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Can I get my car serviced in Bangkok? - a question I am sometimes asked. Of course you can as long as you have a mainstream automobile like a Honda or Toyota or even an expensive car like a Benz or BMW. If you have an expensive ride like a Ferrari or Jaguar then you are going to have problems. Up country the picture should be pretty much the same. There is a network of automotive dealerships all over Thailand that cater for all the main marks.

There is however a serious lack of what we know as 'back street garages' Yes there are some fine auto repair set ups. They are needed to patch up and repair the accident damage that is inevitable on Thai roads. Skilled mechanics though are few and far between. The only option sometimes is to use a motorcycle shop or maybe a truck service centre.

As more and more 'middle class Thais are able to afford and run a car there is a greater need for good quality automobile service centers to fix, repair and maintain these vehicles. There are now many of these auto shops springing up in Bangkok and other major conurbations around Thailand.

These auto service shops are often franchised operations.  "Join Midas, and you will be part of a global brand with 2,500-plus shops delivering a range of car care services, including brakes, exhaust, tires, batteries, maintenance, along with strong product guarantees. You’ll also be joining a forward-thinking organization geared to growth, innovation and achievement"


So here are new business opportunities not only for Thai business people but also for foreign franchisors or people looking to take up an automotive franchise in a growing market.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your car and automotive servicing needs then please email with your requests.

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