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Thailand Japanese Companies, Thai Japanese Manufacturers


Thailand Japanese Companies, Thai Japanese Manufacturers have recently come to dominate the industrial scene in Thailand and are major players in the service sector too.

Japanese investment in business and especially in factories and industrial facilities has seen a steady growth in the the last twenty years. Recently there has been a large expansion of the automotive industry and associated auto component manufacturing sector.

If you are looking to do business with a Japanese company in Thailand or want to contact Japanese expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Or are looking to buy products from Japanese companies in Thailand Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your product needs please email with your requests


Japanese Companies in Bangkok    
Featured Thailand Japanese Companies, Manufacturers
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand manufacturing Shafts, Pins, Screws, Bosses for Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Industries
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle clutches and Assembly of Auto Parts and Automobile Clutches
L & S Shibacon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturers of plastic packing accessories with carton boxes and foam packaging, foam boxes, corrugated plastic board paper partition
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes
N.A.S. TOA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer of Welded Stainless Steel Pipes & Welded Stainless Steel Tubes

Following you will find lists of Japanese companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Japanese company or simply supply a database of these Japanese companies then please email

A & E Travel Co, Ltd.
A & J Beauty Products Co., Ltd.
A & S Thai Works Co, Ltd.
A & Y Coordinate Co.,Ltd.
A.A.L. Co.,Ltd
A.B.S. Services Inc
A.C. Diamond (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
A.C.T. Leather (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
A.D.E. International Co, Ltd
A.E.A. International (Thailand) Ltd.
A.E.A. International Sos
A.I. Network (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
A.I.C. Inc.
A.J.B. Corporation Limited
A.N.A. Network Co, Ltd.
A.N.I. Logistics, Ltd.
A.O. Chemicals Co, Ltd.
A.O.I. Co, Ltd
A.P. Honda Co, Ltd.
A.P. National Co., Ltd.
A.P. National Sales Co, Ltd.
A.P.Z. Corporation Limited
A.R.S. Chemical (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
A.S.E. Co, Ltd.
A.T.E. Maskati Co, Ltd
A.U.K. Co, Ltd.
A.V.E. Electronics Co., Ltd.
Aapico Hitech Public Company Limited
Abe Kikaku Co, Ltd.
Abeno Printing Co Ltd
Able Autopart Industries Co, Ltd.
Able Progress Industry Co Ltd
Able Sanit Co., Ltd.
Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd.
Abroad Recruitment Co., Ltd
Access Industrial Technology
Accor Group
Accord Business Group
Acme Industry Co, Ltd.
Acme Printing Co, Ltd.
Acron Plastic Industry Co, Ltd.
Act Leather (Thailand) Co;Ltd.
Adamas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Adcomat (Siam) Ltd.
Aderans Thai Ltd.
Adina Co, Ltd.
Advance Agro Public Co, Ltd.
Advance Thermo Technology Co, Ltd.
Advanced Graphics Asia Co Ltd
Advanced Mold Technology Co, Ltd.
Advanta Co.,Ltd.
Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand)
Aerosia Interpac Co, Ltd.
Aet Manufacturing Co, Ltd.
A-Foss (Thailand) Ltd.
Agape (Bit) Co., Ltd.
Aichi Steel Works, Ltd.
Aida Stamping Technology (Thailand)
Aikou Graphic Co, Ltd.
Aioi Insurance Co Ltd
Aiphone Communications (Thailand)
Air Products Industry Co, Ltd.
Air Water (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Airborne Express Co, Ltd.
Airborne Freight Thailand Co Ltd
Air-Con Parts Engineering (Thailand)
Aisin Ai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Aiwa Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ajinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage (Thailand)
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand)
Akai Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Akane (Future Park)
Akane (Market Plus)
Akane (Silom)
Akane (Sukhumvit)
Akane (World Trade Centre)
Akao (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Akesaovaros Co, Ltd.
Al Travesque Limited
Alcan Nikkei Siam Limited.
A-Link Co.,Ltd.
All Nippon Airways
All Nippon Airways (Airport Office)
Alon Siam Co, Ltd.
Alphine Technology Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd
Alpine Electronic Inc
Alps Tool (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Alucon Public Co, Ltd.
Amada (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Amagasaki Pipe (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Amano (Thailand) Ltd.
Amarin Plaza Shopping Center
Amata Corporation Public Company
Ammipire Pharma Co, Ltd.
Amp & Ohm Application Co, Ltd.
Ananchai-Kobe Battery Co, Ltd.
Anarkali Co, Ltd.
Anew Corporation Ltd.
Angel International Co, Ltd.
Ani Logistics Ltd
Anzen Travel Co.,Ltd.
Aoi Co Ltd
Aoki Corporation (Thailand) Ltd
Aoyama Fastener (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Aozora Bank Ltd.
Ap Hiro Corporation Thailand Co Ltd
Ap Honda Co Ltd
Ap National Co, Ltd.
Ap National Sales Co Ltd
Apec Film Co., Ltd.
Apex Wako (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Apic Yamada (Thailand)
Apollo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Apparel Avenue Co, Ltd.
Apple Film Co, Ltd.
Aqua Nishihara Corp Ltd
Arcadia Soft (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Arccyber Co., Ltd.
Arcon Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Argo Welltech Co, Ltd.
Ariya Kaikei Service Ltd.
Ariya Tax & Corporate Services Ltd
Ark Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Arlo Co, Ltd.
Armorgroup Asia Pacific
Armstrong Rubber & Chemical Products Co, Ltd.
Arrk Coporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Art - Serina Piston Co, Ltd.
Art Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd..
Art Gem International Co, Ltd.
Art On Stitch Co, Ltd.
Art Piston (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Art-Serina Pision Co, Ltd.
Arvin Exhaust (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Asada (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asada Chemical Co., Ltd.
Asada Machinery Co, Ltd.
Asadshin Bangkok Co, Ltd.
Asahi Bank Ltd, The
Asahi Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asahi Instrument (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asahi Intecc (Thailand) Co Ltd
Asahi Komag (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asahi Omni (Thailand) Co Ltd
Asahi Sangyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Asahi Shimbun, Japan
Asahi Somboon Aluminium Co, Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Metals Co, Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Shippo Moulds Co, Ltd.
Asahikasei Plastics (Thailand)
Asahi-Thai Alloy Co, Ltd.
Asai Thai Co, Ltd.
Asan Service Co, Ltd
Asano Engineering Co, Ltd.
Asatsu (Thailand)
Asean Centre Fuji Keizai Co Ltd
Ashai Intec Thai Co Ltd
Asia 21 (Thailand) Co Ltd
Asia Business Center Co, Ltd.
Asia Coordination Co.,Ltd
Asia Kendy Co Ltd
Asia Meister Co, Ltd.
Asia Parawood Co, Ltd.
Asia Precision Co, Ltd
Asia Production Service Co, Ltd.
Asia Tack Co, Ltd.
Asia Tropical Trading Co.,Ltd.
Asian Autoparts Co, Ltd.
Asian Decal Trading Co Ltd
Asian Foam Tech Co, Ltd.
Asian Frp Industry Co, Ltd
Asian Honda Motor Co, Ltd.
Asian Mba (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Asian Stanley International Co, Ltd.
Asian Tape & Lable
Asian Tjd. Enterprise Ltd
Asian Trade & Leasing Co.Ltd.
Asian Wall Street Journal, The
Asiarans Co, Ltd.
Asno Horie (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Assembly Work Professional Co, Ltd
At Corner (@Corner)
Atlantic Yuki Thailand Co, Ltd.
Atore Tours Co.,Ltd.
Atsumitec (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Attic Tour (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
August Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Auto Cs Engineering Co, Ltd.
Auto Technic ( Thailand ) Co, Ltd.
Autobacs (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Autoflexible Advanced Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Automotive Mold Technology Co., Ltd.
Autrans (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Awaji Sangyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Awamura Thai Manufacturing Co
Aymic Co, Ltd.
Azuma Engineering Co, Ltd
B. Bullion Co, Ltd.
B. Foods Product International Co, Ltd.
B.H.C. Diamonds ( Thai ) Co, Ltd.
B.J.J. Co, Ltd
B.J.K.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
B.K.K. Hi-Quality Recruitment Co, Ltd.
B.K.K. International Ltd Part
B.S.A. Ink Industry Co, Ltd.
B.S.C. Teknik Co, Ltd
B.S.L. Leasing Co., Ltd.
B.S.T. Elastomers Co, Ltd.
B.T.M. Finance & Securities (Thailand) Ltd
B.T.M. Leasing (Thailand) Co, Ltd
B.Y.K. Engineering Co Ltd
Baan Hengchia Co, Ltd.
Baan Phet Ploy Company Limited
Baitong Co, Ltd.
Bakelite Shoji (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Baker & Mckenzie
Bandai And K.C. Co, Ltd.
Bandai Industrial Co, Ltd.
Bando Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.
Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate
Bangchan General Assembly Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Cable Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Cans Factory Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Central Leasing Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Chayoratn Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Coil Center Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Cold Storage Service Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Ctv Intertrade Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Cycle Industrial Co, Ltd
Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Eagle Wings Co, Ltd
Bangkok Eastern Coil Center Co, Ltd.
Bangkok First Tokai Co.Ltd.
Bangkok Float Glass Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Foam Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Hi-Class Co, Ltd
Bangkok Insuarnce Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Komatsu Co, Ltd
Bangkok Komatsu Industries Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Magnet Corporation Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Miyamado Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Nonwoven Co., Ltd
Bangkok Nylon Public Co, Ltd, The
Bangkok Pacific Steel Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Polyethylene Public Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Sakura Leasing Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Screen Limited Partnership
Bangkok Shuho Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Smbc Leasing Co Ltd
Bangkok Taiyo Springs Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Taiyo Trading Co, Ltd
Bangkok Telecom Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Tohgin Holding Co Ltd
Bangkok Tokyo Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
Bangkok Tokyo Socks Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Tsusho Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Yamato Steel Co. Ltd.
Bangkokai - Toa Co., Ltd
Bangpakong Industrial Park 2 Co, Ltd.
Bangpoo Intermodal Systems Co, Ltd.
Bangpra Golf International Co, Ltd
Bank Of Fukuoka Ltd, The
Bank Of Tokyo- Mitsubishi, Ltd, The
Bank Of Yokohama Ltd, The
Bank Yamakuchi Ltd.
Banzai (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Bar Code Sato Electronics (S) Pte Ltd.
Bara Chemical Co, Ltd.
Bara Sumi-Thai Leasing Co, Ltd.
Bara Windsor Co, Ltd.
Barbican Bar And Brasserie
Baron Air International Co, Ltd.
Batik Collections Co, Ltd.
Bay Bridge Co, Ltd.
Be Next Co, Ltd.
Bent Severin Associates Co., Ltd.
Berlitz Language Center Co, Ltd.
Best Oa System Co, Ltd.
Best Rubber Parts Ltd, Part, The
Besta International Co, Ltd.
Bestex (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Bfet Co., Ltd.
Billion Mesh Industry Co, Ltd.
Bkk Productions Co.,Ltd.
Blue Corner International Co, Ltd.
Blue Ground Co.,Ltd.
Bo Tan Tei
Boonmitr Building Co Ltd
Boonsong Kollakarn Supply Ltd, Part.
Brain Research & Management Co, Ltd.
Bridge Mermaid Co, Ltd.
Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,
Bridgestone Metalpha (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Bridgestone Metalpha Co Ltd
Bridgestone Ncr Co, Ltd.
Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Brother Commercial (Thailand) Ltd.
Brother International Co, Ltd.
Btac Industrial Automation Co, Ltd.
B-Tac Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd.
Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited
Burapa Steel Co, Ltd.
Business Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
C & Brothers Gems Co, Ltd.
C. Lohapattana Yanyont Co, Ltd.
C. Thai Hajime Co, Ltd.
C.B. Tact (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
C.B.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
C.C.I. Automotive Products Co, Ltd.
C.C.S. Enginering Co, Ltd.
C.C.T. Tour Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
C.I. Hayashi Co, Ltd.
C.I.M. Development Co, Ltd.
C.K.D. Sales Thai Corporation Ltd.
C.K.D. Thai Corporation Ltd.
C.L.C. Movers (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
C.M. Commercial Co, Ltd.
C.M.C. Biotech Co, Ltd.
C.M.K. Singapore (Pte) Ltd
C.N. International Law Office Co, Ltd.
C.N.K. Textile Co, Ltd.
C.P.C. Decal Co, Ltd.
C.S. Metal Co, Ltd.
C.S. Motor (1987) Co, Ltd.
C.S.I. (Thailand) Co, Ltd
C.T.W. Com. Co., Ltd.
Cable & Wireless Idc Inc.
Calbee Tanawat Co Ltd
Calcium Products Co, Ltd.
Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Calsonic Sales (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Cannet Co.,Ltd.
Canon Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.
Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co Ltd
Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Canon Precision (Thailand) Ltd.
Capetronic International (Thailand) Public Co, Lt
Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited (
Carton Optical (Siam) Co, Ltd.
Cas Electronics Co Ltd
Casio (Thailand) Co Ltd
Castrol (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Cataler (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Catering Associates Limited
Cats Bokei Co., Ltd.
Cellox Paper Company Co, Ltd.
Cemedine (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Centaco G.P. Farm Co, Ltd.
Centasia Co, Ltd.
Central Glass Co Ltd
Central Metals (Thailand) Ltd.
Central Precision Parts Co, Ltd.
Century Inoac Co, Ltd.
Ch Karnchang-Tokyo Construction Co
Ch. Karnchang-Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd
Cha Cha An
Chaimongkol Rubber Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chang Sib Moo (1993) Co., Ltd.
Charoen Bura Co Ltd
Charoen Sakata (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chavanan Corporation Ltd.
Cheena Gasket Co, Ltd.
Chemical Specialties Corporation Ltd.
Chemist Co, Ltd.
Cherry Serina Co, Ltd.
Chiangmai Frozen Food Public Company Limited Thail
Chichibu Onoda Cement Corp
Chiebukoro Co.,Ltd.
Chim Modelling Co, Ltd.
Chiyoda (Thailand) Limited
Chiyoda Fire (Bangkok) Ltd.
Chiyoda Integre (Thailand) Co Ltd
Chiyoda Kohan (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chiyoda O.A. Supply Co, Ltd.
Chok Aree Garment Ltd, Part.
Chonburi Industrial Estate
Chori Co Ltd, Thai
Christy Gem Co, Ltd.
Chumpol International Marketing Co, Ltd.
Chunichi Shinbun, The
Chuo Kako (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chuo Senko (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Chuo Thai Cable Co, Ltd.
City Food Co Ltd
Clarion Electronic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Classic Hana Co, Ltd.
Clioart Flower Co., Ltd.
Club Lily
Cocksec Chemical Industry Co, Ltd.
Colleen Pencil (Thailand) Co Ltd
College Of Business And Communication (Cbc)
Colon Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Comm Bangkok Co, Ltd.
Complete Auto Rubber Co Manufacturing , Ltd.
Comsys Thailand Co Ltd
Consumer Products Inspection & Testing Co Ltd
Control Component Co, Ltd.
Co-Op Food Thailand Co, Ltd.
Co-Op Foods Co Ltd
Copeland Compressor-Thailand
Corro-Coat Nof (Thailand) Ltd.
Cosmo Lubricants (Thailand) Co Ltd
Cosmo One Co, Ltd.
Cosmowave Technology Co. Ltd
Cove-Ito Advertising (Thailand) Co Ltd
Creative Green Studio Ltd, Part.
Creative Publicity & Services (Cp & S) Co, Ltd.
Crestec (Thailand) Co Ltd
Crown Line Co Ltd
Crown Seal Public Company Limited
Crystaline Co, Ltd.
D.D.K. (Thailand) Ltd.
D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
D.K.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
D.K.K. Sino-Thai Engineering Co, Ltd.
D.M.I X-Ray (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dada Create ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Daiboo Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daido Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daido Kogyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daido Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Daido Pdm (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daido Sittipol Co, Ltd
Daido Steel Co, Ltd.
Daiei Taigen (Thailand) Co Ltd
Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd.
Daihatsu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daihatsu-Phranakorn Motor Co Ltd
Daihen (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daihen Electric Co, Ltd.
Daiho (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daiichi Alloy (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daiichi Jitsugyo (Thailand) Co Ltd
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. (Bidf), The
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank,Ltd, The
Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co Ltd
Dai-Ichi Packaging Co., Ltd.
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd.
Dai-Ichi Waste Treatment (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daika (Thai) Incorporation Limited.
Daiki Nikkei Thai Co, Ltd.
Daikin Airconditioning (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Compressor Industried Ltd.
Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd
Daimu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dainichi Color (Thailand) Ltd.
Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daisin Art Logistics Company Limited.
Daisin Co, Ltd. (Dsc)
Daisin Kogyo Co Ltd
Daitec Co., Ltd.
Daito-Osim (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daiwa Bank Ltd, The
Daiwa Circuit Module (Thai) Co, Ltd.
Daiwa Institute Of Research Ltd
Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd.
Daiwa Seiko (Thailand) Co Ltd
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Co Ltd
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Limited
Dasy Design P.L.
Data Design & Development Co, Ltd.
Data Products Toppan Forms Ltd.
Deacons Graham & James
Densei (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Denso (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Denso (Thailand) Co,. Ltd.
Denso Tool & Die (Thailand) Co Ltd
Dentsu (Thailand) Ltd
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Limited
Design Gateway
Dharaniphipat Co, Ltd.
Diaglas Company Ltd
Diamond Channel Co, Ltd.
Diapolyacrylate Co, Ltd.
Dic Nippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Disco Hi-Tec (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dowa Fire & Marine Insurance Co, Ltd, The
Dowa Hightech (Thailand) Co Ltd
Draco Pcb Public Company Limited
Dupont - Toa Co Ltd
Durex Corp. Ltd.
Dusit Textile Co., Ltd.
Dusit Thani, The
Dutch Mill Co, Ltd.
Dyna Metal Co, Ltd.
Dynamic Eastern Brokers Ltd.
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
E. Systems Co, Ltd.
E.C.F. Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
E.P.E. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
E.P.E. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eagle Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Eagle Wings Co Ltd, Bangkok
Earth Food Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
East Coast Design Co, Ltd.
Eastern Car Liner Ltd
Eastern Chemical Co, Ltd
Eastern Delight Foods Co, Ltd.
Eastern Packaging Co, Ltd.
Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co, Ltd.
Ebara (Thailand) Ltd
Economic And Social Commission For Asia And The Pa
Eidensha (Thailand) Co Ltd
Eisai (Thailand) Marketing Co, Ltd.
Eiwa (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Elastomix (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Electric Power Development Company, Ltd.
Electro Ceramics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Embassy Of Japan, The
Embassy Of Sri Lanka, The
Embassy Of The Republic Of Korea, The (South Korea
Encore Thai Originals Ltd.
Endo Forging (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Endo Stainless Steel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Endo Thai Co, Ltd.
Endo Thai Co, Ltd
Enkei Thai Co, Ltd.
Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Enshu (Thailand) Limited
Epson (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Erawan Textile Co, Ltd
Eslen Thai Co, Ltd.
Eternal Plastics Co Ltd
Euro Iseki (Overseas) Ltd
Euro-Center (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Euromill Group Of Companies
Every & All Co.,Ltd.
Export-Import Bank Of Japan
F.C. Intertrade Co, Ltd.
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
F.C.T. Co, Ltd.
F.D.I. Corporation Co, Ltd.
F.D.K. Tatung (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
F.E.I. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
F.I.M.T. Ltd.
F.I.T. Co, Ltd.
F.M.T (Thailand) Co., Ltd
F.N.C. International Co., Ltd
F.S.K. ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
F.T.N. Co, Ltd.
Falcon Container Transport Co., Ltd.
Family Glove Co., Ltd.
Family Tsi Co, Ltd.
Fanuc Thai Limited
Federal Mogul Friction Products (Ferodo)
Fenatex International Co., Ltd.
Fernridge (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Finansa Securities Company Limited
Finansa Thai Ltd.
Firstpart Co.,Ltd
Flower Shop Yusen
Flying Elephant Co.,Ltd.
Flying Fish Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Na
Food And Drinks Public Co, Ltd.
Food Sanitary Promotion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Fortuna Regalo Co., Ltd.
Fortune Parts Industry Co Ltd
Friendship Co, Ltd.
Fuji (Central Bangna)
Fuji (Central Lad Prao)
Fuji (Central Plaza Pinklao)
Fuji (Central Rama3)
Fuji (Emporium)
Fuji (Future Park Rangsit)
Fuji (Mah Boon Krong)
Fuji (Mall Bangkapi)
Fuji (Mall Ngamwongwan)
Fuji (Rama 4)
Fuji (Royal City Avenue)
Fuji (Scb Plaza)
Fuji (Siam Centre)
Fuji Ace Co., Ltd.
Fuji Bank Ltd.
Fuji Boeki Co., Ltd.
Fuji Chemi Co., Ltd.
Fuji Display Development (Thailand) Co Ltd
Fuji Electric Co Ltd
Fuji Finance & Securities Co, Thai
Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Co
Fuji Mercantile Co Ltd
Fuji Photo Film (Thailand)
Fuji Poly (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fuji Shinko (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Fujidenki Engineering Co Ltd
Fujikasui (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujikura (Thailand) Ltd.
Fujikura Engineering (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fujitec Co, Ltd. Thailand Office
Fujitrans (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujitsu (Thailand) Co Ltd
Fujitsu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujitsu Ltd
Fujitsu System Business (Thailand) Ltd.
Fujitsu Ten (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fujiyama (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Fukuda Corp
Fukui Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Furukawa Fitel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Furukawa Metal (Thailand) Public Co
Furukawa Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Furukawa Unic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Futaba Jtw (Thailand) Ltd.
G.A. Export (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
G.I.K. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
G.K. Finechem Co, Ltd.
G.K.-Kyowa (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
G.S. Ceramics Co.Ltd.
Gamakatsu International Co., Ltd
Gates Unitta (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Gemini (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Gen Fa Electric Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd.
General Seating (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Genji Japanese Restaurant
Genki Sushi
Geologistics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ginza Lion
Global Communications Group
Global Projects Co, Ltd.
Global Tec Associates, Inc
Glory Kawasaki Motor Co, Ltd.
Goh (Bangkok) Co, Ltd.
Gold Crown Trading Corp
Golf Course Membership Center Co, Ltd.
Goodyear (Thailand) Public Co Ltd
Goshu Kaset Co., Ltd.
Goshu Kohsan Co Ltd
Goshu Kohsan Co, Ltd.
Grand Siam Composites Co, Ltd.
Greater Million Intertrade Ltd., Part
Grits Travel Co, Ltd.
Gulliver Co.,Ltd.
Gyaltsen Product
H.I.S. Tours Co Ltd
H.M.T. Polystyrene Co., Ltd.
H.Y.P. Style Co.,Ltd.
H.Z.S. Asia Pacific Co., Ltd
Habiro (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hakuhodo (Bangkok) Co Ltd
Hakuto (Thai) Ltd
Hal Trading Co., Ltd
Hamanaka (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hamilton Co Ltd, Thai
Hanako Direct Sale Co, Ltd.
Hanami-Tohato Co Ltd
Hanano (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hanaya Restaurant
Hankyu International Transport (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Hanshin Freight International (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Hanwa Kozai Manufacturing Co, Ltd.
Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd.
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd
Harmo (Thailand) Ltd
Harrow International School
Harukei Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Haruta Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hashimoto (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hatari Technology Co, Ltd.
Hatchi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hayakawa Eastern Rubber Co, Ltd.
Hayashi Telempu(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hazama Corp
Hesco Food Industry Co Ltd
Hexa Color (Thailand) Ltd.
Hiab Choon Lp
Hidaka Yookoo Ltd., Part.
Hino Computer Systems (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hino Motors (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hiraiseimitsu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hirakawa Guidom (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hiramoti (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hirata Corporation
Hirata Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hiro Global Network Co.,Ltd.
Hirose (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hitachi Bangkok Cable Co, Ltd.
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Product Thailand Co Lt
Hitachi Chemical Housing Products (Thailand) Co, L
Hitachi Compressor (Thailand) Ltd.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Consumer Products Thailand Ltd.
Hitachi Ferrite (Thailand) Ltd.
Hitachi High-Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Hitachi Industrial Technology (Thailand) Ltd.
Hitachi Sales (Thailand),Ltd.
Hitachi Tochigi Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Transport System (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hitachi Transport System (Thailand) Ltd
Hitachi Zosen Corp
Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd.
Hoei Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hokuriku (Asia) Sales Pte Ltd
Hollywood International
Honda Cars (Thailand)
Honda Cars (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Honda Cars Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Honda Lock Thai Co., Ltd.
Honda R&D South East Asia Co Ltd
Honda Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hoshigaoka Thailand Co Ltd
Hosoda (Thailand) Co Ltd
House Agency Ishii
Hoya Glass Disk (Thailand) Ltd.
Hoya Lens Thailand Ltd.
Hoya Optics (Thailand) Ltd.
Hoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hymold (Thailand) Ltd
I.C. Net (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
I.D. Knitting Co., Ltd.
I.I.C. Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
I.M.E. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
I.N. Precision Co, Ltd.
I.T.O. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
I.T.O. Travel Co Ltd
Ideal Food And Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Idemitsu Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd
Ihara Manufacturing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ikari Thai Co Ltd
Ikazawa Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ike Tekko (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ikeda (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Image Transforms P T E Ltd
Imex Garment Co, Ltd.
Imex Industries Co, Ltd.
Inaba (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Inabata Thai Co, Ltd.
Inchcape Shipping Services (Thailand) Ltd.
Indra Industrial Park Co, Ltd.
Industrial Bank Of Japan, Ltd, The
Industrial Finance Corporation Of Thailand
Ingress Autoventures Co., Ltd.
Inoac Industry ( Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Inoue (Thailand) Co Ltd
Inoue Rubber (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
International Administration (Thailand) Co Ltd
International Casting Co, Ltd.
International Forging Co, Ltd.
International Iron Works Co, Ltd.
International Laboratories Corp, Ltd.
International Labour Organization (Ilo)
International School Eastern Seaboard (Ise)
Isetan (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industry Co
Isuzu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Isuzu Engine Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd
Isuzu Fishing Tackle (Thailand) Co Ltd
Isuzu Technical Centre Of Asia Co Ltd
It Forging (Thailand) Co Ltd
Itochu (Thailand) Ltd.
Itochu Corporation (Bangkok Branch)
Itochu Express (Thailand) Ltd
Iwaki (Thailand) Co Ltd
Iwasaki Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Iwashita Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Iwata (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Iwata Bolt (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Iwatani International Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Izumi Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Izumi Piston Manufacturing Co, (Thailand) Ltd.
J Vc Thailand (Japan International Volunteer Centr
J. Morita Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation (Thailand) Ltd
J. Phiphat Autopart Industry Co, Ltd.
J.A.C. Personnel Recruitment Ltd.
J.C.B. International Co Ltd
J.D. Orient Recruitment Co, Ltd.
J.E.P. Technologies Co, Ltd.
J.F.E. Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd
J.F.E. Ferrite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
J.F.E. Steel Corporation
J.G.C. Corporation
J.I. Co, Ltd.
J.S. Siam International Co., Ltd.
J.S.B.Y Fiberglass Products Co, Ltd.
J.S.P. Futures Co., L Td .
J.S.W. Plastics Machinery (T) Co., Ltd
J.T.A. (Thailand) Co., Ltd
J.T.B. (Thailand) Limited
J.T.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd
J.T.S. International Co., Ltd.
J.V.C. Components (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
J.V.C. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
J.V.C. Sales & Service
J.V.K. International Movers Ltd
J.Y.H. Guang Co.,Ltd.
Jaic Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
Jalpak International (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Jalux Asia Ltd.
Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines Co, Ltd. (Airport Office)
Japan Asia Investment Co.Ltd.
Japan Foundation Bangkok (Japan Cultural Center)
Japan International Co-Operation Agency (Jica)
Japan Management Association
Japan National Tourist Organisation
Japan Overseas Development Corporation (Jodc)
Japan Quality Assurance Organization (Jqa)
Japan Radio Co Ltd
Japanese Chamber Of Commerce
Japanese Graduate Supporting Center Co, Ltd.
Jastec (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Jay Hayashi Plc.
Jeceeconsult Thai Co Ltd
Jet Fresh Thailand Co, Ltd.
Jetro Bangkok
Jewellery Sakai (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Jibuhin (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Jiji Press (Thailand) Co Ltd
Jin Zhong (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jintana Food Co, Ltd.
Jitramas Trading Co, Ltd.
John Griffiths (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Johoku (Thailand) Co Ltd
Join 21 Co.,Ltd.
Jomthai Asahi Co, Ltd.
Jones Lang Lasalle
Jowit Co., Ltd.
Jsw Plastics Machinery (S) Pte Ltd
Jtb (Thailand) Ltd
Jtc (Thailand) Co Ltd
Jutha Maritime Public Company Limited
K Line (Thailand) Ltd
K Line Air Service Ltd
K Line Container Service Ltd
K. Line (Thailand) Co, Ltd
K. Line Air Service (Thailand) Ltd. (Airport Offic
K. Line Air Service (Thailand) Ltd. (Town Office)
K. Soft Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd
K.C. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
K.D. Group (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
K.D.D. (Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co Ltd)
K.D.D.I. (Thailand) Ltd
K.D.K.-Fujikura (Thailand) Ltd.
K.D.T.S. Co.,Ltd.
K.G.M. Services Co., Ltd.
K.M. Foam Co., Ltd.
K.M. Green International Co.,Ltd.
K.M.E. Garment Co, Ltd.
K.P.N. Ashimori Co., Ltd.
K.P.N. Sakaguchi Co, Ltd.
K.S. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
K.S. Mould Parts Co, Ltd.
K.S.S. Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
K.T.E. Co, Ltd
K.T.L. Kohbunshi (Thialand) Ltd.
K.U. Nomura Thai Limited
Kaestar Sewing Co, Ltd.
Kallawis Auto Parts Industry Co Ltd
Kamatari (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kanaech (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kanagata (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kanatari (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kanda Shoukai (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kanematsu (Thailand) Ltd
Kanemitsu Pulley Co.,Ltd.
Kang Yong Electric Public Co, Ltd.
Kang Yong Watana Co, Ltd.
Kangwal Polyester Co, Ltd.
Kanom Sakol Co, Ltd.
Kansai Felt (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kansai Resin (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kansai Steamship Co., Ltd.
Kanto Hara Co., Ltd.
Kao Commercial (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kaset Phol Sugar Co, Ltd.
Kasho International (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kast (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Katata Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Katata Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kato Golf Corporation Ltd
Kato Spring (Thailand) Ltd.
Katoji Thai Co, Ltd.
Katolec Co, Ltd.
Katsuvama Finetech (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Kawai International Travel Thai Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Kawasaki Kaisen Kaicha Co Ltd
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kawasaki Steel Corp
Kawasaki-Dowa Agency Ltd.
Kawasho Corporation Bangkok
Kawasho Engineering Services (Thailand) Ltd.
Kawasho Foods (Thailand) Co.,Ltd,
Kawasumi Laboratories (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kawata (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Kawatetsu Ferrite (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kayama Engineering Co, Ltd.
Kazuhiko Nobukane (Sakura - Dojo)
Kehin Metal [Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Keihin (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Keihin Auto Parts (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Ken Max (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kenmin Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kensan Construction & Maintenance Co., Ltd
Kenso (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kentyre Ltd
Kenwood (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kenyaku (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kew (Thailand) Ltd
Keyence (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Khitkan Co., Ltd.
Kibun (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kij Watana Associated Co., Ltd.
Kiku No Hana
Kikusui Restaurant Co Ltd
Kikuya Garment Co, Ltd.
Kikuya Siam Corp Ltd
Kindenko (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kingfisher Holdings Limited
Kinki Nippon Tourist
Kinokuniya Bookstores (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kinokuniya Bookstores (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kinsho-Mataichi (Thailand) Ltd.
Kintetsu World Express (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Kinugawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kishimoto Sangyo (Thailand) Ltd.
Kisso Restaurant
Kistem (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kit Co Ltd
Kitz (Thailand) Ltd.
Kiyoshi (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kline (Thailand) Ltd.
Kobayashi Autoparts (Thailand) Ltd.
Kobayashi Co Ltd
Kobe Mig Wire (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kobe Steak House
Kobe-Ya Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kobhunshi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kohbunshi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kohbyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kohnan Electriic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kohshoh International Ltd
Koishikawa Graphic Printing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Koizumi Sangyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Koki Products Co, Ltd.
Kokusai Keiso (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Komatsu Industries Co Ltd, Bangkok
Kong Chemifa Thai Co., Ltd.
Konica (Thailand) Co Ltd
Konica Photochem (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Konoike Construction Co Ltd, Thai
Konsei (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Korat Denki Ltd.
Korat Matsushita Co.,Ltd.
Korat Saisan Co., Ltd.
Kose (Thailand) Co Ltd
Kosen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Koshin Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Koyo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Krung Thai Ibj Leasing Co Ltd
Krungtep Union Manufacturing Co Ltd
Kubota Corporation
Kuipo (Thailand) Ltd
Kumagai Gumi Co Ltd.
Kumi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kumon (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kumphawapi Sugar Co Ltd, The
Kunimitsu Carbon (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kuramo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kurihara (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Kurita-Gk Chemical Co, Ltd
Kuriyama - Ohji (Thailand) Ltd.
Kusatsu Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kyocera Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Kyocera Mita (Thailand) Corporation Limited
Kyoden Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Kyodo Die-Works (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kyodo News
Kyoei Co., Ltd.
Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha Ltd
Kyokuyo Co Ltd
Kyoritsu Iyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kyoseki Sangyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kyoto Electric Wire (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kyowa Hakko (Thailand) Ltd
Kyushu Matsushita Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
L & S Shibacon (Thailand) Co., Ltd
L. Box Co., Ltd.
L.I.S. International Co, Ltd.
L.Kij Chareon Seang Ltd. Part.
L.S. Travel & Trading Co., Ltd.
L.T.E.C. Co., Ltd.
L.V. Technology Public Co., Ltd.
Laksi Oxygen Co, Ltd.
Lanna Frame Co., Ltd
Lanna Products Co., Ltd.
L-Box Co, Ltd.
Le Bordeaux
Leegate Intertrade Co, Ltd.
Lefec (Thailand) Co Ltd
Lenso Terminal Co, Ltd.
Lenso Wheel Co., Ltd.
Leonka World Co, Ltd.
Lighting Endo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Likan Co Ltd
Likitomi (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Lin Industry Co, Ltd.
Lion Corporation (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Logistics Alliance (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Logthai ? Orotex Co.,Ltd.
Lohakit Shearing Co., Ltd.
Lohakit Steel Service Center
Long-Term Credit Bank Of Japan Ltd.
Lotus International Express Co Ltd.
Luckytex (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Lumphun Shindengen Co, Ltd.
M & A Consultants Recruitment Co, Ltd.
M & M World Co, Ltd.
M & N Trading (2001) Co.,Ltd
M. Kasei Co., Ltd
M. Soft (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
M.B.J. Advanced Polymers Co, Ltd.
M.C. Industrial Chemical Co, Ltd.
M.C. Metal Service Asia (Thailand) Co, Ltd
M.C. Plastics Co, Ltd
M.C. Siam Logistics Co, Ltd
M.C. Software (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
M.C. Trans (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
M.C.I. Mould Co, Ltd.
M.C.K. Industries Co., Ltd.
M.C.T. Tour Co, Ltd.
M.C.-Towa International Sweeteners Co., Ltd.
M.E. Meditek Co, Ltd.
M.E. Nikkiso Co., Ltd.
M.H.I.-Pornchai Machinery Co, Ltd.
M.I.C. Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
M.I.C. Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
M.M.C. Carbide (Thailand) Co Ltd
M.M.C. Copper Tube (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
M.M.C. Electronics (Bangkok) Ltd.
M.M.C. Electronics (Thailand) Ltd
M.M.C. Sittipol Co, Ltd.
M.M.C. Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
M.M.P Packaging Group Co, Ltd.
M.M.P. Packaging Group Co, Ltd.
M.M.P. Packaging Group Co, Ltd.
M.O.M. International Co., Ltd.
M.P.I. - Neo Co, Ltd.
M.R.C. Asia (Thailand) Ltd.
M.R.M. Co, Ltd.
M.S.M. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
M.T.S. International Co, Ltd.
Maccall System Co, Ltd.
Maeda Corporation
Mahaboon Corp., Ltd.
Mahajak Air Conditioners Co., Ltd
Mahajak Apartment
Mahajak International Electric Co, Ltd.
Mahidol University (College Of Management)
Maki-Sutee Engineering (Thailand)
Malc-Thai Co Ltd
Mandom Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Manica-Thai Corp, Ltd.
Manlco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mantsuna (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mapics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Marabeni Co.,Ltd.
Marcot - Matsushita Refrigeration Co (Thailand) Lt
Mario Travel International Co, Ltd.
Marubeni Software And Technology (Thailand) Co., L
Marubeni Steel Processing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Marubeni Texmatex Co Ltd
Marubeni Thailand Co Ltd
Marubeni Thailand Co, Ltd.
Maruha Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Maruhisa Int'l Co, Ltd.
Marui Sum (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Maruka Machinery (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Marukei Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Marunix (Thailand) Ltd.
Marunouchi (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Maruyasu Ae Systems Engineering (Thai) Co., Ltd
Maruyasu Industres (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Maruyu (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Maspro Amtech Corporation Ltd.
Master Tour International Co.,Ltd.
Matehan Siam Lambda Co Ltd
Material Automation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Matsuda Engineering Co Ltd
Matsui (Asia) Co, Ltd.
Matsushita Battery (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Matsushita Communication Induustrial (Thailand) .,
Matsushita Electric Avc (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Matsushita Electric Works (Ayuthaya) Ltd.
Matsushita Electric Works (Thailand) Ltd.
Matsushita Electric Works Sale (Thailand)
Matsushita Electronic Components (Thailand) Co, L
Matsushita Home Appliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Matsushita Industrial Equipment (Thailand) Co, Lt
Matsushita Refrigeration Company (Thailand) Limite
Matsushita Seiko (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Matsushita Steel Co Ltd, Siam
Matsushita Technolgy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Matt Productions Co., Ltd.
Mazda Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Media Camp Co., Ltd.
Megacell International Co, Ltd.
Meiden Electric (Thailand) Ltd
Meiji Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Thai
Meiki (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Meiko Trans (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Meisei (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Meitsu (Thailand) Co Ltd
Meiwa Mold (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Meiyosha Co, Ltd.
Mektec Manufacturing Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Melco Consumer Products (Thailand) Ltd
Mes Mitr Project Services Co, Ltd.
Mesa Trading Co.,Ltd.
Metal Mining Agency Of Japan
Metal One (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Metek Kitamura (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Mifuku International Co., Ltd.
Mikasa Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mikuni (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Millea Life Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Li
Milott Laboratories Co, Ltd.
Minami And Verbena Industry Co., Ltd.
Minebea Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Minebea Thai Ltd
Minebea Thai Ltd.
Mino (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Miraku (Silom)
Miraku (Sukhumvit)
Mishinuo Mold And Die Technology Co, Ltd.
Misubishi Trust And Banking Corporation, The
Misumi (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Mita (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitani (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsiam International Ltd.
Mitsiam Machinery Co Ltd
Mitsiam Motors Co Ltd
Mitsiam Plastics Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Bank Ltd, The
Mitsubishi Belting (Thailand) Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corp
Mitsubishi Co (Thailand) Ltd
Mitsubishi Construction Co Ltd
Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products (Thailand) C
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Thai Auto-Parts Co, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Elevator Asia Co, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Mahajak Air Conditio
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha Ltd
Mitsubishi Logistics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Trust And Banking Corp, The
Mitsuboshi Forging Co, Ltd.
Mitsui & Co (Thailand) Ltd
Mitsui Grinding Technology (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsui Oil Exploration Co Ltd
Mitsui Osk Air International (Thailand) Ltd
Mitsui Siam Components Co, Ltd.
Mitsui Thaiyo Kobe Bank Ltd.
Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc
Mitsui-Soko (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsukawa Electric Co, Ltd.
Mitsukoshi Ltd
Mitsukura Thai Co, Ltd.
Mitsumi (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitsuwa Toys (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Miyake & Yamazaki
Miyano Machinary Asia Co, Ltd.
Miyathai Trading Co, Ltd.
Miyazaki - Tec Co Ltd
Miyuki Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mizuki Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mizuki Units (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Mizuno Plastic Co., Ltd.
Mizu's Kitchen
Mltsiam Teie-Services Co, Ltd.
Mocam (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mol Logistics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Molten (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Molten Asia Polymer Products Co., Ltd.
Momotaro (Thaniya)
Moresco (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Moriroku (Thailand )Co Ltd
Moriya San-Gyo Co Ltd
Muang Thong Seiko Ltd.
Mueng-Max (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mui Kwang Chemical Supplies Co, Ltd.
Multimedia System Integrator Co, Ltd.
Murakami Ampas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Murakami Manufacturing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Muramoto Electron (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Murata (Thailand) Co Ltd
Murata Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Musashi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
My Home Information Center (Thailand) Co Ltd
My Way Intertrad Co., Ltd.
Mycom (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
N & E (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N & N Foods Co., Ltd.
N.A.S. Toa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.E.C. (Thailand)
N.E.C. (Thailand) Ltd.
N.E.C. Communication Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.E.C. Corp
N.E.C. Infrontia Thai Ltd
N.E.C. Logistics (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.E.C. Tokin (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.E.C. Tokin Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.H.K. Gasket (Thailand) Company Ltd
N.H.K. Precision Thailand Co Ltd
N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co. Ltd
N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd
N.I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.I. Steel Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.I. Teijin Shoji (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.I.C. (Asia Pacific) Co., Ltd.
N.I.C. Starch Products Co., Ltd
N.I.M. Co Ltd
N.K.K. Corporation
N.K.K. Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.M.B. Hi-Tech Bearings Ltd.
N.M.B. Precision Balls Ltd.
N.M.B. Thai Limited
N.N.A. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.N.R. Cargo Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.P.S. (Nippon Production Services)
N.S.K. Bearing - Thailand Co., Ltd.
N.S.K. Bearings Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.S.K. Safety Technology (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.T.I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.T.N. Bearing Thailand Co Ltd
N.T.N. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.T.S. International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
N.T.T. Communications (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.T.T. Japan Vacation Service Co., Ltd
N.Y.K. Distribution Service (Thailand) Co Ltd
N.Y.K. Shipping Service (Thailand)Co., Ltd.
N.Y.K. Transport Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Naa'im Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nabe-Ya Japanese Restaurant
Nacam Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nachi Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation
Nafuko Co., Ltd.
Nagai Package (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nagano Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nagasaki Kiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nagase Thailand Co., Ltd.
Nagashima Special Paint Ltd
Naigai Nitto Logistics Co Ltd
Naito (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nakagawa E.S.A. Co., Ltd.
Nakagawa Special Steel Co Ltd
Nakano ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
Nakashima Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nakatan Thai Industry Co., Ltd.
Nakayama Metal Limited
Nalco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Namiki Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nan Mee Co.,Ltd.
Nandee Inter-Trade Co., Ltd.
Nansei Tour Center Co.,Ltd.
Narai Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Narai Superbag Co.,Ltd
Naraipak Co.,Ltd.
Narimune Techno Engineering (Thailand) Ltd
Naris Thai Manufacturing Co Ltd
Nas Toa (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nasda Bangkok Office,
Nastec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nation Thai Company Group
National Refregiration Company Limited
National Thai Co., Ltd
National Thai Co., Ltd.
Nature & Co Ltd
Nature Best Food Co., Ltd.
Nava Nakorn Distribution Centre Co., Ltd. (Nndc)
Navanakorn Distribution Centre Co., Ltd.
Near Equal
Nec Technologies (Thailand) Company Ltd
Nec Tokin Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Neis (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Neo Suki Thai Restaurants Co., Ltd.
Nesic (Thailand) Ltd
Nestle (Thailand) Ltd.
Net & Contents (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,
Netmarks (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
New Bangkok Electric Co., Ltd
New Bangpoo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Org
New Farmers Co., Ltd.
New Japan Tours (Bkk) Co Ltd
New Overseas Company Ltd
New Pacific International Co.,Ltd.
New Process Ltd. Partnership
New S Motor Co Ltd
New Sai Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
New System Service Co., Ltd.
New Toyo Travel Co.,Ltd.
Newlong (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Newport Advance Corp Ltd
Ni Teijin Shoji (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nichias Rungruang Co., Ltd.
Nichicon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nichimen (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nichin Electric (Thailand) Co. ,Ltd.
Nichirei Corporation
Nichirin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nichiro Corporation
Nichiyu Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nidec Shibaura (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nihon Ryutsu Sangyo Co Ltd
Nihon Seiki Thai Limited
Nihon Setsubi (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Nihon System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nihonrika Thailand Co., Ltd.
Nihon-Thai Kogyo Group Co.,Ltd.
Niigata Engineering Ltd
Nik Design Co Ltd
Nikka Parawood Co., Ltd.
Nikko Metal Industry Co Ltd, Thai
Nikko Securities Co Ltd, The
Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Niks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Niles (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippo Mechatronics Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippo Sangyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippon Cargo Airlines Co Ltd
Nippon Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nippon Credit Bank Ltd, The
Nippon Denso Tool & Dai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd, The
Nippon Hi-Pack (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippon Home Concrete (Thailand)Co., Ltd.
Nippon Kaiji Kentei (Thailand) Ltd
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai - Bangkok Office
Nippon Koei Co Ltd
Nippon Konpo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippon Meat Packers Singapore Pte Ltd
Nippon Mechatronics Parts (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nippon Mitsubishi Oil Corp
Nippon Oil (Thailand) Ltd.
Nippon Pack (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd
Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nippon Production Service Company Ltd
Nippon Road Company Ltd, The
Nippon Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Nippon Steel Corporation
Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corp Ltd,
Nippon Steel Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Nippon Super Precision Co. Ltd
Nippon Tei Co Ltd
Nippon Trading
Nippon Trading Co., Ltd.
Nippon-Thai Construction Co.,Ltd.
Nishida Architectural Engineering Ltd
Nishikawa Tachaplalert Rubber Co., Ltd
Nishiyama Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissan Construction (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nissan Diesel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissan Fire & Marine Ins Co Ltd
Nissan Motor Co Ltd
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan South East Asia Co. Ltd., Located
Nissei Active Co.,Ltd.
Nissei Plastic (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nissei Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissei Sangyo (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nissei Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissen Chemitec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nisshin Engineering Co Ltd
Nisshinbo Somboon Automotive Co., Ltd.
Nisshin-Stc Flour Milling
Nisshin-Stc Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
Nissho (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Nissho Iwai (Thailand) Ltd
Nissho Nipro Corporation Ltd
Nissho Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissin Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nitco Siam Co Ltd
Nitori (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nitsuko Thai Ltd.
Nitto Denko (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nitto Denko Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nitto Kohki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nitto Seiko (Thailand) Company Ltd
Nittsu Shoji (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nk-Axis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Noble Electronics Co Ltd
Nomura Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd
Noritake Siam Co., Ltd.
Northwest Airlines, Inc.
Nosawa (Thailand) Company Ltd
Numac Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nut And Nop Co.,Ltd
Nutcandy House Co., Ltd.
Nz Milk Products (Thailand) Co Ltd
O.C.S. Thailand Co Ltd
O.G. Ibis Co., Ltd.
O.K.K. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
O.S.G. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
O.T. Chemical & Plating Jigs Ltd., Part.
O.T.A. Seimitsu Kanagata (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
O.T.C. Daihen Asia Co., Ltd.
O.T.G. Thai Co., Ltd.
O.T.I. (Bkk) Co.,Ltd.
O.T.J. Co.,Ltd.
Obara (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ocean Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd.
Ocean Sasaki Glass Co.,Ltd.
Ofmac (Thailand) Company Ltd
Ogawa Electric Co.,Ltd.
Ogihara (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ohashi Densho Thailand Co., Ltd.
Ohgitani Kogyo (Thailand) Company Ltd
Ohji Hercules (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ohm Denki (Thailand) Ltd.
Ohmi Corporation Co., Ltd.
Oishi Restaurant
Oji Papaer (Thailand) Ltd.
Okamoto (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Okamoto Logistics Co., Ltd.
Okamura Steel Co Ltd, Siam
Okano Hi-Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Okaya & Co., Ltd
Oki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Oki Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Oki Systems (Thailand) Ltd.
Okihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Okitsumo International (Asia) Co., Ltd
Okuda Interpretation &Translation Service Co., Ltd
Okuma & Howa Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Olympus Rushmore Co., Ltd
Omron Electronic Co., Ltd.
On Star Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Onamba (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
One Asian Network Co Ltd
Organo (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Oriental Electric Industry Co Ltd
Oriental Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Electronics Device Co., Ltd.
Oriental Jute Mill Co., Ltd.
Oriental Knowledge And Language School
Oriental Wood Products Company Ltd
Oscar Intertrade Co Ltd
Otec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Outokumpu Hitachi Copper Tube (Thailand) Ltd.
Overseas Courier Service Co., Ltd.
Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co Ltd
Overseas Vocational Training Association (Ovta)
Oxonol Thai Co., Ltd.
Oy Corporation Ltd
P & F Chongulia Co., Ltd.
P.B.R. Automotive (Thailand) Limited
P.C.B. Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
P.C.T.T. Ltd.
P.M. Beaver Co., Ltd.
P.M.K.-Central Glass Co Ltd
Pac And Pal Ltd.
Pacific & Orient Co Ltd
Pacific Consultants International
Pacific Container Bag Co., Ltd.
Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Padeco (Thailand) Ltd.
Pahuma Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Palco Interpoly Co., Ltd.
Palsys Software Co., Ltd.
Pan Asia Enterprise Co Ltd
Pan World Pumps (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Automotive System (Thailand) Co Ltd
Panasonic Industrial Thailand Ltd
Panasonic Welding Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Panda Travel Agency Ltd
Panvatana Co.,Ltd.
Paris Miki Optical (Thailand) Ltd
Parker Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd
Parsons Polytech Inc
Pasona (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pata Chemicals Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Pato Chemical Industry Public Company Limited
Patra Porcelain Co., Ltd.
Peace Metal (Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
Pelmec Thai Ltd
Penang Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd.
Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
Pentel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Peony Blanket Industrial Co., Ltd
Peony Fame Co., Ltd.
Perkin Elmer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Personnel Consultant Manpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Petch Thai Chemical (Thai Heng Lee Lee ) Co., Ltd.
Phenitex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pichai Japanese Food Ltd., Part.
Pierre Boutique
Pigeon Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Pijittra Home Spun Cotton
Pimpen Co., Ltd.
Pinthong Industrial Estate Co., Ltd.
Piolax (Thailand) Ltd.
Pioneer Electronics (Thailand) Ltd
Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Piraab Starch Co., Ltd.
Pisanu Engineering Co., Ltd.
Plan Creation Co.,Ltd.
Plasess (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Plasic Public Co., Ltd.
Plenty Island (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Plenus Co Ltd
Plic Corp., Ltd. (Rentaro)
Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Pola Cosmetics (Thailand) Co Ltd
Polyfoam Industries Co., Ltd.
Polyfoam Kanayama Appliances Co., Ltd.
Polymatech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Polyplastics Marketing (T) Ltd
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Porite Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Pornpat Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Power Electronics Of Minebea Co., Ltd.
Precision I.N. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
Prem Tinsulanonda International School
Premier Yoshizawa Thai Co., Ltd.
Press Craft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Printelligence (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Progress Toyo Manufacture Thai Co., Ltd.
Promjai Engineering Co., Ltd.
Pronec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Proud Inter Group Co., Ltd.
Public Photo & Advertising
Purina Japan K.K.(Thailand)
Q.E.S. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Q.M. Ishihara Co., Ltd.
Quest Media Co., Ltd.
R.Z.K. Co., Ltd.
Raja Uchino Co.,Ltd.
Rasean Works R&D Co., Ltd.
Ratana Sagar Jewellery Co., Ltd.
Rayong Purifier Co., Ltd.
Reed Rex (Thailand) Company Limited
Renbi Co., Ltd.
Repromatic Corporation Ltd
Resona Bank Ltd
Ricoh (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Riken (Thailand) Ltd
Rinnai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rohm Apollo Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rohm Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rohm Integrated Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rojana Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
Rojana Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd.
Rosti (Mala) Co., Ltd.
Royal Can Industries Co.,Ltd
Royal Cc Printing (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Royal Time Citi Co Ltd
Ruang Utai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Rungthai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Ryoka Thai Co., Ltd.
Ryoko And Associates Co., Ltd.
Ryoko Sangyo Corporation
Ryokosha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ryosan Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S & I International
S & T Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd.
S. Saha Tara (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd
S.B.C.S. Co Ltd
S.D.K. Eiwa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.D.R. International Limited Partnership
S.J. (1993) Co., Ltd.
S.J.I. Marketing Co., Ltd.
S.K. Art
S.K. Polymer Co., Ltd.
S.K.B. Creative Co., Ltd.
S.K.I. Ceramics Co., Ltd.
S.K.J. Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
S.K.W. Steels Product Co.,Ltd.
S.M.C. Thailand Ltd.
S.M.-Cyclo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.M.E. Multi Consultant Co., Ltd.
S.M.I. Travel Co., Ltd.
S.M.P. Siam Co., Ltd.
S.M.T. International Co., Ltd
S.M.T.C. Co., Ltd.
S.N.B. Agriproducts Ltd
S.N.C. Former Co., Ltd.
S.N.C. Sound Proof Co., Ltd.
S.N.N. Tools & Dies Co., Ltd.
S.S. Global Co., Ltd.
S.S. Japan Co Ltd
S.S. Nittoku Co., Ltd.
S.S.D.C. (Tigertex) Co., Ltd
S.T. Control Co, Ltd
S.T.A. Travel Co., Ltd.
S.T.B. Textiles Industry Co. Ltd.
S.T.C. Feed Co., Ltd.
S.T.P. & I Public Co.,Ltd.
S.T.P. Rubber Co., Ltd.
S.V. Nittan Precision Co., Ltd.
S.V.I. Elastomer Co., Ltd.
S.V.K. International Co., Ltd.
S.W.N. Intertrade
S.W.S. Logistics & Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sagami Thai Co Ltd
Saginomiya (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Saha Nam Textile Co., Ltd.
Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited
Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd.
Saha Seiren Co., Ltd.
Saha Union Public Co., Ltd.
Sahachol Food Supplies Co., Ltd.
Sahachoya Co., Ltd.
Sahakit Wisarn Co.,Ltd.
Saharoongroj (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Sahaviriya Nittan Co.,Ltd.
Saijo Denki International Co.,Ltd.
Sailor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Saitama Bank Ltd., The
Saito Foods Co.,Ltd.
Sakata-Thai Corp Ltd
Sakolchai Transpack L.P.
Sakura Bank,Ltd., The
Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.
Sala-Siam Japanese Karaoke
Salee Printing Co.,Ltd.
Same Tech Ltd.
Sampran Weaving Co., Ltd.
Sanami (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanby (Thailand) Co Ltd
Sanden Commercial Refrigeration (Thailand) Co Ltd
Sanden Theco Co Ltd
San-Ei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
San-Ei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sangkasi Thai Co Ltd, The
Sankei Giken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sankei Travel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Sankho Kaihatsu Co Ltd
Sanko Co Ltd
Sanko Diecasting (Thailand) Ltd.
Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd.
Sanko Gosei (Thailand) Ltd.
Sanko Gosei Technology(Thailand) Ltd.
Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanko Tochemi Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.
Sankyu Logistics & Engineering Services (Thailand)
Sanpoh (Thailand)
Sanshin Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd
Sanshin High Technology(Thailand) Ltd.
San-Thap Internaional Co., Ltd.
Sanwa Bank Ltd., The
Sanwa Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Sanwa Tact Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Sanyei Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Kasei (Thailand) Ltd.
Sanyo Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Trading Co Ltd
Sanyo Universal Electric Public Co., Ltd.
Sanyu Consultants (Thailand) Limited
Satake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Satellite International Co., Ltd.
Sato Kogyo Bangkok Co Ltd
School For You (Naughty Kid's Party Co., Ltd.)
Scitech Intertrade Co Ltd
Scitek Krungthep Co.,Ltd.
Seidai Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Seiko (Thailand) Ltd
Seiko Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Seiko P&C (Thailand) Co Ltd
Seino Glory Transportation Co., Ltd
Seino Transportation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Seiyu, Ltd. (Bangkok Office), The
Seizo Co Ltd
Sekisui Chemical Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Sekisui S-Lec (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Senju Metal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Senka (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Senshukai (Thailand) Co Ltd
Serbic Thai Co., Ltd.
Seven Suns International Co Ltd
Sharp Appliances (Thailand) Ltd.
Sharp Thepnakorn Co., Ltd.
Sherry Serina Co Ltd
Shi Plastics Machinery (Thailand) Ltd
Shibata Giken (Thailand) Ltd., Part.
Shibaura Electric Co Ltd, Thai
Shihen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shikaishi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Corp
Shimoda Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shimohira Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shin Daikoku
Shin Daikoku (Wattana)
Shin Max Systems Co., Ltd.
Shin Showa Trading Co., Ltd.
Shin Tokyo Trading Ltd., Part.
Shin Zen
Shinano Kenshi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shindai Bus Service Co Ltd
Shindai Co., Ltd.
Shin-Daikoku Restaurant
Shindengen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shinken (Thailand) Co Ltd
Shinko Sangyo (Thailand) Co Ltd
Shin-Nippon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shinpack (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shintake Hotokozendo Kanko Kathatsu Co.,Ltd.
Shinwa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shinwa Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Shinwa Tech Thai Co., Ltd
Shiraishi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shiraishi Calcium Kaisha Ltd
Shiseido (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shodokan Aikido International Network (Thailand)
Shoei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shogun Co Ltd
Shonan Gousei (Thailand) Ltd.
Shouei Furniture Co., Ltd.
Showa Aluminum (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Showpla (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Siam A & C Co., Ltd.
Siam Algae Co., Ltd.
Siam Aroon Development Co Ltd
Siam Asahi Technoglass Co., Ltd.
Siam At Industry Co.,Ltd
Siam Azuma Multi-Trans Co., Ltd.
Siam Baico Co., Ltd.
Siam Ball Sport Factory Co., Ltd.
Siam Bicent Commercial Co., Ltd.
Siam Calsonic Co., Ltd.
Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Chita Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chitose Co., Ltd.
Siam Chuo Build Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Compressor Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Cosmos Services Co.,Ltd
Siam Create Enterprises
Siam D G & Parts Co., Ltd.
Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd.
Siam Densho Co Ltd
Siam Dk Technology Co., Ltd.
Siam Ecl Co., Ltd.
Siam Eikou Co., Ltd
Siam Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Siam Express Co., Ltd.
Siam Fb Products Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., The
Siam Food Supply Co Ltd
Siam Fugogu Co., Ltd.
Siam Fuji Ware (1998) Co., Ltd
Siam Furukawa Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Co., Ltd.
Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Siam Goyo Co Ltd
Siam Gs Battery Co., Ltd.
Siam Heritage (Thailand) Co Ltd
Siam Hitachi Automotive Products Ltd.
Siam Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Siam Hitachi Elevator Co., Ltd.
Siam Hi-Tech Steel Centre Co Ltd
Siam Hpm Co., Ltd
Siam I.K.K. Co., Ltd.
Siam I-Logistics Ltd
Siam Ito Engineering Co., Ltd.
Siam Jp Company Limited
Siam Jusco
Siam Kayaba Co., Ltd.
Siam Kensetsu Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kito Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kotobuki Co., Ltd.
Siam Kubota Industry Co., Ltd. The
Siam Kurabo Co., Ltd.
Siam Kyoei Co., Ltd.
Siam Kyohwa Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
Siam Logitech Co., Ltd.
Siam Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Siam Marubeni International Co Ltd
Siam Material Service Co., Ltd.
Siam Matsushita Steel Co., Ltd.
Siam Meiji Milk Co.,Ltd.
Siam Metal Co., Ltd.
Siam Metal Technology Co., Ltd.
Siam Mitsui Pta Co., Ltd.
Siam Modified Starch Co., Ltd.
Siam Motors Co., Ltd.
Siam Motors Industries Co., Ltd.
Siam Motors Parts Co., Ltd.
Siam Multi-Service Co., Ltd.
Siam Musical Yamaha Co., Ltd.
Siam Nastech Co., Ltd
Siam Navaco Co., Ltd.
Siam Nawa Transport Ltd., Part.
Siam Nec Co., Ltd.
Siam Ngk Spark Plug Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ngk Technocera Co., Ltd.
Siam Nippon Steel Logistics Co., Ltd.
Siam Nippon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Siam Nissan Automobile Co Ltd
Siam Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd.
Siam Nissan Casting Co., Ltd.
Siam Nistrans Co., Ltd.
Siam Okamoto Co., Ltd.
Siam Okamura International
Siam Okamura Steel Co., Ltd.
Siam Orient Electric Co., Ltd.
Siam Printing And Packaging Co., Ltd.
Siam Refractory Industry Co.
Siam Resin & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Siam Riken Industrial Co Ltd
Siam Samaggi Leasing Co Ltd
Siam San-Ei Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanitary Fittings Co., Ltd.
Siam Sanitary Fittings Co., Ltd., The
Siam Sanpo Co., Ltd.
Siam Sanriz Co., Ltd.
Siam Sanwa Industry Co Ltd
Siam Sawako Enterprise Co Ltd
Siam Sensing Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Siam Sera Fb Co., Ltd.
Siam Stabilizers And Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Siam Starch (1966) Co., Ltd.
Siam Steel International Public Company Limited
Siam Steel Service Center Public Co., Ltd.
Siam Strip Mill Public Company.
Siam Sun & You Co., Ltd.
Siam Suriya Co. Ltd.
Siam Taj Co Ltd
Siam Takano Co., Ltd.
Siam Tamiya Co., Ltd
Siam Tennex Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Siam Textile Chemical Co Ltd
Siam Thermo - Tech Co., Ltd.
Siam Tinplate Co., Ltd.
Siam Tokai Co Ltd
Siam Token Co., Ltd.
Siam Tone Co Ltd
Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd.
Siam Toyota Munufacturing Co Ltd
Siam Tree Development Co., Ltd.
Siam United Steel (1995) Co., Ltd., The
Siam Wire Netting Co., Ltd.
Siam Yahama Co., Ltd.
Siam Yamato Industry Co Ltd
Siam Yamato Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.
Siam Yoshino Co., Ltd
Siam Zexel Co. Ltd.
Siamball Sport Factory Co Ltd
Siambrator Co., Ltd.
Siamdent Co., Ltd
Siamese Bando Rubber Industry Ltd
Siamese-Bando Rubber Industry Ltd.
Siam-Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Siamount Plastic Corporation Ltd.
Siew National Co., Ltd.
Sigma & Hearts Co., Ltd.
Siix Bangkok Co., Ltd.
Siix Ems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sik (Thailand) Limited
Silkroad Design Co Ltd
Singapore Airline
Singapore Satori Pte. Ltd.
Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Co Ltd
Sinpattanakit Co., Ltd.
Sirithana Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Sit Garment Co Ltd
Slik (Thailand) Co Ltd
Slik (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Slot-Nankai Co Ltd
Slot-Nankai Co., Ltd.
Smile Film Production
Snacky Thai Co Ltd
Snow Brand Siam Ltd
Sodick (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sofitel Silom Bangkok
Soft Depot Group Co. Ltd.
Soft Plan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Soga Engineerings Co., Ltd.
Sogo (Thailand)
Soknet Planning (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Soko Srithai Co., Ltd.
Solpower (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Somboon Somic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sompo Japan Insurance (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Sony Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Magnetic Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Mobile Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sony Siam Industries Co., Ltd.
Sony Thai Co.,Ltd.
Soode Nagano (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
South City Supplies Ltd., Part.
Southeast Asian Packaging And Canning Co., Ltd.
Spansion (Thailand) Limited
Spec Thai Public Co., Ltd.
Spruce Trading Co Ltd
Sri Muang Insurance Co Ltd, The
Sri Muang Insurance Co Ltd,The
Srithai Food & Beverage Public Co Ltd
Srithai Miyagawa Co Ltd
Srithai Shin-Osaka Co., Ltd.
Srithepthai Plaschem Ltd
Star Seiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stars Microelectronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Steel Case Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Steel Processing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Strapack (Thailand) Corp., Ltd.
Sugino Machine (Thailand) Ltd.
Sukosol And Mazda Co Ltd
Sukosol And Mazda Engineering Co
Sukosol And Mazda Motor Industry Co
Sum Hitechs Co Ltd
Sumiden Asahi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sumiden Engineering & Construction Co Ltd, Thai
Sumiden Shoji Co Ltd
Sumikin Bussan International (Thailand)
Sumiko Leadframe(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sumimagne Thai Co.,Ltd.
Sumipol Co., Ltd.
Sumisho Development (Thailand) Co
Sumi-Thai International Ltd
Sumitomo Bank Ltd., The
Sumitomo Construction Co Ltd
Sumitomo Corporation Thailand Ltd.
Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) Ltd
Sumitomo Electric Communications Engineering (Thai
Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal Manufacturing Co., Lt
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand) C
Sumitomo Electric Wiring System
Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Sumitomo Thaniya Real Estate Co (Thailand) Ltd
Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co Ltd, The
Sumitronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Summit Advanced Materials Co Ltd
Summit Chugoku Seira Co., Ltd.
Summit Electronic Components Co., Ltd.
Summit Food Industries Co., Ltd.
Summit Kurata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd?
Summit Queen Limited
Summit Showa Manufacturing Co Ltd
Sun Foods Co., Ltd.
Sun Metal Co Ltd
Sun Screen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sunchirin Industry (Thailand) Ltd.
Sunday & Fun Co.,Ltd.
Sunek Food Ltd.
Sunlife (Thailand) Limited
Sunny Camera Trading Co., Ltd
Sunprene (Thailand) Company Limited
Sunstar Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co
Sunsui Tech Co., Ltd
Suntory Ltd
Super Fine Works Co Ltd
Surapon Foods Public Co., Ltd.
Surapon Nichirel Foods Co Ltd
Suriya & Son Co., Ltd.
Sushi King (Thailand) Ltd.
Sushi Tsukiji
Suzuyo Fritz (Thailand) Ltd.
System Cubic Consultancy Co., Ltd.
System Kikaku Co., Ltd.
T And T Leader Co., Ltd.
T. Terakit Electrical Intertrade Co., Ltd.
T.B.K. Krungthep Co., Ltd.
T.C.H. Suminoe Co., Ltd.
T.C.M. Asia Distribution Co.,Ltd.
T.D.A. Rubber Co., Ltd
T.D.K. (Thailand) Co Ltd
T.D.K. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.D.S. Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.E.M. Engineering Co., Ltd
T.I.K. Manufacturing Co Ltd
T.I.S. Indochina Co.,Ltd.
T.I.T. Electronics Co., Ltd.
T.J. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.J.C. Chemical Co., Ltd.
T.K.T. Ogawa Co., Ltd.
T.L.T. Wako (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.M. Food Co., Ltd
T.M. Incorporated Co., Ltd.
T.N.D. Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
T.P.S. Technology Print & Supplier Ltd.
T.R.K. Bangkok Industry & The Exporter Co., Ltd.
T.R.W. Fuji Serina Co Ltd
T.S. Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.S.K. Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.S.K. Forging Co., Ltd.
T.S.T. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.T.A. Co.,Ltd
T.T.K. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.T.L. Industries Public Company Limited
T.T.L. Public Co Ltd
T.Trading Indochina Co., Ltd.
T.U.M. Textile Co. Ltd.
T.U.W. Textile Co.,Ltd.
T.V.N. Recruitment Consultant Co., Ltd.
T.V.P. Intertrade
T.W.V. Co., Ltd
T.W.Y. Co., Ltd.
Tabai Espec Service Corp. Bangkok Rep. Office (Tha
Taguchi Overseas Co., Ltd.
Taiei Chemical Products Ltd.
Taiheiyo International(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiheiyo Shinju (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiko Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Taisei (Thailand) Co Ltd
Taisei Boueki Co., Ltd
Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taisei Trading Co Ltd
Taisho Seiki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Taiun (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Giken (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Kobe Bank Ltd., The
Takacom (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takahashi Korat (1995) Co., Ltd
Takahashi Plastic Co.,Ltd
Takahashi Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takahata Precision (Thailand) Ltd.
Takane Bangkok Industry Co., Ltd.
Takano (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takao (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takao Eastern Co., Ltd.
Takashi Plastic Co., Ltd.
Takashimaya (Thailand) Co Ltd
Takata-Toa Co., Ltd.
Takeda (Thailand) Ltd.
Takei Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
Takei Plastic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Takenaka International Ltd, Thai
Taknas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tana Food And Beverage Co., Ltd
Tanabe (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Tanaka (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tang Ti Hua Heng Co., Ltd.
Tanin Elna Co.,Ltd.
Taniyama Siam Co.,Ltd
Tatara Acoustic Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tatsuno Engineering & Service Co., Ltd
Tawana Container Co., Ltd.
Tawana Ramada Hotel
Tech Ace Co., Ltd.
Techno Foam Co., Ltd.
Techno Id Co., Ltd.
Techno Polymer (Thailand) Co Ltd
Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
Technology Promotion Association(Thailand-Japan)
Technology Supply
Technology Training Co.,Ltd.
Technozone Corp
Tec-Sahaviriya Co., Ltd.
Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Teikuro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Temco., Ltd
Tempstaff Recruitment Co.,Ltd.
Tenking (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tenma Paper Mills (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tep Kinsho Foods Co., Ltd.
Teral Thai Co., Ltd
Terrace Shabu Shabu
Terumo (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tescon Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Textile Prestige Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Mikasa Co.,Ltd
Thai Ahresty Die Co., Ltd.
Thai Aichi Denki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Altec Co., Ltd.
Thai Ando Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Arai Co Ltd
Thai Arrow Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Arusu Co., Ltd.
Thai Asahi Denki Co Ltd
Thai Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.
Thai Asahi Electronic Devices Co., Ltd
Thai Asahi Glass Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Asakawa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Auto Sales Co., Ltd
Thai Auto Works Co Ltd
Thai Automotive Industry Co Ltd
Thai Automotive Seating & Interior
Thai Barge Container Services Co., Ltd.
Thai Benkan Co Ltd
Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd.
Thai Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Thai Caprolactam Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Carbon Product Co., Ltd.
Thai Carriers Co., Ltd.
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd
Thai Central Chemical Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Chemical Corp., Ltd.
Thai Chin-Chi Co., Ltd.
Thai Chori Co., Ltd.
Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.
Thai Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Thai Container Distribution Service Co., Ltd.
Thai Container Systems Co Ltd
Thai Containers Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Copper Rod Co., Ltd.
Thai Crt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Daiho Company Limited
Thai Dainihon Rubber Co
Thai Decal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Dnt Paint Mfg Co.,Ltd.
Thai Do No-Gen Gen Co., Ltd.
Thai Electron Gun Co., Ltd.
Thai Engine Manufacturing Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Engineering Products Co Ltd
Thai Escorp Ltd
Thai Exeo Corp Ltd
Thai Factory Development Public Company Limited
Thai Fashion Fabric Co Ltd
Thai Fiber Optics Co., Ltd.
Thai Filament Textiles Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.
Thai Foam (2539) Co., Ltd.
Thai Food Coatings Ltd.
Thai Foods International Co., Ltd.
Thai Fpc Co., Ltd.
Thai Fresh Pack Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fuji Latex Co Ltd
Thai Fuji Seiki Co., Ltd
Thai Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Thai Fujibo Textile Co., Ltd.
Thai Fujimori Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fujioka Co., Ltd.
Thai Fujiya Co., Ltd.
Thai Fukoku Co., Ltd.
Thai Fukuda Corporation Ltd
Thai Fukuvi Co., Ltd.
Thai Furukawa Unicomm Engineering Co Ltd
Thai Gci Resitop Co., Ltd.
Thai Glico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gunze Co., Ltd.
Thai Habel Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thai Hachiban Co., Ltd.
Thai Hakuhodo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hamilton Co., Ltd.
Thai Hazama Corporation Limited
Thai Heat Treatment Co., Ltd
Thai Herrick Co., Ltd.
Thai Hibex Co., Ltd.
Thai Hino Industry Co Ltd
Thai Hirota Co., Ltd.
Thai Hissan Co., Ltd.
Thai Hitachi Enamel Wire Co Ltd
Thai Hokuto Precision Co.,Ltd.
Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Thai Industrial Connection Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Estate Corporation Ltd.
Thai Industrial Gases (Public) Co., Ltd.
Thai Industrial Parts Ltd.
Thai Industrial Standards Institute
Thai Inoac Mold Co., Ltd.
Thai Intermodal Systems Co Ltd
Thai International Die-Making Co., Ltd.
Thai Investment & Securities Co Ltd
Thai Irro Plc.
Thai Isekyu Co.,Ltd.
Thai Itoh Intensive Course Service Co., Ltd
Thai Itokin Co., Ltd.
Thai Iwaki Glass Co., Ltd.
Thai Janome Co., Ltd.
Thai Japan Co., Ltd.
Thai Japan Gas Co Ltd
Thai Japan Glass Factory Co., Ltd.
Thai Japan Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Thai Japan Textiles Registered Ordinary Partnershi
Thai Joetsu Electric Corporation
Thai Kajima Co Ltd
Thai Kakinuma Co., Ltd.
Thai Kamaya Co Ltd
Thai Kamo Co Ltd
Thai Kaneta Co., Ltd.
Thai Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.
Thai Kaseihin Co Ltd
Thai Kawaken Co Ltd
Thai Kawanishi Ltd.
Thai Kawasaki Motors Co Ltd
Thai Kawasumi Co., Ltd.
Thai Kawatsuki International Co., Ltd.
Thai Kayaba Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Keizai Publishing Co., Ltd.
Thai Kenzaisha Co Ltd
Thai Kikuwa Ind. Co., Ltd.
Thai Kitahara Ltd.
Thai Kiwa Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Thai Kobashi Co Ltd
Thai Kobelco Construction Machinery Ltd.
Thai Kodama Co., Ltd.
Thai Koito Co., Ltd.
Thai Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Thai Kokoku Rubber Co., Ltd.
Thai Konoike Construction Co.,Ltd
Thai Koyo Co., Ltd.
Thai Kurabo Co Ltd
Thai Kurokawa Setsubi Co Ltd
Thai Kyowa Engineering And Construction Co Ltd
Thai Lecip Corporation Ltd
Thai Logistics Service Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lotte Co., Ltd.
Thai Lube Base Co.,Ltd.
Thai Maritime Navigation Co., Ltd.
Thai Marsol Co Ltd
Thai Marujun Co,Ltd.
Thai Maruken Co Ltd
Thai Maruni Ltd.
Thai Master Builders Co., Ltd.
Thai Matto N S Co., Ltd.
Thai Max Cold Storage Co Ltd
Thai Maxwell Electric Co Ltd
Thai Meidensha Co., Ltd.
Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Thai Meira Co.,Ltd.
Thai Metal Processing Co., Ltd.
Thai Mfc Co. Ltd.
Thai Mikami Co., Ltd
Thai Mikimoku Co., Ltd.
Thai Mitchi Corporation Ltd.
Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mitsuwa Co., Ltd.
Thai Mma Co., Ltd.
Thai Momoi Co Ltd, The
Thai Monster Co Ltd
Thai Morimoto Co Ltd
Thai Morishia Co., Ltd.
Thai Moritech Co., Ltd.
Thai Murakami Roof Tech Co., Ltd.
Thai Murata Electronics Trading Ltd.
Thai Myojo Foods Co., Ltd.
Thai N.J.R. Co., Ltd.
Thai N.O.K. Co., Ltd.
Thai Nakamura Label Co., Ltd.
Thai Nakanishi Co Ltd
Thai Nakano Co., Ltd.
Thai Nakon Intimex Co., Ltd.
Thai Namba Co., Ltd
Thai Namsiri Intertex Co Ltd
Thai Negoro Co Ltd
Thai Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Nichia Electrodes Ltd., Part.
Thai Nikko Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Concrete Co Ltd
Thai Nippon Concrete Co., Ltd.
Thai Nippon Foods Co Ltd
Thai Nippon Meat Packers Co., Ltd.
Thai Nippon Road Co Ltd
Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
Thai Nippon Steel Engineering & Construction Corp
Thai Nisca Co., Ltd.
Thai Nisca Coko Co., Ltd.
Thai Nishiken Co., Ltd
Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Dca Co., Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Setfun Co., Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Technomic Co Ltd
Thai Nissin Mold Co., Ltd.
Thai Njr Co., Ltd.
Thai Nkk Metal Co., Ltd., The
Thai Nok Co., Ltd.
Thai Nylon Co Ltd
Thai O.D.D. Co., Ltd
Thai Obayashi Corp Ltd
Thai Ojima Precision Co., Ltd.
Thai Okabe Promotion Co., Ltd.
Thai Okawa Co Ltd
Thai Okk Machinery Co Ltd
Thai Onono Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ootomo Travel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Orix Leasing Co Ltd
Thai Otsuka Co., Ltd.
Thai Pakerizing Co., Ltd.
Thai Palnet Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thai Palnet Enterprise Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Thai Paraxylene Co., Ltd
Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd.
Thai Parts Feeder Co., Ltd.
Thai Pigeon Co., Ltd.
Thai Pink Co Ltd
Thai Plastic And Chemicals Public Company Limited
Thai Polyacetal Co., Ltd.
Thai Polycarbonate Co., Ltd.
Thai Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Thai Pride Sale And Service Co., Ltd.
Thai Progressive Die Co., Ltd.
Thai Qp Co Ltd
Thai Quest Ltd
Thai Refined Salt Co Ltd
Thai Refrigeration Components Co., Ltd.
Thai Ryowa Construction Co Ltd
Thai Sadakari Co., Ltd.
Thai Safety Glass Co Ltd
Thai Sakura Finance And Securities Company Limited
Thai Sammut Pkk Co., Ltd
Thai Sanei Co., Ltd.
Thai Sankyo Co., Ltd.
Thai Sanwa Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thai Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
Thai Sato Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.
Thai Seat Belt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seberu Pico Co., Ltd.
Thai Secom Pitakkit Co., Ltd.
Thai Seisen Co Ltd
Thai Seisen Co., Ltd.
Thai Sekisui Foam
Thai Semba Co Ltd
Thai Semcon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seng Trading Co Ltd
Thai Shibaura Denshi Co., Ltd
Thai Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
Thai Shikibo Co Ltd
Thai Shimada Co., Ltd
Thai Shimizu Co., Ltd.
Thai Shinkong Industry Corporation Co., Ltd.
Thai Shinmaywa Co Ltd
Thai Shinryo Ltd
Thai Shinsei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinto Kogio Co., Ltd.
Thai Showa Paxs Co., Ltd.
Thai Silicate Chemicals Co Ltd
Thai Simon Safety Industries Co Ltd
Thai Sintered Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Sohbi Kohgei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sohwa Service Co Ltd
Thai Sol-Plus Asia Co.,Ltd
Thai Special Wire Co Ltd
Thai Specialty Starch Co., Ltd.
Thai Spf Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Sports Garment Co., Ltd.
Thai Staflex Co Ltd
Thai Stanley Electric Public Co Ltd
Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Bars Co., Ltd.
Thai Steel Cable (Tsk) Co., Ltd.
Thai Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Steel Service Center Ltd.
Thai Sumicon Co., Ltd
Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Summit Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Thai Summit Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thai Summit Hirotec Co., Ltd.
Thai Summit Intertech Co., Ltd.
Thai Summit Mitsuba Electric Manufacturing Co., Lt
Thai Summit Pk Co Ltd
Thai Sunrock Co., Ltd.
Thai Suzuki Motor
Thai Synergy Works Co.,Ltd.
Thai Synthetic Rubbers Co., Ltd.
Thai Systech Kyowa Co., Ltd.
Thai System Research Co., Ltd.
Thai Tabuchi Electric Co., Ltd.
Thai Taihei Co Ltd
Thai Takasago Co.,Ltd.
Thai Takaya Co., Ltd.
Thai Takayama Reed Co., Ltd.
Thai Takeda Lace Co Ltd
Thai Takenaka International Ltd. (General Contract
Thai Tech Matsuda Co., Ltd.
Thai Telecommunications Engineering Co Ltd
Thai Telephone & Telecommunication Co., Ltd.
Thai Textile Co.,Ltd. (The)
Thai Textile Development And Finishing Co., Ltd
Thai Textile Industry Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Tgk Industry Corp Ltd
Thai Tinplate Mfg.Co., Ltd.
Thai Toda Corporation Ltd.
Thai Tohken Thermo Co Ltd
Thai Tohmado Co., Ltd.
Thai Tokai Carbon Product Co., Ltd.
Thai Toko Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd
Thai Toray Textile Mills Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Fluorescent Lamp Co Ltd
Thai Toshiba Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Toshiba Lighting Co., Ltd.
Thai Towel Co., Ltd.
Thai Toyo Denso Co., Ltd
Thai Trinity Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tungaloy Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
Thai U G Co., Ltd.
Thai Underwear Co Ltd
Thai Union Frozen Products Public Company Limited
Thai Usui Co., Ltd.
Thai Vatana Plastic Co., Ltd.
Thai Washin Co Ltd
Thai Wire & Cable Services Co., Ltd.
Thai Wool Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Y.G.T. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamada Gijuku Co., Ltd.
Thai Yamaha Motor Co Ltd
Thai Yamaki Co., Ltd.
Thai Yamakura Co., Ltd.
Thai Yamatech Co., Ltd.
Thai Yamato Iron Co Ltd
Thai Yamazaki Co Ltd
Thai Yanagawa Co., Ltd.
Thai Yashiro Co., Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
Thai Yokohama Kako Co., Ltd.
Thai Yokorei Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yonei Co., Ltd.
Thai Yoshitake Co., Ltd.
Thai-Asahi Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.
Thai-Japan Gas Co., Ltd.
Thai-Japan Technological Promotion Association
Thai-Japanese Association School
Thai-Kamo Co., Ltd.
Thaiken Maintenance & Service Co Ltd
Thai-Kobe Welding Co., Ltd.
Thailand & Indochina Traveller Magazine
Thailand Iron Works Public Co., Ltd.
Thai-Mc Co., Ltd.
Thai-Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai-Nichias Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thainox Steel Limited
Thai-O.D.D. Co., Ltd.
Thaioil Power Co., Ltd.
Thaisecom Pitakkij Co Ltd
Thaitec Rental Company Limited Co., Ltd.
Thaniya Co.,Ltd.
Thaniya Travel Service Co Ltd
Thasco Chemical Co Ltd.
Thiheiyo International (Thailand) Co Ltd
Th-Maruyu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Thong Electronics Ltd., Part.
Three Bond Tec Pte Ltd
Three Bond Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Three Bond Viv (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tiger Tourist Service Co., Ltd.
Tigerpoly (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tilement (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tilleke & Gibbins R.O.P
Tim Food Co., Ltd.
Tisco Finance Plc Co Ltd
Ti-Time Industry Co., Ltd.
Toa - Chugoku Paints Co. Ltd
Toa Sankyo Industries Ltd, Thai
Toacs (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toa-Shinto (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tobutsu Singapore (Metals & Fasteners) Pte Ltd.
Toei Denshi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toei-Inoac Ltd.
Toffy Boutique Co., Ltd.
Toho Bussan Kaisha Ltd
Toho Yoshitake (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Tohoku Pioneer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokai Bank Ltd., The
Tokai Dyeing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokai Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Ltd.
Token Interior & Design Co., Ltd.
Tokico (Thailand) Ltd.
Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd
Tokio Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd
Tokiwa A.P. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Byokane (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Coil Engineer (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tokyo Development Consultants (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Optical (Th) Co Ltd
Tokyo Try (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokyodo Bookstore
Tokyu Department Store (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokyu World Transport (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tombow (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tomen (Thailand) Ltd.
Tomoe (Thailand) Co Ltd
Tomy (Thailand) Ltd.,
Tong Yang (I.K.I.) Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.
Top Hightech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Top Industrial Supply (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Top Line Collection Co., Ltd.
Top Sun Co., Ltd.
Top Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tops (Japan-Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Topy Enterprises, Limited
Topy Fasteners (Thailand) Ltd.
Toray Fibers (Thailand) Ltd.
Toray International Inc
Toray Nylon Thai Co Ltd
Torc Co.,Ltd.
Torii Thai Co., Ltd.
Tortoise Asia Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.
Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Toshiba Lighting Co Ltd, Thai
Toshiba Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Plant Kensetsu Co Ltd
Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
Toshin Chemitech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toshoku Ltd
Tosin Co Ltd
Tosplant Engineering (Thailand) Co
Tostem Thai Co.,Ltd.
Total Way Image Co., Ltd.
Totem Industry Co.,Ltd.
Towa Seisakusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Towa Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyo Engineering Corporation
Toyo Express (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toyo Ink (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyo Shikisai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyo Textile Thai Co., Ltd.
Toyo Thai Corp Ltd (Ttcl)
Toyo Tras (Thailand) Ltd
Toyo Valve (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei Rubber(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Machine Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. Bangkok Rept, Office
Toyofuji Shipping Co.,Ltd.
Toyofuto (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toyonaga (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyota Auto Body (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Toyota Bara Summit Co., Ltd.
Toyota K Motors Toyota's Dealer Co Ltd
Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd
Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) C0., Ltd.
Toyo-Toa Coating Co., Ltd.
Tozen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Trans Orbit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Trans World Commercial Co., Ltd.
Transcontainer Logistic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Travelscope Co Ltd
Treasure Express Corporation., Ltd.
Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co Ltd
Tris (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trisak Automation Co., Ltd
Tri-Wall (Thailand) Ltd.
Trix Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tropical Waves Recruit Co., Ltd.
Tsubaki Food Service Ltd. Part.
Tsubakimoto Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Tsubakimoto Singapore Pte Ltd
Tsubakimoto Thailand Company Limited
Tsuchiyoshi Somboon Coated Sand Co., Ltd.
Tsukuma (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tt&T Public Company Limited
Tuntex Textile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tuskuma (Thailand) Co., Ltd
U.B.E. Nylon (Thailand) Ltd.
U.F.J. Bank Limited
U.F.M. Food Centre Co., Ltd.
U.I. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
U.S. Plaster Co., Ltd.
U.T.N. Chemicals Co., Ltd.
U.T.T. Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ube (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ueki Corporation (Thailand) Company Ltd
Ueno (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Ueno Fine Chemicals Industry (Thailand) Ltd.
Umemura Corp (Thailand) Ltd.
Umetoku Thailand Co Ltd
Uni Precision Co.,Ltd.
Uni-Charm (Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
Unicoop (Thailand) Co Ltd
Union & Honshu International Ltd.
Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Union Frost Co., Ltd.
Union Nifco Co., Ltd.
Union Plastic Public Company Limited
Union Stainless (Thailand) Co Ltd
Union Textile Industries Public Corp., Ltd.
Union Thai-Nichiban Co., Ltd.
Union Tomita (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Union Zojirushi Co., Ltd.
Unipart Co., Ltd.
Unique Design Co., Ltd.
Unique Motors Co Ltd
Unique Pack Co., Ltd.
Unique Wear Co., Ltd.
Uniseas Shipping Limited
Unisia Jecs (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
United Coil Center Ltd.
United Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
United Flour Mill Public Co., Ltd.
United Foods Public Co., Ltd.
United Kyoei Foods Co., Ltd.
United Nations Economic And Social Commission For
United Nations Educational, Scientific And Cultura
United Thai Logistics Co., Ltd.
Unithai Shipyard And Engineering Ltd
Universal Metal Drum Co.,Ltd.
Universal Video Cooperation Co., Ltd.
Us Power Distribution Co.,Ltd.
U-Shin (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Usui International Corporation ( Thailand ) Ltd.,
Utax F.M. Co., Ltd.
Utoc (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
V.P. & Tani Co.,Ltd.
V.R. Rangsee Industry Co., Ltd.
V.S. Thai Herrick Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
V.T. Garment Co., Ltd.
V.T.M. Inttex Ltd.
Vacation Asia (Thailand) Limited
Valqua Industries (Thailand) Ltd
Vanguard Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Vanward Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Varopakorn (Public) Co.,Ltd.
Vessel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Victory Logistics Co., Ltd.
Virtual Thailand Co., Ltd.
Vita Food Factory (1989) Ltd.
Vitron (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Vox Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Vuteq Asia Co., Ltd
Vuteq Thai Co., Ltd.
W.D.I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
W.R. Grace (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wacoal Public Company Limited
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines As
Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
Wattanasuk International Co., Ltd.
Watz-Mate Co., Ltd.
Weerakarn Consult Limited Partnership
Well Field Corporation
Well Pack Industry Co., Ltd.
West Glory Co., Ltd.
Western Chiyoda Metal Printing Co., Ltd.
Why (Japan) Co., Ltd.
Wide Spread Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Windsor Suites Hotel
Wing Tsubasa Limited Partnership
Woods Bagot Thailand Ltd
Worachak International Co., Ltd.
World Association For Small And Medium Enterprises
World Class Spirit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
World Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
World Marine Supply Co.,Ltd
World Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.
World Quality Co Ltd
World Sibo-Tech Company Limited
World Sound Corporation Ltd.
Xushi Bar (Ratchayothin)
Y. Shiina (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Y.H.S. International Co Ltd
Y.K.K. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Y.K.S. Limited Partnership
Y.M.F. International Co., Ltd.
Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.S. Pund Co.,Ltd.
Yachiyoda Alloy Wheel Co., Ltd.
Yahata Fastener Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yakult (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Yamada Somboon Co., Ltd.
Yamaguchi Bank Ltd,, The
Yamaha Art China (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yamahatsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yamaken Apparel Co., Ltd.
Yamamori Trading Co., Ltd.
Yamamoto Foundry (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Yamamura Construction Co Ltd
Yamamura Trading Co., Ltd.
Yamanouchi (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Yamasei Thai Co., Ltd.
Yamashita Mold ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd
Yamatake (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yamatane Corporation Thailand Office (Air Dispatch
Yamato (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato Creation (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Yamato Esulon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yamato International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yamato Scientific Co Ltd
Yamato Unyu (Thailand) Co.
Yamazaki-Ike (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yamazen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd.
Yanmar S.P. Co., Ltd.
Yano Electronics (Thailand) Ltd
Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Ltd, The
Yasuda Trust & Banking Co Ltd
Yawalagi Thai Silk (Yawalagi Co., Ltd.)
Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd, Thai
Yokkaichi (Thailand) Co Ltd
Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd
Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yokohama System Mover (Thailand)Co Ltd
Yokoo Thai Co., Ltd.
Yoneden (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co Ltd
Yongfa Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yorozu (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Yoshino Moong Pattana (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yoshitake Works (Thailand) Ltd. (Ywt)
Yo-Zuri (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Yuko Arise Shine Co., Ltd.
Yumark Bangkok Co., Ltd.
Yusen Air & Sea Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Z. Korada (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Zen (55th Plaza)
Zen (Central City Bangna)
Zen (Central Pinklao)
Zen (Central Plaza Rama Iii)
Zen (World Trade Centre)
Zensui Co., Ltd
Zeon Advanced Polymix Co., Ltd.
Zeon Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Zexel Clutch (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Zexel Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Zexel Siam Compressor Co., Ltd.


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