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Thailand Medical Instruments Companies, Thai Medical Instruments Manufacturers


Thailand Medical Instruments Companies, Thai Medical Instruments Manufacturers
produce a range of medical instruments and surgical instruments for use in Thai hospitals and Thailand medical facilities as well as for export abroad such as: Surgical Scalpels, Surgical Pliers, Surgical Retractors, Surgical Sutures, Surgical Forceps, Scalpel Blades, Medical Equipment, Medical Instruments and Surgical and operating theatre Disposables.

Some medical instruments and surgical instruments are still imported by specialist Thailand medical supplies companies. So if you are looking to buy or looking to sell any type of medical equipment we can put you in touch with the right company in Bangkok.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your medical instrument and medical equipment needs. Please email with your requests

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Surgical Scalpels Surgical Pliers Surgical Retractors
Surgical Sutures Surgical Forceps Scalpel Blades
Medical Equipment Medical Instruments Surgical Disposables
Featured Thailand Medical Instruments Companies
G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Limited Thailand American Company in Thailand developing medical software systems for medical equipment needs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and health professionals
J. Summit Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Supplier of Oxygen Therapy Units, Medical Oxygen Regulators, Oxygen Cylinders, Flowmeters, Flowmeter Inspires, Humidifiers, Greases Oxygen-safes, E.C.G. Creams, Ultrasound Gels, Cathartic Lab Machines, Medical Gas Equipments, Quick Connect Outlets, Ceiling Outlet and Hoses, Scarvenging Outlets, Medical Vacuum Systems, Outlet Adapter Connectors, Check Valve Adapters, 3-Piece Ball Valves, Manometers, Pipeline Gauges, Air Compressors, Air Compressors, Suction Units, Suction Controllers, Suction Trolley with Jars, Electric Suction Units, Anesthesia, Anesthesia Machines, Haloscale Respirometers, Mask for Animals, Patient Blankets

Busby Medical Supply Co., Ltd
Busby medical supply Co., ltd. Is a small family run business that supplies government and private hospitals currently only in Thailand. Whilst we are small in size, we have confidence that our business size will increase.
We are also looking to supply more than just facemasks and bouffant caps. We are currently searching for companies to supply us with surgical gloves, disposable syringes, condoms and medical instruments.
Products: Disposable facemasks, bouffant caps, Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment

MedScience Technology Co.,ltd.
Medscience Technology company is distributor/wholesaler for selling and servicing medical product and electronic & electrical test and measurement instrument. Medical product, we are focusing in Laser treatment and IPL treatment equipment and Pulse Oximeter, Uroflowmeter, pneumatic lithotripter. Electronic/Electrical test and measurement, We are focusing in Power meter, Digital multimeter. We are looking for new supplier for test & measurement product and new medical product for Urology and Dermatology field for selling in Thailand.
Products: Pneumatic lithotripter, co2 laser, multimeter, oscilloscope, power meter

Peters Surgical International
Peters Surgical is a French company implement in France and in Thailand. They produce the Surgical Sutures and Medical Devices.
Products: Surgical Sutures, Medical Devices, Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments

Qualify Group
Qualify Group is Thai Trading and manufacturing company, in the medical, diagnostic, scientific instruments and supplies products. We established more than 10 years with proven record of success in this field. We can serve your need in the area of Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Hematology, Plastic supplies and other scientific equipment and diagnostic products with our service team.
Products: Diagnostic products, Medical supplies, Plastic for laboratory used, Reagent and instrument

Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd. Is established since 1967 and is prominent in the Thai market for pharmaceutical products. Currently diversifying from traditional pharmaceutical products to health and beauty products. The company's primary production base, conforming to the GMP standards of the WHO.
Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd besides manufacturing with initial success was able to expand its product range even further to include a variety of quality health care products including Oncology products, Cerebral Function Agents, Local and General Anesthetic, Medical and Dental Supplies, Dental Materials and Instruments, Food Supplements and Ginseng Products at the most reasonable prices, covering a medical division, dental division and OTC division.
Products: Oncology products, Cerebral Function Agents, Local and General Anesthetic, Medical and Dental Supplies, Dental Materials and Medical Instruments

Following you will find lists of medical instruments products and companies involved in the medical instruments business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a medical  instruments company or simply supply a database of these medical instruments companies then please email

Alligator Forceps
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
Anesthesia Instruments
Arthroscopy Instruments
Atraumatic Forceps
Audiometry & Tympanometry
Bandage & Utility Scissors
Bandage Scissor
Biopsy Needles
Biopsy Punches
Blood Bank Storage Equipment
Blood Chemistry Sundries
Blood Pressure Equipment
Blood Pressure Monitors
Body Fat Monitors
Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone Files
Bone Holding Forceps
Bone Tampers
Brain Forceps
Cameco Syringe Pistols
Capillary Blood Sampling Devices
Capsule Forceps
Cast & Utilty Instruments
Cervical Brushes
Chalazion Curettes
Chalazion Forceps
Cheek Retractor
Cheek Retractors
Cilia Forceps
Colibri Forceps
Dental Instruments
Dental Scalers
Dermal Instruments
Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic Instruments
Diagnostic Lighting
Diagnostic Sets
Digital Thermometers
Disposable Scalpels
Disposable Supplies
Dissecting Scissor
Dometic Medical Fridges
Dressing & Tissue Forceps
Dressing Forceps
Ear Instruments
Ecg Machines
Electronic Thermometers
Endocervical Curettes
Endocervical Specula
Endometrial Curettes
Extracting Forceps
Eye Shields
Eye Specula
Eye Test Charts
Filling Instruments
First Aid & Emergency Products
Fixation Forceps
Fob Watches
Gall Bladder Instruments
Glove Liners
Grasping Forceps
Gynecological Instruments
Hemostatic Forceps
Hypodermic Needles
I.V. Cannula
Infusion Cuffs
Inspiratory Devices
Instrument Care Products
Insulin Syringes
Intestinal Instruments
Iris Scissors
Laboratory And Diagnostic Products
Lachrymal Probes
Laparotomy Rings
Laryngeal Instruments
Laryngeal Mirrors
Laryngeal Mirrors & Handles
Latex Examination Gloves
Latex Surgical Gloves
Littmann Stethoscopes
Medical Bulbs
Medical Cases & Bags
Medical Clogs
Medical Fridges
Medical Lighting
Medical Refrigerators
Medical Scales
Medix Nebulisers
Micro Surgery Instruments
Mouth Gags
Mouth Instruments
Muscle Forceps
Nasal Instruments
Needle Holders
Neuro Hammers
Neuro Pinwheels
Neuropen Screening Device
Neurosurgical Instruments
Nurses Accessories
Obstetrical Forceps
Obstetrical Instruments
Omron Blood Pressure Monitors
Omron Healthcare Products
Omron Nebulisers
Operating Scissors
Ophthalmic Instruments
Ophthalmology Instruments
Oral Instruments
Orthodontic Instruments
Orthodontic Pliers
Orthopedic Instruments
Patient Care Instruments
Pediatric Instruments
Pharmacy Refrigerators
Pin Implants
Plastic Laboratory-Ware
Plastic Surgery Instruments
Podiatry Instruments
Post Mortem Instruments
Probes & Directors
Proctoscope Coil Remover
Ptosis Forceps
Rectal Instruments
Rehabilitation Aids
Rib Spreaders
Rubber Products
Sad Light Boxes
Scalpels, Handles And Blades
Scientific & Optical Glass Products
Scientific And Optical Glass Products
Seca Medical Scales
Self-Retaining Retractors
Silicone Mats
Single-Use Vaginal Speculum
Snare Wire
Specula, Tuning Forks
Splinter Forceps
Sponge Forceps
Stainless Steel ware, surgical Trays
Step Counters
Sterile Disposables
Sterilizing Aids
Suction Machines
Suction Tubes
Surgical Accessories
Surgical Blade Removers
Surgical Blades
Surgical Bone Awls
Surgical Burnishers
Surgical Calipers
Surgical Care Instruments
Surgical Carvers
Surgical Cauteries
Surgical Chisels
Surgical Condensers
Surgical Curettes
Surgical Disposables
Surgical Ear Instruments
Surgical Electrodes
Surgical Elevators
Surgical Excavators
Surgical Explorers
Surgical Forceps
Surgical Gloves
Surgical Graspers
Surgical Handles
Surgical Head Mirrors
Surgical Hemostats
Surgical Hollow Ware
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Knives
Surgical Mallets
Surgical Medical Instruments
Surgical Needle Holders
Surgical Needles
Surgical Osteotomes
Surgical Otoscopes
Surgical Pin Cutters
Surgical Plastic Ware
Surgical Pliers
Surgical Products Manufacturers
Surgical Retractors
Surgical Rubber Products
Surgical Saws
Surgical Scalpels
Surgical Scissors
Surgical Scopes
Surgical Scrub Brushes
Surgical Sterilization Containers
Surgical Stimulators
Surgical Suction Tubes
Surgical Sutures
Surgical Syringes
Surgical Trays
Surgical Trocars
Surgicle Suture Needles
Suture Forceps
Suture Sundries
Tens Machines
Thoracic & Cardiovascular
Throat Instruments
Thyroid-Goiter Instruments
Tissue Forceps
Tissue Retractor
Tongue Depressors
Tonsil Instruments
Towel Clamps
Tracheal Instruments
Traction Bows
Trocars & Biopsy Needles
Tuberculin Syringes
Tubing Clamps
Urine Bag
Urological Catheters
Urological Instruments
Uterine Curettes
Vaginal Specula
Vein Strippers
Vital Signs Monitors
Weights & Balances
Welch Allyn Diagnostic Products
Welch Allyn Stethoscopes


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