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Thailand is a great place for sourcing seafood products such as: shrimp, fish, lobster, squid, crab, Fresh Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Canned Seafood, Seafood Prepared Meals, Seafood Soups & Sauces and Dried Seafood.

Thailand Seafood Companies, Thai Seafood Manufacturers


Thailand Seafood Companies
produce thousands of tons of fresh seafood and frozen seafood a month for domestic consumption and for export abroad. Thailand is a great place for sourcing seafood products such as: shrimp, fish, lobster, squid, crab, Fresh Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Canned Seafood, Seafood Prepared Meals, Seafood Soups & Sauces and Dried Seafood.

Thailand's central and southern regions are the base to Thailand's fishing fleet of fishing boats large and small. These boats supplemented by imported seafood products from other Southeast Asian countries which supply the raw product that is processed and canned for home consumption and for export around the world.

Some of the seafood produce is either exported live or put on ice for export and consumption as fresh seafood products. Other products are dried, freeze dried and either packaged as a single product or used as ingredients for soups and sauces.

A fairly new but expanding growth market is in processed seafood products that are prepared and often ready or partially cooked as ready to eat meals or appetizers like fish balls, breaded shrimp and calamari rings.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your seafood needs please email with your requests.

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Slipper Lobster Octopus Squid
Fresh Fish Black Tiger Shrimp Sushi & Sashimi
Immitation Crab Stick Mixed Frozen Seafood Cooked Shrimp
Soft Shell Crab Veggie Shrimp Canned Tuna
Featured Thailand Seafood Companies
A & N FOODS CO,  LTD. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Seafood Products, Chilled Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Imitation Crab Sticks, Frozen Crab Sticks
Acfin Co,  Ltd Thailand Exporter of frozen seafood, Cooked & Raw Black tiger shrimp, Fresh water shrimp. Squid, Sea fish, Fresh water fish, Pink Shrimp, white Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Squid Loligo and Baby Octopus
Earth Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Exporter of Frozen Soft Shell Crabs, Blue Swimming Crabs, Meat Crab, Shrimps and Frozen Seafood
H.L. Group Thailand Seafood Thailand Supplier of Live Tiger Prawn, Live Marble Goby, Live Mud crab, Fresh Tiger prawns, fresh mackerel, fresh Spanish mackerel, fresh anchovy, fresh red snapper and fresh grouper
Featured Company
Thaveevong Industry (TVI) Co., Ltd.
TVI is a world-leading producer and supplier of seafood products made from Surimi (minced fish meat)with over 20 years of experience. The company employs an experienced expert from Japan and has own factory to produce raw materials. Our manufacturing capacity is 600 tons per month and main products are Crab Stick, Fish Ball, Fish Product Breaded, etc. TVI also conforms to GMP, HACCP, and ISO 9001 standards. Currently TVI supplies 60% local and 40% overseas such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Italy and Russia.
Contact: Mr. Jeeradej Thaworntaweewong

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Following you will find lists of seafood products and companies involved in the seafood business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a seafood company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Alutera Monoceros
Anabas Testudineus
Argurosomus Macrocephalus
Argyrosomus Argentatus
Asian Seabass
Baby Clam
Baby Octopus Block
Bar Snapper From
Baraculla Block
Barramundi Fillet
Big Eye Travelly
Black Pomfret
Black Tiger Prawn
Black Tiger Shrimp
Black Tiger/ White
Blackmouth Goosefish
Blanched Cuttlefish Fillets
Blanched Squid Rings
Blanched Squid Tentacles
Blue Mackerel
Blue Shark
Breaded Crab Claw
Breaded Shrimp
Buttefly White Shrimp
Butter Fish
Butterfly Clean Tail Shrimp
Butterfly Cut Shrimp
Buttlyfly Shrimp
Caranx Sexfaselatus
Carassius Auratus
Carnax Sexfaselatus
Carving Squid Roll
Catfish Fillets
Catla Catla
Channa Striatus
Chanos Chanos
Chinese Pomfret
Choerodon Schoenleini
Cirrihirus Mrigala
Clanias Fuscug
Clarias Fuscus
Clarias Macrocephalus
Cleaned Tilapia
Climbing Perch
Cocktail Shrimp (Tail-On)
Cololabis Saira
Color Dice
Conger Eel
Conger Eel Block
Cooked Easy Peel Shrimp
Cooked Head On Shell On Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Easy Peel Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Easy Peel White Shrimp
Cooked Headless Shell On Shrimp
Cooked Pdto Shrimp
Cooked Shrimp
Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp
Cooked Tail-Off White Shrimp
Cooked White Shrimp
Coryphaena Hippurus
Crab Ball
Crab Nugget
Crab Stick
Crispy Shrimp Ball
Croaker Block
Croceine Croaker
Cuttle Fish Ball
Cuttle Fish Fillet
Cuttle Fish Head
Cuttle Fish Head Half Cut
Cuttle Fish Whole
Cuttle Fish Whole Round In Box
Cuttle Fish Yellow Spot
Cuttlefish (Sepia Spp.)
Cuttlefish Fillets
Cuttlefish Fillets Matsukasa
Cynoglossus Spp.
Dace Fish
Decapterus Russell
Ebi Ten
Epinephelus Spp.
Eviscerated Octopus
False Travelly
Fillet Baby Cuttlefish
Fish Chip
Fish Tofu Bun
Formio Niger
Fresh Shrimp
Fresh Water Shrimp ( Peeled Deveined Tail-On
Freshwater Fish
Fried Seafood Tofu Curd
Frozen Baby Octopus
Frozen Black Tiger Cooked Then Peeled Shrimp
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Deveined Tail-Off
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Deveined Tail-On
Frozen Black Tiger Peeled Undeveined Shrimp
Frozen Cuttlefish Fillet
Frozen Fresh Water Shrimp
Frozen Loligo Squid
Frozen Seafood Mix
Frozen Shrimp
Frozen Slipper Labster
Frozen Spanner Crab
Giant Octopus
Giant River Shrimp
Golden Fish Ball
Golden Threadfin
Grey Mullet
H/On White Shrimp
Hair Tail
Hilsa Ilisha
Hoy Jor
Illex Argentinus
Illex Squid
Illex Squid Tube
Imitation Crab Bite
Imitation Crab Chunk
Imitation Crab Claw
Imitation Crab Meat
Imitation Squilla
Indian Halibut
Indo-Pacific King Mackerel
Inkless & Gutted Baby Octopus
Japanese Butterfish
Japanese Sea Bass
Japanese Sea Bass Fillet
Japanese Spanish Mackerel
Kagiki Steak
Katsuwonus Pelamis
King Fish
King Fish Fillet
Koban Roller
Labeo Rohita
Land Frozen Fish
Land Frozen Loligo Squid
Land Frozen Poulp Squid
Larimichtys Crocea
Larimichtys Polyaitis
Latealabrax Japonicus
Lates Calcarifer
Leather Jacket
Lethrinus Lentjan
Live Harvest Shrimp
Live Spanner Crab
Lobster Ball With Stuffing
Loligo Formosana
Lophiomus Setigerus
Lutjanus Spp.
Mackerel Pike
Macrobrachiam Rosenbergii
Mahi Mahi
Mahi Mahi Fillet
Marinated Shrimp
Marine Products
Mctapenaeopsis Barbata
Micropterus Salmeides
Milk Fish
Mugil Cephalus
Mussel Meat
Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel
Nemipterus Spp.
Nemipterus Virgatus
Ngoh Hiang
Nobashi Ebi
North-Pacific Squid Steak
Notopterus Chitala
Oboro Tsuki
Octopus Ball
Octopus Dolifusi
Octopus Dollfusi
Octopus Vulgaris
Oil Fish Fillet
Ommastrepteso Bartrami
Oreochromis Niloticus
P&D Cooked White Shrimp
P&D Shrimp
P&D White Shrimp
Pacific Dorey
Pampus Argenteus
Pampus Argentus
Pampus Chinensis
Pangasius Hypopnthalnus
Pangasius Micronemus
Pangasius Pangasius
Pangasius Sutchi
Parrot Fish
Parupeneus Heptacanthus
Pdto Shrimp
Peeled Black Tiger Shrimp
Peeled Deveined Tail Off Black Tiger Shrimp
Peeled Headless
Penaeus Duorarum
Penaeus Indicus
Penaeus Monodon
Pendalus Eous
Peraeus Penicillatus
Plectorhynchus Pictus
Pony Fish
Popcorn Shrimp
Portunus Pelagicus
Poulp Squid
Prawn Bread Crumbs
Pre-Fried Shrimp
Psenopsis Aomala
Pseudosciaena Crocea
Pto Shrimp
Pto White Shrimp
Pud Shrimp
Pud Black Tiger Shrimp
Puntius Gonionotus
Purple Spotted Big Eye
Purple Spotted Big Eye Headless
Ranina Ranina
Raw Tail-Off White Shrimp
Raw Cuttlefish Fillets
Raw Head On Shell On Shrimp
Raw Head On Shell On White Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Butterfly Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Easy Peel Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Easy Peel White Shrimp
Raw Headless Shell On Shrimp
Raw P&D/Pud Tail-On Shrimp
Raw Pto Butterfly Shrimp
Raw Pto Butterfly White Shrimp
Raw Shrimp
Raw Squid Rings
Raw Squid Tentacles
Raw Tail-Off Shrimp
Raw Tail-Off White Shrimp
Raw Tail-On Skewers Shrimp
Raw Tail-On Skewers White Shrimp
Raw Tail-On White Shrimp
Red Drum
Red Drum Fillet
Red Mullet
Red Pud Shrimp
Red Snapper
Red Spot Emperor
Ribbon Fish
River Cobbler
Round P&D Tail-Off Shrimp
Round Scad
Salmon Ball
Sciaenops Ocellatus
Scomberomorus Commersoni
Scyllarus Cultrifer
Sea Caught While Shrimp
Sea Frozen Cuttle Fish
Sea Frozen Cuttlefish
Sea Frozen Fish
Sea Frozen Lobster
Sea Frozen Loligo Squid
Sea Frozen Octopus
Sea Frozen Slipper Lobster
Seafood Raw Material
Seafood Roll
Seafood Tofu
Seaweed Roll
Seer Fish
Sepia Esculenta
Sepia Pharaonis
Serrasalmus Nirgatus
Sesame Shrimp Toast
Shirimp Chip
Shrimp Ball
Shrimp Cake
Shrimp Paste On Sugar Cane Stick
Shrimp Product
Shrimp Ring
Shrimp Rings
Shrimp Roll
Shrimp Wedges
Siliver Barb
Sillago Silhama
Silver Pennah Croaker
Silver Pomfret
Silver Sillago
Skin Packed Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skin Packed White Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skinless Cutle Fish
Skinless Cuttle Fish
Skinpacked Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skinpacked White Shrimp With Cocktail Sauce
Skipjack Tuna
Slipper Lobster
Slipper Lobster Mea
Slipper Lobster Meat
Slipper Lobster Tail
Slipper Lobster Tail Pack
Slit Squid Fillet
Snake Head Fish
Soft Shell Crab
Sole Fish
Sole Fish Big Scale
Sole Fish Fine Scale
Spanner Crab
Spotted Featherback
Squid Products
Squid Ring
Squid Ring With Head
Squid Rings
Squid Tentacles
Squid Tubes & Tentacles
Squid Wings
Stretched Cut Shrimp
Striped Catfish
Sushi & Sashimi Products
Sushi Ebi Shrimp
Sushi Ebi White Shrimp
Swimming Crab
Tail-Off Shrimp
Tempura Bt Shrimp
Tempura Shrimp
Tentacle Squid Rings
Thai Fish Cake
Threadfin Beam
Thunnus Albacares
Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia Mossambica
Tilapia Nilotica
Tongue Sole
Tongue Sole Fish
Torpedo Shrimp
Trachurus Japouicus
Trichiurus Lepturus
Tuna Roll
Vanamei Shrimp
Vannamei White Shrimp
Vietnam Catfish
Wallago Attu
White Croaker
White Fish Bone
White Fish Fillet
White Shrimp Wedges
Whole Cleaned Baby Octopus
Whole Cleaned Catfish
Whole Cleaned Cuttlefish
Whole Cleaned Loligo Squid
Whole Cleaned Squid
Whole Eviscerated Giant Octopus
Whole Round Catfish
Whole Round Cuttlefish
Whole Round Loligo Squid
Whole Round Squid
Xiphias Gladius
Yellow Croaker
Yellow Fin Tuna Loin
Yellow Fin Tuna Saku
Yellow Fin Tuna Steak
Yellowfin Tuna

A&N Foods Co., Ltd.
A.K. Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
A.P. Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
Acfin Co., Ltd.
Amix Co., Ltd.
Ampai Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
Andaman Seafood Co., Ltd.
Anglo-Siam Seafoods Ltd.
Apitoon Enterprise Industry Public Co., Ltd.
Asia President Foods
Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co., Ltd.
Az-Zaki Co., Ltd.
B.S. Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Acme Co., Ltd.
Big Sky Trading Co. Ltd
Bright Sea Co., Ltd.
C Y Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
C.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd.
C.P.Retailing And Marketing Co., Ltd.
Capital Food Trade Limited
Chainavee Coldstorage Co., Ltd.
Chaivaree Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Chaiwarut Co., Ltd.
Chanthaburi Seafoods Co., Ltd.
Chat Mongcon 889 Co., Ltd.
Chotiwat Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Coca Foods International Co., Ltd.
Co-Op Foods (Thailand) Ltd.
Daiei Taigen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daiho (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Donsak Industry Co., Ltd.
Euro-Asian International Seafoods Co., Ltd.
Evans Overseas Trading
Exim Foods Co., Ltd.
F And V Company Limited
Fair Housing Supply
Far East Coldstorage Co., Ltd.
Fortune Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Frionor (Thailand) Ltd.
Frozen Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Fti - Freehold Trading Int'l
Gallant Ocean (Thailand) Co. Ltd
Global Frozen Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Globalbis Ltd., Part.
Gm Inter Commercial Co Ltd
H.A.M. International Co., Ltd.
Hai Hong Marine Products & Trading Co., Ltd.
Haitai Seafood Co., Ltd.
Henry Gordon Ltd., Part.
Hi-Q Food Products
Hokee Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
I C C Cosmos Co., Ltd.
I.T. Foods Industries Co. Ltd
I.T.Foods Industries Co., Ltd.
Inflow Engineering Co Ltd
Inter-Oceanic Resources Co., Ltd.
Inter-Pacific Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Itt International Co. Ltd
J And J Marine Foods Co., Ltd.
J. Fac Co., Ltd.
Jack Hong Co., Ltd.
Jpp Supply Ltd, Part.
K.L. Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
Kalsul Tuna Yellow Fin Saku Loins And Cans
Kanta Products
Kantang Cold Storage Industry Co., Ltd.
Kantang Seafoods Co., Ltd.
Kibun (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Klang Co., Ltd.
Klang Huat Sea Gull Trading Frozen Food Public Co., Ltd.
Kongphop Frozen Foods Co. Ltd
Krabi Frozen Seafood Production Co., Ltd.
Laemtong Sea Fresh Co., Ltd.
Lamtong Fishery Pattani Co., Ltd.
Li-Thai Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
Lucky Foods (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Lucky Union Foods Co., Ltd.
Ma Corporation Co., Ltd.
Maeklong Foods Co., Ltd.
Magnate & Syndicate Co., Ltd.
Mahachai Food Processing Co., Ltd.
Man A Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
May Ao Co., Ltd.
May Ao Food Co., Ltd.
Merkur Co., Ltd.
N&N Foods Co., Ltd.
Nam Ing Farm Co., Ltd.
Nam Sin Thai Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
Narong Seafood Co., Ltd.
O.M. Foods Co., Ltd.
Oceanic Cannery Co., Ltd.
Okeanos Co., Ltd.
Ongkorn Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
Oversea Mercantile Co., Ltd.
P.O.P. Intertrade Co. Ltd
P.P.T. Intertrade Co. Ltd
Pacific A.C. Foods Co., Ltd.
Pacific Fish Processing Co., Ltd.
Pacific Kaneka Foods Co., Ltd.
Pacific Marine Food Products Co., Ltd.
Paiboon Marine Foods Ltd.
Paitoon Saplee Co., Ltd.
Pakfood Plc.
Pakthai Seas Co., Ltd.
Patarat Tanakorn Co., Ltd.
Pb Fishery Products Co Ltd
Peninsular Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Phatthana Seafood Co., Ltd.
Phillips Seafood (Thailand)
Phuket Tuna
Piti Seafoods Co., Ltd.
Pongpravit Food Product Co., Ltd.

Premier Frozen Products Co., Ltd.
 President Marine Foods Co., Ltd.
 Productsalliance Company
 Queen Marine Food Co., Ltd.
 Rayong Coldstorage (1987) Co., Ltd.
 Russamee Marine Products Co., Ltd.
 S&D Marine Products Co.,Ltd.
 S. Chaivaree Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 S.C.C. Frozen Seafood Co., Ltd.
 S.K. Foods Co., Ltd.
 Sakorn Fishery Co., Ltd.
 Sam-D Farm Co., Ltd.
 Sea Harvest Marketing Co Ltd
 Sea Horse Public Co., Ltd.
 Sea Royal Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 Seafood City Co., Ltd.
 Seafoods Enterprise
 Seafresh Industry Public
 Seagold Co., Ltd.
 Sethachon Co., Ltd.
 Shianlin Frozen Foods (Thailand) Ltd., Part.
 Shin Showa Trading Co., Ltd.
 Shruff International Co., Ltd.
 Siam Canadian Foods Co., Ltd.
 Siam Canadian Group Limited
 Siam Chat International Food Co., Ltd.
 Siam Commercial Frog Farm
 Siam Food Supply Co., Ltd.
 Siam Marine Products Co., Ltd.
 Siam Ocean Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
 Siam Provider Ltd., Part.
 Siam Tin Food Products Co., Ltd.
 Siam Tuna Supply Co., Ltd.
 Siamchai International Food Co., Ltd.
 Silver Oceanic Co., Ltd.
 Songkhla Frozen Seafoods Co., Ltd.
 Southern Marine Products Co., Ltd.
 Spi Canning Co., Ltd.
 Star Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
 Starfish Co., Ltd.
 Stc Foodpak Limited
 Summit Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
 Surapon Foods Public Co., Ltd.
 Surat Seafoods Co., Ltd.
 Suratthani Marine Products Co., Ltd.
 T.C. Seafood Co., Ltd.
 T.C.P. Co., Ltd.
 T.S.F. Seafood Co., Ltd.
 Ta Yang Corporation Limited
 Takzin Samut Co., Ltd.
 Tarua Marine Products Ltd., Part.
 Temp Tech Co. Ltd
 Tep Boonsong Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 Tep Kinsho Foods Co., Ltd.
 Teppitak Seafood Co., Ltd.
 Tey Seng Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 Thachalom Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 Thai Abalone Co. Ltd.
 Thai Agri Foods Plc.
 Thai Asse Trading Co., Ltd.
 Thai Cat Trading Co. Ltd
 Thai Eastern Frozen Products Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Fisheries (Songkhla) Public Co., Ltd.
 Thai Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
 Thai I-Mei Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
 Thai International Seafoods Co., Ltd.
 Thai Prawn Culture Center Co., Ltd.
 Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
 Thai Seri Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 Thai Seri Pranburi Co., Ltd.
 Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co., Ltd.
 Thai Union Seafood Co., Ltd.
 Thai-Ger Marine Co., Ltd.
 Thailand Fishery Cold Storage Public Co., Ltd.
 Thanakiti Enterprise Ltd., Part.
 Thaveevong Industry Co., Ltd.
 The Siam Union Frozen Foods Co. Ltd
 The Union Frozen Products Co Ltd
 The Union Frozen Products Co., Ltd.
 Tipwanchai Seafoods Co., Ltd.
 Tmt Trading Co. Ltd
 Tomen (Thailand) Limited.
 Top Food Trading Co Ltd
 Toyo Bio Foods Co Lt.
 Trading Park Group Company
 Trang Seafoods Products Public Co., Ltd.
 Trang Sure Co., Ltd.
 Transamut Food Co Ltd
 Transamut Food Co., Ltd.
 Transiam Food Co., Ltd.
 Tropical Seafood Products Co., Ltd.
 Tsai Fa Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 Tung Hing Corporation Ltd.
 Udomkijpaisarn Co Ltd
 Union Frozen Products Co., Ltd.
 United Cold Storage Co Ltd
 United Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
 United Trendy Co. Ltd
 V & K Inter Group Co., Ltd.
 V.I. International Co., Ltd.
 V.N. Center Trading Co., Ltd.
 W.O.A. Fine Food Co. Ltd
 Wales And Co., Ltd.
 Wann Fisheries Co.,Ltd.
 White Star Frozen Seafoods Co.,Ltd.
 Winest Seafood Co., Ltd.
 Xian-Ning Seafood Co., Ltd
 Y2k Frozen Foods
 Yeenin Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
 Yong Siam Enterprise Co., Ltd.


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