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Thailand Lubricants Companies, Thailand Lubricants Manufacturers


Thailand Lubricants Companies
, Thai Lubricants Manufacturers process and distribute a wide variety of lubricants, special oils and greases for industrial use as well as for use in automobiles and other vehicles used in the public and private sectors.

Thailand Lubricants Products include: Industrial Oils, Automotive Oils, Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Rust Prevention Oils, Gear Oils, Wholesale Greases, Casting Release Agents, Grease Guns, Air-Operated Grease Pump, Special Lubricants, Bio Diesel Additives, Lubricating Oils.

Lubricant - A substance used to reduce friction between bearing surfaces or as a process material, either incorporated into other materials used as aids in manufacturing processes or as carriers of other materials. Petroleum lubricants may be produced either from distillates or residues. Other substances may be added to impart or improve useful properties.

Does not include by-products of lubricating oil from solvent extraction or tars derived from de-asphalting. Lubricants include all grades of lubricating oils from spindle oil to cylinder oil and those used in greases. Lubricant categories are paraffinic and naphthenic.


Lubricants Market in Thailand
Demand for automotive lubricants is estimated at 450 million-Liters last year at estimated value of Baht 28,000 Million (about USD 666 million at Baht 42 = USD1). Based on its applications, the market is divided into Diesel, Gasoline, Hydraulic, Auto Lube (for motorcycles), and others. Lubricants for diesel engines have a 60% share of the market, followed by gasoline engine 20%, Hydraulics 10%, and auto lube 2.6%. Sales of lubricants, particularly those for diesel engines, are concentrated in the provinces throughout the country. This is because one-ton pickup trucks comprise the majority of the vehicles in-use in Thailand, particularly in areas outside of Bangkok.

A few companies, mostly major petroleum refineries with retail operations nationwide, control more than 80% share of the lubricant market. Their market share is estimated as follows; Shell 22%, Caltex 20%, Esso 15%, Petroleum Authority of Thailand 13% and Castrol 9%. Two other market leaders that are not made and distributed by major oil companies are Pennzoil and a local brand, Trane. However, there are close to 160 makes competing in the market. Most of these makes are imported by small trading firms targeting the premium segment of the automotive market. The large number of participants in the market creates intense competition, yet indicates strong perceived business potential in this market segment. Imported lubricants normally aim at the high-end segment of the market as they are less likely be competitive with locally manufactured product in other segments.

In the high-end, fully-synthetic segment, Mobil1 is the most popular and is also the most expensive make among those sold at gas stations. It is sold at a retail price of about $56 per gallon (4 litr). Castrol RS is the most popular among those sold outside gas stations, retail at $55 per gallon (4 litr). Mobil1 has been highly successful in the Thai market. Industry experts cited the company’s continuous marketing campaign associated with high performance cars as key contribution to such success. Moreover, Mobil1 also has high performance quality said to be tangible to their users.

Average Retail Price of Lubricant in Thailand
Lubricants Price per Gallon in Thai Baht Price per Gallon in U.S. Dollars
(at Baht 42 = USD1)
Diesel 600 14.28
Gasoline - Mineral Oil 300 7.14
Gasoline - Semi-Synthetic 600 14.28
Gasoline - Fully Synthetic 1600-2300 38-55

Additional Note - as of 2008 The above figures are obviously completely out of date. With the current fluctuations and a recent price of 150$ a barrel there is little point in updating these prices

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Thailand Lubricants Products Gear Oils Wholesale Greases
Casting Release Agents Grease Guns Air-Operated Grease Pump
Special Lubricants Bio Diesel Additives Lubricating Oils
Featured Thailand Lubricants Companies
Hanano (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Die Release Agent, Plunger Lubricants, Chemical Products, Re-Heating Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Natural Oils, Greases, Lubricating Products, Forging And Die-Casting Furnaces.
Kitviriya Trading Ltd., Part Thailand Thai manufacturer and distributor of Lubricants, Industrial Oils, Automotive Oils, Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils and Rust Prevention Oils

Amaco Petroleum. Co.,ltd
Amaco petroleum co. Ltd was founded in 1990 as a
Manufacturer exporter and distributor of mineral, Motor and synthetic oil including base oil and grease products used for automotive and many industrials. Amaco petroleum Co.,ltd is highly acclaimed for its superior quality products. We currently ship a half of total product to the overseas market with the majority of output sold to Asia and worldwide in addition to distributing product under our own labels. We have oem capacity and private label service bearing customer brands to maximize customer satisfaction and engineering services are also provided
Products: Lubricant, bio diesel

Hopewell International Co., Ltd
Application: Silicone emulsion
Mold Release Agent: Provide multi part release of plastics. Foams and latex rubber Excellent release agent for plastic mold. Printing Industry: Used as a release agent for offset press applications.
Textile/sewing: Possesses excellent anti-friction properties for sewing thread and reduce sewing needle heat. It is also used as a textile-finish additive for yarn to reduce friction and tension.
Upholstery: Allows polyurethane foam to slide easily on tabletops and is an excellent lubricant for stuffing foam cushion provides scuff resistance and water
Repellency for leather, vinyl& upholstery foam.
Cutting Knives: Excellent lubricant for cutting knives.
Cosmetic White Oil: This products is colorless, transparent oil without any additives, water or mechanical impurities, which is lubricating, reaction, obtained from petroleum, that has been deeply refined. It possesses excellent ant oxidation, chemical and light stability. This product is suitable for cosmetic applications and for machine lubrication in food and textile industry.
Polybutene: Polybutenes are synthetic liquid polymers of butanes. These polymers have a wide range of viscosity varying from slightly viscous oils to extremely viscous liquids with a high degree of tackiness. They are used in numerous applications either by themselves, compounded with other materials or as starting materials for chemical derivatives.
Polybutene are permanently fluid, non-drying and highly resistant to chemical attack, oxidation and photo degradation. They are soluble in petroleum solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and some esters such as butyl acetate. They are essentially insoluble in oxygenated solvent such as: Acetone, methyl ethyketone, glacial acetic acid, ethyl and isopropyl alcohol. They are compatible with a wide variety of organic materials, most synthetic hydrocarbon polymers and natural products, including gums, pitches and waxes. Their closely packed branched chain molecular structure render them highly resistant to chemical attack and oxidation and impermeable to water vapor and gases. They have excellent aging characteristics on prolonged exposure to severe atmosphere conditions. They exhibit light stability characteristics superior to other oils. Their evaporation losses are extremely low.
The various applications of Polybutene are listed below:
- Lubricants
- Adhesives
- Greases
- Dielectric applications
- Wire drawing
- Mould releases
- Sealants
- Leather Impregnant
- Paper Treatment
- Cable Oils
- Plasticizers and Rubber modifier
- Inks
- Viscosity improvers
- Jointing compounds
- Quifiers
- Cling Additive
- Reactive intermediate
- Impact strength improver
- specialty products for Polystyrene/Polypropylene.
Products: Chemical for Industry, Cosmetic, Textile, rubber, automobile, auto part, Silicone emulsion, silicone oil, white oil, Polybutene, HP, Hydrocarbon compounds, solvent, cleaning solution, etc

Thai Petrochemical Industry Public Company Limited
Tpi manufactures a full range of refined oil and lubricants for the engine, equipment, and conditions found in Thailand and nearby country. Although product nomenclature may vary, the following product types are available as follows:
Refined oil:
The major policy of tpi executive is its commitment to develop high-quality petroleum products or refine oils that do not adverse effect on the environment. Tpi refinery is the first refinery in Thailand employing a deep catalytic cracking unit (dcc). This technology is well-known and accepted as an efficiency and highly productive upgrading process. The dcc unit will convert low value vacuum gas oil to more valuable products. In addition to the dcc unit, tpi refinery also utilizes atmospheric distillation unit (adu), vacuum distillation unit (vdu), reforming unit (rfmu), isomerization unit (ismu), naphtha hydrotreating unit (nhtu), hydrodesulphurizing unit (hds), and other sweetening processes.
Petroleum refining involves several processes. Starting with feeding crude oil into atmospheric distillation units (adu), crude oil is first separated into five product streams: Lpg, light naphtha, heavy naphtha, kerosene, diesel, and fuel oil. These products will be treated using the hydrotreating process to reduce the sulphur content and other impurities, as well as to improve their quality before distributing to the market. Light naphtha will be processed in a isomerization unit to increase its octane number especially front-end octane number for gasoline production. Heavy naphtha will be processed in a reforming unit to increase its octane number for gasoline production, too. The atmospheric bottom from adu will be further distilled in the vacuum distillation unit (vdu) to convert more valuable products as lube base oil, asphalt, and vacuum gas oil (vgo). Vgo will be fed to deep catalytic cracking unit (dcc), where will be cracked into more valuable products such as propane, butane, lpg, gasoline, diesel, and olefins for feeding to petrochemical plant.
Tpi refinery is equipped with modern, sophisticated technologies and instruments. A distributed control system (dcs) is installed to centralize process controls and to monitor operations throughout the plant. Advanced process control will be coming soon implemented to ensure the safety and optimization of the processes. A state-of-the-art computerized system is utilized to facilitate process planning, data acquisition, and daily operation of the refinery.
Along with advanced refining technology, an extensive quality assurance program is incorporated to guarantee the high quality of tpi's petroleum products or refined oils.
With a fully capacity of 125,000 barrels per stream day of crude oil, tpi refinery will supply high quality petroleum products or refine oils as follows:
Automotive diesel oil (gas oil)
Cracked reformate
Fuel oil
Kerosene and jet fuel
Liquefied petroleum gas (lpg)
Solvent products
Unleaded gasoline (ulg)
A range of tpi oil lubricant products designed for the lubrication of automotive engines, industrial equipments, hydraulic transmission, marine engines, and specialty products. They are emphasized that the quality of tpi oil lubricants is closely controlled throughout the manufacturing process, and every effort is made to ensure that each production batch is within specification limits and reaches the customer in perfect condition. Not only that, it is tpi oil policy to meet all the performance standards for all its lubricants. Technical information, health and safety information of importance is available on request. There are diversified lubricant products of tpi oil as follow:
Products: Base oil, bitumen, extract, lubricant

The Siam Fine Chemicals Co,. Ltd.
The Siam Fine Chemicals is manufacture of Lube oil in full range of products line
1. Engine lubricating oil
2. Industrial lubricating oil
3. Metal working Fluid
4. Food grade lubricating oil
Products: Base oil, lubricating oil

Following you will find lists of lubricants products available from companies involved in the lubricants business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a lubricants company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Air Grease Gun
Air-Operated Grease Pump
Aluminum Alloy Grease Gun
Antirust Lubricant
Anti-Rust Lubricant
Auto Maintenance Tools
Automatic Grease Lubricators
Automotive Gear Lubricant
Automotive Greases
Automotive Lubricants
Ball Bearing Lubrication
Bearing Grease
Bolt-On Grease Cap
Calcium Base Grease
Casting Lubricants
Chain Lube
Chain Oil
Chassis Grease
Cleaning Oils Industrial
Compressors Oils
Conduction Graphite Lattices
Continuous Air Grease Gun
Copper Grease
Copper-Based Grease
Cordless Grease Gun
Cosmetic White Oil
Cutting Oils
De-Rust Lubricating Spray
Die Casting Oil
Diesel Engine Oils
Drawing Oils
Dry Lubricant
Engine Lubricants
Engine Lubrication Systems
Food-Grade Lubricants
Forging Graphite Lubricant
Gear Oils
Graphite Lubricants
Grease Adding Pump
Grease For Compressor Bearing
Grease Gun
Grease Gun Tube
Grease Lubricant For Power Toy
Grease Nipples
Grease Pump
Grease Pumps
Grease Transformer Oils
Greasing Nipples
Handle Grease Pump
Heat Transfer Oils
Heavy-Duty Industrial Gear Oil
High Temperature Ep Grease
High Temperature Lubricant
Hydraulic Fluids
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oils
Industrial Grease
Industrial Lubricating Oils
Industrial White Oil
Lithium Grease
Lithium Soap Greases
Lubricant Base Oil
Lubricant Can
Lubricant For Chains
Lubricant Manufacturing Company
Lubricated Condoms
Lubricating Gel
Lubricating Jelly
Lubricating Oil
Lubricating Oil Filler
Lubricating Oils
Lubricating Spray
Lubrication Equipment
Lubrication Grease
Lubricator For Grease
Maintenance Fluids
Marine Engine Lubricants
Marine Lubricants
Metal Treatment Lubricant
Metalworking Fluids
Metalworking Fluids Lubricant
Mill Grease
Mini Hand Grease Gun
Molybdenum Disulfide
Morse Bearing Grease
Motor Flush Lubricants
Multipurpose Greases
Open Gear Lube
Packing Grease
Penetrating Lubricant
Personal Lubricant
Personal Lubricants
Petroleum Products
Pistol Grease Gun
Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Pneumatic Grease Pump
Polywater Lubricant
Rechargeable Grease Gun
Recycle Lubricants
Red Non-Melt Ep Grease
Refrigeration Oils
Rotating Shuttle Lubricant
Rubber Process Oil
Rubber Process Oils
Rust Preventatives
Semi Synthetic Cutting Oil
Sewing Machine Lubricant Oil
Sex Lubricant
Sexual Enhancement Flavored Lubricant
Silicone Grease
Silicone Lubricant
Single-Hand Grease Gun
Slideway Oils
Sodium Base Grease
Solid Lubricants
Speed Gear Lubricant
Stamping Oils
Synthetic Lubricants
Synthetic Metalworking Fluids
Transformer Oil
Transmission Fluid
Turbine Oils
Used Lube Oil
Water Based Lubricant
White Grease Lubricant Spray
Wire And Cable Rope Lube
Wire Drawing Lubricant
Wire Rope Gl Grease Lubricant


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