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Thailand manufactures industrial supplies to service it's own industries and factories. Many of these industrial products find their way abroad too. There are a vast number of industrial supplies needed to keep the wheels of industry in Thailand moving and well greased. Factories in Thailand need a constant flow of consumables and non-consumables. The need for these supplies are generally met by providers inside Thailand.

Industrial consumables like abrasives, grinding wheels, adhesives and welding rods all can be sourced from Thai manufacturers

However for specialist industrial products especially high tech machinery, electronics, automation systems and robotics much of this expensive equipment is still imported from Europe, The States and Japan.

Industrial safety products like work wear, steel toecap boots and hard hats are in great demand from overseas buyers. Also construction and road safety equipment like bollards, reflective tapes, warning signs and reflective vests. We have developed good contacts with suppliers of these types of industrial supplies.


If you are looking for Industrial Products, Industrial Equipment or Industrial Supplies of any type we have a full section covering all Industrial products here Thailand Industrial Machinery & Equipment Companies , Thailand Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your industrial supplies needs please email with your requests.

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Air Conditioning Equipment Fans and Blowers Abrasives
Electrical And Electronic Equipment Automation Systems Robots and Robotics
Clean Rooms Components Chemicals
Computer Equipment Instruments Consultants
Packaging Machinery Handling Equipment Production Materials
Plastic Packaging Steam Boilers Scales and Weighing Equipment
Safety Gloves High Tech Equipment Plastics and Raw Materials
Doors, Windows and Interior Fittings Wire & Cables Closed Circuit TV and Security Equipment
Bar Code Labels Basic Metal Supplies Bearings and machinery maintenance Parts
Cans and Canning Machinery Brass and Copper Pipes and Fittings Industrial Boilers
Fuel Quality Control Equipment and Instruments Staff
Office Furniture Cutting Tools Electrical Components
Rubber Insulation Materials Heating Elements Heavy Industrial Equipment
Safety Shoes and Safety Boots Laboratory Equipment Glassware
Plastic Films Crating and Shipping Materials Office Consumables
Lubricants, Oils, Grease Welding Equipment Carbon & Graphite
Featured Thailand Industrial Supplies Companies
A.L.K. PRECISION WORK CO, LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Precision Metal Parts, Synthetic Diamond Cutting Tools, Shop Floor Gauges, Milling Cutters, Machine Tools
CKD Sales Thai Corporation Ltd. Thailand Thai Importer and Distributor of Mechatronic Systems, Automation Equipment, Electronic Control Systems, Sensing Systems, Pneumatic industrial automation products, Clean Air Systems, Solenoid Control Valves and Pneumatic Auxiliary Components
CKL Electronics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed circuit board PCB, Silver Epoxy Printing, Carbon Ink Printing, Nickel Plating, Gold Plating
F.E. ZUELLIG (Bangkok) LTD Thailand Thailand Distributor of Electrical Products, Automation, Controls, Circuit Breakers, Tools, Mechanical Supplies, Belting, Industrial Supplies, Conveying Baggage Conveyors
F.A.G. (Thailand) Co.Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand Importer and distribution of ball and roller bearings manufactured by the FAG Group in Germany.
F.B. (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Safety Cabinets, Safety Equipment, Safety Services, Fire Fighting Equipment, safety and Security Equipment, Fire Protection Equipment
Fagor Home Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Thailand Supplier of Commercial Laundry Equipment and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Gredmann (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand A Taiwanese Manufacturer of Chemical Products, Electronics, Metals, Electro-Ceramic Materials, Ferrite & Magnet Materials, Flame Retardants, Surface Treatment, Rubber & Paint Materials and Food Additives
H.C. Starck (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand. Manufacturer of tantalum metal powder, tantalum compounds and niobium compounds for the electronic industry and optical applications
Hanano (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Die Release Agent, Plunger Lubricants, Chemical Products, Re-Heating Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Natural Oils, Greases, Lubricating Products, Forging And Die-Casting Furnaces.
HMC Polymers Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Polypropylene Plastic Resins, Polymers, Polypropylene Resins, Film Grade Resins and Fiber Resins
I.C. Tools Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Rubber Stamps Manufacturer, Rubber Molds Manufacturer
J. Meng Kwuang Ltd, Part Thailand Thailand Steel Casting Manufacturer, Auto Parts Castings Automotive Castings
K&N Thailand Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems, Water Filters, Water Filter Elements & Spare parts for Water Filters
K & P F.A. Center Co.,Ltd Thailand Measuring Equipment, Thermometers, Motor Gear, Motor Vibrators, Motors, Taper Bushes, Pulleys, Screw Conveyors, Loose proof Fastener Systems, Concrete Mixers, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Butterfly Valves, Touch Screens, Signal Lights, Signal Phones, Plc, Eocr, Terminal Blocks, Interface Terminals, Plc Direct, Encoder, Proximity Switches, Switch Power Supply, Rotary Encoder , Servos, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Load Cells, Loadcells, Weight Scales, Weight Scales, Loadcell, Indicators, Truck Scales, Packing Scale Machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
K & Z Corporation Co.,Ltd Thailand Italian Company in Thailand supplying Colour Preparation Machinery, Printing Screens Preparation Equipment, Table Printing Machinery for Flat and Rotary Screens, Printing Machinery Ancillary Equipment, Steam Ageing Machinery, Polymerizing Machinery, Continuous Washing Ranges for After Printing
K. Dee Charoen Trading Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Company Trading in Abrasives & Abrasive Tools, Metal Cutting Equipment, Concrete Cutting Equipment, Stone Cutting Equipment
K.N.M. Commercial Ltd Thailand Provider of Warehouse Services, Packing & Moving, Cargo Service, Transportation, Inland and Transit cargo, Thai Customs Clearance Broker, International Freight Forwarder, Trading Broker Services, Used copiers, toner, paper, parts, computer, stationary, office machines
L'air Liquide (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Foreign Manufacturer of Industrial Gases, Air Liquide Thailand is a part of Air Liquide Group, a global provider of industrial gases and medical gases and related services
M&R Service Co., Ltd Thailand Shipping Containers repair maintenance & cleaning, Container Hire, Containers damages survey, Reefer container maintenance
M.I. Hightech Co.,Ltd Thailand Makes precision parts using CNC machine, Milling, Grinding, Welding, Drilling, Laser-cutting, Dies & Mold making, Machinery Designing & Processing, Industrial Supplies Agents
OBARA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Thailand Welding Equipment, Electrodes, Spot Welding Guns, Transformers, Cables, Tip Dressers, Changers, Welding controllers, Timer-Controller-Integrated Portable Transformer, Ancillary Equipment for Spot Welding
Thai Carbide Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide, Carbide tools and Carbide Saws
Thai Carbon Black Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of furnace grade carbon black The major use of carbon black for production of automobile tires. Carbon black is a very fine powder, which is used in the rubber industry.
Thai Carbon Brush Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand carbon brush manufacturer for automobile parts, electrical tools and home appliances applications
Valmet technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Rotogravure printing presses, coating and laminating machines, technology, systems and equipment, pulp, paper converting
Watford Control (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Distributors of UPS (Uninterruptible power Supply), UPS System, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers and Power Conditioners
WATTANASUK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Thailand Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Hose, Automotive Rubber Hose, Marine Fender, Mandrel-built Hose and Rubber Moulded Parts, Expansion-Joint, PVC hose, Poly-urethane Tube and Silicone Sealant
X-PER INNOVATIA CO.,LTD Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Commercial Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains and X-Per Air Curtains
Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Building Wires and Cables, Electric Power Cables and Control system Cables, High and Medium Voltage Cables, Bare Conductors and Special Cables

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