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Aspectum Thailand - Customer Relationship Management Consultants

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Aspectum Thailand
Chira Hongladarom
415-6 phayathai Bldg., 31 Phayathai Rd.,
Bangkok 10400
Tel : 02 246-1704-5
Fax :02 246-1706
E-mail :  
Website :
Categories: Farlang, Scandinavian, Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Management Consultants
Company Profile: Customer Relationship Management company


Aspectum's methods of Customer Relation Management It is of course nice to have a big market share. But that may not necessarily translate into big profit. To achieve real profit you should think about getting as big customer share as possible. "I'll give you an example. Let's say you run a bank. The more of your services you can sell to the same individual customer the more profit you will make out of her/him. And if we estimate that this individual is an active income earner between 18 years of age up to 70, we talk lots of expenditure on banking services from just one person. That is if you can keep that customer forever of course. And the skills how to do this -customer relationship management -is what we provide," says Dr. Jarmo Lehtinen, Chairman of Finnish consultancy firm Aspectum. The trick is, to put it very short and simple, to make your customers emotionally attached to and happy with your product and services. It sounds easy but it has taken many years of academic research by

Dr. Lehtinen and his associates to understand the why, how and what that is the basis of Aspectum's methods. Aspectum set up its Thai company, Aspectum Thailand Ltd., this year with Mr. Kai Tuorila as Director and Thailand representative. Well-known Thammasat Professor and human resources expert, Dr. Chira Hongladarom, is Chairman of the Thai company. Aspectum has been active 4-5 years in Europe where it has offices in 6 countries. Thailand is the first Asian country to have an Aspectum company established. New Zealand will be the second in the region. Dr. Lehtinen visited Thailand this October to meet prospects, partners and maybe most importantly to sign a contract with publishing giant McGraw-Hill to print his book "Customer Relation Management: Do Your Customers Drive You Crazy or Make You Rich?" which he wrote together with his colleague Kaj Storbacka. The book, which describes Aspectum's ways of customer relationship management, is due to be out soon here in Thailand and in other Asian countries as well as Europe and maybe the US as well. "It is the first international management book launch by a Finnish author. That makes me and my partners proud and it is also a recognition of European know how in marketing and human resources management."

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Aspectum Thailand
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