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Thailand Beauty Companies, Thai Beauty Product Manufacturers


Thailand beauty product manufacturers
produce a high quality range of beauty related products such as: Massage & Spa Products, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Cosmetic & Beauty Surgery, Health & Beauty Products and Hair Care Products.

Some of the beauty products from the best of Thailand beauty product manufacturers: acne cream, acne skin care, acne skin care products, advanced skin care, aesthetic clinic, African American beauty products, African American skin, care, all natural beauty products, all natural skin care, aloe vera beauty etc... 

Western Women spend thousands of dollars a year on make-up, skin treatments and tanning salons to make their skin darker. Thai women spend thousands of Baht a year on make-up, skin treatments and whitening creams to make their skin lighter. Who benefits? The women of course they think they look more beautiful and consequently feel better. Men - well their typical response is that their wives or girlfriends were just as beautiful as before. The clear winner are the beauty companies, cosmetics manufacturers and the advertising companies who push these products in every conceivable media.


Thai people and Thailand in general are poor. That is the country folk. 90% of the population can not afford skin creams, laser surgery or expensive hair treatments. The other 10% well they spend spend spend on every beauty product imaginable.

Tourists flock to Thailand for the beauty of the natural scenery, the pristine beaches and a new trend are the spas and health resorts that any first class Thai hotel could not do without. To service this upsurge in Spa, health and beauty services has sprouted a prolific industry producing, soaps, gels, potions and lotions. In addition are the hardware needed. Massage tables, candles, incense, towels and of course relaxing healthy 'green' music CD's

The most expensive beauty treatments come from Europe. France, Monaco, Switzerland. Now where do you think they manufacturer their lines of expensive skin creams and anti-aging formulas? The boxes say 'formulated in Switzerland' the lotions inside - more often than not 'Made in Thailand'

We have recently made contact with a company that manufactures beauty products that are very special. Natural cosmetics, natural flavours and herbal ingredients and essences combined with modern production facilities. Truly an organization that is large enough to cope yet small enough to care. The first six pictures below feature their beauty and spa related products. For more details on these products and any beauty related products you may require then email

  • Cosmetic & Beauty Surgery
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Hair Care Products



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Featured Beauty Products Companies in Thailand
A.T. Chemical Co.,Ltd. Thailand Manufacturer of Cosmetics, Pearl Cream and lotion, Ginseng Cream, Ling Zhi Cream, Aloe Vera Cream
A Plus Supply Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributors of Beauty Products, Skin Care, Soap, Spa Products, Cosmetics, Spa Milk Salt Scrub, Hair Spa Treatments
I Plus Q Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Spa Products Manufacturer of Skin Rituals, Essential Oil, 100% Pure Base Oil, Carrier Oil, Blend Essential Oil, 100% Essential Oil Blended, Body Massage Oil, Herbal Body Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Fine Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Extra Scrub, Body Wrap, Body Mask, Bath Therapy, Floral Water ( Hydrosol Plus), Personal Care Products, Hotel Amenity Products, Hand Care & Foot Care, Pillow Mist, Aroma Beads, Spa Accessories, Spa Product Packaging
K.M. Interlab Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Cosmetics, toiletries manufacturer, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Massage Oil, Moisturizing Lipstick, Liquid Cosmetics, Mascara, Powders, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner Pencils, Whitening, Shower & Bath Cream, Feminine Hygiene Wash, Body Lotion, Moisturizing Cream, Perfumed Talc, Body Spray, Eau de Parfum, Shampoo and Conditioner.
OCC Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Covermark Cosmetics, Fragrances, Lingerie, Swim Wear, Men's apparel, Woman's Apparel, Children's Apparel, Hair Products Perfume, Skin Care Products
RPC International Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Health & Beauty Products such as Natural Scar Gel, Slimming Products, Biotin, Ginkgo Bioba, Lecithin, Garcinia, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Facial Sun Protection and Mild Cleansing Gel
S & J International Enterprises Public Co., Ltd Thailand A Thai manufacturer of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Skin Care Products, toners and moisturizers, skin treatment preparations, Toiletry Products, Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Love & Friendship Cards, Graduation Cards and Business Greeting Cards
S.C. Artistry Co.,Ltd Thailand Permanent Colours, Hair Treatments, Jojoba Oil Treatment, Sunflower Treatment, mousse, gel, spray, Herbal Perming Lotion, Straightening Cream, Anti Dandruff Herbal Hair Tonic
ZHENYA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Thailand Distributor of Breast enhancement cream, Pueraria mirifica, construction projects, abrasive products

Following you will find lists of beauty products and companies involved in the beauty business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a beauty company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Acne Cream
Acne Skin Care
Acne Skin Care Products
Advanced Skin Care
Aesthetic Clinic
African American Beauty Products
African American Skin Care
African Beauty Products
African Products American Beauty
All Natural Beauty Products
All Natural Skin Care
Aloe Vera Beauty Products
American African Beauty Products
Anti Aging Skin Care
Anti Aging Skin Care Products
Antiaging Skin Care Treatment
Anti-Perspirants/Deodorants/Body Sprays
Aromatherapy School
Aromatherapy Skin Care
Aromatic Chemicals
Artificial Fingernails
Asian Beauty Products
Avon Beauty Products
Bangkok Beauty Products Manufacturer
Base Makeup
Bath And Beauty Products
Bath Beauty
Beauty & Cosmetics
Beauty And Cosmetic Products
Beauty Appliances & Accessories
Beauty Care Products
Beauty Control Products
Beauty Hair Products
Beauty Health Herbal Nutrition Products
Beauty Health Products
Beauty Products
Beauty Products Bangkok
Beauty Products Dermalogica
Beauty Products Online
Beauty Products Recipe
Beauty Products Supply Wholesale
Beauty Products Thailand
Beauty Products Wholesale
Beauty Salon
Beauty Salon Equipment
Beauty Salon Products
Beauty School
Beauty Skin Care
Beauty Skin Care Products
Beauty Supply Products
Beauty Supply Tanning Products
Beauty Without Cruelty Products
Beauty/Bar Soap
Beauty/Facial Appliances
Best Beauty Products
Best Skin Care
Best Skin Care Products
Black Beauty Products
Black Skin Care
Body Art Products
Body Lotion
Body Sets
Botopical Skin Care
Breast Enhancer Apparatus
Bubble Bath
Care Beauty Products
Care Natural Rosacea Skin
Care Skin
Ceramic Flat Irons
Cheap Beauty Products
Clear Lip Gloss
Clinique Beauty Products
Consumer Beauty Products
Cosmetic Bags
Cosmetic Beauty Products
Cosmetic Cases
Cosmetics Powder
Cruelty Free Beauty Products
Curl Defining
Curling Irons
Dcl Skin Care
Dead Sea Beauty Products
Dead Sea Products
Dentistry Treatment
Depilatory Waxes & Accessories
Dermalogica Beauty Products
Dermalogica Skin Care
Dermalogica Skin Care Products
Discontinued Beauty Products
Discount Beauty Products
Discount Cosmetic Beauty Supply Products
Discount Health And Beauty Products
Discount Skin Care
Discount Skin Care Products
Discounted Beauty Products
Distributor Beauty Products
Dry Skin Care
Dry Skin Care Products
Essential Oils
Ethnic Hair Care
Eye Make-Up
Eye Shadow
Eye Treatments
Face And Skin Treatments
Face Cloths
Face Skin Care
Facial Beauty Products
Facial Cleansing Products
Facial Foam
Facial Skin Care
Facial Skin Care Products
Facial Treatments
Fashion Show Make Up
Fitness And Beauty
Fitness And Health Center
Fitness Club
Folica Beauty Products
Gels & Lotions
Hair And Beauty Products
Hair Care
Hair Care Products
Hair Color Products
Hair Cosmetics
Hair Cut Bibs
Hair Cut Kits
Hair For Wig
Hair Groom
Hair Loss
Hair Removal
Hair Saloon
Hair Shampoo & Conditioners
Hair Spray
Hair Straightener
Hair Styling Implements & Accessories
Hair Stylist
Hair Tonic & Shampoo
Hair Treatment Products
Hair-Care Products
Health And Beauty Care Products
Health And Beauty Product
Health And Beauty Products
Health Beauty Products
Health Club
Health Food & Beverage
Health Promotion
Health Promotion & Beauty Care
Health Resort
Health Spa
Herbal Bath Beauty Products
Herbal Beauty
Herbal Beauty Products
Herbal Breast Cream
Herbal Cosmetic
Herbal Cosmetic Cream
Herbal Cosmetics
Herbal Massage
Herbal Nutrition Products For Health And Beauty
Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner
Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care Beauty Oily Teen
Herbal Steam Bath And Body Treatment Center
Herbs & Natural Remedies
Holistic Beauty Products
Holistic Skin Care
Home Spa
Homemade Beauty Products
Hygiene Products
Lancome Beauty Products
Laser Skin Surgery
Lip Balm
Lip Liners
Lip Treatments
Long-Wearing Lipcolor
Loreal Beauty Products
Loreal Skin Care Products
Lush Beauty Products
Luxury Beauty Products
Make Up And Beauty Products
Make-Up Applicators/Brushes/Sponges
Makeup Kits
Makeup Removers
Man Skin Care
Man Skin Care Products
Massage Oil
Massage Sachet & Accessories
Men's Skin Care
Mens Skin Care Products
Mineral Care
Moisturizer Cream
Mousse & Foam
Nail Art Academy
Nail Art Kits
Nail Art Studio
Nail Polish
Nail Polishes
Natural Beauty Products
Natural Health And Beauty Products
Natural Health Products
Natural Herbal & Aromatherapy Products
Natural Herbal Extracts
Natural Homemade Beauty Products
Natural Skin Care
Natural Skin Care Products
Obagi Skin Care
Oily Skin Care
Organic Beauty Products
Organic Skin Care
Organic Skin Care Products
Origin Skin Care
Origin Skin Care Products
Perfumes & Fragrances
Personal Beauty Products
Personal Care And Beauty Products
Pharmaceutical Products
Physical Therapy Equipment
Pimple Care
Polish Remover Products
Pore Strips
Powder Cakes
Proactive Skin Care
Products Beauty Products
Professional Beauty Products
Professional Skin Care
Professional Skin Care Products
Psoriasis Skin Care
Pure Natural Health Food
Retailer Beauty Products
Salon Accessory
Salon Accessory And Hair Care Products
Salts And Soaks
Sensitive Skin Care
Serious Skin Care
Serious Skin Care Brand
Serious Skin Care Instatox
Serious Skin Care Line
Serious Skin Care Products
Shampoo Capes
Shower Foam/Gel
Shower Gel
Skin Brighteners
Skin Care & Treatment Products
Skin Care Acne
Skin Care Acne Cosmetic
Skin Care And Beauty Products
Skin Care And Cosmetic
Skin Care Cream
Skin Care Education
Skin Care Equilibrium Cleansing Balancer
Skin Care For Man
Skin Care Kit
Skin Care Products
Skin Care Products For Rosacea
Skin Care Program
Skin Care School
Skin Care System
Skin Care Tip
Skin Care Treatment
Skin Clinic
Skincare Line
Skincare Products
Skincare Treatment
Slim Center
Slimwear & Slimming Appliances
Soaps And Cleansers
Spa Appliances
Spa Consultant
Spa Of Siam
Spa Product
Styling Products
Styling Products & Treatments
Supplementary Foods
Swedish Beauty Tanning Products
Thai Beauty Products Manufacturer
Thai Traditional Massage
Thailand Beauty Products Manufacturer
Therapy Business
Toiletry Sets
Vitamin C Skin Care
Wella Hair Care Cosmetic Products
Wholesale Beauty Products
Wholesale Skin Care Products

A & J Beauty Products Co.,Ltd.
Agape Living Co.,Ltd.
Aim Beauty & Spa Co.,Ltd.
American Piercing Systems Of Asia Co.,Ltd.
Anna Professional Beauty Treatment Co,Ltd.
Aremac Modeling Agency Co,Ltd.
Aromathology And Osmology School Bangkok
Asia Nexus Co.,Ltd.
At Aurous Co.,Ltd.
August Beauty
Avon Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd.
Baan Komarnrapajj Co.,Ltd.
Bahari Ltd,Part.
Bangkok Companies
Bann Pikul Aromatherapy Co.,Ltd.
Bathhouse Co.,Ltd.
Beauty Bijoux Co.,Ltd.
Beauty Club, The
Beauty Service Company Ltd. (Wella Thailand),
Better Health & Beauty Co,Ltd.
Bio Der Net Co.,Ltd
Bio Enrich
Bio Pure Co,Ltd.
Biocos International Co,Ltd.
Biophile Corporation,
Body Center,
Body Shape Co,Ltd.
Body Shop International Plc, The
Body Tune
Boots Retail (Thailand) Ltd.
By Thai Co.,Ltd.
C.A.R.E. Co.,Ltd.
Cal Holistic
C-Care International Co,Ltd.
Chai Yo Green Products Co.,Ltd.
Cheer Lay International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Chenice (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chenice Marketing Co.,Ltd
Clara Wellness (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Clinique La Prairie Switzerland Clp (Thailand) Co.,
Corporate Public Relations Consultant (Cpr),
Crystal Laser Center
D. Mark Enterprise Co.
Dahra Beauty & Spa Co.,Ltd.
Dasy Design P.L.
Day Spa International,
Dead Sea Beauty Care (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Debby Yu,
Dentajoy The Orthodontist
Divana Spa Co.,Ltd
Doctor Sophon Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Drogoco (Thailand) Ltd.,
Em Beauty Studio Co,Ltd.
Filtech Beauty (2003) Co.,Ltd.
Flexiplan Design Co,Ltd.
Fongs Products Co.,Ltd.
Fougeres Co.,Ltd.
Fru' Lastin Beauty Studio
Fruehling Cosmetics Co,Ltd.
Frulastin Health & Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Fujiswan International Co,Ltd.
Gade Glao Institute Of Beautification Co,Ltd.
Gale Cosmetics Co,Ltd
Get The Gift Co.,Ltd.
Glammer Co.,Ltd.
Good Day Service Co.,Ltd.
Good Guy Group Co.,Ltd.
Good Health (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Grandthai Impex Co.,Ltd.
Green And Klean Thai Herbs
Greensville Co,Ltd.
H.H.H. Natural Hair Transplant Center,
H.T. & T International Distribution Co.,Ltd.
Hagemeyer (Thailand) Ltd.
Hair Boom
Health Care & Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Health Society Co.,Ltd.
Healthco Co.,Ltd.
Healthtron Care Co.,Ltd.
Herbal' Friend
Hong Chiao Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Illumination Design Co.,Ltd.
Imexlink Co.,Ltd.
In Beauty & Spa
Inner Beauty Concept Co.,Ltd
Innovate International Co,Ltd.
Interhomebase Business
Interlink Resource,
International Beauty Products Co,Ltd.
International Herb & Cosmetics
Jimmy Wong Tattoo,
Kalavek Health And Beauty Spa Co.,Ltd.
Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co,Ltd.
Ketvadi-Gandini International Hair Dressing Academ,
Koraphat Intertrade Ltd.,Part
Kristie France (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kuron Corporation

L.H.J. International Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Lablair Samoonprai Co.,Ltd.
Lao Ngee Choon Co.,Ltd.
Laser Vision Professional Lasik Center
Leisure Life Co.,Ltd.
Lim Chua Kee Co,Ltd.
Lim International Ltd.,Part.
Lipstick Beauty House
Lubla Samoonprai Co,Ltd.
M.B.K. Wellness Co.,Ltd.
M.K.S. Pulse Co.,Ltd.
M.S. Beautyline Co.,Ltd
Madam Marketting Co,Ltd.
Make Scents Limited
Make Up Technique Institute Co,Ltd.
Make Up Technique International Co.,Ltd.
Malamas Co.,Ltd.
Mesdames Since 2003 Co.,Ltd.
Milott Laboratories Co,Ltd.
Modern Cass Intl' Cosmetics,
Montien Hotel
Mosaic Furniture,
N.P. Beauty Products Ltd.,Part.
Na Ame Co.,Ltd.
Nattharat Holdings Co. Ltd
Natural Green Concept Ltd.
Natural Green Innovation
Natural Source Products Co.,Ltd.
Nature Group Thailand,
Nature Touch Aromatherapy Co.,Ltd.
Nature-E Co.,Ltd.
Nichea Co.,Ltd.
Niranrat Hair Design & Dress Making,
Nithikorn Farm And Essential Oil Co.,Ltd.
Nual Anong Co.,Ltd.
Nuchanarth School Of Hair Design Co.,Ltd.
Numaoy Herb And Beauty (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nunt Products Co.,Ltd.
O.C.C. Public Co.,Ltd.
O.P. Natural Products Co.,Ltd
Odinric-Thai Co.,Ltd.
Omm & Onn Salon Shop
Orawan Laser Skin Center
P.C.I. Overseas Co.,Ltd
P.C.L. Co.,Ltd.
Palama-Lapa Co.,Ltd.
Paradisa Designs,
Patcharee Beauty Care
Patra Beauty And Spa
Pavin Marketing Group Co.,Ltd.
Pen Beauty
People Care Asia Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Perfect Spa Co.,Ltd
Perma Co.,Ltd.
Pharmerion Co.,Ltd.
Phillip Wain (Thailand),
Phothong Product Ltd.,Part
Phuket Pearl Co.,Ltd.
Pin International Co.,Ltd.
Pin Interwood Co.,Ltd.
Platani Resort & Spa
Plot And Plan Ltd
Princess Beauty Center,
R.T. Beauty Care Co.,Ltd.
Revi Co.,Ltd.
Rose Garden Golf Course
Rosmarin Health Care
S.C. Artistry Co.,Ltd.
Saha Direction International Co.,Ltd.
Salon De Bkk
Samaphan Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sana-U Co.,Ltd.
Seapan Trading Ltd,
Selectform Furniture & Son Co.,Ltd
She We Corporation Co.
Siam Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Siam Flowers (1985) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fuji Ware (1998) Co.,Ltd
Signity (Thailand) Ltd.,
Silver Hospitality Co.,Ltd.
Siribuncha Co.,Ltd.
Sirithana Furniture Co.,Ltd.
Skin & Health Care Co.,Ltd.
Spa Of Siam Co.,Ltd.
Splash Products
Ssup Total Wellness Co.,Ltd.
St. Carlos Group Of Health Services
St. Herb Cosmetics International Co.,Ltd.
Success Hair & Body Care,
Sudtana (2534) Co.,Ltd.
Summit Queen Limited
Suprederm International Co.. Ltd.
Sutrarak Co.,Ltd.
Swiss Perfection Spa. At The Regent Bangkok
Tepnimitr Thanakorn (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Textile Prestige Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Axicon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Beauty Wear Co.,Ltd.
Thai Haylia Co .,Ltd.
Thai Herbal Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sourcing
Thammadee Co.,Ltd.
The Best Spa In Bangkok
To Nature Co.,Ltd.
Toey Horm
Top Aesthetics Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Tung Gui Jub Partnership,
Universal Herb & Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Universe Beauty Co.,Ltd.
Variety Of Herbs Co.,Ltd.
Vathida Valley Resort.,
Vivaldi Beauty Supply L.P.
W. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Wella (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Worasuthi Ptv.,Ltd.
Xenion Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Y.W.C. Beauty Care Co.,Ltd.


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