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Executive Contacts in Bangkok, Management Contacts in Thailand

You need to contact Executives in Bangkok, Managers, Directors or target certain departments like Human Resources, Marketing or Purchasing. How are you going to do this?  email, direct mail, telephone, fax or a combination.
Nowadays most of this information can be gleaned from The Internet. After all that is how you landed here searching using key phrases like Bangkok contacts, Thailand Contacts, Managing Directors in Thailand, HR managers in Bangkok. That is the way to go. Lots and lots of information. However all this has to be researched collated in electronic format and finally get to use it.

You can find contact information for executives in Thailand companies or maybe you can find just the company email address or an odd telephone number or fax number. Then you put them together in some database system like Access, Maximizer, ACT or resort to a list in Word format or Excel. Then after a few days, weeks or months you realize that you are entering the same data.


You find lists of companies in Bangkok, Directories of companies in Thailand, trade directories chamber of commerce lists and it all starts to get confusing. You find a good up to date list of factories in Thailand only to get inside and find that all the important information is written in Thai. Then after you have spent all this time you wonder - just how many Thailand companies have you found and more important how many important leads hoe many of the important Bangkok Executives have you missed!!

Well I understand your frustration, been there done that. But we persisted and over the years built up what we believe is The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database. This information can be your information. We can offer this data at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. So send me an email and I can show you how to end those long days of frustration secure good relevant data and utilize your time in the one thing that is sure to make you money - contacting the decision makers and completing deals.

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  • IT Directors in Bangkok
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  • Managers in Bangkok
  • Directors in Bangkok
  • Senior Management
  • Marketing Directors in Bangkok
  • Marketing Managers in Bangkok
  • HR Directors in Bangkok
  • HR Managers in Bangkok
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  • Human Resources Managers in Bangkok

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