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Asia Market Intelligence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. - Market Research, Quantitative Data Collection, Quality Control, Data Processing, Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing,  Qualitative Research, Advanced Analysis, Reports and Presentations

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Asia Market Intelligence (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Timothy Balbirnie Managing Director
10th Floor, Sethiwan Tower, 139 Pan Road,
Bangkok 10500
Tel : 02 237-9262
Fax :02 237-9267
E-mail :   
Website :
Categories: Farlang, Market Research, Information Services, Foreign
Company Profile: AMI Thailand was established in 1992 and now has over 70 staff, 20 of whom are professional researchers. Sixteen fieldwork supervisors coordinate over 500 interviewers in Bangkok and up-country urban centres. Selected sub-contractors conduct data collection in Indochina.


Quantitative Data Collection
Personal interviews, Computer automated interviews, Central location and street intercepts, Telephone interviews, Mail surveys

Quality Control
A five-strong QC unit reports to the Director. Personal briefings and pilot interviews are conducted for all projects. A minimum 30 per cent back-check is standard practice. All interviews are 100 per cent edited.

Data Processing
All DP and analysis are conducted in-house. Software sysytems include Surveycraft, Sawtooth (ACA, CBC), Bretton Clark (Conjoint, MCA+), Statistica and SPSS.

Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing
Our offices are equipped with a state of the art 14-station telephone interviewing unit.

Qualitative Research
Our specialist qualitative unit AMI-Q provides the highest level of expertise in the planning, execution, analysis and presentation of qualitative research. Our three facilities, all with exceptionally comfortable viewing rooms, have dual language audio/visual recording and simultaneous translation capabilities.

Advanced Analysis
AMI's proprietary techniques for concept screening, advertising testing, customer satisfaction, brand positioning, market segmentation and brand commitment add an extra dimension to data analysis, at little extra cost.

Reports and Presentations
Reports and presentations highlight key data and offer insightful interpretation. Recommendations are based on in-depth analysis and local understanding

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