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Thailand Building Materials Companies, Thai Building Materials Manufacturers

(Building & Construction Companies)


It was shortly after midnight. The apartment was old and the air conditioner worked, a little, when you thumped it hard. I got to move out of this place I thought. There was a rattling noise from the metal rack where I kept the beer glasses. Then the bed started to shake. Imperceptibly at first. As a past Geography student I knew what was happening - earthquake. I dashed next door to wake up my Australian mate Bob and warn him of the impeding disaster. Old buildings like this are not usually constructed to the highest standards of the building code. Does Thailand have a building code? - I wonder sometimes.

Bob is an old timer in Bangkok and knows a thing or two. He crawls out of bed leads me out the door and to the end of the sixth floor balcony of the now visibly shaking apartment block. It's not an earthquake you daft pommie

I never saw a truck so big. It was loaded with a single concrete section, crawling down Sukhumvit road to be lifted atop the new Sky Train project.

Yesterday I was riding the sky train past my old apartment. It had finally gone. It hadn't succumbed to an earthquake, Bangkok doesn't suffer from earthquakes. No it had been demolished and a new construction is being erected in it's place. Looks good. Maybe I should move back.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your building materials and construction materials needs please email with your requests.

Construction Site Safety Equipment Adhesives & Grouting Materials Granite Paving Slabs
. .
Steelwork & Girders Bathroom Fittings Aluminium Profiles
Door Fittings Plumbing Decorative Ironwork
Doors & Doorframes Interior Woodwork Dropped Cielings
Concrete Cornices Cement Construction Equipment
Bricks Concrete Slabs Roofing Bricks
Floor Coverings Stone Paving Building Fasteners
Ceramic Tiles Glazinf & Glass Products Marble Floor Tiles
Swiming Pools Heating Equipment Solar Panels
Wooden Flooring Decorative Artwork Insulation & Cladding
Following you will find lists of building materials, construction materials and related products and companies involved in the building materials business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a building materials company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
Building & Construction Companies Building & Construction Materials
3 d concrete co,LTD.
3 n industries co,Ltd.
3d projects ltd.,Part.
a tex supply,
a.c.s. asia (1996) co,Ltd.
a.e. brassware co.,LTD.
a.p. grinding industry co,Ltd.
a.p.p. product concrete co.,LTD.
a.s. group co,Ltd.
a.s.a. international co,LTD.
a.t.a. concrete product co.,Ltd.
a.u.t. company limited,
achelis (thailand) limited,
acme international (thailand) limited,
active ceramic center group co,LTD.
advance building system co,Ltd.
advance concrete industries co,Ltd.
advance glass co.,Ltd.
advance poltmer jt. co,.LTD.
advance polymers & chemicals co,LTD.
advanced polymer technologies co,Ltd
advanced stainless steel co,LTD.
aerocrete (thailand) co,LTD.
agro lines co,Ltd.
agro mats co,LTD.
airduct co,Ltd.
aketawee concrete co.,LTD.
aksara granite & marble co,LTD.
alcan nikkei siam limited.,
alfab (thailand) co,Ltd.
alglass co.,Ltd.
all win metal industry co,Ltd.
allot a.g.c. co.,Ltd.
allwin metal industry co,LTD.
alpine concrete product co.,Ltd.
alta international co,Ltd.
aluminium standard (thailand) co.,Ltd.
aluzat co.,Ltd.
american building product co.,Ltd.
american standard sanitaryware (thailand)
american windows & doors co,Ltd.
ampelite manufacturing co.,LTD.
amphorn canvas,
anan seri concrete block ltd,PART.
anant concrete ltd.,Part.
anegsarp floor tiles co,Ltd.
apex plastics co,LTD.
apipornchai marble & granite co,Ltd.
aqua tech engineering ltd.,Part
arcadia aluminium and glass co.,Ltd.
architech aluminium co.,Ltd.
architectural materials co.,LTD
architectural products co,Ltd.
architectural union metals co.,Ltd. ( A.U.M )
aree aphiluck co,Ltd.
areechai woodtech co,Ltd.
ariya trading co,Ltd.
arrow marketing & consultant co.,Ltd.
art crete co.,Ltd.
arthit ventilators ltd,PART.
artivat co,LTD.
asahi metal co,Ltd.
asia & pacific film center co.,Ltd.
asia cement public company limited,
asia door & furniture co.,Ltd.
asia granite co.,Ltd.
asia kangnam co,LTD.
asia marble co,LTD.
asia net building services (anbs),
asia plaster co,Ltd.
asia plastics industry (1983) co.,LTD.
asian steel product co,Ltd.
asphalt service co.,Ltd.
assa abloy (thailand) ltd.,
a-tech plaster spray products co,Ltd.
a-tech standard co,Ltd.
atrium plus co.,Ltd.
australian building products co,Ltd.
auto gate ltd,P.
ayase (thailand) co.,Ltd.
ayuthaya concrete product co.,Ltd.
b. boy co,Ltd.
b. grimm mbm metalworks limited,
b.h.p. steel (thailand) ltd.,
b.h.p. steel building products (thailand) co,LTD
b.k.k. terassa co.,Ltd.
b.l.t. associates co.,Ltd.
b.n.s. steel group co,LTD
b.p. rungrueng ltd.,PART.
b.p.k. brick center,
b.p.v. ceiling supply co,Ltd.
b.s. aluminium supply co,LTD.
b.s.p. products co.,Ltd.
b.s.p. supply l.p.,
balmoral co.,Ltd.
bamco (thailand) co,Ltd.
ban pub thai industry co.,LTD.
bangkok crystal co,LTD.
bangkok honglin co,Ltd.
bangkok j and l co.,Ltd.
bangkok marble co.,LTD.
bangkok modern granite co.,LTD.
bangkok prestressed concrete co,Ltd.
bangkok refractory co,LTD.
bangkok saeng thai ltd.,PART
bangkok seng thai ltd.,PART
bangkok serve ltd.,Part.
bangkok veneer co,Ltd.
bangkok vinyl profile co.,Ltd.
bangkok wood drying & wood preserving co.,LTD.
bay corporation co,LTD.
benteler far east (thailand) rep. office,
berger paints (thailand) ltd,
best builders supply co,LTD.
best concrete co.,LTD.
best context supply ltd.,PART.
bilmat co,Ltd.
bis pipe fitting industry co.,LTD.
bkk perrasa co.,Ltd.
blue international co,Ltd.
boonniramit co ltd,
boonpermsin ltd,P.
borneo siam co,Ltd.
breezeway industrial co.,LTD.
btip steel building products (thailand) ltd.,
bua louis ltd,P.
buan hong thai metal co.,Ltd.
builders federal (thailand) ltd.,
building protection systems co.,Ltd.
building scientific research center bsrc,
building thai const & building manufacturing
bunyong kij center co.,Ltd.
burapa steel industries co.,Ltd.
c. tech telecom co,Ltd.
c.a. petrochemical co,LTD.
c.a.t. opulence (thailand) co.,LTD.
c.d.s. asia co.,LTD.
c.e.e. lp,
c.g. alwitra co.,Ltd.
c.h.h. industry co,LTD.
c.j. shutters co.,Ltd.
c.j.c. stainless co.,Ltd.
c.j.s. steel co.,Ltd.
c.k. electech co,LTD.
c.m.c. steel trading co.,Ltd.
c.m.p. products co,LTD.
c.p.a.c. concrete products co,LTD.
c.r.t. group co,Ltd.
c.s.r. insulation (thailand) ltd.,
c.t.n. enterprise,
california kitchen co.,Ltd.
calpeda (thailand) co,Ltd.
canton engineering co,LTD.
carasu co.,Ltd.
ceag crouse-hinds asia pacific pte ltd,
cement thai ceramics co.,Ltd.
cementhai distribution,
cementhai gypsum co.,Ltd.
central concrete co,LTD.
central material construction co,Ltd.
cera c-cure co,Ltd.
cera tech asia co.,Ltd.
ceraglobe company limited,
ceramica co.,Ltd.
ceramiche co.,Ltd.
chai chanin metal co.,Ltd.
chai international development co,Ltd.
chaicharoen multi trading co,LTD.
chaimongkol floor tile ltd,P.
chainarongrit ltd.,Part
chaiyapreuk concrete pile co.,LTD.
champ associate co,LTD.
champaca marketing co ltd :,
chang jia ceramic co.,Ltd.
chanmungkong co.,Ltd.
chaophaya marble-granite public co.,Ltd.
charoen decoration co,Ltd.
charoen fire-proof products lp,
charoen karn canvas lp,
charoensuk fire brick co.,Ltd.
chat tip metal ltd.,Part.
chee enterprise ltd.,Part.
chemist co,Ltd.
chengteh chinaware (thailand) co,LTD.
chichibu onoda cement corp,
chin fu international co.,Ltd.
chinda co,LTD.
chira charoen hardware co,Ltd.
cholburi concrete product co.,Ltd.
chonburi concrete productS co.,Ltd.
chonpatan product concrete co,LTD.
chonviriya steel co.,Ltd.
choosak southern parawood ltd.,Part.
chumpol & sumittra co,LTD.
chusin concrete co,LTD
civilize glass co.,Ltd.
classmat co,LTD.
clays & minerals (thailand) ltd.,
combitex corporation co,Ltd.
commercial company of siam ltd, The
concrete land products co.,Ltd.
concrete productive materials co.,LTD.
concrete products & aggregate co ltd, The
concrete products & pipes co.,LTD.
concrete products and aggregate co,Ltd.
concrete thavorn co.,Ltd.
confab co,LTD.
construction accessories co,LTD.
construction and piling equipment co,Ltd.
construction chemicals thai co,LTD.
construction steel trading co,Ltd.
cool or cosy co.,Ltd.
cooling man industrial co.,LTD.
core build co.,Ltd.
corinthian glass industries co.,LTD.
cormix international ltd.,
cpac roof tile co,Ltd.
creasia mill co.,Ltd.
creative crafts (thailand) co.,Ltd.
creative enterprise co.,Ltd.
crestline asia co,LTD.
d. con products co,LTD.
d. group supply & service co ltd,
d.p. diorite coat ltd,PART.
dafi-kumjornkit-poonsub wattana co.,Ltd.
damrong pure sciences ltd.,Part.
davco construction material (thailand) co.,LTD.
dcon products public company limited.,
decem international co.,Ltd.
decorama co,Ltd.
decorational art.,LP.
deesawat industries co,LTD.
delta chemicals co.,Ltd.
denchai asphaltic concrete co,LTD.
denchai cpac block co.,Ltd.
denchai parquet factory co,LTD.
denyai co,LTD.
detac co.,Ltd.
development trading ltd.,Part.
diamond granite ltd.,
diamond measuring tool industrial co,LTD.
diamond shutter ltd,PART.
dominion chemmet co.,LTD.
dragon thai industry co,LTD.
drymix (thailand) co ltd,
duraflor co,LTD.
duraform (thailand) co.,Ltd.
dynasty ceramic public co,LTD.
dynasty millionaire co,LTD.
e.g. construction co,LTD
e.k. siam machinery ltd.,Part.
eakkasem steel co,Ltd.
eastern material and concrete co.,Ltd.
eastern polymer industry co ltd,
eastern wire public co,LTD.
eco products co,LTD.
ecofurn co.,Ltd.
ekasilp bangkok co.,Ltd.
ekthani concrete co,Ltd.
elecon co,Ltd.
elegant hardware co,LTD.
e-mail building products ltd,
empire granite co,Ltd.
engineering concrete co.,Ltd.
engineering machinery and construction co.,LTD.
enthana engineering co.,Ltd.
euro thai door industries,
everred co.,Ltd.
excel glazer co,Ltd.
excellent concrete co,Ltd.
f.r.p. fiberglass products co,LTD.
fameline product co,LTD.
fancy granite co,Ltd.
fastech co ltd,
fenster international co.,Ltd.
ferrari asphalt co,Ltd.
fibercrete (thailand) co,LTD.
fire brick factory of siam ltd.,Part.
first eastern supply co,Ltd.
first marble and granite co,Ltd.
first southern grout co,LTD.
flour city architectural metals ltd.,
form tech co.,LTD
foster (thailand) co.,Ltd.
fulong industry co.,LTD.
furniture and construction center ltd,P.
future sign co.,Ltd.
g. doulatram & sons (thailand) ltd.,
g.l. & r. taps & tiles co.,Ltd.
g.s. ceramics,
garasu co,LTD.
gate automation system co,LTD.
general engineering public co,LTD.
geoplast co,LTD.
golden house design co,Ltd.
goldvest trading (thailand) co,LTD.
good will international co.,Ltd.
goodrich wallcoverings & carpets co,Ltd.
grand power co.,Ltd.
granderson co,LTD.
greatwall (1988) co.,Ltd
groupmech corporation co,Ltd.
guardian industry rayong co.,LTD.
h.m. & associates co.,Ltd.
h.m.-asia rolladensysteme,
h.p. construction system co,LTD.
hakon company co,LTD.
handling way service co.,Ltd.
hanson concrete (thailand) co.,Ltd.
hemraj corp. ltd.,
heng mui lee b p k brick co ltd,
herton co,LTD.
high progress co.,Ltd.
higlass aluminium & ceiling co,Ltd.
hilti (thailand) co,Ltd.
himat co.,Ltd.
hira panich co.,Ltd.
hitachi zosen corp,
hollywood international,
home product center public company limited,
hong yiah seng co,Ltd.
horsangchai co,LTD.
hunter douglas (thailand) co.,Ltd.
hwa lang ceramic hardware factory co,LTD.
hyphen industries co,Ltd.
i.i.c. engineering & construction co.,LTD.
i.p.d. packaging ltd.,
imex international co.,LTD.
imperial marble co,LTD.
infra resource co,LTD.
innovative automation co,Ltd.
inter firebrick refractory co ltd,
inter quality center co.,Ltd.
inter sanitary ceramic co,LTD.
international renolith corporation limited,
international terra cotta (thailand) co,LTD.
international trading development corp,LTD.
international water pipe co,Ltd.
iris fmg ltd.,
j.a. momin & son co.,Ltd.
j.n.v. international supplies co,Ltd.
j.p. construction & syndicate co.,LTD.
j.s.v. technical co,Ltd.
jalaprathan cement public co.,Ltd.
jareonmitr ltd,PART.
jaroenmitr water tank ltd.,Part .
jaturas ratchada marble & granite co,Ltd.
k square co.,Ltd.
k. marble & construction co,Ltd.
k. napapat co.,LTD.
k.k. metal work ltd.,PART. (PARTNERSHIP)
k.k. panthong industries co.,LTD.
k.k.-formaply co.,Ltd.
k.t.c. marketing co ltd,
k.y. intertrade co,LTD.
k.y.p. industry ltd,PART
kajornboon supply co.,LTD.
kama joint venture co.,Ltd.
kanthawichit engineering co.,Ltd.
kehapan marketing co,Ltd.
kenzai ceramics industry co,LTD.
kete-inter trading,
khon kaen m.d.f. board co,LTD.
kijcharoen (sikiew) export co,LTD.
kijpaisalkarncang ltd.,PART.
kim hong seng ltd,P.
koa enterprise co,Ltd.
kraikabkaew material co,Ltd.
kriang charoen construction material co,Ltd.
kriternit fibre cement co.,LTD
kritsanakran co,Ltd.
krung thep granite co.,LTD.
l.p.n. central industry co.,LTD
l.v.p. group products co.,LTD.
ladphrao marble co,Ltd.
lafarge prestia co ltd,
lafarge siam roofing co.,Ltd
lantro (thailand) co.,Ltd.
l'aquatech co,LTD.
leeco sankei (thailand) co.,Ltd
lemethong timber & piling trading co,Ltd.
lertloy steel co,Ltd.
limex co. ltd,
living center co.,Ltd.
lognet co.,Ltd.
longchamp co,Ltd.
lopburi wire mesh co.,Ltd.
lotus construction chemical co.,Ltd.
lucky glass company limited,
m. tech pro co.,LTD.
m.i.c. - cell co,LTD.
m.l.i. industrial co.,LTD.
maccaferri (thailand) co,LTD
macrae products and design co.,Ltd.
magotteaux co.,Ltd.
mahachai concrete co.,LTD.
mahaphan fibre cement public co,Ltd.
mahaphant concrete roof tile co,LTD.
mahaphant fibre-cement co,Ltd.
mahaphant group co,LTD.
marble (thailand) co.,LTD.
marble care co,LTD.
marble centre ltd,P.
martech products co,LTD.
mason acoustics co.,Ltd.
mavimon marble & granite co,LTD.
metro marble co,LTD.
metroplex corporation,
metropolipan concrete products co,LTD.
metropolitan products co,LTD.
miracle work co.,Ltd.
mitr phairach & son co,Ltd.
modernform home products co.,Ltd.
modular compound co,LTD.
mookluang marble and granite co.,LTD.
muang thong aluminium industry co,LTD.
muangthai concrete products co,Ltd.
n.e.c. precastressed concrete co.,Ltd.
n.t.n. concrete co.,Ltd.
n.v. marble (1995) co.,Ltd.
nam sae motor ltd.,PART.
namheng concrete co.,LTD.
nandee inter-trade co.,Ltd.
natural marble and granite co.,LTD.
nawaplastic industries (saraburi) co.,LTD.
new bangpoo manufacturing co.,Ltd.
new technology engineering construction co.,LTD
new york marble and granite co.,Ltd.
newland construction products company limited,
nguan heng lee construction material center,
Nguan Heng Wood Merchant Ltd.P.
nipcon concrete co.,Ltd.
nippon home concrete (thailand)co.,LTD.
nippon paint (thailand) co.,LTD.
nithipon trading co.,Ltd.
noblewood co.,Ltd.
nova steel co.,Ltd.
nova trenda co.,Ltd.
novasteel co.,LTD.
novoplast co.,Ltd.
ocean newline co.,LTD.
oran vanich co.,Ltd.
oregon aluminium co.,Ltd.
oriental granite co.,LTD.
oriental wood products company ltd,
overseas aluminum co.,Ltd.
p. inter marketing & manufacturing co.,LTD.
p. kiatnarongchai engineering ltd.,PART.
p. worra yotha ltd.,P.
p.a.e. (thailand) co.,LTD.
p.k. marble & granite ltd.,P.
p.k.t. engineering supply co.,LTD.
p.n.c. concrete co.,Ltd.
p.s. cosmoplast ltd.,PART.
p.s. marble & granite co.,Ltd.
p.s.m. bangkok surface materials co.,Ltd.
p.s.t. fiber pro co.,LTD.
p.t. brothers industries co.,Ltd.
p.v. marble & granite co.,LTD.
pacific & orient co ltd,
paisal granite co.,LTD.
paisarn granite co.,Ltd.
paisarn marble co.,Ltd.
panya concrete co.,LTD.
paradorn industry co.,Ltd.
patanakarn marble shop,
pathumthani concrete co.,Ltd.
pattana marble co.,Ltd.
perfect built co.,LTD.
permasteelisa (thailand) ltd,
petch concrete development co.,LTD.
petchabun granite co.,LTD.
petchnakorn concrete co.,Ltd.
petchthani concrete co.,Ltd.
phattana karn wood & pile co.,Ltd.
pinklao marble & granite co.,LTD.
pioneer concrete (thailand) ltd.,
poliville (thailand) ltd.,
polloyds international (thailand) co.,LTD.
polymer solution co.,LTD.
polywin co.,Ltd.
pongkanatorn engineering co.,LTD.
pound concrete products co.,LTD.
prachin steel structure co.,LTD.
pradistakrom wood thai ltd.,Part.
pratooautanomati co.,Ltd.
precision engineering ltd.,
premier products co.,Ltd.
prefab concrete (p. f. c.) co.,LTD.
pro one petroleum and asphlt co.,Ltd
procommerce co.,Ltd.
project procurement (thailand) ltd.,
prommitr concrete co.,Ltd.
protarget (bangkok) ltd.,
proud inter group co.,LTD.
q & q holding co.,LTD.
q-dot technology co.,ltd.
quarry association (thai),
r.a.d. building chemicals co.,LTD.
r.j. london chemicals industries co.,LTD.
r.p.j. concrete co.,Ltd.
ratchada construction materials co.,Ltd.
ratchathanee marble co.,Ltd.
raycol asphalt co.,LTD.
r-con engineering co.,LTD.
readymixed pioneer concrete (thailand) ltd,
repax construction co.,LTD.
rieckermann (thailand) co ltd,
river engineering co.,LTD.
rocky bitumen co.,Ltd.
roediger (thailand) co.,Ltd.
romklao prestressed concrete ltd.,PART.
royal marble & granite co.,Ltd.
royal pearl marble and granite co.,Ltd.
royal wood & design co.,LTD.
ruam chai construction material co.,Ltd.
ruamsilp marble co.,Ltd.
ruang utai wood industry co.,LTD.
rubrick thai co ltd,
rung ruang parquet industry,
s. thaisearee (2525) co.,Ltd.
s.c. shutters,
s.c.b. engineering co.,LTD.
s.d. asphalt co.,LTD.
s.p. chatter ltd.,PART.
s.t. ag enterprise co.,Ltd.
s.t.i. international co.,Ltd.
s.t.p. & i public co.,Ltd.
s.v. concrete product co.,LTD.
saha heng mining co.,LTD.
saha thai steel pipe co.,LTD.
sahaviriya panich co.,LTD.
sahaviriya plate mill co.,LTD.
sahaviriya steel bars co. ltd.,
sahawong ltd.,Part.
saint- gobain vetrotex (thailand) co.,LTD.
sama international co.,LTD.
sampor concrete co.,Ltd.
samukkee cement co ltd,
sang siam industrial co.,LTD.
sanki metal co ltd,
sasithon concrete industry co.,Ltd.
schimmer metal standard co.,LTD.
serm thana inter group co.,Ltd.
sermsangar construction product co.,Ltd.
shinn thai sino co.,Ltd.
shisin concrete co.,LTD.
shoosin concrete co.,LTD.
shun thai co.,LTD.
siam anti-fire material industry co.,Ltd.
siam art ceramic co.,LTD.
siam bicent commercial co.,LTD.
siam cement (kaeng khoi) co.,Ltd.
siam cement public co.,LTD.
siam chuo build industry co.,Ltd.
siam city concrete co.,LTD.
siam city tile & pipes co.,LTD.
siam concrete and brick products co.,Ltd.
siam cpac block co.,LTD.
siam fibre-cement co.,Ltd.
siam fittings co.,LTD.
siam floortile co.,LTD.
siam global enviroprotection co.,Ltd. (SGE)
siam global house co.,Ltd.
siam grp industry co.,LTD
siam industrial corporation co.,LTD.
siam industry gypsum (saraburi) co.,Ltd.
siam kito co.,LTD.
siam limestone 35 co.,LTD.
siam marble development co.,LTD.
siam mortar co.,Ltd.
siam pamacal inc co.,Ltd. (PAMAGARDEN)
siam panuphan co.,LTD.
siam perstorp co.,Ltd.
siam psm co.,Ltd
siam refractory industry co.,
siam steel cord co.,LTD.
siam steel service center public co.,LTD.
siam yamato steel co.,LTD.
siam-hitachi construction machinery co.,LTD.
siamraj marketing co.,Ltd.
sila carborundum co.,LTD.
sila saraburi rock quarry co.,Ltd.
silamani corporation co.,Ltd.
silver dragon (thai) co.,Ltd.
sin kaow marble co.,Ltd.
sin khaotham pattanakij ltd.,
sin udom concrete co.,LTD.
sino-thai construction services co.,LTD.
sino-thai engineering & construction
sino-thai resources development public co.,LTD.
sinthai special steel co.,Ltd.
sinthu & q.p.s. co.,LTD.
sintorn trading & engineering (1994) co.,Ltd.
siphaya furniture &construction,
sirikrai industrial co.,LTD.
siripong cement product co.,LTD.
sithichai wood and construction materials co.,Ltd
sitipol panich ltd.,Part.
sixty two worldwide co.,LTD.
skulthai co.,Ltd
skylight blind co.,Ltd.
sngoun kiat ltd.,
soarabhoot marble co.,Ltd.
sodap (thailand) co.,LTD.
solid construction co.,Ltd.
songkit home products co.,LTD.
southern concrete pile public co.,LTD.
square panel system co.,LTD
sri charoen granite co.,Ltd.
srisamrarn glass ltd.,Part.
sristones co,Ltd
star granite co.,LTD.
star parawood co.,Ltd.
step profile co.,Ltd.
stone marble & granite co.,LTD.
stone wall co.,Ltd.
stones and roses international co. ltd.,
sun group of company,
sun intertrade co.,Ltd.
sun metal co ltd,
sun paradise (thailand) co.,LTD.
sun paratech co.,Ltd.
sunco manufacturing co.,Ltd.
sunny engineering co.,LTD.
supakit products co.,Ltd.
super block co.,LTD.
surface pro-tech co. ltd.,
suwan concrete ltd.,P.
system building industry co.,LTD.
t & t opening co.,LTD.
t. tech development co.,Ltd.
t. terakit electrical intertrade co.,Ltd.
t. wathana phanich r.o.p.,
t.b.f. tiles (thailand) co ltd,
t.c.c. concrete products co.,LTD.
t.g. advance concrete co.,LTD.
t.g. sash co.,LTD
t.i.p. metroof co.,LTD.
t.m.c. architectural co.,Ltd.
t.m.p. supplier co.,LTD.
t.p.c. concrete co.,Ltd.
t.p.i. concrete co.,LTD.
t.p.i. group of companies,
t.p.i. polene public co.,LTD.
t.t.u. industrial corporation ltd.,
taiheiyo international (thailand) co.,LTD.
tanabutr co.,Ltd.
tanarak co.,Ltd.
tanuch steel co.,Ltd.
tawatchai marble co.,LTD
t-block co.,Ltd.
tem lert co.,LTD.
teo hong group of companies,
teo hong silom co ltd,
terraco industry (thailand) co.,Ltd.
texxet co.,Ltd.
thai advanced panel technology corporation ltd,
thai burner industrial supply l.p.,
thai central steel co.,LTD.
thai ceramic co.,Ltd.
thai ceramic industry co.,LTD.
thai ceramic roof tile co.,LTD.
thai concrete prestress commercial co.,LTD.
thai const & building manufacturing co.,LTD.
thai engineering granite co.,LTD.
thai fantaco industry co.,Ltd.
thai german dollomatik automatic doors co ltd,
thai gypsum products public co.,LTD.
thai herrick co.,Ltd.
thai international aluminium and glass co.,Ltd.
thai marble corporation co.,Ltd.
thai marblecraft incorporation co.,Ltd.
thai master builders co.,LTD.
thai mesh co.,LTD.
thai nippon concrete co.,Ltd.
thai olympic fibre-cement co ltd, The
thai paragon construction co.,LTD.
thai pathana steel industry plc.,
thai pipe industry co.,Ltd.
thai rama concrete co.,Ltd.
thai rolling shutter co.,LTD.
thai s.s. refractory ltd.,PART.
thai somboon industrial co.,Ltd.
thai steel door. ltd part,
thai teak wood veneer co.,LTD.
thai tohmado co.,LTD.
thai trowel development co.,Ltd.
thai union paper industry co.,LTD.
thai vetrotex co.,LTD.
thai wall tile ltd.,PART
thai wattana sammackee co.,LTD.
thai-asia steel pipe co.,LTD.
thai-aust aluminium co.,Ltd.
thai-formable industrial co.,LTD
thai-german industries co.,LTD.
thai-kami co.,LTD.
thailand tile & potiery co.,LTD.
thainiyom natural stone co.,Ltd.
thairim & associates co.,LTD.
thai-tech bored pile co.,LTD
thanakoon international co.,LTD.
thanakoon krungthep co.,Ltd.
thanapoonpon concrete co.,Ltd.
thapanin co.,LTD.
thavatchai marble co.,Ltd.
thavee roong ltd.,Part.
thaweewat canvas co ltd,
the aggregate supply co.,Ltd.
the fire brick factory of siam limited partnership,
thong heng stone product co.,LTD.
thoutsern concrete co.,LTD.
tica international co.,LTD.
tiffany thailand co.,Ltd.
tile top industry public co.,LTD.
tilement (thailand) co.,LTD.
tipco asphalt public co.,LTD.
tiwanon granite co.,LTD
toyo shutter co.,LTD.
transit maintenance ltd.,
triwiwat industry co.,Ltd.
true sales rain line co.,Ltd.
tryba (thailand) co.,Ltd.
tunson & co.,Ltd.
tycoons worldwide (thailand) co.,LTD.
u.m.i. - laufen sanitaryware co ltd,
u.s. plaster co.,Ltd.
ubau co.,LTD.
ubis (1983) ltd.,
unic concrete co.,LTD.
unicon concrete products co.,LTD.
union associates (thai) co ltd,
union concrete co.,LTD.
union parquet co.,LTD.
unison trading co.,Ltd.
united construction material co.,LTD.
united piles concrete company limited co.,LTD.
united stone co.,LTD.
universal white cement co.,LTD.
v & k consultant co.,LTD.
v. p. concrete co.,Ltd.
v.c. & thana industrial co.,LTD.
v.k. ceramics co.,LTD.
v.p. hardware ltd.,Part.
v.p. plastic product (1993) co.,LTD.
v.t.c. enterprise co.,Ltd.
vanachai group public co.,LTD.
vasan karnchang,
vathanaphaisal engineering co.,Ltd.
vedag-villas co.,Ltd.
veka plastics (thailand) co. ltd.,
vibro k.industry co.,LTD.
victory granite manufacturing ltd.,
victory gypsum board co.,Ltd.
vinic co ltd,
visate concrete co.,Ltd.
visavakit patana co.,Ltd.
visavapong co.,LTD.
visrut international co.,Ltd.
viva industries co.,LTD.
volclay siam ltd.,
vong chai co.,LTD.
vongchai co.,Ltd.
vongpornchai lohakarn lp.,
vudhichai holding co.,Ltd.
w. concrete co.,LTD.
wall technology co.,Ltd.
watanathai heater,
water group co.,Ltd.
wattana concrete co.,Ltd.
wattana niletile co.,LTD.
webforge (thailand) ltd.,
welcraft products co.,Ltd.
wiik & hoeglund factory,
wiik & hoeglung public co.,LTD.
willich sales & contraction co.,LTD.
wilsonart (thailand) co.,Ltd.
wintrade (1991) co.,Ltd.
wirisa marble co.,Ltd.
world coating process co.,LTD.
world plaster co.,Ltd.
world premier co ltd,
xypex australia,
y.c. products co.,Ltd.
yamamura construction co ltd,
yeing vorakit co.,LTD.
yip in tsoi co.,Ltd.
yorker trading company limited,
zelot co.,Ltd.


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