Personal Amplifiers
Hi Fi Distributor
Hi.Fi Sound Devices
Hi-End Audio Products
Hi-Fi & Speaker System
Hi-Fi And Av Shelfing And Equipment Racks
Hi-Fi Clubs
Hifi Furniture
Hi-Fi Furniture
Hi-Fi Repairs
Hifi Speaker
Hi-Fi Speakers
Hi-Fi System
Hifi Systems
Hi-Fi Systems
Hifonics Car Audio
High Definition Loudspeakers
High End Amplification
High End Amplifiers
High End Cable Specialist
High End Loudspeakers
High-End Audio
High-End Audio Parts For Hi-Fi
Hitachi Audio Systems
Home & Professional Audio Equipment
Home Audio
Home Audio Accessories
Home Audio Cd Player
Home Audio Dealers
Home Audio Manufacturers
Home Audio Systems
Home Cinema
Home Cinema Systems
Home Entertainment
Home Hi-Fi
Home Hi-Fi Manufacturers
Home Radio
Home Subwoofer Speakers
Home Theater Complete Systems
Home Theater Speakers
Home Theater Systems
Home Theater-In-A-Box
Home Theatre
Home Theatre Audio
Home Theatre Furniture
Home Theatre Pc
Horn Speakers
Htpc / Mac-Mini
Iec Connectors
In-Ceiling Speakers
In-Dash Receivers
Infinity Car Audio
Integrated Amps
Integrated Car Amplifiers
Integrated Stereo Amplifier
Interpretation Systems
Interpreter Set
Invisible Speakers
In-Wall Speakers
Isolation Platforms
Jvc Audio And Video Products
Jvc Car Audio
Jvc Mobile A/V Systems
Jvc Mobile Entertainment
Kenwood Car Audio
Kenwood Car Entertainment Systems
Knoll Projectors
Language Distribution System
Language Learning Recorders/Players
Lcd Projectors
Lcd Tvís
Lg Audio Systems
Light Speed
Line Conditioners
Linear Preamplifier Modules
Loud Speaker
Loudspeaker Cable Manufacturer
Loudspeaker Drivers
Loudspeaker For Hi-Fi Audio
Loudspeaker Stands
Magnetic Heads
Magnum Dynalab
Manufacture Of Audio
Manufacturer Of Car Audio
Manufacturer Of Speaker Components
Manufacturers Of Car Audio
Manufacturers Of Home Hi-Fi
Manufacturers Of Professional Sound Equipment
Marantz Amplifier
Marine Audio
Marine Speakers
Medical Communications
Micro Audio Systems
Micro Car Stereo
Micro Compact Cassette Tape
Micro Speaker
Microphone Units
Microphones - Other Formats
Mini Disc Players
Mini Dv Tape
Mini Speakers
Mini-Component Audio Systems
Mobile Car Radio
Mobile Video
Mono Car Integrated Amplifier
Monster Cable
Mordaunt Short Surround Speakers
Motorcycle Audio Products
Movie Camera
Mp3 Players
Multimedia Audio Controller
Multi-Media Rental House
Multimedia Speaker System
Multi-Room Audio
Multi-Room Audio Systems
Multi-Room Systems And Components
Musical Instrument
New Castle
On-Line Audiotext Services
Orion Car Audio
Outdoor Speakers
P.A. Amplifier
P.A. System
P.A.Speaker Box
Pa Amplifiers
Pa Speakers
Panasonic Audio Systems
Parts For Speaker
Paul Reed Smith
Pc Microphones
Personal Cassette Recorders
Personal Cd Players With Vcd/Mp3
Personal Hi-Fi Products
Phase Evolution
Phillips Audio Systems
Pioneer Audio
Pioneer Car Audio
Plasma Tvís
Polk Audio
Portable Cd Player Separates
Portable Cd Players
Portable Conference Microphone With Xlr
Portable Conference Microphones
Portable Conference Microphones With Built-In Channel Selectors
Portable Conference Microphones With Xlr
Portable Players & Recorders
Portable Speaker
Portable Speakers
Power Amp
Power Amp 2 X 100 W Power Amp
Power Amplifiers
Power Conditioners
Power Cords
Power Mixer Amp
Power Mixer Amplifier
Pre Preamps
Preamplifier Modules
Pro Audio
Pro Audio System
Product Name :
Production House
Professional Audio Equipment,
Professional Electronic Crossover
Professional Sound Equipment Manufacturers
Projector Based Cinema System
Prommercial Speakers
Ps Audio
Push-Pull Amplifiers
Push-Pull Integrated Amplifiers
Radio And Tv Broadcasters
Raw Speakers
Rca Cable Assemblies
Rca Connectors
Reception Equipment
Record Players
Recording Accessories
Recording And Post Production Studios
Recording Studio
Reel To Reel - Dat
Reflecting Speakers
Remote Controls
Rj45 Cable Assemblies
Rj45 Connectors
Sacd - Compact Disc
Samsung Audio Systems
Satellite Radio
Satellite Radio Accessories
Satellite Radio Receivers
Scart Cable Assemblies
Scart Connectors
Signal Processors
Silver Oak Loudspeakers
Simplese 4 Zone Distributed Audio System
Single Cassette
Single-Ended Integrated Amplifiers
Single-Ended Power Amplifiers
Solid State Amp
Sony Audio Systems
Sony Car Audio
Sound And Video
Sound Installation Equipment
Speaker And Sound Technologies
Speaker Box
Speaker Components
Speaker Components Manufacturer
Speaker Distribution
Speaker Manufacturer
Speaker Systems
Speakers And Subwoofers
Speakers Raw
Speav Receivers
Spiral Cables
Stepped Audio Attenuators
Stereo Line Stage
Stereo Phono Stage
Stereo Power Amplifier
Stereo Speakers
Stero Graphic Equalizer
Streaming Audio
Subs And Woofers
Surround Process
Surround Sound Amplifiers
Surround Sound Receivers
Surround Sound Speakers
Tape Decks
Tape Player
Telephone Speaker
Test Equipment
Thailand Loudspeaker Manufacturer
Theater And Stage Equipment
Tivoli Audio
Tuner Preamps
Tv Speaker
Universal Digital Player
Universal Remote Control
Upscaling Dvd Players
Usb Audio Adapters
Usb Speakers
Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
Vacuum Tubes
Valve Amplifiers
Valve Audio
Vcd Players
Vehicle & Portable Audio Systems
Vehicle Audio Systems
Vehicle Navigation
Vhs Tape
Vhs-C Tape
Video Converter
Video Equipment
Vintage Open Reels
Voice Coil
Volume Control
Volume Controls
Wall Speakers
Water-Resistant Speakers
Whole-House Audio Systems
Wired Headphones
Wireless A/V Transmitters
Wireless Microphone
Wireless Speakers

A & T Advantage Wireless Co, Ltd.
A.D.P. Teamwork Co., Ltd.
A.V. Master Co, Ltd.
A.V. Tech Systems Co, Ltd.
A.V.L. Consult And Design Co, Ltd.
Accord Audio (1991) Co, Ltd.
Action Computer Technologies Co, Ltd.
Adp Teamwork Co, Ltd.
Air Thonburi Sound
Aiwa International (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Alphine Technology Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd
Ano Audio
Apexsound Lab (Thai) Co Ltd
Asadang Audio Centre
Asavasopon Co, Ltd
Asia-Audiovisuals Co.Ltd.
Asian Technics Kare International Co, Ltd.
Assembly Work Professional Co, Ltd
A-Ton (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Audio Consultants Ltd., Part.
Audio Excellence Co. Ltd.
Audio Rights Co, Ltd.
Audio Source Co, Ltd.
Audiophile Magazine
Autech (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Auvis (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
B.E. Communication Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Hi-Fi
Bangkok Photo Supplies
Big Benz Corporation Co, Ltd.
C.A.P. Music Co, Ltd.
California Audio Labs (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Car Stereo, Formula Magazine
Cauley International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chai Sayam Trading
Chai System Trading Co., Ltd.
Charoen Somboon Industry Co, Ltd.
Conversi C & Co., Ltd.
Corona Acoustics Co, Ltd.
Danish Audio Connect
Dararerk Co, Ltd.
Deco Home Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Despac Security Alarms Systems Ltd.
Diamond Entertainment
Digital Audio Vision Magazine
Digital Equipment And Transducer Co, Ltd.
Digital Onpa International Public Co., Ltd.
Distar Electric Corporation Public Co, Ltd.
Drive-In Audio
Dyntec Disc Production Co, Ltd.
Elpa Shaw Co, Ltd.
Expert Marketing Sales And Service Co, Ltd.
Fuzion Far East Ltd.
General Express International Ltd., Part.
Geu San Acoustic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Golden Sound (2001)
Green Audio
Growing Point Oa And Network Co, Ltd.
Hi-En Group
Hifi Hi-Tech Co, Ltd.
High End Audio
High Tech Audio
Ice Trading Ltd, Part
In Vivo Communications
Integrity Research And Development Co, Ltd.
Intellinks Co., Ltd.
Inter Far East Engineering Public Co, Ltd.
J. Kim Communication
J.V.C. Sales & Service
Jack Sound Systems Co, Ltd.
K.D.M. Trading Co Ltd
K.S. Sons Group Co, Ltd.
K.T. Media Co, Ltd.
K.T.L. Corporation Co., Ltd.
Kamol Sukosol Electric Co., Ltd.
Kang Young
Kenwood (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Krungthai Audio Co.,Ltd.
Lantro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Laser Corner
Laser Definition
Lim Kasem Co., Ltd.
Lucky Musical Instruments Co, Ltd.
Lynns Technologies Co., Ltd.
M.C.K. Industries Co., Ltd.
M.R.Z. Standard Co., Ltd
Marco Industries Co Ltd


Masterline Business Co., Ltd.
Midstar Magnetic Co, Ltd.
Mizuki Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mizuno Plastic Co., Ltd.
Modul Casa Co.,Ltd.
Movie And Music Lover
M-Sigma Co.,Ltd.
M-Tech Audio Co., Ltd.
Muramoto Electron (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Music World Co, Ltd.
Nakoya Industry Co., Ltd.
Natthapong Sales & Services Co., Ltd.
Nihon Seiki Thai Limited
Nova Sound
O.P.S. Mobile Audio Co., Ltd.
Ob-Om Industry (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Olympia Thai Ltd.
P. Audio System Co., Ltd.
P.M. Group Engineering And Supply
Pacific Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Automotive System (Thailand) Co Ltd
Panther's Audiovision Co., Ltd.
Petch Siam Sound
Philips Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Photoscan System Co.,Ltd.
Pichetchai Co., Ltd.
Pico International Enterprise (Thailand) Co Ltd
Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Plato Audio Corporation Co., Ltd.
Plus-Bbg Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Polytron Industry Co., Ltd.
Power Buy Co., Ltd.
Praditcharoen Professional Audio
Presentation Media Supplies Co., Ltd.
Products Consultant Co Ltd
Quality Technology Electronics Co., Ltd.
Rawat Audio Consultant & Associates
Right Picture Co., Ltd.
Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.C. Siam Supply And Sound Ltd., Part.
S.N. Electric Group Industrial Co.,Ltd.
S.P.S. Cooperate, Ltd
Sam Click Company Limited
Samart New Media
Sammi International Co., Ltd.
Sammi Sound Tech (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.
Sanyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Save Audio & Video
Sharp Thepnakorn Co., Ltd.
Siam Electrical Parts Co., Ltd.
Siam Material Service Co., Ltd.
Siam Musical Yamaha Co., Ltd.
Siam Prosound Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanpo Co., Ltd.
Siew National Co., Ltd.
Sony Magnetic Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Mobile Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Siam Industries Co., Ltd.
Sound & Communication Co.,Ltd.
Sound & Light Asia Co.,Ltd.
Sound & Light Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sound And Communication Co.,Ltd.
Sound Art Co.,Ltd.
Sound Craft Co.,Ltd.
Sound Square Co.,Ltd.
Sound System Business Co.,Ltd.
Sound Wave Co.,Ltd.
Success Industry Co., Ltd.
Sure Audio Co.,Ltd.
Symphonic Car Audio
Systech Audio & Visual Co., Ltd.
T.C.E. Audio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.D.K. (Thailand) Co Ltd
T.S. Audio
Tatara Acoustic Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Teleworld Services Ltd.
Thai Audiotex Service Limited
Thai Electronic Industry Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Thai Sohbi Kohgei Co.,Ltd.
Thongchai Audio & Video
Tohoku Pioneer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Byokane (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
Tri-Tech Industry Co.,Ltd.
Vanward Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Vichai Trading (1983) Co., Ltd.
Vichai Trading Co., Ltd.
Wood And Crafts Co Ltd
World Magnetics Co., Ltd.
World Sound Corporation Ltd.
Yoneden (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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