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Thailand is a great place for sourcing canned seafood products such as: Fresh Tuna Fish, Canned Tuna Product, Tuna Chunks for the Table, Canned Sardines, Canned Smoked Oyster, Canned Pet Food, Canned Mackerel, Canned Baby Clam, Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Thailand Canned Seafood Companies, Thai Canned Seafood Manufacturers


Thailand canned seafood manufacturers
take advantage of the abundance of fish that inhabit the coastal areas of The Kingdom. Fresh fish is caught locally, landed at Thai ports and transported immediately to cold storage facilities or straight to the factory for processing and canning. Thailand is a great place for sourcing canned seafood products such as: Fresh Tuna Fish, Canned Tuna Product, Tuna Chunks for the Table, Canned Sardines, Canned Smoked Oyster, Canned Pet Food, Canned Mackerel, Canned Baby Clam, Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Thailand's central and southern regions are home to myriads of fishing boats large and small. These boats supplemented by imported seafood products from other Southeast Asian countries supply the raw product that is processed and canned for home consumption and for export around the world.

There are several major manufacturers of canned seafood in Thailand. They supply many of the large supermarket chains and wholesale food warehouses around the world. If you are a small or medium sized importer however it can be difficult to get the interest of one of these manufacturers and almost impossible to get mixed container loads. This is where Bangkok Companies can help you. We have already negotiated many 'smaller' contracts. The manufacturers listen to us because they know that we can bring them a steady stream of medium sized buyers.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your canned seafood needs please email with your requests.

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Fresh Tuna Fish Canned Tuna Product Tuna Chunks for the Table
Canned Sardines Canned Smoked Oyster Canned Pet Food
Canned Mackerel Canned Baby Clam Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Featured Thailand Canned Seafood Companies
A.B.C. PRODUCTS CO,  LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Canned Fruits Canned Seafood Canned Vegetables, Sardines, Mackerel, Pilchards, Tuna, Shrimps, Baby clams, Crab Meat
ASA Bangkok Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Canned Food Products such as Canned Fruit, Coconut Products, Rambutan, Lychee, Longan, Fruit Juices, Pineapple, Seafood, Pet Food, and seafood products like Canned Sardine and Canned Tuna.
G.C.F. Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand exporter of Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Dried Foods, Dehydrated Foods, Pet Foods, Dried Fruits
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
O & P Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai exporters of foods and canned foods, canned pineapples, canned Thai seasonal fruits, fruit juices, canned young corn, canned sweet whole kernel corn, bean sprout, and mixed vegetables. For fish, we handle canned tuna, canned sardines and canned tuna pet foods
PB Fishery Products Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Canned Tuna Chunks, Canned Tuna Flakes, Canned Tuna Solid in, Water, Brine and Soy Bean, Vegetable, Sunflower Oil
Thai Canned Foods Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturers & Exporters of Canned Sardines, Canned Mackerel, Canned Tuna & Canned Pineapple

Following you will find lists of canned seafood products and companies involved in the canned seafood business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a canned seafood company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

baby clam
canned baby clams in brine
canned cockles
canned crab meat in brine
canned crabmeat in brine
canned fish
canned fish liver curry with tuna meat
canned foods
canned foodstuff
canned mackerel for pets
canned mackerel in tomato sauces
canned mackerels in nature oil
canned mackerels in tomato sauce with chilli
canned mackerels in vegetable oil
canned oyster
canned smoked oyster
canned pet food
canned red curry with tuna
canned sardine in tomato sauce
canned sardines
canned sardines for pets
canned sardines in hot tomato sauce
canned sardines in natural oil
canned sardines in tomato sauce
canned sardines in tomato sauce with chilli
canned sardines in tomato sauces
canned sardines in vegetable oil
canned seafood factory
canned seafood products
canned shrimp in brine
canned shrimp picnic grade in brine
canned shrimps
canned tuna
canned tuna chunks in brine
canned tuna chunks in sun flower oil
canned tuna chunks in vegetable oil
canned tuna flakes in brine
canned tuna flakes in sunflower oil
canned tuna flakes in vegetable oil
chu chee fried sardines
crabmeat broken lump
crabmeat red meat
crabmeat white body meat
crabmeat whole lump
crispy baby clam
crispy baby clam and anochoty
crispy baby clam snack (garlic)
european cocktail shrimp
european picnic shrimp
european tiny shrimp
fried baby clam with chilli
fried mackerels in chilli sauce
fried mackerels with salted bean
fried sardine with chilli sauce
fried sardines in chilli
fried squid
fried white scale fish
green curry fried mackerels
green curry fried sardines
indole cocktail shrimp
indole picnic shrimp.
jasmine rice with tuna
mackerel fillet
mackerel in brine
mackerel in natural brine
mackerel in natural oil
mackerel in oil
mackerel in tamato sauce
mackerel in tamato sauce with chili
mackerel in tomato sauce
mackerel in tomato sauce with chilli
mackerel in vegetable oil
mackerels in hot sauce
mackerels in natural oil
mackerels in tomato sauce
mackerels in tomato sauce with chilli
mackerels in tomato sauce with tamarind paste
mackerels in vegetable oil
sardine in tomato sauce
sardines curry sauce
sardines in brine
sardines in hot sauce
sardines in natural brine
sardines in natural oil
sardines in oil
sardines in seasoning sauce
sardines in sweet & sour sauce
sardines in tomato sauce
sardines in tomyam sauce
sardines in vegetable oil
seasoned cockles
spicy sardine in tomato sauce
spicy tuna steak
spicy tuna with herb
steak fried mackerels
steak fried sardines
sweet & sour fried mackerels
sweet & sour fried sardines
thepha shrimp paste
tom yum sardine
tuna chunk in vegetable oil
tuna flakes in vegetable oil
tuna nam - prik
tuna steak
tuna with chilli and basil leaf
tuna with ginger
vegetarian food-curry

If you are looking to source canned seafood products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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