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Thailand Wood Products Companies, Thai Wood Products Manufacturers


Thailand wood products are well known worldwide for their strength and durability as well as innovative design and low cost. However along with low cost often comes low quality and a high proportion of defective goods being delivered to the customer.

Hundreds of Thai and foreign owned companies are involved in the manufacture and trading of wood products. Scandinavian companies from Sweden Norway and Finland have provided the expertise and continuing guidance to their Thai counterparts and subsidiaries. Many high street branded products are manufactured here in Thailand. The difficulty however is finding the right company with the right products at the right time.

Here at Bangkok companies we have a comprehensive database of these wood manufacturing companies and the products they export. We visit all the major wooden furniture and giftware shows, assess the latest products and designs and advise our clients on who and where to purchase from.


Our product sourcing service goes much further. We involve ourselves in the making of samples, negotiating contracts and finally in the quality control process to ensure that our clients get the best wood products at the best prices and in the best possible condition.

For a full list of Wood products made in Thailand - furniture, kitchen ware, gifts and wooden toys please see this page: Thailand Wooden Products Companies, Thai Wooden Products Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your wood product needs please email with your requests.



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Featured Thailand Wood Products Companies
ACME INTERNATIONAL (THAILAND) LIMITED Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Metal Doors and Frames, Sliding Metal Doors and Grilles, Sliding Wood and Plastic Doors, Specialty Doors, Vertical Lift Doors, Automatic Entrance Doors
Eastern Concepts Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Woodenware, Candelabra, Candlesticks, Hurricane Lamps, Wood Carvings, Bronze Cutlery, Terra Cotta Ceramics, Decorative Items, Brass Tableware and Bronzeware
Thai Casa Bella Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Exporters of Teak Furniture and Wooden Kitchenware
Featured Company
Sinthongdeeparawood Co., Ltd.
Sinthongdeeparawood is the manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of kiln dried rubber-wood products for furniture, toys, frames, and other items. Our market is 100% local. We give importance to the good control of our product quality by having random inspection in every production process.
Contact: Ms. Chanpen Sae-Eng

If you would like to contact this company or have your Company featured here then please email

Following you will find lists of companies involved in the wood products business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a wood products company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

1 plus 1 design ltd., part
1+1 design ltd., part.
3 n industries co, ltd.
4b network co., ltd.
99 products co, ltd.
a.a. art co, ltd.
a.a. parawood industry
a.a. wood co.,ltd.
a.c.t. leather (thailand) co, ltd.
a.m.e. wood supply co, ltd
a.p.s. wood products co.,ltd.
a.r.p. international co, ltd.
a.t. furniture limited partnership
aa parawood industries co.,ltd.
acem industries co., ltd.
acme industries co, ltd.
acme international (thailand) limited
acon plus trading co.,ltd
active ceramic center group co, ltd.
advance interior products co., ltd.
advance wood product co, ltd.
aesthetics system co, ltd.
age furniture ltd., part.
agro lines co, ltd.
agro mats co, ltd.
aim production co, ltd.
akarawuth co., ltd.
american building product co., ltd.
american windows & doors co, ltd.
amornkij phanich
andaman dreams corporation ltd.
apina industry co, ltd.
aram intertrade co, ltd.
architectural products co, ltd.
aree aphiluck co, ltd.
areechai woodtech co, ltd.
arrow pack import export co.,ltd.
art & gift product co, ltd.
art of living co, ltd.
aruna co, ltd.
asadshin bangkok co, ltd.
asalon co, ltd.
ascentrade co., ltd.
ascorp co, ltd.
asia business alliance co ltd
asia craftlink co.,ltd.
asia fine wood industry co.,ltd.
asia parawood co, ltd.
asia plywoods co, ltd.
asia timber ltd, part.
asian motifs co., ltd.
associated merchandising
aswakowit co., ltd.
at thai trading co ltd
aumnaj chaiyakij bangkok co., ltd.
a-z consultant & corporation (thailand)
b & b solimec co, ltd.
b n s wood industry co., ltd
b.b. home design co, ltd.
b.c.m. living co.,ltd.
b.k.k. group co, ltd.
b.k.p. mercantile co., ltd.
b.k.-trading (t) co, ltd.
b.n.s. wood industry co, ltd.
b.s.p. international co, ltd.
bangkok ai-toa co., ltd.
bangkok chareonmit (1972) co., ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok dec - con co.,ltd.
bangkok fastening co, ltd.
bangkok honglin co, ltd.
bangkok industrial laminate co, ltd
bangkok interfurn co, ltd.
bangkok interwood co, ltd.
bangkok shuttle industry co.,ltd.
bangkok siam products ltd, part.
bangkok veneer co, ltd.
bangkok vichapol co., ltd
bangkok wood drying & wood preserving
bangkok wooden business co, ltd.
bangpakong wood co, ltd.
bangpo wood drying ltd., part.
bangsai fiber board co.,ltd.
bangsai timber plus co., ltd
bea teck long ltd., part
becker acroma (thailand) ltd.
bed and bench co, ltd.
begin on earth co., ltd.
bend wood design co., ltd
benja collection co., ltd.
bestak chemical co, ltd.
billion wood trading co., ltd
blue international co, ltd.
blue ribbon marketing co, ltd.
boolyasith co., ltd.
boon prakong co., ltd
boonsri parnich co., ltd.
brandish living co, ltd.
breezeway industrial co., ltd.
brent wood (bangkok) ltd., part
brentwood asia ltd.
bright neon co., ltd.
british acorn co, ltd.
brooker group ltd, the
brywood pharm. ltd, part.
bua louis ltd, p.
buathong watana ltd, part.
buathongsirisup co., ltd
bunnz studio ltd., part.
bunwood co, ltd.
bunyong kij center co., ltd.
c. wannakij industry co, ltd.
c.h. star co ltd
c.h.h. industry co, ltd.
c.i. inter corporation co, ltd.
c.n.t. international (siam) co, ltd.
c.p. crop integration business
c.p. wood co., ltd.
c.p.y. en-con(1994) co, ltd.
c.t. furniture co, ltd.
california kitchen co., ltd.
camera corner co,. ltd.
candidthai co., ltd.
canna intertrand co, ltd.
carnaud metal box bevcan ltd.
carter holt harvey (thailand) co, ltd.
casco adhesives co ltd
central pallet ltd, part.
central trading export co., ltd.
cephas import export co., ltd.
chadathip parawood co.,ltd.
chaft land co., ltd
chai rung ruang pattana co., ltd
chai sang (1989) co., ltd.
chai somboon wood trading ltd., part
chaiporn product co.,ltd
chaipradit timber ltd, p.
chair maker co, ltd.
chaiwat wooden chair lp
chaiyakit chareon wattana ltd., part
chaiyaphan international trading co, ltd.
chaiyo furniture co., ltd.
champaca marketing co ltd :
chanchai kamai shop
chanchai timber trade co, ltd.
chang heng co, ltd.
chaophraya mark co, ltd.
charcoal (thailand) co.,ltd.
charoen industry plywood co., ltd.
charoen peter furniture & son co., ltd.
charoen vanakit sawmill co., ltd.
charoenchai wood trading ltd, p.
chatphet wattana co., ltd.
chee enterprise ltd., part.
chemist co, ltd.
chid wood industry co., ltd.
china wood ltd., part.
chinteik brothers trading co ltd
chokchamiuern sanphakij
choosak southern parawood ltd., part.
choti supply co., ltd.
christos co.,ltd.
chuchawal-de weger internationaal ltd
chumpol $ sumittra co, ltd.
chumpol sumitra co., ltd.
city products (thailand) co, ltd.
city wood co, ltd.
coffee society (thailand) co., ltd.
color expert co., ltd
column international co., ltd.
comcraft co, ltd.
communications authority of thailand
computer trade and consult co, ltd.
concord city corp, ltd.
conwood co.,ltd.
corinthian glass industries co., ltd.
cosma company limited
cover eye co.,ltd.
craftitude co., ltd.
creative design limited partnership
creative furniture co, ltd.
credo international co, ltd.
crestline asia co, ltd.
cytech solution
d.d. allwood part, ltd.
d.d. nature craft co., ltd.
d.i.c. wood supply co, ltd.
d.k. industry co., ltd.
d.m.l. intertrade co., ltd.
dafi-kumjornkit-poonsub wattana co., ltd.
damrongruk wood trading
dansk furniture co., ltd.
dd nature craft co.,ltd.
decatron corporation co, ltd.
decor vivant co, ltd.
decorama co, ltd.
decoration 2 co, ltd.
decoy plant co, ltd.
deelert sawmill co, ltd.
deelert woodline co., ltd.
deesawat industries co, ltd.
delta chemicals co., ltd.
denchai parquet factory co, ltd.
design 103 international ltd.
diamond measuring tool indutrial co, ltd.
digital onpa international public co., ltd.
doctor wood co, ltd.
dong chong co., ltd.
dr. ed & toys co.,ltd.
dr. wood co., ltd.
dragon thai lumber co, ltd.
dum rongrak timber (1994) co ltd
dumrongruk karmai (1994) co., ltd.
dunamis international coporation co, ltd.
dunrongrak wood (1991) co, ltd.
duroform co, ltd.
durospan co., ltd.
dyno-tti chemicals co., ltd.
e & h precision (thailand) co, ltd.
e.g.g. enterprise co.,ltd.
eab huat seng sawmill ltd., part
earth intertrade limited partnership
earth work co, ltd.
ease prob co., ltd.
east coast design co, ltd.
east coast industry co ltd
eastern concepts co., ltd.
eastern heritage ltd, part.
eastonfab corporation ltd.
ecofurn co., ltd.
eiwlee industrial co, ltd.
ekasilp bangkok co., ltd.
embassy of the united states of america, the
enholco industries co, ltd.
e-pat design ltd.,part.
esco wood co., ltd.
e-thai decor co., ltd.
euro - thai engineering co, ltd.
euro house co, ltd.
euro thai door industries
euro-thai furniture co, ltd.
everred co., ltd.
exact intertrade co, ltd.
excel manufacturer and export l.p.
excellente59 co., ltd
extraform manufacturing co., ltd.
e-yuen umbrella industrial ltd, part.
fabiola design
fancy wood industries public co, ltd.
far eastern corporation co, ltd.
fiber line co, ltd.
fine intertrade co, ltd.
fine wood shutter
finest and beyond co. ltd.
first bamboo co, ltd.
first concept co, ltd
first music thai group co., ltd.
first plastic laminate
firstrate (thailand) co., ltd.
flender singapore pte. ltd. representative office
flora bunda co., ltd.
floral art & home decor limited partnership
fortune hotel
forward group of companies
forward wood industry co., ltd.
foster wheeler international corporation
freewood international co., ltd.
frontline furniture co, ltd. (panania)
furni thai co, ltd.
furnia co, ltd.
furniline co., ltd.
furnimart co, ltd.
furnish board co., ltd.
furnustry co., ltd.
future design co, ltd.
future world commercial co.,ltd
g.k.n. driveshafts (thailand) co ltd
gaillardia handy works co, ltd.
gem city engineering co, ltd.
general chemical industries ltd., part.
general engineering public co, ltd.
german decor (asia) co., ltd.
global hotel supply co, ltd.
global trend co, ltd.
global union express co ltd
glory oak products co., ltd.
golden design products co.,ltd.
golden vetiver grass board industry
goldleaf enterprises co., ltd.
good girl co ltd
goodwill intertrade co.,ltd.
grain furnish co., ltd.
grand asia pacific corporation co ltd
grand built co., ltd
grand industries co, ltd.
grand power co., ltd.
grandis co, ltd.
grandtech parawood co., ltd.
great morning co, ltd.
green travel co., ltd.
green wood travel co., ltd.
greenacts co, ltd.
greenwood knitting international co., ltd.
gummi lawana co., ltd.
h.l.wood company limited
h.m. & associates co., ltd.
h.m.-asia rolladensysteme
h.p. industries co., ltd.
h.t.l. sawmill co., ltd.
hah chiang saw ltd, p.
halo craft co.,ltd.
hanetech (thailand) co., ltd.
hanta co., ltd.
hardwood sawmill 1
harn trakul co., ltd.
hiap seng heng timber ltd, p.
hi-class equipment co.,ltd
high progress co., ltd.
hjellegjerde asia co, ltd.
hollywood international
home crafts co, ltd.
home thoughts (thailand) ltd.,
hommer & decor co., ltd.
hong heng lee sawmill ltd., part.
hong kong furinishing factory co., ltd.
hoolywood international co.,ltd
house of decoration co., ltd.
house of woods co, ltd.
housewares 2000 co.,ltd
hove d.k. co, ltd.
hub heng lee wood trading ltd, p.
hymix company limited.
i.b.v. (thailand) co, ltd.
i.d.e.a. international co.,ltd.
idia industry factory co., ltd.
ihand co ltd
imex industries co, ltd.
indi co., ltd.
insee marketing co., ltd.
inter formic co., ltd.
inter heritage corporation
inter parawood (thailand) co.,ltd.
inter valued product(thailand).
interbella ltd, p.
interior maker co., ltd.
international import and, the
international school of the regents (isr)
issarakij co., ltd.
izutsuya fifth co., ltd.
j & l package display ltd., part.
j.h.c. health bamboo co, ltd.
j.k. comp trading
j.p. construction & syndicate co., ltd.
j.s.g. co., ltd.
jack & chang e-commerce limited partneship
jada (1969) co, ltd.
janpipat co., ltd
jirawat b-smart intertrade co, ltd.
jirawat sawmill co., ltd.
johjoon co, ltd.
joile asia co.,ltd.
jongjaroen co., ltd.
jongluck furniture industry
jongsirikrai co, ltd.
j-trip co.,ltd.
k. patara import co., ltd.
k.c. furline co., ltd.
k.c. lee ltd part
k.k. panthong industries co., ltd.
k.k. wood industry co., ltd.
k.m. woodenware co., ltd.
k.p. eternity co ltd
k.t. modern co.,ltd. (pean dawee)
k.t. thai local products co, ltd.
k.t. thai local products co., ltd
k.v.m. 5555 co., ltd.
k.v.m. estate co ltd
kacha handicraft (thailand)co., ltd
kaithong co, ltd.
kampon trading co., ltd.
kanok furniture & decoration co, ltd.
kanokthai souvenir ltd part
kanom sakol co, ltd.
kaow boun
kaseminterior co., ltd.
katoji thai co, ltd.
kejpunchai industry co, ltd.
kenkoon co, ltd.
kenwood (thailand) co, ltd.
khon kaen fishing net factory co., ltd.
khon kaen m.d.f. board co, ltd.
khounta timber processing co.,ltd
kiam viwat ltd., part.
kiddy toys co., ltd.
kieatthavorn parawood co., ltd.
king tong trading co., ltd
kit seree wood shop
kitchen tech co, ltd.
kiti co., ltd.
kitthavorn factory co, ltd.
klaeng products woodtrade co., ltd
klangsoi co, ltd
kongka manufacturer co, ltd.
koo e hah intertrade ltd.,part.
korex co., ltd.
krasae-para co., ltd.
kriengseen ltd., part.
kri-full co., ltd.
krungthai axa life insurance co ltd
krungthai axa life insurance co, ltd.
kumpun and decharkit
kusamai bamboo co, ltd.
kwatra (thailand) co, ltd.
l.p.s. wooden work co, ltd.
laem chabang industry co, ltd.
lai thai frame co ltd
lai vichit ltd., part.
lak charoen wood trading ltd, p.
lakewood country club
lanna frame co., ltd
laserworld products & crafts co.,ltd.
lee brothers picture frame co. ltd
lee housing interior product co., ltd.
leerungruang steel co, ltd.
lemethong timber & piling trading co, ltd.
leowood intertrade co.,ltd
lersilp furniture co., ltd.
light star wood co.,ltd.
littlewoods (thailand) co ltd
lockwood publications
longsan veneer co. ltd
louis t. leonowens (thailand) ltd.
luffa co, ltd.
lux alliance co ltd
lynn' place co, ltd.
m. wa (thailand) co.,ltd.
m.b.a. export product co.,ltd.
m.p. particle board co., ltd.
m.s.c. parawood products co., ltd.
madera products co., ltd.
mae yai co., ltd.
magic furline group co, ltd.
mah boonkrong trading co, ltd.
mahamongkol furniture co., ltd.
mahidol university (college of management)
manie international co.,ltd.
mano international ltd., part.
manwood intertrade co.,ltd.
marine woodwork co., ltd.
marter nine
masco intertrade co, ltd
master flooring co., ltd.
master nine co.,ltd.
master wood co.,ltd.
matsuda engineering co ltd
maxfurniture limited partnership
maya intertrade co.,ltd.
me dee co., ltd.
merry corporation co., ltd.
metani natural goods
metro fiber co, ltd.
metro m.d.f. co, ltd.
metro top wood co.,ltd
metro veneer co., ltd.
metroplex corporation
meyer industries ltd
micron industries co, ltd.
mida industry co., ltd.
migh rungsit sawmill co., ltd.
minami and verbena industry co., ltd.
minburi wooder co, ltd.
ming's co, ltd.
mini works ltd.
minor food group plc
mirotone (thailand) co., ltd.
misumi (thailand) co. ltd.
mitniyom (manwood) co, ltd.
mitto industrial product(thailand) co.,ltd.
mobel woodwork co., ltd.
mobilia co., ltd.
modern frame co, ltd.
modern furniture ltd., part.
modular samko co., ltd.
molar wood products co., ltd
moramax co ltd
muang thai fortis holdings
muangthai general co.,ltd.
multilink co, ltd.
mutiara co.,ltd.
my way intertrad co., ltd.
mybk co., ltd.
n.c. wood co., ltd.
namphaya ltd part
narai parawood limited partnership
national furniture ltd.,part.
nawaporn export co.,ltd.
nawawan trading,
neo gallaria coorporation
neo unicap co., ltd.
netafim (thailand) co.,ltd.
netsolutions asia limited
new siam frames (1986) co., ltd
new yong seng rattan factory co., ltd.
nguan heng wood merchant ltd., p.
nichapa co.,ltd.
nikka parawood co., ltd.
nine green intertrade
nithchy leo ltd.,part
noble enterprise co.,ltd.
noblewood co., ltd.
nordic wind ltd.
norske skog (thailand) co., ltd.
nouveaux merchandise resource co.,ltd.
nsk industrial limited partnership
nu concept co., ltd.
numrung international co.,ltd.
numthong khamai ltd., part.
numthongchai timber co., ltd.
nuntawan design co., ltd.
nuttaya woodworks co., ltd.
o.k. wood product co., ltd.
o.s.h. frame industry co.,ltd.
oakwood city rescidence
odeon inter-woodworks ltd.
one asian network co ltd
oratik co.,ltd.
o'reillys irish pub
oriental wood products company ltd
p. inter marketing & manufacturing co.,ltd.
p.a.o. (thailand) co., ltd
p.c. samson (thailand) co., ltd.
p.m. brass & bronze ltd., part.
p.p. parawood. co.,ltd
p.p.k. trading co.,ltd.
p.s. co.,ltd.
p.s.c. furniture ltd., part.
p.s.m. bangkok surface materials co., ltd.
p.s.p. furniture & design co., ltd.
p.t. brothers industries co., ltd.
p.t.k. wood co., ltd.
p.t.t. exploration and production public co.,ltd.
pacific design ltd., part
pacific point international co., ltd.
pacific wood co.,ltd.
paiboon enterprise co ltd
paisal timber co., ltd.
palai art and craft co.,ltd.
pama toy co., ltd.
pan industrial products co.,ltd.
pan surat co., ltd.
panania co.,ltd.
panasa co.,ltd.
panda thai wood product co., ltd.
pannee intertrade co.,ltd.
para world furiniture co., ltd
parawood center (thailand) co., ltd.
parawood co.,ltd.
parawood design industries co., ltd.
paraworld furniture co., ltd.
parinya decoration ltd., part
partsopar-kokuba wood factory co., ltd.
pathiu plantation co., ltd.
pattaya cane and fabric co.,ltd.
paw paw natural homewares
pearl & dean siam
performax co., ltd.
perma-flex co., ltd.
petch siam sound
peter & sun furniture co., ltd.
peter trader group holding
phaisan karnchang (factory)
phancharoen panichakarn & industries co., ltd
phandin intercorp. co., ltd
phattana karn wood & pile co., ltd.
philipson tagwood (thai) co.,ltd
phoenix golf and country club
picotee interior center co., ltd.
pin international co.,ltd.
pin interwood co.,ltd.
pinkarjai industry co., ltd
pinkrajai industries co., ltd.
pinyopass intertrade co., ltd.
pioneer wood industry co., ltd.
pipop pinyo ltd., part.
plan creation co.,ltd.
plan toys co., ltd.
platani resort & spa
poliville (thailand) ltd.
polloyds international (thailand) co., ltd.
polywin co., ltd.
polywood (thailand) co., ltd.
pomlek co., ltd.
pongsin woodwork co., ltd.
pookhao thong wood trading co., ltd.
poonsinsiri co.,ltd.
porn pan enterprise co.,ltd.
pornpol co., ltd.
pornthep intergroup co., ltd.
pornthep parawood samyan ltd., part.
post forming industry (thailand) co., ltd.
postforming industry (thailand) co., ltd.
power electrical co.,ltd.
power electrical support co.,ltd.
pradistakrom wood thai ltd., part.
prasan furniture limited partnership
prayuenyong associates co., ltd.
precision engineering ltd.
premier inter furnish co., ltd.
president electronic centre
print wood co., ltd.
prize o wood co.,ltd.
promarketing home & decor co., ltd.
proud inter group co., ltd.
punnasorn co.,ltd.
punnee padreiw co.,ltd.
pupattana co., ltd.
q.c. parawood co., ltd.
q.p.q.s. co.,ltd.
r.m.c. metelwood co., ltd.
rajadamri hotel public company limited
rattana thai wood ltd., p.
rayong bangkok rubber co.,ltd.
rayong particle board co., ltd.
rayong tkc engineering and suppy ltd., partnership
raysons and associates co.,ltd.
redwood industries co., ltd.
relux industrial ltd.,part.
richtek co., ltd.
rock pub
rock wood plc.
rockwood co., ltd.
rosalind parawood co., ltd.
royal cliff beach resort
royal frame co., ltd.
royal garden resort public company limited
royal master corp. ltd.
royal wood & design co., ltd.
ruam chang veichabsand
ruam pattana import-export ltd part
ruang utai wood industry co., ltd.
rung ruang parquet industry
s. chaiwattana timber industry co., ltd.
s. kaew ta wee ltd part
s. kijchai co., ltd.
s. mahasilp furniture ltd., part.
s. sukijprasert co., ltd.
s. unity timber ltd., p.
s. vieng ping ltd., part.
s.b. furniture industry co., ltd.
s.b.p. timber group
s.c.s. furniture ltd., part.
s.d. parawood co.,ltd.
s.d.p. intertrade co.,ltd.
s.f. furniture co., ltd.
s.j.i. marketing co., ltd.
s.kaew tavee limited partnership
s.n.access co.,ltd.
s.p. chokeamnouy furniture co., ltd.
s.p.n. industry co., ltd.
s.p.s. industries co., ltd.
s.p.v. furnitect co., ltd.
s.r.m. parawood co., ltd.
s.s. furnitech co., ltd.
s.t. technology supply co., ltd.
s.t.a. group (1993) co.,. ltd.
s.t.a. mdf co., ltd.
sa sen bon co., ltd.
sa-bai living co.,ltd.
saha madee co., ltd.
saha saeng charoen tannery ltd., part.
saha sayam victory co., ltd.
sahaisant co., ltd., the
sahamit machinery public company limited
sahapan furnishing ltd., part.
sahapiyanut thai co., ltd.
sahawattakee factory
sajjapholchai co., ltd.
sak siam industry ltd., part.
sala-tanum co., ltd.
sampao wooden co., ltd.
sang ah (thai) co., ltd.
sang thana furniture ltd part
sang thong frame industries co.,ltd.
sangkasi thai co ltd, the
sankho kaihatsu co ltd
santa factory co., ltd.
sarassa gift gellery co., ltd.
saw mills association
sawarintr ltd., part.
sawmills association
scale-concept living co., ltd.
scan thai trading ltd., part.
scandinavian woodworking machinery co., ltd.
seaborne industries limited
seanit parawood co., ltd.
selectform furniture & son co., ltd
serm suk public company limited
serm wong sawmill co., ltd.
sevenoaks co., ltd.
shanghai timber and furnishings (thailand) co., lt
sherwood chemicals co.,ltd.
shioma products
shouei furniture co., ltd.
shun thai co., ltd.
siam bonafide
siam development supply ltd.,part.
siam elegance wood co., ltd.
siam fibre-cement co., ltd.
siam frame group co., ltd.
siam interframe ltd part
siam intergrame ltd., part.
siam kingdom marble furniture co., ltd.
siam kyohwa seisakusho co.,ltd.
siam mobler co ltd
siam nawaphan co., ltd., the
siam p.v.c. international co., ltd.
siam pakorn co., ltd
siam parawood co.,ltd.
siam perstorp co., ltd.
siam plants and flower manufacturers co.,ltd.
siam psm co., ltd
siam rattan works co ltd
siam richwood co., ltd
siam seaport terminal & warehouses co.,ltd.
siam sun & you co., ltd.
siam t-bros co.,ltd.
siam tewa co., ltd.
siam timber supply co., ltd.
siam tree development co., ltd.
siam united frame industry co.,ltd.
siam wicker co.,ltd.
siam wood furniture co ltd
siam wood furniture co.,ltd.
siam wooden products co.,ltd.
siam wooden work co.,ltd.
siam woodtech company limited
siamtewa co.,ltd.
siamthanee furniture co. ltd.
siamthanee furniture co., ltd.
siamvista co ltd
sign design co., ltd.
silom shanghai furniture & construction co., ltd.
sinnapa palate ltd.,part
sinthai parawood co., ltd.
siphya furniture co., ltd.
sippotai intertrade ltd., part.
sirian inter co., ltd.
sirikrai industrial co.,ltd.
sirithana furniture co.,ltd.
sithichai wood and construction materials co., ltd
sitipol panich ltd., part.
sivapote co., ltd.
solimac co.,ltd.
son para tech co., ltd.
source direct international limited
south east wood co., ltd.
speedway transport co., ltd.
sports supply company
spruce trading co ltd
sri makavarnphund co., ltd.
srisamrarn glass ltd., part.
srithanachai co., ltd.
st. john furniture l.p
standard rubber ltd., part.
standard universal international co., ltd.
stanley works limited
star parawood co., ltd.
studio magenta
suimex plastic industries co., ltd.
suksawad bangkok limited partnership
sumit furniture co., ltd.
sumitra woodwork co., ltd.
sumpol & sumittra co., ltd.
sun cabinet co., ltd.
sun paratech co ltd
sun paratech co., ltd.
sun wood industries public company limited
supan furniture 1995 co., ltd.
supleela co., ltd.
supratrend co ltd
supreno co ltd
surin handicraft co.,ltd.
surina industries co., ltd.
suttirojn co.,ltd.
suwan supply cast alloy art forever co., ltd.
sweethouse furniture co.,ltd.
swire & maclaine co., ltd.
system form co.,ltd.
t & t opening co., ltd.
t. thaweesin furnishing ltd., part.
t.c.k. interplas co.,ltd.
t.e.o. union co., ltd
t.f.p. industrial co., ltd.
t.g. laserbuilt co., ltd.
t.j. furniture international co., ltd.
t.j.h. para products co., ltd.
t.k.c. furniture co., ltd
t.p.s. wooden products co., ltd
t.ruam kit ltd., part.
t.v.p. intertrade
t.v.t. co., ltd.
ta-chou industry co.,ltd.
taguchi overseas co., ltd.
tanghenghuat sawmill co., ltd.
task co., ltd
task co.,ltd.
taszeda entertainment co., ltd.
tavornwat parquet co., ltd.
teak furniture l.p.
teak sawmill and wood product
technilink (thai) ltd.
teerawat timber co., ltd.
test rite international (thailand) ltd.
thai advance enterprise co., ltd.
thai advanced enterprise co.,ltd.
thai art products (2000) co., ltd.
thai asia industry co., ltd
thai bamboo and wood products co., ltd.
thai bamboo industry ltd., p.
thai bison cabinets co., ltd.
thai cane board co., ltd.
thai casa bella ltd., part.
thai chin wood co.,ltd.
thai craft corner co.,ltd.
thai crest wood co., ltd.
thai daiso intertrade co.,ltd.
thai eizen co., ltd
thai fancywood co., ltd
thai fine art co., ltd.
thai gypsum products public co., ltd.
thai handicrafts export center co., ltd.
thai heng seng sawmill lp.
thai horizon co., ltd.
thai international machinery l.p.
thai intertrade co.,ltd.
thai itoki co., ltd.
thai jirapat co., ltd.
thai kongo co., ltd.
thai lim wood co., ltd.
thai local products co., ltd.
thai maruni ltd.
thai maruni lumber co., ltd
thai match co ltd, the
thai mdf board co., ltd
thai mikimoku co., ltd.
thai n.g.s 1999 co., ltd.
thai nagoya machinery co., ltd.
thai p.p. seat co., ltd.
thai pan industry international co., ltd.
thai parawood coat-hanger co., ltd.
thai phong sawmill co., .ltd.
thai plastwood co., ltd.
thai plywood co., ltd.
thai pradit frame ltd.,part.
thai progress timber ltd., p.
thai sadakari co., ltd.
thai sawat import export co., ltd.
thai soft woods co., ltd.
thai som boon industrial co.,ltd.
thai somboon industrial co., ltd.
thai style and associates co., ltd
thai superior wood co ltd
thai teak furniture l.p.
thai teak wood veneer co., ltd.
thai tech woodmac co.,ltd.
thai tohmado co., ltd.
thai tradecare co.
thai union p.u. co., ltd.
thai value
thai victa co., ltd
thai visavalux ltd., part.
thai wanaphan co., ltd.
thai waree bangkok wood ltd., p.
thai western handicraft
thai wittawat corporation ltd.
thai wood furniture
thai wood industrial co.,ltd
thai wood productions co., ltd.
thai wood work co.,ltd.
thai wooden hut co., ltd.
thaideals dot net co., ltd.
thai-formable industrial co.,ltd
thailand post co., ltd.
thailand research fund (trf), the
thaiphong sawmill co., ltd
than thong arts co.,ltd.
thanaphan timber co., ltd.
thapani co., ltd.
thapas ltd., partnership
thavee roong ltd., part.
the living place co., ltd.
thelma co.,ltd.
tho & max trading co.,ltd.
thong heng stone product co., ltd.
three's co.,ltd.
tiantong furniture ltd., part.
tiger techwood co., ltd.
tip skin and woods co.,ltd
toa-dovechem industries ltd.
token interior & design co., ltd.
tokyo para wood (1986) co., ltd.
tong chen furniture co., ltd.
top crafts co ltd
top line collection co., ltd.
topten furinture
tota co., ltd.
toyo shutter co., ltd.
trim international co., ltd
triple five trading co., ltd.
triplex trading
tri-wall (thailand) ltd.
tropical food industry co., ltd.
tunson & co., ltd.
twoway intertrade co.,ltd.
tzong yih wooden industry co., ltd.
u.b.s. warburg securities co ltd
u.c.k. company limited
u.n. wood co., ltd.
udom furniture ltd., part.
ultimate art
union & honshu international ltd.
union brother group co., ltd.
union button corp., ltd. & venus button co., ltd
union charoen frniture industy co., ltd.
union forest co., ltd.
union parquet co., ltd.
unique design co., ltd.
unique oversea supply ltd.part.
unison trading co., ltd.
united machinery co., ltd.
united pacific trading co., ltd.
universal parawood
universal parawood co., ltd.
usa economic development co., ltd.
uthitasarn packing limited partnership
v.d.c. parquet co., ltd.
v.p. plastic product (1993) co., ltd.
v.p. wood product co., ltd.
v.s. furniture industry samutsakhon co., ltd.
v.s. group timber international co., ltd.
v.s.v. import export co., ltd.
vanachai group public co., ltd.
vanacharoen co.,ltd.
vanakij timber co., ltd.
vasan housing products
vicchi consolidated co ltd
vichai furgo 1995 co., ltd.
victory word vic group ltd., part.
viset karnchang shop
vision interior design group co., ltd.
vudhichai holding co.,ltd.
w.d.i. (thailand) co., ltd.
wako logistics thailand co ltd
wanakorn maithai co., ltd.
wanalee co., ltd.
watap (thailand) co.,ltd
wattanachai decorative & construction co.,ltd.
welcraft products co., ltd.
western heritage part.,ltd.
willy comfort co., ltd.
wilsonart (thailand) co., ltd.
win win plus business co., ltd.
winnersport co., ltd.
winsome co., ltd.
wintex international co., ltd
wire king industry (thailand) co., ltd.
wiwatsan co., ltd.
wonder world products
wonderworld products co., ltd.
wood and crafts co ltd
wood chemical l.p.
wood craft international co.,ltd.
wood decorate co., ltd.
wood group heavy industrial turbines (thailand) lt
wood international co.,ltd
wood mart co., ltd.
wood preservation plant
wood product factory
wood sales & development co., ltd.
woodbury studio co.,ltd.
wooden world co., ltd.
woodlands inn and restaurant co., ltd.
woodlands resort
woods bagot thailand ltd
woodtech furnich co.,ltd.
woodtek international co., ltd.
woodwalk (thailand) co., ltd.
woodwork international co., ltd.
woodworks thai (1980) co., ltd.
woody & sons wood products: co ltd
woody toys co., ltd.
world wide brush co., ltd.
yamatai co.,ltd.
yong chiang long sawmill co ltd.
yong hah seng furniture & construction limited par
yong thai seng timber ltd., p.
yu shan enterprise co., ltd.
zeal & associate (thailand) co.,ltd.
zelot co., ltd.
zenith parawood co., ltd.


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