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Someone once said there is an awful lot of Sand in Saudi - well there is an awful lot of Teak in Thailand. The only problem is trying to buy it. Buying wooden products in the shops or by the container load from a Thai manufacturer is no sweat but try buying the raw product. Try buying a tree. A simple tall tree that cut up would make beautiful joists and structural timbers for my house. What a performance! First a small (not so small) contribution to the local head mans retirement fund and then a long drinking session with a couple of policemen. Whilst a couple of shady guys dashed off to cut and saw up the designated tree.

Exports are on the increase. The roads near my condo are clogged day and night with container lorries heading for and queued up waiting to enter the local port. One novel spin off from this is a flourishing industry that revolves around the re-cycling of wooden pallets. Just outside the port gates thousands of wooden crates and pallets are dismembered, cleaned up and fashioned into useful furniture items. Bars, stools, desks, kitchen cabinets rise from the ashes of once discarded wood pallets.

The off cuts are collected and go to one of the many wood factories that make particle boards for the building industry. Another offshoot industry comes from a major agricultural product - rubber. Rubber wood is a hardy and flexible material for fashioning a whole host of wooden products, Kitchen ware, bathroom accessories and small furniture items.


As a kid at school teak was the favourite wood used to make that special piece to be taken home for mum. I still have a brass topped, teak based cribbage board I made for my grandfather 40 years ago and I think my mahogany coffee table still takes pride of place in my mums living room.

Nowadays I deal mostly in rubber wood kitchenware and parawood furniture. I have also started to look at some rather nice decorative wooden items made from mango wood - a dark coloured wood similar to teak or mahogany - see the pictures below.

My first order for wooden products here in Thailand involved a totally different line. Thai style wooden teak houses. Built in sections in a knock down format. These buildings now sit nestled in a different tropical paradise adorning the wooded slopes of a Hawaiian hillside.

Whatever wooden items you are sourcing from wooden toys to wooden tables, wooden fireplace mantles to wooden frogs I know a Thai man (or Thai factory) that makes them.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your incense needs please email with your requests.

. Following you will find lists of wooden products and made in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a wooden products company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

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Featured Thailand Wooden Products Manufacturers

ACME INDUSTRIES CO, LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Furniture, Wooden Products, Dinning Set, Small Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Wooden Bowls, Wooden Servers
B.K.-Trading (T) Co.,Ltd Thailand A leading Thai exporter of wooden ware, Wooden Furniture. Exporting Wooden Products worldwide
Bangkok Ai-Toa Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Kitchen Furniture, Picture Frames, Household Furniture & Various Types of Hooks and Furniture Hardware
J & P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Cooking Utensils & Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Ashtrays, Baskets, Bells, Bowls, Call Bells, Chairs, Check Spindles, Check Trays, Coasters, Coffee Servers, Condiment Racks, Condiment Sets, Counter Set-Ups, Covers, Crackers, Creamers, Dishes, Dispensers, Dredges, Gravy Boats, High Chairs, Jugs, Luggage Stands, Menu Holders, Card Holders, Menu Stands, Card Stands, Milk Frothings, Oil & Vinegar Bottles, Pepper Mills, Platters, Racks, Salt & Pepper Mills, Salt Mills, Serving Sets, Shakers, Shell Bowls, Signs, Sizzlers, Squeeze Bottles, Squeezers, Strainers, Sugar Packet Holders, Syrup Bottles, Table Numbers, Tea Balls, Trays, Tray Stands, Trivets, Tumblers
L-Box Co.,Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand Manufacturer and Assembly of Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Accessory Cases and Jewelry Display Cases, Acrylic Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Flocked Jewelry Boxes, Plastic Jewelry Boxes, Paper Jewelry Boxes, Cardboard Jewelry Boxes
Q.C. Parawood Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Wooden Furniture Manufacturer, Rubber Wood Furniture, Beech Wood Furniture Manufacturer

album boxes
animal woodcarving: croaking frog
antique wood
architectural signage (letterings & numbers)
architectural woodwork
automotive wooden panel
baby bed
bakery board
bamboo blinds
bamboo bowl & plate
bamboo bowls
bamboo box & container
bamboo decorative items
bamboo lampshade
bamboo plywood
bamboo plywood parquet
bamboo pole
bamboo tray
bamboo vase
banquet chairs
bar stools & tables
bar-b-q wood
bathroom furniture
beach & poolside chairs
bead trimmings
bed room set
bedroom sets/suites
block board
board games
board paneling
boat decking
boat made of teak
booster seats
box-wood jewelry
box-wood woodenware
brush wooden ware
buffet tray
building material
built-in furniture
cabinet faces
candle holder
candle holders
candle in mango wood
candle in sugar palm wood
canister sets
carved wood moulding
cd rack
chair legs & bases
charcoal bbq
cheese boards
chemical products for wood preservation
chess sets
children furniture
children's furniture
chopping boards
cigar humidor
clock picture frame
coconut shell charcoal
coconut woodenware
coffee table
coffee, console & end tables
coin display case
compartments and cubicles
composite wood
computer tables
construction & building block sets
cooking tools & utensils
countertops & materials
custom cabinets
custom door
custom wood turnings
cutlery boxes
cutting board
cutting board.
cutting boards
decorative inlays
decorative item wood
decorative products made from mango tree wood
decorative products: wood
decorative wooden barrel
decorative wooden poles
desk clocks
dining chairs
dining room set
dining set
dining tables
dinning set from rubber wood
door moulding
educational toys
educational toy-wooden
educational wooden toys
embossed carving
embossed carvings
embossed moldings
eucalyptus chip wood
executive office furniture
exotic woods
farm toys
finger joint board
fireplace mantels
floor & table lamps
floor clocks
folding tables
furniture- teak
game boards
garden furniture
garden shades
garment bead materials
gates & fences
gift item
gift item-wood
glass holder
glued-laminated construction
golden finial
golf tees
hair ornaments
hand fans
handcrafted wood products
handmade furniture pieces
handmade wooden jewelry box
hard wood, parquet
hardwood flooring
heavy-duty shelves
hobby kits
home furniture
home office furniture
hot tubs
hotel project furniture
household products - wooden
ice cream sticks
inlay bandings
inlays and banding
innovative woodenware
interior flush door
jewelry beads
jewelry boxes
jig-saw puzzles
kitchen cabinet moldings
kitchen furniture
kitchen trolley
kitchen ware
kitchen wares
knock down furniture
knock-down furniture
knock-down furniture from mdf wood
laminated bent wood
laminated parawood
laminated planks
laminated teak & parawood furniture
laminated wood floor
lamp stand
living room suites
logs & sawn timbers
loius style furniture
louvre & panel doors
magazine rack
main machine :
mango wood bowl
mango wood bowl & plate
mango wood box
mango wood lampshade
mango wood plate
mango wood pot
mango wood pots
mango wood tray
mango wood vase
mango wooden boxes
mantel components
mantle clocks
marine wood
marine woodworks
matching finials
mdf board
mdfc medium density fiberboard
medium density fiber board
medium density fibre board
memory boxes
mirror frame
model dressing table
model thai house (miniature size)
monkey wood bowl & plate
monkey-pod wood
mosaic sawn timber
musical grade wood
musical instruments
natural clock
natural material buttons
office furniture
ornate fretwork moldings
outdoor hardwood furniture
painted wooden toys
palm wood
parawood (laminated)
parawood chair
parawood dining table set
parawood door
parawood furniture & parts
parawood kitchen utensil
parawood sheets
parawood veneer
park benches
parquet flooring
particle board
particle board from bagasse
pen boxes
perfume boxes
photo boxes
photo frame
photo frames
picture frame wood
picture frames
picture frame-wood
pine wood solid engineered door
plywood & veneer
plywood door
plywood for construction
portable wooden frame
pp hollow profile sheet
prefabricated housing
racks & speaker boxes
rattan furniture
reclaimed woods
religious articles
reproduction antique furniture
rocking horses
rose bowl
rosewood chopsticks boxed set
rosewood furniture
rosewood with mother of pearl inlaid-furniture
rubberwood furniture
rubberwood tile
rustic cribbage boards
salad bowl .
salad server
sanitaryware seat
sawdust briquette charcoals
sawn timber
scented wood
school furniture
serving tray
sewing tables
shadow boxes
shaped and flat woodwork
shelving unit
show cases
side boards
side table
small furniture
small wood parts
solid and laminated rubber wood
solid flooring
solid, hollow core & flush doors
speakers cabinets
specialty flooring
stacking toys
step stools
structural woods
student desk
sugar palm wood bowl
sugar palm wood tray
sugar palm wood vase
sugarpalm wood
table chair for restaurant and hotel
table legs
teak & hardwood parquet floorings
teak decking
teak door
teak furniture
teak garden furniture
teak marine accessories
teak plywood
teak sawn timber
teak solid door
teak wood flooring
teak wood frame
teak wood thai spirit house
teak wood: log cabin
teakwood doors
teakwood garden furniture
teakwood outdoor furniture
thai decorative birdcage
thai handicraft
thai sculpture (thai lady)
thai spirit houses
thai style teak wood houses
thai wooden bowl
thai wooden decorated pot
thai wooden taxi
thai wooden traditional table
thai worship table
thailand wood carving
thai-style house
timber framing
toilet seats
tooth stick
toy boxes
trinket boxes
trolley table
tropical & temperate hardwoods
utility units
veneer frames
wall shelves
watch boxes
watch collector's box
water hyacinth
weapons for aikido, kenjutsu, bujinkan, kendo and iaido
white ash wood for jewelry
wicker furnitures
wood & bamboo dinnerware
wood & bamboo handicrafts
wood bead bracelet
wood bead necklace
wood bowl:
wood bowling pins
wood boxes
wood carving
wood carvings and statues
wood coatings
wood covered albums
wood cruet
wood cruet tools
wood cuts
wood decking
wood dinnerware
wood doors
wood dowel & dowel pins
wood dowels & dowel pins
wood flag poles
wood flooring
wood frames
wood frog
wood golf tees
wood handicraft
wood massage rollers
wood materials
wood pallet
wood pegs
wood pole
wood product
wood signs
wood skewers
wood stairs and railings
wood turning
wood vinegar
wooden banks
wooden base
wooden beads
wooden blinds
wooden bowl
wooden bowls
wooden boxes
wooden cabinet
wooden car accessories
wooden card box,
wooden cart
wooden carvings
wooden cat
wooden clock
wooden containers
wooden corporate gifts
wooden craft parts
wooden cremation urns
wooden decorative items
wooden decorative products
wooden dishes
wooden doll houses
wooden dowel rods
wooden elephant head
wooden farm toys
wooden fences
wooden flag display cases
wooden flag poles
wooden floor
wooden flooring.
wooden frame
wooden furniture
wooden furniture for baby
wooden furniture parts
wooden games
wooden gift
wooden gift items
wooden goblet
wooden handicrafts
wooden handles
wooden household
wooden items
wooden kitchenware
wooden kits
wooden knobs
wooden lamp
wooden lures
wooden panel
wooden parquet flooring
wooden parts
wooden pasta bowl
wooden pens
wooden photo frames
wooden photo storage boxes
wooden picture frame
wooden play sets
wooden poles
wooden pots
wooden racks
wooden sailing boat
wooden shelves
wooden skids
wooden sticks
wooden sundries
wooden table tray
wooden tablewares
wooden toy airplanes
wooden toy blocks
wooden toy boats
wooden toy planes
wooden toy trains
wooden toy trucks
wooden toys
wooden toys & games
wooden train
wooden train sets
wooden trains
wooden tub
wooden urns for pet crematories
wooden wall clocks
wooden ware
wooden windows
woodworking machinery
woven wood products


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