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Education Consultants in Bangkok, Training Companies in Thailand

Thailand Education Consultants
and Training Companies perform many important functions for Thai students wanting to study in Thailand or for Thai students wanting to study abroad. There are a few foreign students wanting to come to Thailand to study but these numbers are few.

A word of warning
- There are some new schemes offering Thai Edu Visas -  Thai tuition for foreigners. These are fine if a foreigner genuinely wants to learn Thai. However some companies are offering these courses as a front for issuing long term student visas for people who want to stay in Thailand but have no intention of studying. I have heard that the Thai Government are looking very closely at these schemes to get round the strict immigration regulations.

The first main service that these education consultants perform is to place students in university courses such as BA and MBA courses in America, Europe and Australia. The second is to place Thai students in language based courses at language schools and colleges worldwide either on a long term basis or usually on a summer camp type course.


I myself, years ago, worked here in Thailand as the marketing manager for a language school here in Bangkok. My job was double edged. I made contacts and formed relationships with colleges, Universities and language schools across the world and advised students on what courses to choose and what countries and educational institutions to choose from.

The school I worked from taught English to Thai students but also accommodated incoming students from abroad who came to Thailand to study English at a fraction of the cost they would have to pay in The States or in England. My first intake of students were from Mongolia.

Unfortunately I don't work in the education business in Thailand anymore - but I have a lot of friends who do. So if you want to contact an expert in education then please email with your requests.



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