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For Telecommunications in Thailand read Dr. Taksin Shinawat
ex (debatable) telecom billionaire and presently (Now ex) Prime Minister of The Kingdom of Thailand. I write tongue in cheek 'The Kingdom' of Thailand not God forbid that I am being cheeky to The King, not at all but just to remind everyone that although Dr. Taksin runs the country King Bhumipol is the Monarch and, as the people of Thailand will gladly tell you, runs the heart and soul of the nation.


Last year I was glued to the television to watch the King's address to the nation. A yearly event usually held on The King's birthday. A large audience of nobility and dignitaries are present to catch the words of wisdom. Communication was definitely a key theme in his address. The King faced Dr. Taksin and complimented him greatly. He likened him to a great Ajarn (teacher) He then addressed the people and likened them to students.

He told the students (The Thai people) that they should listen carefully to the great teacher and follow his advice diligently. This brought a big smile to Dr. Taksin's face. The King then went on to talk about democracy and how the nation of Thailand is a democracy. In a democracy the people elect the leaders of the nation. So in effect the people of Thailand are the true leaders. He then looked Dr. Taksin firmly in the eye and advised him that he also should listen to his leaders - The Thai People!


It is not my place as a 'farang' (foreigner) here in Thailand to provide much in the way of political commentary except perhaps to make references to how politics affect industry and business. I feel another article coming on. Perhaps you have experiences then please mail me and then I can quote your name and blame you when the police come a knocking on the door. I will make one more comment though. Khun Taksin was (is) a strong businessman. I have worked closely with staff who worked in his companies and who met and indeed were governed on a day to day basis. They remember him as a great boss, kind and dedicated to the business and to the workers. I see this carrying over to his work leading the kingdom of Thailand. I think he is doing a grand job.


So let's get away from Dr. Taksin and politics and back to the telecommunications industry.


HOT NEWS - A $US400 million ($A525.6 million) Shin Corp iSTAR broadband satellite has just been launched into space carried aloft by a European Ariane 5 rocket from the European space facility in French Guiana. The launch was not without it's delays, NASA you are not alone.


I have been around Bangkok for a long time. Many things have changed not least of which are telecommunications. Below you will see on the left a picture of the new CAT Telecom building built behind the General Post Office on the banks of the Chaophraya river. One of my first jobs as a teacher here in Bangkok was to teach the telecom engineers housed in their communications shack on the top of the Post Office. I watched the foundations being laid for the new telecommunications centre. Alas I was not to see it completed. The course finished early. Not because the staff had suddenly become proficient at English, far from it, but mainly because the antiquated banks of circuits, switches and relays were constantly blowing up. Not with loud bangs but definitely the lessons were interspersed with load pops, flashes of lights from the shadows and whiffs of burning electrical circuitry. Good job that the new building was well in progress.


My next coincidentally was at the CAT headquarters up near the airport. What a wonderful place. A sprawling network of buildings surrounded by exquisite gardens. The staff bussed in every morning where they would head straight for the company canteen for a free bowl of rice soup. Then off to a days work of endless paper shuffling and interdepartmental meetings. I didn't learn much about telecommunications there and I am sure they didn't learn much English. However I did learn what it was like to work in am office full of boring bureaucrats.


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Featured Thailand Telecommunications Companies
DKK Sino-Thai Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand A Joint Venture Company manufacturing and maintaining Telecommunications Towers, Transmission Towers and Communication Masts
N.E.C. Infrontia Thai Ltd Thailand POS Systems, Barcode Readers, Portable Barcode Terminals, Handheld Barcode Readers, Machine Mount Scanners, Telecommunication Equipment, IP telephony systems

Following you will find lists of Telecommunication products and services here in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a telecom manufacturer, telecommunications service provider or simply supply a list of these telecommunications companies then please email

adsl service
advanced digital information exchange
aerostate radar system
air traffic control radars
air traffic service
analog and digital pabx
antennas for cellular
assembly telephone
asymmetric digital subscriber line
aviation and airport communications
background eds
base station antennas
broadband technology
broadcast transmission and reception equipment
bulk - sms
calling card
calling, paging, & signaling-equipment & systems
cellular and broadcast networks
cellular group
circuit for waring communication service
circuit-switching systems
communication industry
communication systems
communication's accessories
communications networks
communications products
communications workflow
cordless phone antennas
cordless phones
cordless telephones
data and voice cables
data communication products
data, image and voice communication
digital cellular services
digital gsm
digital key telephone system
digital telephone switching systems
electrical and electronics
electronic data capture
fiber-optic patch cords
flexible pcbs
france telecom
global system for mobile communications
handheld radio batteries
hf-vhf-uhf radio systems
import mobile phone handsets
information service
information technology
intercommunication equipment
international calling card
internet access
key telephone system
lan servers/systems
marine communication system
marine electronics
marine electronics equipment
microphone units
microwave radio
mobile & wireless communication computing systems
mobile content
mobile landline antenna
mobile messaging solutions
mobile phone antennas
mobile phone housings
mobile phone magazine
mobile phone-pc data cables
mobile radio
mobile radio equipment networks
mobile telephones
multimedia network provider
navigation aids instruments
navigation radio communication equipment
network management systems
networking cables
one-to-one messaging
outlets and patch panels
paging operators
pct operator
phone testers
pre-paid card
radio and radar equipment
repair services for telecommunications
rf testers
rigid-flex pcbs
ring tone
satellite antenna
satellite mobile phone
satellite operation
satellite receiver
satellite receiver sets
satellite tv broadcasting center
sim cards
sim interactive language enhancement
single line telephone
slim line phone models:
sms/ audio text
space communications
special communications systems
structure cabling system
telecom aerial cables
telecom connectors
telecom ics/chipsets
telecom parts
telecom parts & accessories
telecom products oem & odm services
telecom solutions
telecom test equipment
telecom transformers
telecommunication and fiber-optic networks
telecommunication call management
telecommunication distribution boxes
telecommunication engineering
telecommunication equipment
telecommunication line sharing devices
telecommunication project
telecommunication services
telecommunication switching
telecommunications auto dialers
telecommunications cable
telecommunications carriers
telecommunications company
telecommunications infrastructure
telecommunications operators
telecommunications products
telecommunications software
telecommunication integration
teleconferencing systems
telephone analyzers
telephone and intercommunication equipment
telephone apparatus
telephone cords
telephone equipment & systems
telephone line service
telephone line test equipment
telephones and equipment
telephones with caller id
television and communication equipment
text messaging solutions
training on air traffic control
training on radio communications
transmission equipment
used mobile phone
wap. gprs content provider
wireless and borderless communication
wireless local loop systems
wireless network design
wireless telecommunications system
yellow pages telephone directories

3db systems co.,Ltd.
a vi a setcom co ltd,
a. & marine (thai) co.,LTD.
a.k.n. messaging technologies (thailand) ltd.,
a.m. international co,Ltd.
a.m.m. communications lp,
a.n.t. nachrichtentechnik gmbh,
a.n.v. trading co. ltd,
a.s.l. automated (thailand) ltd.,
absolute communication network co.,Ltd.
accord ccs (thailand) co,LTD.
accord pilot logistics co ltd,
aces regional services co.,LTD.
adsiss co ltd,
advance application service provider co,Ltd
advance info supply inc,
advance paging co,Ltd.
advance power electrical & communication co ltd,
advanced datanetwork communications co,LTD.
advanced info service public company limited,
advanced information technology public co.,LTD.
advanced paging co,Ltd.
advancetex technology co ltd,
aerocomm company limited,
aeronautical radio of thailand ltd.,
aiphone communications (thailand) co,LTD.
airconnect engineering (thailand) co.,Ltd
alan dick (thailand) co,Ltd.
alcatel (thailand) co,LTD.
alcatel contracting (thailand) ltd.,
allied data technologies (thailand) co,Ltd.
alphatel company limited,
amdahl pacific basin operations inc,
american trading co thailand ltd,
anatron co.,Ltd.
antech communication co,LTD.
arccyber co.,Ltd.
arinc inc,
asap technology limited partnership,
asia bell company limited,
asia multimedia co,Ltd.
asia pacific technotrade (thailand) co.,Ltd.
asia telephone office automation co,LTD.
asia wireless communication co,Ltd.
asian institute of technology,
astra telecommunications co.,Ltd.
astraco asia trading (thailand) co,Ltd.
at & t communications services thailand ltd,
athi telecom co.,Ltd
auvis (thailand) co,LTD.
avalant co.,Ltd.
avaya asia pacific inc, (Thailand Branch)
avia satcom co.,LTD.
b. grimm & co. p.o.p.,
b.t. siam ltd.,
bangkok companies,
bangkok telecom co,LTD.
bangkok telecommunication cellular system
bangkok telecommunication group co,Ltd
baran raviv telecom,
biznet integration co,Ltd.
bliss-tel co.,Ltd
bluewave e-trade,
business international dataconsult,
c & c international venture co,Ltd.
c. tech telecom co,Ltd.
c.a. telecom co.,Ltd.
c.a.t. company limited,
c.m.s. control system co.,LTD
c.p.j. infermatic system co,LTD.
c.s.l. energy advisory group,
c.v. sales & service co.,Ltd.
cable & wireless services (thailand) ltd.,
can-thai consulting co,Ltd.
century electronics manufacturing (thailand) ltd.,
chankasem internationl co,LTD.
chevalier oa (thailand) ltd.,
chunghwa telecom co.,Ltd.
cisco systems (thailand) ltd.,
com-link co ltd,
communication world co,Ltd.
communications authority of thailand,
comsys thailand co ltd,
coolman corporation ltd.,
creatus corporation limited,
d.k.k. sino-thai engineering co,Ltd.
dataone asia (thailand) co,Ltd.
datasoft technology co,Ltd.
detecon deutsche telepost consulting gmbh,
detecon international gmbh,
djiing co.,LTD.
docuxpert corporation co.,Ltd.
e. call communication co,LTD.
e.c.i. telecom (thailand),
e.d.s. electronic data systems (thailand) co,Ltd.
easyfo co.,Ltd.
electronic & telecom application co ltd,
equant thailand,
ericsson communication (thailand) ltd.,
ericsson ltd,
euro telecom co.,Ltd.
euro-con co.,Ltd.
fire engineering services co ltd,
fortune technology co.,Ltd.
fujitel limited partnership,
g.a. telecommunications ltd.,
genius communication system co,LTD.
gilat satellite networks (thailand) ltd.,
gistz communications,
global one communications ltd,
global reach co,LTD.
globecorp limited,
globel network technolgy co ltd,
golden plan co,LTD.
gotel co.,LTD.
harris corp,
hatari technology co,Ltd.
himark technology ltd.,
hopeline telephone & service co,Ltd
horizon mobile communications co,Ltd.
huawei technologies co,Ltd.
hutchison cat wireless multimedia ltd,
i.a. holding co,Ltd.
i.s. network co.,Ltd.
i.s.m. technology recruitment limited,
i.t.e. telecom system co.,Ltd.
i.t.u. regional office,Thailand
i'm technologies (thailand) co.,LTD.
infofax services (thailand),
infosat co ltd,
international telecomunications union,
iridium southeast asia co,Ltd.
j.s. techology consultant co.,Ltd
jasmine international public co,Ltd.
jasmine smart shop co.,LTD.
jasmine submarine telecommunications co.,LTD.
jasmine telecom systems public company limited,
jaymart public company limited.,
jcmr co. ltd.,
jebsen & jessen marketing (t) ltd.,
k.c.e. electronics public co,LTD.
k.d.d. telekomate (thailand) co ltd,


kantana group co,LTD.
krone technique (thailand) ltd.,
lenso communication co.,LTD
locus telecommunication inc. ltd.,
loxley public company limited,
m vision co.,Ltd
m. link asia corporation public company limited,
m.f.s. enterprise co.,Ltd
m.v.t. communications public company limited,
mannesmann eng kti demag,
matra hachette development international,
maxon systems (thailand) co.,LTD
mega evolution,
meinhardt (thailand) ltd.,
millennium plus one company limited.,
mitr technical consultant company limited,
motorola (thailand) ltd,
mullis capital corporation (thailand) co.,Ltd.
n.c.s. networks communication solution co.,Ltd.
n.d.c. global services (thailand) limited,
n.e.c. (thailand),
n.e.c. (thailand) ltd.,
n.e.c. communication systems (thailand) co.,LTD.
n.e.c. corporation bangkok telecommunication proje,
n.p. siam&co,
n.t.t. communications (thailand) co ltd,
n.t.u./thailand ltd,
n.y.k. transport service (thailand) co.,LTD.
nera (thailand) ltd.,
nesic (thailand) ltd,
net solution co ltd,
net-com professional co. ltd.,
new continent co.,Ltd
nokia multimedia terminals,
norconsult telematics,
oki systems (thailand) ltd.,
p.o.s. telecom co.,Ltd.
p.p. ontime co ltd,
p.s.p. telecom (1989) co.,LTD.
pacific internet (thailand),
pacific telecom co ltd,
paclink (thailand) co.,Ltd.
pano-tech co.,Ltd
panya consultant co.,LTD.
poly telecom co.,Ltd.
posnet co.,Ltd.
premier enterprise public company limited,
pro-en group of companies,
projects asia limited,
prom paiboon associates co.,Ltd. (PPA)
q.c. construction and design co ltd,
r.n.t. television co.,LTD.
real time access communications co.,Ltd.
robert bosch ltd.,
royal electronic factory (thailand) co.,LTD.
royal thai army radio television station,THE (TV
s & s network co ltd,
s paiboonpanich co.,ltd
s.c.i. system (thailand) ltd.(established since 19,
s.d.a. group co.,Ltd.
s.p.b. communication system,
s.t. data networks ltd.,
s.u.n. telecom co ltd,
saitech telecom co.,LTD
sam click company limited,
samart broadband services,
samart comtech co.,Ltd.
samart corporation,
samart corporation public co.,Ltd.
samart i-mobile co.,Ltd.
samart satcom co.,LTD.
samart telcoms public company limited,
satellite-tv consult co.,LTD
sci-tech (thailand) co.,LTD.
shin corporation public co.,Ltd.
shin satellite public co.,Ltd.
shinawatra computer and communications plc,
shinnawatra telewiz co.,Ltd.
siam bord casting & communication co ltd,
siam commercial bank public company limited,
siam teltech company limited,
siemens business communication system co.,LTD.
siemens limited,
singapore telecommunications ltd.,
singtel thailand,
sinpattanakit co.,LTD.
site preparation management co.,Ltd.
smart post co.,Ltd.
smile interactive co.,Ltd.
sofrecom thailand,
songkhla agency,
southtech engineering co.,Ltd.
srisomrat co.,LTD
star group regional (thailand),
sumitomo electric (thailand) ltd,
sumitomo electric communications engineering (thai,
t.c. radio & communication co.,Ltd.
t.d.m.a. services co ltd,
t.m.s. international (thailand) co.,Ltd.
t.r.t. lucent technologies,
ta orange company limited,
tactech co ltd,
taget communucation co ltd,
tait mobile radio ltd,
takacom (thailand) co.,Ltd.
talktime asia co. ltd.,
tanin telecommunication and rescue co.,Ltd.
telecom and office automation co.,Ltd.
telecom holding co.,Ltd.
telecomasia corporation (public) co.,Ltd.
teleglobe international,
teleinfo media co.,Ltd.
telephone organisation of thailand,
telindus (thailand) ltd.,
tellabs international inc,
teo hong group of companies,
teo hong silom co ltd,
thai - fi,
thai audiotex service limited,
thai communications co.,Ltd.
thai furukawa unicomm engineering co ltd,
thai pride sale and service co.,Ltd.
thai sato engineering construction co.,Ltd.
thai telecommunications engineering co ltd,
thai telephone & telecommunication co.,Ltd.
thai tv global network & ibn,
total access communication public company limited,
true corporation public company limited,
tt&t public company limited,
u. supply & communication co ltd,
ucall co.,LTD.
underground technologies (thailand) co ltd,
united broadband technology co.,Ltd.
united communication industry public co.,Ltd
united information highway co.,LTD.
universal cable tv network co.,Ltd
universal communication system co.,Ltd.
urmet (thailand) co.,Ltd.
voicetel co.,Ltd.
wellform hs1 radio co.,Ltd.
wire & wireless co.,Ltd.
wireless communication services ltd.,
wireless routing center (thailand) ltd.,
worachak international co.,LTD.
world communication supply & service,
x.x. telecom co ltd,

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