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Thailand Plastic Toys Companies, Thai Plastic Toys Manufacturers


Thailand Plastic Toys Companies
, Thai Plastic Toys Manufacturers produce many types of plastic toys for the domestic Thai toy market as well as for toy companies and toy wholesalers all over the world. Toys such as Playground Toys, Nursery Furniture, Ride-on Toys, Infant Toys, Games, Baby Toys.

Different toy manufacturers have different specialties. Some produce for different age ranges such as plastic toys for infants or toys for older kids. We have contacts with many reliable toy manufacturers and toy exporters in Thailand. Below you can find just a small selection of our featured Thailand plastic Toy companies.

While Thai toy manufacturers may not have the cheapest product in the market, they certainly have among the best quality and comply with the worldwide toys safety standards. We continue to invest in research and development to come up with better quality toys and more attractive designs. While our main markets have been the US, Europe and Japan, that has now expanded to some other new markets such as the Middle East countries, Latin America and Asia.


This expanded market for our toy products is testimony of the reliability, quality and safety of toy products from Thailand.

Toy manufactures in Thailand have always displayed high commitment, and work closely and maintain close contact with their customers to ensure greater added value of our toy products. With toy products from Thailand, you can be sure that it brings joy, happiness and comfort to children through the experience of toys and play. With toy products from Thailand. Quality is rest assured.
Thai Toy Industry Association

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Featured Thailand Plastic Toys Companies

Falcon international marketing is the private joint venture company between Thailand and hongkong. The
company was set up with the mission to fulfill and create the difference in human lives with quality products. From the above mission, we adopted our first product from the us called heelys. Heelys is one wheel skate shoes which only have wheel on heel. The shoes can do like skate/inline but the look is like normal shoes. Besides heelys, we've got tangle: Toys, puzzles or gifts depends on the usage. Tangle is a half plastic joint together into many things depends on the imagination. By twisting tangle, hands and brain will be in sync, so create a relief and calmness to players.
Products: Skate shoes, puzzles heelys, Roller Shoes, Educational Toys

First Superfood Company Limited
We're the one big company recognized in the world candy business in Thailand more than 25 years.. We
produce a lot of high quality candy, more type and tidy in low prices exported to many country. Our factory compound with: Production teams with skillful. Developer department intend to create a good taste candy. Quality control department check all lots of product.
Products: Candy toys, plastic toys, Confectionery Toys

L2L International Co., Ltd.
We are the manufacture of plastic toys, outdoor toys, outdoor playground, playground parts, including plastic container. Custom designed available. Other plastic items produced by rotational method are also accepted for OEM production.
Products: Toys, plastic toys, outdoor toys, playground sets, playground equipments, playground parts

Tok Kang trading Co,. Ltd.
We are the wholesaler and importer in Thailand. Our market share in toys account in Thailand which is lower income categories is 35% of the whole country. The system engaged is direct door to door to retailers, we are looking for cheap junk and out of dated or overstocked product but still not damage and usable. We are all kind of toys, water gun, sound gun, plastic car and so on.
Products: Plastic Toys, Toy Guns

Oink Premium Ltd.
We have been in this kind of business more than 10 years, we sell a lot of premiums in every year that why we still need more sourcing to look for a new product for the customers.
Products: Key chain, plastic toys

Union toy (Thailand) Co., ltd. Was founded since 1983. Its main business is a toys and plastic product factory. We have several plastic toys to serve in several customer needs. For instance, we have education toys, sport toys, sand play set, and etc. We also produce the premium-quality plastic product, such as, plastic box, bottle, and so on to serve our customer needs as well.
Products: Plastic toys, Plastic household, OEM product

We are manufacturer of KICKBIRDY, a fun, sporty& colorful duck feathered healthy sports toy with different colors plastic disc base. It is played by kicking it, heading it, and keeping it flying in the air as long as possible. It can be played by 1 or more persons, anytime, anywhere. Endless fun and exercises the legs and body as you play. Export price US$1.50 to US$2 each depending on qty. Interested distributors are required to stock quantities of toy.
Products: Kickbirdy is a fun, sporty& colorful feathered toy played by 1 or more persons

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