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Taiwanese Companies in Thailand, Taiwanese Manufacturers


Taiwanese companies in Thailand
, especially Taiwanese manufacturers play an important part in the Thai industrial scene. Most people think of Japanese companies when it comes to a major influx of foreign investment.

It is perhaps a little known fact that Taiwan provides a significant financial and industrial knowledge input. Of course Taiwan and Thailand are often mistaken as being the same country. News for our AMerican friends mainly. Taiwan is thousands of miles away from Thailand. A little bit like confusing Hawaii with Rhode Island.

Part of this lack of awareness is no doubt due to the misunderstanding when it comes to recognizing Chinese origins. Taiwanese business people do not publicize their presence so much and keep a much lower profile than their Japanese counterparts. There are for example no Taiwanese bars catering to the after hours activities of Taiwanese executives as there are for the Japanese. There are however a handful of excellent Taiwanese restaurants mainly in the Sukhumvit area.


Taiwanese companies are active in the following areas: Hardware, Entertainment & Restaurants, Chemicals, Packing & Printing, Business &Trading, Household Merchandises, Construction Materials & Decoration, Travel & Service, Machinery, Rubber & Plastic, Construction, Textile&Garment, Arts & Stationery, Shoes & Leather, Finance & Banking, Electronic & Information, Sport Equipment, Transportation, Food And Domestic Products.

If you are looking to do business with a Taiwanese company in Thailand or want to contact Taiwanese expatriates then we can help you. We have a comprehensive database of foreign companies in Thailand and an equally comprehensive list of Expats in Thailand. Please email for details.

  Taiwanese Companies in Bangkok  

Thai-Taiwanese Business Associations in Thailand




Huang Shengyong

(662) 662-7335~6

(662) 662-7382

NO. 30/207 Royal Castle Sukhumvit Soi 39, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtannua, Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand


Samut Sakhon Taiwan Business Association


Sun Yuyi



87 Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Km. 36 Rd. Homsil, Bangpakong, Chacheongsao 24130Thailand


North Area Taiwan Business Association


Gao Fenghuang



167/1 Rachadapisek Rd. Dindeang Bangkok. 10320 Thailand


Samut Prakan Taiwan Business Association


Lu Chaoying





Thonburi Taiwan Business Association


Chen Liangjin



52/99 Rama 2 Rd. (Km. 1) Jomthong,Bangkok. 10150 Thailand


Asoke Taiwan Business Association


Wang Ancheng



50 Rojana Tower 4th Floor, Sukhumvit 21 Road,(Soi Asoke), Kwang North Klongteoy, Khet Wattana, Bangkok 10110Thailand

Laem Chabang Taiwan Business Association


Lai Jianren



79/245 Sukapiban 3 Road, Sapansoong,Bunggoom,Bangkok 10240,Thailand


Korach Taiwan Business Association


Liu Zhengyi



160 Mu. 3, T. Nongbuala A. Muang Nakhongrachasima 30000 Thailand

Chonburi Taiwan Business Association


Chen Mingren





South Thailand Taiwan Business Association


Xue Bixiang





Bangkok Taiwan Business Association


Zhang Qiufa



100/25-27 Soi Oran 1 Village Sukhapiban Rd. Klongkum Bungkum Bangkok. 10240 Thailand


Wonnamkiew Taiwan Business Association


Lin Yuetang





North Thailand Taiwan Business Association


Zhang Rongcan



9 Moo 15 DongpahvaiToombon Doilor Amphur JomthongChangmai 50160 Thailand


Rayon Taiwan Business Association


Lai Minzhi



36th Floor, Ocean Tower 2,No. 75/96-99 Soi WattanaAsoke Rd., dBangkok 10110 Thailand

if you require any information on this sector please email with your requests.

. Featured Thailand Taiwanese Companies
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand manufacturer of Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Packaging
D.B. Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company In Thailand Manufacturing Glue, Paint, Adhesives, PVC Compound Adhesive Product, Plastic Compound, Glue, Stick, Chemical, Thermoplastic Rubber, Polyurethane Paints
J & D Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand Leather Footwear Manufacturer, Leather Shoes Manufacturer, Leather Sandals Manufacturer, Leather Slippers Manufacturer
Q-BEST ENTERPRISE CO. LTD Thailand A Taiwanese company trading in Chemicals for polymer manufacturing industry. Power liquid type stabilizer for PVC, Additives for Polymer production

Following you will find lists of Taiwanese companies involved in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Taiwanese company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

3j Electric Co, Ltd.
A.B.C. Toys Co., Ltd.
A.D.I. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
A.P.T. Travel Agency
A.R.W. Group Co., Ltd.
Accton Technology Corporation Pte, Ltd.
Acron Plastic Industry Co, Ltd.
Acumen Brush Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Adamant Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Advance Luggage Thai Co, Ltd.
Advance Technology Industry Co, Ltd.
Air Tiger Express (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Alaw Industrial Co, Ltd.
Alphacast Co, Ltd.
Ample Dragon Co., Ltd.
Angel Palm Co., Ltd.
Anoma Electric (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Anthai Travel Co., Ltd.
Apolo Construction Co., Ltd.
Applied Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Applied Machinery Co, Ltd.
Aritec Electronics Co, Ltd.
Ark Electronic Co, Ltd.
Artop International Co, Ltd.
Arun Electric Co., Ltd.
Arvin Exhaust (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Asia Rubber Latex (1988) Co, Ltd.
Asia Umbrella Industries Co., Ltd.
A-Ton (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Autech (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
B.N. Brothers Limited Partnership
B.N.C. Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
B.S.M. Inter-Trade Co., Ltd.
Baan Yuan Stainles Steel Co, Ltd.
Banchong Travel Service
Bang Saphan Barmill Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Collection & House Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Cycle Industrial Co, Ltd
Bangkok Diecasting And Injection Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Master Co., Ltd
Bangkok Paiboon Pipe Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Starch Industrial Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Teapo Electronic Corporation Ltd.
Bangkok Tools And Mold Co, Ltd.
Beauty Ever Ruby Co, Ltd.
Bee Han (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Best Diamond Industrial Co, Ltd.
Bestak Chemical Co, Ltd.
Beverly Tour Co, Ltd
Blue Star Motor Co., Ltd.
Burda And Theresa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Business Tour Web Co.,Ltd.
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd
C & T Travel Service And Trading
C.M. Commercial Co, Ltd.
C.M.S. Control System Co., Ltd
C.P.L. Group Public Company Limited
C.S. Piston (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
C.T.I.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
C.T.T. Express Co, Ltd.
C.T.W. Com. Co., Ltd.
Calbee Tanawat Co Ltd
Calcium Products Co, Ltd.
Cal-Comp Factory
Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Cal-Scan Trading Pte. Ltd.
Canking Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Casday (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.
Cast & Craft Co Ltd
Cathay Precision Casting Co., Ltd.
Catis (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chairister Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chang Jia Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Charng Sind Chin Yeh Co, Ltd.
Charoen Industry Plywood Co., Ltd.
Charoen Sarp Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Charoong Thai Wire & Cable Public Co, Ltd.
Chau Hong Textile Co., Ltd.
Cheil Chehical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chemist Co, Ltd.
Chemmart Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chen Fong Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chen Lin Lee Trading Co., Ltd.
Chen Tse Enterprise ( Thailand ) Co, Ltd.
Cheng Fu Machinery & Industry Co., Ltd.
Cheng Lie Navigation (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chengteh Chinaware (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Cheung Fung Metal Co, Ltd.
Chiangmai Frozen Food Public Company Limited Thail
Chiao Pao Metal Co., Ltd.
Chicony Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Chief Long Resin Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chien Thai (1992) Co., Ltd.
Chi-Hong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chili Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Chin Chiao Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chin Fong Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chin Hu H.A.C. Co., Ltd.
China Airlines Co, Ltd.
China Insurance Co (Siam) Ltd
Chinatrust Commercial Bank
Ching Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Ching Mei Paper Co., Ltd.
Ching Shin Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chinsan Electronic Industrial (Thailand) Ltd.
Chok Thawee (1990) Ltd., Part
Christmas Siam Co, Ltd.
Chuan Thai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chuan Thai Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chung Cheng Plastic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chung Yeang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
Chuntex Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Churn-Ming Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Citicorp Alloys Co, Ltd.
City Max Enterprise Co., Ltd
Civica (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Civica Industries Co, Ltd.
Classic Product (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Commercial Union Assurance Co (Thailand) Ltd
Commuwell Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Compass East Industry (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Computer Embroidery Co, Ltd.
Concept Cargo Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Concordian International School
Coolman Corporation Ltd.
Cortina Siam Sports Co, Ltd.
Cortina Sports Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Cosmic Diamond Industrial Co, Ltd.
Cosmos Mechanical Co., Ltd.
Cotco Ncr Papares Co.,Ltd.
Cotco Plastics Co, Ltd.
Country Harvest Co., Ltd.
Country Product Electric Co., Ltd.
Cram Asia Co Ltd
Creative Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Cyberdict Technoloy Ltd.
Cysnet Technology Co., Ltd.
D.B. Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd.
Dah Mei Label
Debby Yu
Decoy Plant Co, Ltd.
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co, Ltd.
Delta Holiday Co.,Ltd.
Delta Thai Plastic Co., Ltd.
Design Weaving Mills Co., Ltd.
Diamond Power Services S.E.A. Ltd
Diastar Garment Ltd., Part.
Digital Network Co., Ltd.
Dr. Boo Co, Ltd.
Draco Pcb Public Company Limited
Dragon Thai Lumber Co, Ltd.
Dura Fasteners Co, Ltd.
Durex Corp. Ltd.
Each-Tai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Eagle Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Earth Food Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Earth Industrial Public Co,
East Electric Accessory Co, Ltd.
Eastern Packaging Co, Ltd.
Eastern Shade (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ei Pin Siang Co., Ltd
Enburg Food Thai Co., Ltd.
Equinox I.C Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Erawan Rubber Co, Ltd.
Erm-Siam Co Ltd
Eternal Plastics Co Ltd
Eternal Resin Co Ltd
European Sports Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Ever Great Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ever Win Bags Co., Ltd.
Everest Consultant Co., Ltd.
Everest Textile (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Evergreen Laurel Hotel
Evergreen Star (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Evershiny Jewelry Creation Co, Ltd.
Expa Interbusiness Co., Ltd.
F.E.I. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Fancy Wood Industries Public Co, Ltd.
Fedek Machine (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Feiti (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Fine & Fast Co., Ltd.
Fine Chemical Co, Ltd.
Fine Continent Industrial Co., Ltd.
First Commercial Bank
First Rubber Co, Ltd.
First Silicon Electronics Co., Ltd.
Fluid Mechanic Supply Co, Ltd.
Flying Master Co., Ltd.
Fomo Thai Corp. Co., Ltd.
Fong Ya Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Food And Drinks Public Co, Ltd.
Forefront Advertising Co Ltd
Formosa B K K Co., Ltd.
Formosa Dragon Co., Ltd.
Formosa Organic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Fortune Parts Industry Co Ltd
Forward Carton And Packaging Co., Ltd.
Forward Garden Co., Ltd.
Fu-Gu Silkscreen Import Export Co., Ltd.
Fuhgwo Machinery Hardware Co., Ltd.
Fulong Industry Co.,Ltd.
G.M. Textile Printing & Dyeing Co, Ltd.
Gemini Industrial Co, Ltd.
Gen Fa Electric Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd.
Global-Thaixon Precision Industry Co, Ltd.
Glory Swift Group Co., Ltd.
Go Go Express Travel Service Co, Ltd.
Gold Bridge International Co., Ltd.
Golden Million Express (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Golden Style Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Golden Time Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Golf Course Membership Center Co, Ltd.
Goodscour Industrial Co., Ltd.
Grand Pacific Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd
Grandeur Fiber Co, Ltd.
Graphic Vision Hi-Tech Manufacture Co, Ltd.
Great Eagle Co., Ltd.
Great Shank Co., Ltd.
Grobest Corp. Ltd.
H.R. Silvine Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Hai-O Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Han Phoenix Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Hanami-Tohato Co Ltd
Happy Night Piano Bar Ktv
Happy Tour & International Trade Group Co.,Ltd.
Harson Sporting Goods Industries (Thailand) Co., L
Harvey Computer Products Co, Ltd.
Hellman Underwear Factory Co., Ltd.
Her Cheng Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Her Ey Co., Ltd.
Hi Lux Industries Co, Ltd.
Hiclear Envirotech Co, Ltd.
High P.P.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
High Potential Co.,Ltd.
Himark Technology Ltd.
Holythai Industry Co, Ltd.
Homey (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hong Cern Packing Co., Ltd.
Hong Chaw Industrial Ltd.
Hong Chi Co., Ltd
Hong Chiao Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Hong Keng Co., Ltd.
Hong Mao Biochemicals Co., Ltd.
Hong Song Company Limited
Hong Tai Garment Co., Ltd.
Hong Thai Shin Co., Ltd.
Hong Yang Thailand Co., Ltd.
Hong Yao Thai Co., Ltd.
Horng Chii Machine Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ho-Thai Plastic Co., Ltd.
Hsin Fu Dyeing Co., Ltd.
Hsin Mei Kuang (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.
Hsin Yi Co, Ltd.
Hua Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hue Dar Co., Ltd.
Hui Kwang (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hwa Feng Textile Co., Ltd.
Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hwa Lang Ceramic Hardware Factory Co, Ltd.
Hwa Lu Pao Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hwa Tai Industry Co., Ltd.
Hwa Yang Stainless Steel
I.W.A. Packing Industry Co., Ltd.
Image Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Industrial Trade Limited
Infinityit Corporation
Inter Kappa Corporation Ltd.
International Commercial Bank Of China, The
International Metal Industry Co Ltd
International Oil Product(1991) Co., Ltd.
Intertimes Co., Ltd
Intertrade World Co, Ltd.
J & D Enterprise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
J. Walter Thompson Co Ltd
J.B.T. Industrial Co, Ltd.
J.S. Industrial Business Co, Ltd
J.S. Mould Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jackson Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jaton Computer Co, Ltd.
Jeerapaht Kanchang Co.,Ltd.
Jenmy Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jet Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Jet- Thai Plastic Industries Co, Ltd.
Jiasern Plastic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jiathai Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jiken Thailand Co., Ltd.
Jin Zhong (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jing Mao Boxes Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Joaw Jwee Co., Ltd.
John Chuan Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jota Bearing Co, Ltd.
Joy Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Juken Thailand Co., Ltd.
Jun Yang Co., Ltd.
K. Laser Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
K.C. Polymer Co.,Ltd
K.E.I.C. Thai Co, Ltd.
K.I. Industrial Co, Ltd.
K.K. Wire & Cable Co, Ltd.
K.N.T. Machinery Co., Ltd.
K.S. Special Printing Co., Ltd.
Kana Thai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kao Hong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kao Su Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.
Katanyu Foundation (Siam Tai Tien Kong)
Kent Art China (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kiatsin Metal Work Co., Ltd
Kinbel Special Wire Co., Ltd.
Kind Management Consulting Co, Ltd
King Food Enterprise Co., Ltd.
King Kelly International Trading Co., Ltd.
King-Win International Trade Co., Ltd.
Kinik-Thai Co., Ltd.
Kitti Agriculture Limited Partnership
Kongo Chemifa Thai Co., Ltd.
Koonta Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Krungthai Panich Insurance Co, Ltd.
Kuang Hung Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Kun Sun Machinery Co., Ltd.
L.Kij Chareon Seang Ltd. Part.
L.P. Group
Lamp Materials Co, Ltd.
Lang Hai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Leang Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
Lee Paper Industrial Co., Ltd.
Lee Seng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Leo Jovian Thai Engineering Co., Ltd.
Les Marg Food Products Co., Ltd.
Liang Chi Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Liangchi Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Lien Hur International Co.,Ltd.
Life Gear Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Light House Industries (Bangkok) Co, Ltd.
Lin Industry Co, Ltd.
Lin Shing Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Linkworld Electronic (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Lite-On Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Lite-On Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Liu's House
Lockite Co, Ltd.
Lockte Co., Ltd.
Longyear Industrial Co., Ltd.
Lucky Star Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Lung Pao Group Co.,Ltd.
Luxchem International Co, Ltd.
Luxton Group Ltd., The
Ly Long Brush (Thai) Co., Ltd.
M.O.M. International Co., Ltd.
M.P.I. - Neo Co, Ltd.
M.R.I. Co, Ltd.
M.S. Trading Eu Hua Guang Jear Sung Co Ltd
Mae Mae Industrial Co., Ltd.
Main Industry Co, Ltd.
Mapics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Martinotex Co., Ltd.
Mason Industries Co, Ltd.
Master Electric Co, Ltd.
Max Carton & Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Maxwell Industry Co., Ltd.
Mechema Chemicais Co, Ltd.
Mekin Furniture Co., Ltd.
Menam Stainless Wire Co, Ltd.
Menxon Enterprises (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Merry Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Micco Flooring Mfg Co., Ltd.
Microchip Technology (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mikuni Seiboh (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Min An Latex Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ming Dih Chemical Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Ming Tai Industrial (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Mingtai Enterprise Co., Ltd
Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
Mini Works Ltd.
Minson Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Minthai Motor Co., Ltd.
Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments Co, Ltd.
Mun Ying Co, Ltd.
Munkong Steel Co., Ltd.
Nam Hai Charoen Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Namchow (Thailand) Ltd.
Nelson Industry Co., Ltd
Nettrend Products Co., Ltd.
New Asia Sports Goods Co., Ltd.
New Bangkok Measuring Tape Co., Ltd.
New Golden Capital Travel Service Co., Ltd.
New Kenta Co., Ltd.
New Thai Factory Co., Ltd.
New Top One International Express Co., Ltd.
New Unit Enterrise Co., Ltd. New Up Group (Thailan
Newtime Group Co., Ltd.
Nicco Industry Co., Ltd.
Nicco Steel Co. Ltd.
Nopadol & Khaisri Law Office Limited
Novasteel Co., Ltd.
Num Hong Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
O.P.S. Mobile Audio Co., Ltd.
Oishi Restaurant
Opentech Company Ltd.
Orbit Trading Co., Ltd.
Oriental Ace Fiber Co., Ltd.
Oriental Electric Industry Co Ltd
Oriental Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Electronics Device Co., Ltd.
Oriental Hotel (Thailand ), The
Oriental Professional Engineering Consultants Co.,
Oriental Sports Industrial Co., Ltd.
Overseas Rayon Industrial Co., Ltd.
P. Audio System Co., Ltd.
P.A.O. (Thailand) Co., Ltd
P.H. Hardware Product Co., Ltd.
P.I.S. Commercial Co.,Ltd.
P.P.G.-Siam Silica Co Ltd
Pacific Thai Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Pacific-Thai Electric Wire And Cable Co., Ltd.
Pan International Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pan Thai Computer Co., Ltd
Phenitex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pin Shine Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pinya Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Plastic Product Co., Ltd., The
Plato Audio Corporation Co., Ltd.
Pleasant Industrial Co., Ltd.
Plenty Island (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Ply Mount International (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Poly Air Technology Co., Ltd.
Prestige Global Co., Ltd.
Primacy Industrial Co., Ltd.
Prior Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Pro Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Progress Hi-Tech Roller Co.,Ltd.
Purita Co., Ltd.
Q-Best Enterprise Co. Ltd
Rachasi Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Rain Mart Co., Ltd.
Rainbow Printing Co., Ltd.
Rama Textile Industry (1988) Co., Ltd.
Ratana Sagar Jewellery Co., Ltd.
Rattana Damrong Co;Ltd
Rayong Purifier Co., Ltd.
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd
Reliance Tech-Service Co.,Ltd.
Ret-Ser Thai International Co., Ltd.
Richland Bearing Co., Ltd.
Rihting Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rimping Foodland Product Co., Ltd.
Rocket Steel Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rohm & Haas Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rothai Co.,Ltd.
Royal Can Industries Co.,Ltd
Royal Cc Printing (2001) Co.,Ltd.
Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Royal Master Corp. Ltd.
S & D Industries Co.,Ltd
S.I.F. Co., Ltd.
S.N.N.P. Intertrade Co Ltd
S.P. Leader International Group Employment Co., Lt
S.P.I. Canning Co., Ltd.
S.P.I. Feed Co., Ltd.
S.P.R. Food Industry Co., Ltd
S.Q.I. Petrochem Industries Co., Ltd.
Sae Chue Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Safe Glove Co., Ltd.
Saha Heng Mining Co., Ltd.
Saha Prachinburi Foods Industry Ltd.
Sahasilp Rivet Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sahaviriya Orchid Co., Ltd.
Salom Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sampran Weaving Co., Ltd.
Samson Engineering Co., Ltd
Samya Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanda Industry Co., Ltd.
Sangthong Car Gas Co., Ltd.
Seaway Express Co., Ltd.
Seng Shin Metel Industry Co., Ltd.
Seng Thai Industry Co., Ltd.
Sheico ( Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shen Star Jewel Co., Ltd.
Sheng Cheng (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sheng Meei Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sheng Tai Brassware (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sheng Yi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shin Tai Kitting Co., Ltd.
Shinn Thai Sino Co., Ltd.
Show Broad Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shuen Huei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Baico Co., Ltd.
Siam Chin Internationnal Tarding Co Ltd
Siam I.K.K. Co., Ltd.
Siam Lucky Co Ltd
Siam Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.
Siam Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Siam Psm Co., Ltd
Siam Quality Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Refractory Industry Co.
Siamount Plastic Corporation Ltd.
Silicon Application Electronic Co Ltd
Sing Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sing Long Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sino-American Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sinotek Corp., Ltd.
Siong Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd
Sitex Industry Corporation Co., Ltd.
Smile Light Electrical Co. Ltd
So Yang Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Solimar Co., Ltd.
Solomon Technology Thailand Co., Ltd.
Song Mao Nonwoven Co., Ltd.
Special Coating (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Spitze Asia Co., Ltd.
Sport Light International Co., Ltd.
Sposa Bella International Co., Ltd.
Star Ktv Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Star Telephone (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Summit Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Summit Steering Wheel Co., Ltd.
Sun Hub Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sun Shine International Co., Ltd.
Sunchien (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sunflower Group
Sunnex Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sunny Business Co.,Ltd.
Sunshine Umbrella Co., Ltd.
Super Made Products Co., Ltd.
Super Mark Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Swan Pneumatic Corporation Ltd.
Swan Siam Corporation Co., Ltd.
Syscom Computer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
T And T Leader Co., Ltd.
T. Paper Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.A. Enterprise (Thai) Co., Ltd.
T.C. Rubber Industry Co., Ltd
T.I.T. International Co., Ltd.
T.K.C. Color Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
T.K.D. Fiber Co.,Ltd.
T.N. Jobthai Manpower (1991) Ltd.
T.N.P. Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.
T.P.G. Motors And Drives (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.R.K. Bangkok Industry & The Exporter Co., Ltd.
T.S. Cheng Shing Spring Co., Ltd
T.S.T. Enterprise Co., Ltd.
T.T.L. Packaging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
T.T.S. Plastic Co., Ltd.
T.Y. Union Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Ta Liang Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Ta-Chou Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tafong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tai Ing Cchuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tai Kin Standard Mold Base Co., Ltd.
Tai Shing Li Industry Co,Ltd
Tai Sin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tai Tien Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tain Wen Thai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Taipei Economic & Cultural Office
Target World Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tatung (Thailand) Co ., Ltd.
Tatung (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tawana Container Co., Ltd.
Tay Precision Industries Co.,Ltd.
Technozone Corp
Teco Electric & Machinery (Thai) Co.,Ltd
Tee Hwa Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tee Technology Co., Ltd.
Test Rite International (Thailand) Ltd.
Thai Asahi Denki Co Ltd
Thai Asco Brake Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asco Filter Co., Ltd.
Thai Bend Steel Co., Ltd.
Thai Bonanza International Co., Ltd.
Thai Car Show Automotive Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chang Printing Co., Ltd.
Thai Cheer Powder Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheng Hai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thai Cheng Shing Spring Co., Ltd.
Thai Chi Hon Enterprise Co., Ltd
Thai Chiew Charn Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thai Chin Fu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Thai David Co.,Ltd.
Thai Eak Seng Textile Co., Ltd.
Thai Eastern Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Effort Co., Ltd.
Thai Eizen Co., Ltd
Thai Fah Pisan Plastic Co., Ltd.
Thai Fantaco Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Feng Co., Ltd.
Thai Fermentation Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai First Enamel Co., Ltd.
Thai First Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.
Thai Formosa Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Ginlong Development Co., Ltd.
Thai Home Garment Co., Ltd.
Thai Hong Yi Co., Ltd.
Thai Hua Bamboo Co., Ltd.
Thai Hydraulic Machinery (1987) Co., Ltd.
Thai Iki Industries Co Ltd
Thai I-Mei Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
Thai International Lighting Co., Ltd.
Thai K.K. Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Kyoto Packaging Product Co., Ltd.
Thai Leather Coating Co., Ltd.
Thai Li Ta Trading Co., Ltd.
Thai Lian Forklift Co., Ltd.
Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co Ltd
Thai Max Plastics Co., Ltd.
Thai Maximum Electronic Co., Ltd
Thai Maxwell Electric Co Ltd
Thai Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.
Thai Nippon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Nippon Road Co Ltd
Thai Ocean Printing Co., Ltd.
Thai Pattana Ceramics Co.,Ltd
Thai Pink Co Ltd
Thai Pinnacle Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thai Plastic Packing Co., Ltd.
Thai Poly Seal Material Industries Co., Ltd.
Thai Rc Travel Int'l Trade Group. Co., Ltd.
Thai Sam Mit Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Seika Electric Co., Ltd.
Thai Sheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Shih Hsing Co., Ltd.
Thai Sone Dee Co., Ltd.,
Thai Soon Food Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Synthetic Rubbers Co., Ltd.
Thai Taffeta Co., Ltd.
Thai Textile Printing 1980 Co., Ltd.
Thai Textube & Package Co.,Ltd
Thai Unique Textile Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Plastic Industry Company Limited
Thai Universe Travel Co., Ltd.
Thai Use Link Enterprise Ltd.
Thai Vatana Plastic Co., Ltd.
Thai Wan Nian Co., Ltd.
Thai Wei-Chuan Co., Ltd.
Thai Welly B Products Ltd.,Part.
Thai Win Fiber Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Wonderful Wire Cable Co., Ltd.
Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd.
Thailock Fasteners Co., Ltd.
Thaisin Metal Industries Co., Ltd.
Thampo Corporation Ltd.
Ticon Industrial Connection Public Company Ltd.
Tien Heng Co., Ltd
Tien Yuen Machinery Mfg. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tin Pao Industrial Co., Ltd
Today 'S Tai & Thai Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tong Chang Weight Scale Co., Ltd.
Tong Chen Furniture Co., Ltd.
Tong Fong Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Tong Hai Ceramic (1998) Co.,Ltd.
Tong Tai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tong Yang (I.K.I.) Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.
Tongfang Container Co., Ltd.
Tontine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Top Great Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Top Nail Staple-Maker Co., Ltd.
Top Runner (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Torch Lite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Triumph Tree Co., Ltd.
Tuntex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
Tuntex Petrochemicals (Thailand) Plc
Tzong Yih Wooden Industry Co., Ltd.
U.K.J. Furnaces & Heat-Treatment Co.,Ltd.
U.L. Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Ukua Thai Co., Ltd.
Uni King Limited
Unimit Engineering Co., Ltd.
Union Polymer Co., Ltd.
Uni-President (Thailand) Ltd.
Uni-Tai (Thai) International Co.,Ltd.
United Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.
United Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.
United Sea Co.,Ltd.
United World Chinese Commercial Bank
Unity Industrial Co., Ltd.
Univerbussan Industry Co., Ltd.
Universal Sporting Goods (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Univox Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Unlimited Express (Thailand) Corp. Ltd.
U-Thong Elastic Co., Ltd.
Vanward Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Vega Balls Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Vickem Patana Co., Ltd.
Vita Food Factory (1989) Ltd.
Wah Tech Industrial Company Limited
Wan Hai Lines Ltd. (Thailand Branch)
Wandee Fiber Co., Ltd.
Wangpetch Plastic Co., Ltd.
Wayfarer Luggage Thai Co., Ltd.
Wei Chen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Wei Ming Co., Ltd.
Wei Shin Co., Ltd.
Wells Kao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Welltech Rubber Co., Ltd
Western Digital (Thailand) Company Limited
Winbest Plastic Ind. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wire King Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wonder Group Co., Ltd.
Wong Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.
Xie Yong Chen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Y.K.S. Limited Partnership
Yang Ching Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Yang Shing Machinery Works (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yangming Marine Transport Corporation
Yeh Jyei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yen Jyei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yeuantong Weave Co., Ltd.
Yong Awi Sue Yia Import Export Co., Ltd.
Yong Fa Industrial Corp. Ltd.
Yong Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Yong Siang Co., Ltd.
Yong Thai Co., Ltd
Yong Thai Public Co., Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co Ltd
Yongfa Industrial Corp.,Ltd.
Yu Fong International Co.,Ltd.
Yuan Deng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yuan Shan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Yuen Yong Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Yumark Bangkok Co., Ltd.


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